#1387 My new mug

We all need nice mugs in our life.


And that’s what I got yesterday for my KK. A very nice mug.

Of course I had to use it today. It’s made me realise, that we have a load of mugs in our kitchen cupboard, most that we’ve had for about a decade… sooo long.

Drinking coffee, tea, from the same mugs… day in… and day out.

A bit different from the Kondo method – I don’t quite want to ‘just’ get rid of them. Yes I want to move them on, donate them to a worthy cause…

But I don’t ‘just’ want the spot where they used to reside, to lay bare.

I want it replaced… with new mugs. 😁

Sometimes you just need a change. And often that change starts with the smallest thing.

Like, one new mug. ❤🍵

#1386 KK by the river, 2019 edition

When the day started off by walking on a wall, we just knew it was going to be amazing.


Special. Different even. And it sure was.

ALL of us getting together around a table, girls and partners and kids, and there was not one person missing? Not one that didn’t pull out due to injury/sickness/over-commitment/boredom?

Why I never.


These things only happen like once a decade peeps. Hence the special. 😉

It was our annual KK catch-up pre-Christmas festivities, and it came nice and early on the first day of December, and the first day of summer (though summer was nowhere to be seen…)

Did we care? Nooo.

We were nice and snug and sheltered.


And then there was the item of presents.



The kids chased ducks outside and threw sticks and leaves into the Yarra outside to ‘help’ them float, and us adults chilled and bonded and watched our guys bond too.

Awww. Don’t you just love it when your guys make friends. They don’t admit it but they enjoy it too 😉

And so, a pretty perfect day was had. I love being with my gals but it’s even more amazing when we come together as couples and family units and spend our Sunday lunch together, our common tie and reason for uniting being the pubescent group who went to high school together and promised that one day our kids would play with each other while our guys would make friends too, all those years ago.  ♥

And now I have new writing implements so there… (make sure you do KK with people that ‘know’ you, then they won’t get your presents wrong EVER).


The only downfall with doing KK soooo early?

The debate I’ll be having with my 6 year-old until Christmas day… because baby girl got presents too. Times 4 today.

“I wanna open my presents!”

“No, you have to wait until Christmas! It’s called patience.”

“But I can’t wait!”

“You have to wait!”

“How long until Christmas?”

“24 more days…”

Help me, please. 


#1015 Christmas shopping for you, Christmas shopping for ME

I introduced Hubbie to Fountain Gate Westfield Shopping Centre today.

I only myself realised where its location was a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t really expected all that much then, so to say I was in awe and impressed by the shops and premises, and more than happy to drive the 45 minutes out to see it again, well that tells you something.

As is common this time of year, I was looking at pressies for others. And I got some.

But then with the Black Friday weekend sale still on, and that all-round feeling of generous festivity in the air…

I couldn’t resist.

I actually got myself some regulars, things I get like clockwork at this time of year:


The kikki.K family planner/calendar which lives on our fridge, which even Hubbie is greatly accustomed to now, and the Christmas advent candle.

Don’t be misled by the simple stature… this candle is HOT STUFF. Finding it in the month of December, ha, GOOD LUCK, because even today I happened across the last one.

Phew. Something about ‘30% off everything’ must have made people go a little shopping crazy.

But it was the other surprise purchases I made which really made me smile.

Let’s talk candles now.

I got a whole box of them from some friends for a birthday, back when I was in my 20s, and it took me yonks to get through them.

I still have one or two from that set. You know how you go through phases where you use candles, and then at other stages, you just DON’T?

Well I was finishing up that phase when I got about a decades worth of candles in one hit.

In recent years though, we have been using them again, which allowed me to slowly go through that jumbo collection… and I have even been buying more.

You know… candles that crackle? Natural organic soy candles? Candles with witty phrases to make you LOL LOL LOL all the way home? Candles are abundant nowadays, a generally great gift for any kind of occasion, and an awesome help when the power goes out for 10 hours… hence why I still have so many in my house. However, I tend to use them a lot more now.

And with that note, I present to you the two candles I got today.



Can you see why I couldn’t resist? I love the sentiment of my kikki.K candle (sponsor me anytime, guys) about never giving up on your daydream. I am an eternal dreamer, and this one shall sit wonderfully beside my laptop as I create stories.

The next one… well I just had to. I am not a Kanye fan, but when I saw this candle years ago now, I couldn’t forget it, no matter how hard I tried. I vowed that if I ever came across it again, I would buy it IMMEDIATELY.

I am so happy right now with my melted waxes, I just can’t EVEN.

