#2044 Spring heater

Can I just say, re today’s weather…


If you live in Melbourne, you will know my extreme confusion. But then again, living here my whole life, I shouldn’t really be surprised by Melbourne weather anymore, even in September…

Even in Spring…

Even when we’ve had warm days exceeding 20 degrees…

NONE of that matters, when you’re in Melbourne.

Today, FREEZING. I put the heater on so many times today, and got the rudest of cold blasts when I ventured outside to get my cat, Mister F.

He for some insane reason, wanted to stay outside! Despite wind, the rain, the freezing temperature…

Despite the stronger than Winter weather!

And I am so grateful for the heater. Brrr.

We had such a close call yesterday, we were nearly without the heater today. That would have been a nightmare and a half. At bedtime I switched on baby girl’s salt lamp, and the globe blew, resulting in a power surge flicking the safety switch off in our security box.

All of the lamps connected to electricity wouldn’t work in her room, and then we realised, shock horror, the heater also wasn’t working!

But a quick visit into the dark of night to flick it back again, and all was good in the world again…

PHEW. So, so close.

It made me that much more grateful for the electric warmth today, on this freezing cold Spring day.❄🔥💖

#2030 A lockdown balance

You need to achieve a level of balance, EVEN in lockdown.

I didn’t realise ’til today that I too, like I said for baby girl last week, had started to withdraw. Sure, I’m eager as to have my freedoms, see my family and friends again, resume life as we were before all this happened.

But at the same time, being home all the time, has made me wanna stay home, and kinda, be up-to-date on everything.

Not even important things.

It wasn’t until today after I finished work at 3pm, that I realised my old ways. I had several things to tick off my to-do list, but given the sunshine, and my promise last week to get her out more, I instead asked baby girl “what do you wanna do?”

She wanted to have coffee and babycino on the deck.

(We don’t have furniture yet, so we just sat on the floor).

But it was actually really beautiful.

Then, still ignoring the growing pile of dishes on the sink, I asked her –

“Which park do you wanna go to?”

Well it had to be the one with the big net that she loves to climb to the top of.

Even better, I messaged her friend’s Mum, and they joined us too. The kids were running, screaming, we all stayed way too long, and when I came home…

I quickly rushed to start dinner, get the cat out, put the dishwasher on…

Ahhh. Like the good ol’ days. To hell with routine. Who needs an orderly and clean house anyway? 😉🤣

#2023 Still getting there

As we almost close the book on August, I’m both happy and sad.

Happy that Spring is so near, as evidenced today with the sun shining through the windows most of the day, and Mister F finding a lazy spot to rest his head while basking in the light.

But I’m sad, because all that we wanted for this month has been lost yet again, and once again the month is over.

There’s a lot of letting go, and yet there’s still hope. As the warmth becomes more constant and familiar, I hope it takes away all of the uncertainty, the frustration, and the pain, replacing it with only…


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

#2017 Pizza/pjs/couch

What could be better than grabbing a takeaway pizza to eat for dinner while sitting and watching TV on the couch?

Why, that would be grabbing a pizza then getting into your pjs, before sitting on the couch to eat said pizza!


It was a long, relaxing night.

Little to no dishes.

Major ass-planting on the couch.

Laughter, talking, and lotsa channel surfing.

The heater blasting.

Mister F sleeping happily in his corner.

All is good in the world.

And to that, a goodnight. 😴

#2010 Springtime at night


About an hour ago we stepped outside to take our cat Mister F to bed… 💖😻

And the scent of springtime just HIT ME.

It came from our neighbours’ trees, overlooking the side of our house and almost hanging over the fence. Branches mostly bare, but oh my, the tips were bursting with white and pink buds, just sparkling in the night sky.

So, so beautiful.

Photo by mneka on Pexels.com

#2008 Birthday park fun

Lockdowns in both birthday seasons.

You know what I said today?


We took a whole lot of doughnuts to the park today. Baby girl bumped into some school friends. The wind was breezy, but that sun was adamant.

I like when it’s adamant. So was I today.

What was left!

She was a very lucky girl. We spoiled her as much as we could, and it’s not even her birthday yet…

So often in life you gotta make the most of what you’ve got, and so far we’re trying, man we’re trying.

So much pink, LOVE it. 💖💖

#1959 Happy and peaceful right now

I write this in the present tense, because I’m feeling it now.

