#2574 Sharing paradise

I love going to my favourite place with my favourite people.

And so was the case today when my sister met up with baby girl and me at our local beach.

We spent 4 blissful hours there… 4 hours! Because we are so close, we generally don’t spend that much time at the beach – we don’t have to. But to be honest, I think a part of it is Mum guilt… feeling like we shouldn’t spend that much time there, because there is always something TO DO.

As I was saying to sis today, we need to forget about all of that! Replenish our mental and emotional stores. There will ALWAYS be some job to do, so if we wait until we have none, the time for ourselves will never come.

So, just have the fun, do the ‘me time,’ NOW.

The entire day was beautiful, mainly locals about, the sun not too hot but hot enough, the water clear and rippling and mild in parts… but I do have a favourite part of the day. I was sitting in my sister’s beach tent, as she and baby girl beckoned for me to follow them from where they were in the water.

So I did. I got up, and started walking over. And as I got closer and closer, all I could hear was…

GIGGLES. They were mucking about and playing games, trying not to laugh, but then they would crack themselves up and be laughing silly at nothing in particular. Laughing, just because.

And then I was laughing, just because too.

And that is a beautiful place to be. Laughing in the water with loved ones. Just because. 🥰🌅

#2572 The pregnancy photo shoot

I never got to take special pregnancy photos when I was pregnant with baby girl.

It’s not that I wouldn’t have loved to. But it was a different time, place, and very different situation. Apart from our first baby arriving in the world, we were dealing with quite sad and traumatic events relating to Hubbie’s family.

A pregnancy photo shoot did not even cross our minds.

But today, one of my pregnancy dreams finally came true. 🙏

I got to have a photo shoot with a professional photographer in our happy place, our local beach, surrounded by the sun, sand and sea.

You probably want to know who took such stunning shots? Well it was none other than my sister. ❤

Photography is her calling, always has, always will be. I hope after today she’s realised that. 🙏

We are thrilled to bits with the hundreds of photos taken, and we haven’t even had a chance to preview them all.

But one thing I know, is as I said… this pregnancy dream of mine has been fulfilled.

Tick. ✅ Thanks sis. 😘

#2552 Simple beach ’30’

There are many types of beach visits, and you learn all of them once you start to fully embrace and live the beach life.

There is the ‘bring everything including the kitchen sink’ beach visit, where you have the beach trolley, umbrellas, chairs, the tent, boogie boards, sand castle accessories, towels and food and drinks and basically, most of your house.

This is when you’re going to enjoy most of the day there, and go through at least 2 meal sessions. 🤣

Then there is the ‘in-between’ visit. You’ll probably be there a few hours, and you probably won’t bring the beach trolley, but you’ll still have some chairs, some beach toy accessories, and then of course snacks and water because you still need to be hydrated and all that jazz.

Then there is the quick, ‘dip in/dip out,’ or talk a walk along the beach visit.

These are timed, and involved the bare minimum to aid in the ease and simplicity of getting there and back.

We did this, the latter today.

Sure it was a hot day, but we were still getting over last night’s New Year’s Eve. Also, the thought of taking many things to the beach (even an ‘in-between’ visit) felt hard, especially when it was over 30.

So I struck a deal with a tired Hubbie.

(I gotta admit, the deal suited me too because this pregnancy is making me really S-L-O-W).

I said “let’s head down, everyone carries their own minimal stuff, go in, 30 minutes, go out.”


And so it was. Here’s how you do a simple, timed, quick and refreshing beach visit.

Bikinis on at home, dresses on top (for Hubbie shorts and singlet).

Sunscreen is applied at home too.

Everyone carries their own towel, hat, and sunnies. Water bottles remain in the car (sip before you leave!) And personal belongings, phones and keys, are in the tiniest little carry bag.

Drive to the beach. Drop stuff on the sand nearest water (belongings hidden in towel).

And go! 30 minutes begins!

