#1780 Girls come over to play

Man oh man.

Or, should I say, “Girl oh girrrrrllllll!”

It’s been so long that we’ve actually had a playdate, I can’t even.

But surely, the day came today, amidst this post-covid-something-kinda-like-normal that we’ve been living recently (THANK GOD).

Baby girl’s cousin came over to play, and just as they ran amuck, painting each other’s nails, doing massive make-up test-runs, chasing Mister F, playing dolls endlessly, and jumping on the trampoline for what seemed like infinity, so too did us big girls have just as much fun…

Sitting. Talking. Tending to the little girls. 🤦‍♀️🤣

Catching up. Sharing. D&Ms.

It was the best. 💖💖

#1723 Day 225 of getting there: Peninsula sunset no. 9

Do you know what the difference is between this photo…

And then this photo?

In time, about 5 minutes.

In events? Chasing my cat down the footpath, then around some cars, then up a tree, finally grabbing him… and then bringing him back home to his rightful place.

The sky, the clouds, even the colours can change so quickly.

Look closely… can you see it?

Life… changing?

#1706 Day 208 of getting there: alone again

It’s been something like 4 months since I’ve had alone time.

I mean alone in the sense of, no hubbie, no baby girl, and NO WORK.

Proper, nothing time.

Because things have been so up and down lately, I didn’t even plan my day out.

It was all, go with the flow.

Enjoy a coffee in the backyard.

Pat the cat Mister F.

Talk to the bird orange-cheeks.

Have a big ol’ long convo on the phone.

Potter around the house.

Watch TV.

Lunch on the balcony.


It was a real chill, real down and taking it easy day, and I very much needed it. 💖

#1701 Day 203 of getting there: Family walk, the day before

At the start of the day we got baby girl’s things ready for school tomorrow.

Backpack. Looking for all those readers and library books. Sanitiser. Sunscreen.

A hat. Term 4 NEEDS a hat.

She was so excited. She IS so excited. But during the day she said “Mama, I’m not gonna be with you tomorrow.”

My heart broke a little. But I didn’t show it.

Sure, I’m really glad school starts again tomorrow. And it starts, at the actual school premises, not from our kitchens, or lounge rooms, with our kids in their pjs ’til 11:30am, eating two breakfasts, a bevy of snacks, before getting around to brush their teeth…

I’m glad they’re going back.

But I will miss her. And having spent a whole term together, where most of the time I was stuck at my desk working from home, and she was cruising around the house, doing as she liked, when she liked… I still enjoyed her company. I liked her being there. Nearby.

And as much as she told me she preferred her teacher teaching her, over me teaching her (to which I wholeheartedly agree!) I can see a little part of her is gonna miss seeing me throughout the day.

Giving her random hugs and kisses as I walk by.

Getting her camomile tea when she likes.

Waving to her through the window when she is outside playing with Mister F.

It was the weirdest experience, and one I never want to recreate…

But I think we’ll both miss it.

We’ll miss each other.

We took a family walk this afternoon. Just some together time. Something simple. Out in the sun.

Before we all part ways again tomorrow.

#1688 Day 190 of getting there: Spring walk to the park

You know what’s better than a fresh spring walk around the block?

Well, a fresh spring walk around the block, that leads to a park!

Today was park 4 out of the 5 within our 5kms. It was spur of the moment, as baby girl and I were chasing sunshine-y spots in the late afternoon sun along the footpath, and I knew that taking a longer route, would also lead us to the very well lit up park not too far from home.

She was all too happy to take that detour. 😁

I’m just so tired of being in the box. Of being in the box known as home. Gee, I love our home, and what we have created, and what we are creating…

But shit. You need a break. I need a break.

I wanted the sun on my face.

I wanted to feel the early evening chill start to settle around us.

I wanted to feel the cold seep through my clothes.

I wanted to move my body, and stretch, and look upwards, shield my eyes from the sky, hide from magpies, and look for the regular neighbourhood cats that we just know would be friends with our mate Mister F if they lived closer.

I wanted to do, and feel it all. And we did. 💖

#1679 Day 181 of getting there: the warmer days are foretelling

What happened today?

I came downstairs on this Saturday morning, much like I’ve come downstairs every Saturday morning for the past 5 months…

In my long-sleeved pj pants, my long-sleeved pj top, nightgown ON TOP of that, and sleep socks and moccasins on my feet.

I got some stuff out for brekkie. Then I went to feed Mister F, and let him out, as usual…

But as I opened the door, something hit me.



What? When did it change so suddenly to late Spring?

But so it was today.

