#518 Chaddy shopping day no.2

Considering I practically live in jeans, it’s weird that I only have two pairs that I religiously alternate between.

Well, maybe not so weird. I am a Mum after all, and us Mums are notorious for putting ourselves last ALL THE TIME.

I bought my last black pair of Nobody jeans a good 4 years ago… I know the time roughly because baby girl was not around, at all. Make that, maybe 5 years. That’s a long time to repeatedly wear the same pair, on and off, and further proof of the staying-power and longevity of this Melbourne-based jean legend.

So when my zip broke while at work earlier this week (fortunately at the end of my shift) I knew it was coming time to look at another pair.

Today at Chaddy, the purchases were:

  • a new black pair of Cult Skinny Black Nobody jeans! (why try something else when you’ve found the best?)


(that’s not me, but they look something like that)

  • a Paw Patrol Chase toy and car, and a Wobbly Worm game
  • and finally, some awesome chocolate and cheese hokkaidos, which were the BOMB

Baby girl and Hubbie spent ages slinging hoops over the ‘wobbly worm,’ a game I think is fantastic for both kids, and their parents, especially at the end of a party where the parents can get just as intense and full-on in their competitiveness, especially when a couple of drinks are involved.

And the hokkaidos, why, oh my. I promise they are not paying me. They are just so damn good!

Shopping day, well spent. 🙂 $




#496 Unexpected Sex and the City re-runs

Another Saturday night, another LAZY night in.

Cold, wind whistling outside, and freezing icy air, so takeaway (noodles) was necessary.

Blast the heater up and put on trakkies.

Hot showers and ultra-bubbly bubble baths: I had the hot shower – baby girl was fortunate enough to have the bathtub full of foamy bubbles.

A little bit of “Hokey Pokey, and then you shake it all around…”

Some warm milk, TV channel flipping –

Oh. Hang on. What do I see here?

Sex and the City eps back-to-back on Foxtel.


Why do we glean such pleasure from watching our fave shows/movies on TV, when in fact we have the DVDs at home? This continually puzzles me, why something I haven’t watched for ages, suddenly becomes a must when your old-time characters are staring back at you from the small screen.

Suddenly, you must drop everything and watch. Like you DON’T KNOW what’s going to happen.

And I happened across a repeat SATC, in fact, one of the most brilliant ones… I happened across the Finale 🙂

And so I watched. Hubbie and baby girl also chimed in and watched Carrie chase Big up the stairs, and then they came crashing down on the floor in a fit of laughter.

I saw Big say to Carrie “you’re the one.”

I heard him also say “Abso-fucking-lutely.”

And then I saw her walk into a New York café where her friends were sitting, unexpectedly screaming in excitement as she walked in.

And I was sitting there, just beaming.

Just great. Great 🙂 Love this show.

For anyone in Melbourne, reading this right now, and who has Foxtel, they have followed this up with more back to back SATC eps – starting from the very beginning: S1, E1.

I mean, if you want to. Or you could just pop on your DVD player, or Netflix. But that’s too hard…


#484 Half-day Happiness

Today, in our fair state of Victoria, we had what’s known as The Queens Birthday public holiday.

It always falls on a Monday, usually I think, the second one of June. It usually has the majority of workers staying at home, giving a well-deserved and much-needed long weekend break from the already overwhelming Melbourne Winter that really started months earlier.

However there are those unfortunate ones, who work at shopping centres, or at petrol stations, and other almost 24/7 establishments, that don’t get a day off on that day.

Instead, they get overtime 😉

One such person to get this, is Hubbie.

Now usually, my primary concern is days off, NEVER the ‘mula.’ As it is we only ever get one day off a week together, and sometimes that day becomes a big, fat ZERO. None. Nada. Nista. We are much too busy enjoying life and going out and drinking coffee like the true coffee snobs we are, and putting $2 coins into every shopping centre ride baby girl wants, than to worry about ‘money.’