I’m happy, I’m relaxed, I’m at peace. It’s a Sunday night. The heater is doing it’s job. Comfy pjs on. Body unwinding after a late evening yoga workout.

Hubbie is napping on the couch. Baby girl is playing games.


I’m sipping hot camomile tea, looking at a delicious pear cake recipe I just found, Mister F in my foreground in his usual place on top of the corner heater vent.

Yes I have work tomorrow, but baby girl doesn’t have school.

Holidays. Sleep in. 👊

I’m happy in this little moment, and am reminded of the fact that life is mainly comprised of these little moments. We can’t wait for the big events all the time.

Live fully and be present in the in-betweens.

And therein lies part of the secret… the secret to happiness…

Gratitude, in the little things. 🙏


#1935 Simple walks again

I understand why my cat Mister F bounces out of the laundry when I let him at the start of the day.

He wants to explore. He wants to be free.

That’s how I felt today. Baby girl too. Having spent the entire, beautiful, still and sunny (and not even that cold, let’s be honest) Winter’s day inside, due to work-from-home, we had our coffee break and then stretched our legs for a walk.

Ahhhh. I remember this. If lockdown reminded us of anything, it was that the simple things often made us feel amazing.

We wandered the fairly quiet streets in late afternoon, with the sun slowly setting…

With unicorn, as you do.

We stopped at a local park, baby girl had a play, and then we headed home, to smells of dinner preparation wafting from nearby houses, and the brilliant scent of real fires.

Ahhh. It’s one of the many things that I LOVE about where we live. Come the cold weather, and the smell of burning wood, whether from fire pits or fire places, fills the air, and it just smells divine… so homey.

We stopped to pat a dog called Polly, who was very excited to meet us… and we admired the stunning yet fleeting sunset, disappearing ever so quickly over the horizon.

Simple things are often the best. 💖💖

#1916 Bravery in this household

So much courage today! It abounded from every member of our household…

Our Mister F was brave at the vet. He had a full service, poor thing, and had tablets rammed down his throat, needles and treatments applied, tests done, and he was brave as. Not even a flinch.

Hubbie was brave, and showed us when he came home for lunch… he had cut his thumb. Ouch. I mean, there were band-aids covering it, but the blood had seeped through the bandages and was running down his hand, clearly visible through the clear glove he was wearing, ugh. It was not a pretty sight.

But being a butcher, these kinds of nicks and cuts become part and parcel. Unfortunately.

He was brave, changed the coverings and soldiered on.

Baby girl was brave at the shops firstly… we got her some new earrings because she lost one of hers at school the other day. The lady kindly offered to put them in for her, and even though she was freaking out, because her ear piercing holes were obviously starting to slightly close up after a few earring-free days, she let the lady do it and she was BRAVE.

Then at home, she had a wobbly tooth. It was bugging her and really stressing her out, and I just kept telling her… “give it a little nudge, it’ll come out. Be brave, like Mister F.”

And she got it out! Her first assisted tooth-pull, lol.

The end of the day she was brave once more, when she pulled a big bandage off her elbow, from a week-old wound. I told her it had to breathe, she had to get it off, but it was that super heavy-duty sticky adhesive, and took a lot of water, soap and pulling to get it off… but she got the bandage off all by herself.

Bravery again! Remember, they might be little things for you and me, but for her these were huge.

These were massive milestones.

Wait… what about…

Our bird, orange-cheeks?

Yeah, did you hear that storm last night fellow Melburnians? I didn’t because I was fast asleep according to Hubbie, but he swore he thought our bird’s cage would blow away into the heavens last night, so crazy was the wind and weather.

So orange-cheeks too, was brave.

Me? Was I brave today?

I’ve been brave for months now guys. I wake up, I get on with it, and I breathe through it all.

We’re inspiring each other in this household folks.


#1780 Girls come over to play

Man oh man.

Or, should I say, “Girl oh girrrrrllllll!”

It’s been so long that we’ve actually had a playdate, I can’t even.

But surely, the day came today, amidst this post-covid-something-kinda-like-normal that we’ve been living recently (THANK GOD).

Baby girl’s cousin came over to play, and just as they ran amuck, painting each other’s nails, doing massive make-up test-runs, chasing Mister F, playing dolls endlessly, and jumping on the trampoline for what seemed like infinity, so too did us big girls have just as much fun…

Sitting. Talking. Tending to the little girls. 🤦‍♀️🤣

Catching up. Sharing. D&Ms.

It was the best. 💖💖