And I had 3 outfit changes…

I wore a black t-shirt with jeans when I went grocery shopping…

I wore a black singlet with ankle length capri-type pants when I took baby girl to the park later…

And then this evening, I put on a dress!


I haven’t worn any of these items since pre-covid. And to wear short sleeves, a dress even, well it blew my mind.

It really made me feel like the good ol’ days. Of going out. When I didn’t live in trakkies. When the days were warm, busy and full of social gatherings.

And so today, it started to feel all the more closer.

Here’s a pic of baby girl reaching for the sky today.

And for once, it feels achievable. 💖

#1645 Day 147 of getting there: The Iso birthdays

I was really surprised to reach the end of today, and find that I felt…

Sad. Bittersweet.

The exact same way I feel after we have one of our big birthday parties.

Only this year was different, right?

What was different…

Firstly, no family, no friends, NO ONE. Just us.

No celebratory birthday outing.


That’s about it.

What was the same though?

The food. We ate most of the day, and felt absolutely stuffed by it all!

The drinks. I went a little ‘woo!’ in my head.

The presents.

(Even Mister F was amazed there was a present hiding up there!)

The cakes. The candles.

The music. Freddie! Dancing.

The surprises… for both of us.

The love and well wishes that came from everywhere.

I have to say, my family and friends made sure we felt the love today.

During such a weird time in our lives, when we are going through celebrations and momentous life events without so much as a peep on the radar as to its significance, the people around me reminded us today that we are loved, we are remembered, and also…

That we WILL party really really really really HARD when this passes!

And so, it comes as no surprise that I would be feeling sad it was all over.

It was actually, still, a really lovely day. 🥰

Everyone was far… but I felt the love.

We felt the love. 💖💖💖💖

#1633 Day 135 of getting there: Day candlelight

If you were in Victoria today, you would have known there was no better day to be in isolation.

In lockdown.

Why would you want to go anywhere anyway?

It was cold. Soooo cold. At about 10am my phone said it was 4 degrees…

Feels like 1.


Just as well I was working from home.

Just as well baby girl was playing with her dolls in her make-believe Universe, some place like Disneyland, Wonderland…

Any land but here.

Even Mister F was spared the cruel winter’s air, as he lay defrosting on the floor.

It was windy.

It was like ice.

It was dark. The clouds hung low and no outdoor light could be seen.

So I decided to bring some light into the house.

After all it looked like it was the end of the day… not the beginning of it.

I lit a few candles, here and there. I brought one on my desk, to give me a sense of calm, composure.

To remind me of the light, even amongst these dark, cold days.

It worked. 🙂

#1620 Day 122 of getting there: everything and nothing

While waiting for baby girl to fall asleep tonight, I went over my day…

Looking for gratitude, as I do.

But… hmm. Nothing sprang to mind.

Hey, haven’t I been in this place before?

I sure have. Where there is nothing particularly enlightening or fascinating about the day, but at the same time, nothing is bad.

Things are good. Even amidst all this corona, things are good.

I reviewed some more of my day as I heard her breathing even out.

I had a great day with Hubbie and baby girl. Her home-schooling was finished early so that gave us the whole day to do… whatever.

We organised quotes for around the house. That was exciting (oh how very grown up we are).

I wrote.

I sent emails.

I caught up on STUFF.

I made yummy pasta with parmesan and pepper.

I pat Mister F.

We played Trouble… I won.

I heard from someone who really, didn’t need to call me, but she did… and it meant a lot to know, and feel that she really cared.

That, was lovely. 🙂

But other than that…

Oh, let’s not forget Bachelor in Paradise!

Hugs and kisses from my family.

Cuddling in baby girl’s bed at the end of the night.

And now, just chilling.

It’s nothing in particular. But it all amounts to something.

And these some things, are actually BIG THINGS.

It’s good. I’m happy.

So, I’m still grateful. 🙂

#1588 Day 90 of getting there: Winter weeding

We have so many weeds.

You would have thought being isolated we’d have all the time in the world to maintain the garden.

But we haven’t. We’ve chosen to do other things, things that fill our soul, things that let us go slow, activities that, well, are warmer.

Because outside, it’s been cold.

But today… it was really, really nice.

I had to get outside. And put on my new gloves!

I was happy. Baby girl was happy. Even Mister F was happy, rolling around in front of me and trying to distract me by laying across the weeds I was trying to remove… ahh, cats.

From close-up it felt like I was getting nowhere at all. But when I stepped back and surveyed my work after an hour, I realised I really had achieved a lot.

That’s some perspective we should all remember.