However. Things aren’t now as they always used to be. We have a mortgage. We want to renovate the house (and we keep finding things that need renovating too), and then there are the unplanned for payments, like teeth that need to be removed and replaced, and what-not.

So, both Hubbie and I were glad for once, that he was working today.

I thought I would be cool; I thought I would be happy. And I was. When I saw him for lunch though (he drives home since it is so close) I felt a bit sad that he was going to be heading back to work soon, and it would be hours ’til baby girl and I saw him again. Sure, I could go out. But it was so grey and dreary, drizzly and uninviting outside of the windows, that home was the only place I could imagine being.

And yet, it was simultaneously making me depressed about being on my own.

Yeah. You know all those posts I wrote recently about being sooooo happy to have downtime and be on my own? I think it’s already worn off. So when about 30 minutes after Hubbie headed back, I got a message from him, my spirits started to lift.

‘I’M NOT STAYING ‘TIL SIX.’ (Various happy and celebratory emojis followed)

I, was rapt. WE, were rapt. And when he walked through the door, just before 3pm, baby girl and I did a huge “YAY!”

Gratitude comes often when your expectations are low, and when you practice being grateful in the midst of what you do not have. Case in point today. It’s the little things, but they sure did make our afternoon a very sweet one 🙂


#357 Docklands

I don’t say this much, and I definitely don’t say this at all often in Winter, but I actually like where I work.

I like Docklands.

Sure, stuff is hard to come by on weekends. Like good coffee. Convenient food. People. Life forms of any kind. Just kidding (kind of).

Sure, the weather is a shit-hole come Winter. The wind blows me to smithereens as I try my damn hardest to force my body through the rotating doors in the mornings, the insanity turning my body at 90 degrees it is that intense.

The wet and shiny concrete is a real hazard too, and don’t make me tell you about that, and any kind of heel.

But, the positives. Like the fact that we are so close to the city, the grind of it, and yet far enough to escape the crazy and have a little peace, while being a stone’s throw away from it all.

What about traffic being somewhat not really acceptable, while in the city DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

What about Summer evenings?

What about the water?



I took this photo this evening while walking back from getting some noodles for dinner. I had to walk a bit, and other places were far-closed by 6:30pm…

But when I saw those rolling and broken clouds atop the glistening water… oh man.

I actually, kind of LOVE IT.

(Just don’t ask me to repeat this in 6 months time…)

#308 Orange sunset

I’m just gonna post a couple of pics.

Do I need to say anymore? I caught these beauties right from the comfort of my home, before I jumped in the shower earlier this evening. I notice it has been a spectacular night, since many people have posted on social media just how extraordinarily beautiful the Melbourne sunset was tonight after such a muggy and hot day.

After a late start to Summer, our fair city is starting to show off. If you’ve got it, flaunt it I say.

#120 Winter leaves are falling down – Melbourne city

I have this thing for trees. I love them.

Particularly big, expansive-branch, strong-trunk, I’ve-seen-way-more-than-you-can-imagine type trees.

A few of this kind can be found in our fair city. I couldn’t help taking some shots today after Dad was finished with his appointment. My parents headed over to the car as I snapped this quickie on St Kilda road:

2016-06-23 12.12.28

and then as I was driving, I just had to capture this:

2016-06-23 12.17.19

Can you see that ray of light just bursting through the pic onto the centre of the road? The silver car on the side is underneath a tree that has very little leaves, but the few it does have are a brilliant yellow, the colour threatening to pop at any moment as Melbourne’s ferocious winds head into town.

2016-06-23 12.17.23

And in this next pic, the trees here are more indicative of what I particularly like, what was missing a bit in the previous pic. The leaves in these trees are slightly more in abundance, meaning their branches can stretch out and touch each other in the middle of the street.


Again, the Sun’s rays are beaming through… I love how unrelenting it is, forcing itself down despite the difficult weather. I love how the Sun just never gives up on us. It always tries it’s damn hardest to get through, no matter what the conditions.