30 minutes go by so quick though. Don’t be surprised if you want more. 🙏

Despite how busy today was at our local, we sat in the shallow waters and found so much peace in just watching the water wash over our legs, splashing against our bodies.

Go home, shower… and then order takeaway, because nobody got time for cooking when humidity is killing you in the house. 🤣

#2550 Beach Days no. 4

Today was one of those great beach days.

It wasn’t just great because of the beach itself… that is plenty of reason to be happy, all on its ownsome.

Timing and temperature played a big part.

We got there late morning, while it was still heating up… low 20s. But of course, being holiday time, there were plenty of people about.

We stayed several hours, way into the mid 20s (where it sometimes felt like high 20s), and then came home before 3pm.

It was the best. IDEAL. We had spent a good chunk of the day at the beach, but were home early enough to chill, do some stuff, play some Nintendo (🤭) and enjoy the rest of the day.

It just felt perfect.

You don’t get a lot of those perfectly timed days.

Why, it must be the season. It must be summer. 🌞😎

#2498 First beach day of the ’22 season

It finally happened!

Look, a bit disappointingly late, I might add. Last year we had our first beach day for the spring/summer season on September 28th…

This year, November 8th!

Sooo late.

But that’s ok. It only means we will spend more time making up for lost time over the next few months.

Actually, I need to spend all my days at the beach, because then when baby comes, my summer solitude will temporarily be halted. 😆

And here’s baby girl, saluting the sunset tonight after our post-dinner walk.

I just love this time of year. 🥰😍🌅🌞

#2258 Mills Beach Love no. 8

We woke up today, and were like…

“Hmmm. Do we, or do we not go to the beach?”


“OK. We should go.”

Then we got there and it was BLISS.

And I continue to ask myself “why do we question beach days? Why why why?”

I think because we live here and find ourselves down there so often, that sometimes we feel like “should we do something else?”

But this is why we moved here! To live by the beach and lead a BEACH LIFE.

It’s free.

It’s natural.

And it feels sooo good.


#2213 The other end of the bay

Still on beach posts, but you gotta admit the photos are pretty. 😍

It was an overcast, cloudy and humid day, and yet those conditions still made it practically perfect beach weather. There was a mildly gentle breeze, and without the sun directly blaring down on us, it felt sublime.

I had the idea to walk all the way down to the end of the beach, until the tip of the alcove coastline as it were. So we walked.

And it was different. Beach boxes still adorned the sand, but they grew fewer in quantity, whereas the trees and sloping green landscape rose in abundance. A few small staircases leading down from the grand clifftop houses above appeared out of nowhere, only visible to the immediate eye, and it really did feel like our own private beach.

It was simply lovely to view our local from a different vantage point. An essential life skill I think. 🤔😉

#2211 Mills Beach Love no. 7

We headed down to our local beach today in the mid-afternoon. Just as we had secured a spot and started setting up our chairs and umbrella, I saw a familiar face heading towards me…

It was a fellow school Mum, baby girl’s friend’s Mum. After the expected surprise greeting – which shouldn’t be a surprise anymore since it is both our local and fave beach and when we take the girls out we ONLY go there – we had the following exchange.

Me: “Any jellyfish out there?”

Her: “No, not today.”

Do you see why I love it so? 😎🤗 Local vibes.

I don’t just love the fact that I’m a local, or that I bumped into a fellow local… it’s just the fact of living where I am.

I am truly comfortable where I am, and even after visiting other beaches both near and far in recent days, this one feels most like home. 💖😍🏖️🩴

#2145 The story behind the beach

Let me tell you a funny story.

Rest assured, living at the beach means we have a WHOLE LOT of these ‘funny’ stories.

It’s the story of ‘how-the-shit-hit-the-fan-before-we-made-it-to-the-beach.’ 🤣🤦‍♀️

This story might almost trump the time Hubbie brought tuna, salad and feta to the beach and thought it’d be a good idea to make a sandwich there… true story. 😂

First, I wanted to be there nice and early for the good car park. The ‘good’ car park is a dirt car park with no lines, second closest to the beach. We park there because more often than not the spots are more spacious, and the cars aren’t squeezing into each other because of the no lines – it’s a free for all for parking.