Oh, one more thing. I lied. The only other candle I will accept is…


Yep. A lot of mini fires will be burning over the next few months… :):):)


#647 Chaddy shopping day no.5 AND Kitchen W.I.P…

I am so excited about many things that happened today, so like the inability to pick your favourite child, I must be grateful for them ALL.

We had a brilliant day shopping at Chadstone. I am on leave from work, so it was Hubbie, baby girl and I all together, all day.

Our visit was punctuated by several coffee breaks

and then surprisingly successful shopping, with an overall fantastic mood from all of us topping it off.

Not only did we get more Christmas presents to tick off the list (it is still November so this is brilliant), but we bought Christmas presents that we didn’t plan to or expect to get, because of the difficulty of getting the right one for the receiver…


And a successful shopping day just isn’t complete without presents for yourself:


I was ecstatic to get the advent candle from kikki.K that I somehow missed out on last year as it sold out way too early, and along with that got our family calendar for next year, the one I can never live without, which I have written about multiple times, and here.

Secondly, I gave Hubbie a generous heads up and ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card when I told him he could buy me almost anything from kikki.K for Christmas and I would love it.

5 minutes later and he was asking me to kindly leave the store because he had seen some things he could get me…

Be with a guy for 17 years and he still needs prompts on what to buy you. Sigh.

But still…

Winning :):):)

And then of course we got the SIA Christmas CD, because I would play Christmas songs in October if Hubbie didn’t hang crap on me for it, and also, it’s further prep for her concert next week…

Lastly the book I found for myself, which I think is fabulous, as even though I don’t have instagram, I plan on creating an account for my writing profile, and there are beneficial tips in the book that are relevant for ALL social media users trying to get heard.

As if all that wasn’t enough joy and happiness (let’s not forget the Hokkaidos I took home with me!), then we came home at the end of our long day, after handing over the keys to the kitchen guys at the beginning of the day in what was kitchen demolition/removal day, and we found this:


!!! It is only a W.I.P pic and so may not look like much to many, BUT LET ME TELL YOU, this blank white empty shell of a kitchen canvas looks better than the brown 80s outdated kitchen we had before it! When I eventually post before and afters, you will see what I mean.

The excitement Hubbie and I had in discovering our kitchen like this, being re-born…

I can’t deal. Too much gratitude for one day.

No not really. Give me more 🙂

#329 kikki.K Parcel

Now, if you’ve been following this blog or my smikg blog, you may have come across those above words a couple of times now.

Because when you receive a box like this, well you just have to place an order, again, and again, AND again.

I was desperate for my 2017 planner/calendar to hang up on our fridge again. I was not near a kikki.K for purchase of one at the start of the year, and not knowing when I would be, or how long it would take (and being severely impatient for one) I decided to just order the damn thing.

And a tape dispenser too. Because we are getting a new desk, so why not.


Also, it meant free shipping. (kikki.K must love consumers like me).

Until 2017 kicked off I hadn’t really noticed how much I depended on the planner which had become a regular point of reference for us last year, and which had moved house with us, helping us to stay somewhat organised amidst boxes, insanity, and heaps of bubble wrap.

When my 2016 planner came off the fridge on Jan 1st, I was at a loss. What? No dates to look forward to? When would I pay my bills? How could I know what was happening over the next week at a glance? How would I avoid double-booking an appointment when I didn’t have a handy reference for everything happening in our lives?

(Baby girl loves kikki.K boxes too)

I promptly received the parcel yesterday, in its signature HUGE box, and tonight I got the chance to start penning some dates, amounts, and events into the calendar. And it felt sooooo good.


I love this planner. It is just the bomb.

(More kikki.K love here…. seriously, if any powers that be execs want to pay me for these posts, please, I would be more than happy to accept…)


(#49) The A-Z April Challenge: K- kikki.K calendar

It’s taken me up until the fourth month of this year, to really get myself organised and hang our day-t0-day calendar on the fridge.

To be fair to myself, since it’s one of those huge month a page ones, it needs to be flipped and therefore finding a way to hang it on the fridge appeared difficult. At first I was looking for a little hook with a magnet, to aid the process… in the stores I looked in, none exist.

But today I found this little suction thing that can stick onto many surfaces, including stainless steel.

I’m not grateful for that suction thing. Screw that. I’m grateful for our calendar.

2016-04-14 00.07.06

It really is a fabulous thing. I’m not only a self-confessed glass half-full gal, but I’m also an avid organiser, i.e. OCD gal. It’s such a simple thing, but to look at the following month in a glance, schedule in your appointments and various life obligations, and be able to work out what you’re doing in your spare time and organise accordingly – it’s heaven. Really. Especially for us busy folk, it’s fantastic.

Love my kikki.K calendar (no I don’t work for them, though by reading this post, you could be mistaken for thinking I have shares in the company 😉 )