As much as the weather leaves little to be desired at this time of year, I am grateful for these moments, where beauty and mother nature at her finest can be spotted in simple everyday activities.

I am happy that I can find and appreciate these pockets of beauty, despite freezing my ass off.

#104 A flashbop of musical proportions

How awesome was it, this morning when I was driving into work just after 6am, all rainy and dark and cold, that I got a major, surprising, musical flashbop?

I mean back. Flashback.

Listening to my current fave morning crew, Matt and Meshel (or you can call them SHATT) their first segment of the day starting at 6am begins with each of them having an old, usually forgotten but awesome song, and each day a listener is able to pick, which of the two songs should be played in full.

First option from Matt – Because I got highAfroman.

Oooh, I thought. This is an goodie! Memories of my late teens, and oddly enough, being in a Macca’s car park (I didn’t really frequent them that much) appeared in the forefront of my mind.

Surely that song is gonna win.

Then Meshel’s pick started, and my eyes widened in shock.

Mmm bopHanson.

WOW. What a blast from the past. I had been obsessed, to put it super-lightly, with this 3 group band of brothers, since they had burst onto the music scene at the tender ages of 11, 13 and 16. (I really do know these things).

  • I loved Taylor (the middle one).
  • I knew all the words to their songs.
  • At one point my Mum threatened me, in a particularly moody phase of mine, that she would rip down the Hanson posters I had plastered all over my wall where not one bit of white wall was visible, while I was at school so I couldn’t stop her. This put me into a state of unbelievable panic.
  • I cried when I learnt they would be making a shopping appearance in Melbourne at the height of their popularity, and I would be missing it because I was overseas on holiday. First world problems, I know. But this is the life of a hyperactive, overdramatic, super-sensitive teen.

I was so into them, that it actually became a surprise when not even 2 years later, I found myself slowly fading out of them. It happened as they were having a musical break, and also as another boy band entered the scene to grab my musical and lustful attentions: 5ive.

I allowed myself to fall slowly out of love with them, quite maturely actually. However, I have never forgotten them, their songs or my clear dedication (putting it nicely) to them.

Which is why this morning, I was able to sing loudly along to their first number one hit, as the words are so definitely engraved into my brain.

“So hold on to the ones who really care

In the end they’ll be the only ones there,

When you get old and start losing your hair

Can you tell me who will still care?”

and then some more:

“Mmm bop, ba doobee da

Ba doo bop

Doo wee bop bop do wop

Ba doo be dop ba doo…

Said oh yeah

In an mmm bop they’re gone… yeah yeah, yeah yeah.”

Despite my bopping around the car, swaying my head crazily from side to side, singing at the top of my lungs to the music blasting through the car, smiling like a stupid teen again, those latter lyrics really struck me. I’d always known them. But suddenly, I was looking at them from the perspective of someone who knew what death was about.

In an mmm bop they’re gone.

Back in the day, I would sing the song, I would understand the lyrics, but I didn’t really feel them. I didn’t really know what it was about.

I was really surprised at this sudden realisation. It’s the feeling you get when you go back to an old movie, or an old book you haven’t read in years, and suddenly the meaning is all different. You get something more, something deeper out of your old fave, and begin to appreciate it in a brand new and much more profound way. It may be that a line resonates with you now, or a scene that plays out is so like something you know in your life, that you are dumbfounded. Spell bound. In awe at this medium portraying your life, your experiences, as you know it.

In an mmm bop they’re gone.

How could 3 teenage boys sing words of such meaning, camouflaged in such a boppy song? How ahead were they, at that time, to know what that meant? What horrible experience made them pen that sad, but true line.

In an mmm bop they’re gone.

I continued mmm bopping along, yelling loudly in my car, as the words sunk in again, but this time on a deeper level.

I was happy my grateful moment came so early today. It’s a good day when that happens.

I give Hanson so much more credit now. Maybe I wasn’t just a silly, moody teen… Maybe I actually had some clue.