We don’t park in the closer car park. Or really, Hubbie hates us to. This one HAS lines, and in peak conditions (aka beach weather) it can get really busy, and Hubbie is REALLY into his cars. He doesn’t want scratches, issues, NADA.

I thought being a cooler morning, that we’d be fine. So, we aimed for 10am to be at the beach. I wanted to make the most out of our beach visit, and so I was bringing the famed beach trolley.

It’s a $50 trolley from Kmart, and it’s awesome because it collapses flat when you’re not using it, but then when you want it to be used you just pull it out, and pack EVERYTHING in there, and just pull it… and it follows you. We were bringing the boogie board, the beach tent, beach chairs, towels, two bags, and even a bucket and spade.

We NEEDED the second dirt car park because of the trolley. It has a nice little boardwalk type path that leads right to the beach, and I had to have it. I was bringing the house after all.

First fail: We got there 10:30am.

No, I lie. I drove past the dirt car park at 10:30… to see it was completely packed. Full to the rafters. There was no point even glancing into the closer car park, though I did… it was also like a tin of sardines. No go.

So I drove into the street we head into when our dirt car park is packed, which is near the beach, but a bit of a walk away from the entrance to the beach 😬😬😬 and I kept driving, and driving, and driving…

Nearly three blocks in! It was also PACKED.

But, I persevered. We were going to have a great beach day, damn it!

So we got out. Packed the trolley. There’s no footpath on that street, so I walked alongside the parked cars on the road with the trolley, baby girl on the grass on the other side, safer.

Randomly, she fell! Lucky it was on the grass. Be careful, I said!

Almost at the end of the street… “ouch!” she cried.

She had just stubbed her toe on the concrete as she was wearing thongs.

“Ouch ouch ouch, quick there’s blood!”

Sure enough there was. She had hit the top of her toe so hard, she had scraped the skin and it was hanging a bit, but there was blood underneath as it was more than just a surface scab, it was deep.


She had a decent open wound and we were headed into sand and surf?


I was straight with her and told her it may just stuff up the whole day, but this time she was determined to persevere. We chucked on a band-aid and kept going.

So we walked… we had to cross the busy Esplanade road, and that was a feat with every Tom, Dick and Nancy trying to park and make their way there too.

We crossed the road, and again, NO FOOTPATH, I had to use the steep driveway down into the beach car park to pull the trolley down…

And I really thought my problems were over once we got there. The far away car parking, the long walk, toe stubbing and blood, steep driveways… surely the roadblocks were past us, right?


There were like 100 kids in fluoro orange on the beach, on top of the normal holiday summer visitors, and there were all these sectioned off areas where you couldn’t sit because they were doing training, drills, swimming…

Basically, the most accessible section of the beach, the first bit, with the access to taps and kiosk and toilets, were all taken away because of some Nippers holiday swim program.

So we had to walk.

No sorry, pull the trolley over sand… for ages.

And ages, and ages, and ages.

Sure the trolley is good in slightly wet sand, but drag it over dry sand and it is a NIGHTMARE.

And then finally…

After packed car parks, parking super far, baby girl falling, then hitting her toe, then managing traffic as we crossed a main road, then being ambushed by a trillion extra people and activities which made us have to go so much further than we had to, we GOT THERE.

I set up a beach spot, and when I was done I decided we weren’t leaving for at least 3 hours just so I could take advantage of all our prior turmoil in getting there. 🤦‍♀️🤣

Sure, these are first world beach problems, but I like to let people know, behind the pretty beach photos…

Lies something else! A very amusing story. 🤣😉

And baby girl’s foot? Amazingly, she was FINE. The sand and sea apparently helped her sore and she played happily for 3 hours. 🙏