#1588 Day 90 of getting there: Winter weeding

We have so many weeds.

You would have thought being isolated we’d have all the time in the world to maintain the garden.

But we haven’t. We’ve chosen to do other things, things that fill our soul, things that let us go slow, activities that, well, are warmer.

Because outside, it’s been cold.

But today… it was really, really nice.

I had to get outside. And put on my new gloves!

I was happy. Baby girl was happy. Even Mister F was happy, rolling around in front of me and trying to distract me by laying across the weeds I was trying to remove… ahh, cats.

From close-up it felt like I was getting nowhere at all. But when I stepped back and surveyed my work after an hour, I realised I really had achieved a lot.

That’s some perspective we should all remember.

#1574 Day 76 of getting there: a simple Saturday night

Tonight, no photos.

No emojis.

No GIFs.

No frills.

Just a low-key, fun night.

It’s the simple things. Like…

Pizza for dinner.

Netflix on the couch.

And a board game to follow.

Mister F stretched out on the rug near us, sleeping so peacefully…

The heater blasting.

And a roof over our head.

What more could we want?

The details?

Mexicana with pineapple, capriciossa without anchovies.



Who won? Of course Hubbie. He’s on a freaking winning streak.

But all in all, it’s the perfect recipe for a Saturday night.

#1567 Day 69 of getting there: What happened after I got locked out

Have I got a gratitude story for you.

Today, I got locked out of my house.

For 90 minutes.

In the morning.

With baby girl, Mister F, hell, even the bird was outside.

Without my phone on me.

Before breakfast.


It was about 10am. I stepped out to feed the cat, while baby girl was inside.

But then she followed me. And when she leant down to pat Mister F as he started eating…

She brought the door that she was leaning on with her… and it closed.

It’s one of those old doors that has no handle, it can only be turned with a key.

Only the key was on the other side of the door.

I looked around in panic.

The garage was locked.

The back door was locked.

The front door was locked.

Hell, even if I climbed like an ape onto the balcony, that was locked too.

And obviously, the laundry door was now locked.

So, I went around to the front… to wave someone down.

Pretty quickly, I saw a man walking past. When I called out to him, standing there in my purple fluffy robe, explaining that I had been locked out and needed to call my husband… well I must have looked genuine.

He took out his phone, asked for the number, and proceeded to call.

It went to voicemail, but he left a message on my behalf, nonetheless.

I thanked him profusely, and then proceeded to wait.

But I was anxious you see. I know Saturdays are busy for Hubbie. And I know he won’t generally open up voicemails left to him by unknown numbers…

It might have been 45 minutes later, when standing by the rose bushes, baby girl and I flagged down another passerby, a woman walking by with her daughter.

She was also, so so lovely. I wasn’t presumptive of taking her phone, but she was more than happy for me to take it and call Hubbie.

Again I called his phone… he didn’t answer. And I left a message:

“Please come home… we’re locked outside!”

But it just kept gnawing at me, and gnawing at me. I knew, I just knew the only way to know he had gotten my call, was to call the damn store itself.

Or, we would be waiting many more hours ’til lunchtime.

But how would I get his work number? I had no mobile. Calling his phone wasn’t working when it kept going to voicemail…

I needed someone like me. I needed someone with internet who could look up his work number online and get the number to me in a jiffy.

I sent baby girl over to several neighbours. Two doors down wasn’t home. The next door neighbour had moved out. But on the other side, well they seemed to be home, but they weren’t answering the door…

After baby girl’s third attempt over, the young boy came out. I didn’t hear him – his head just popped over our fence, and my eyes lit up.

“Hi! Can you tell your Mum we need her mobile… we’ve been locked out.”

She came over, and something like within 0.8 seconds, she had Hubbie’s work number up on her screen.

Praise the lord.

Hubbie answered, and he came. We had been outside for 90 minutes. The house was warm from the heater being left on. Our brekkie that we were about to prepare, was sitting on the bench. I re-boiled the kettle.

I took our stuff to the coffee table… and sat down.

I was emotionally exhausted.

It hadn’t been the nicest experience. Being locked out of our safe space, waiting for someone to come and save us, not dressed appropriately, feeling helpless, the rest of my day dependant on other people entirely…

You know what that sounds like there? That sounds like a homeless person.

As I sat on the couch, eating my toast, and drinking my hot tea at midday, I realised what I had experienced was similar in many ways to what someone living on the street would experience.

Out in the elements, with no shelter to protect them.

Their livelihood dependant solely on others.

Clothes that weren’t quite right or didn’t fit properly (I had fluffy socks on, sleep socks as I like to call them, and because I had literally put on slip-on shoes to feed the cat, the socks kept slipping down my ankles).

Having to ask others for help.

And in my case, I had someone with me. I wasn’t alone. I had a sunny morning, I was within the confines of my yard, and I was safe.

And yet still, as I came into the house, the sense of relief was immense.

I was able to walk into a sheltered home. Have food. Have all my creature comforts.

It changed my outlook for the WHOLE DAY.

I was able to get changed out of my sleepwear. Into clean clothes.

I was fortunate, that I had the means to wash my clothes.

Clean the house.

Tidy my surroundings.

Clean the bathrooms and toilets, that allowed us to be hygienic.

Oh how lucky I was, to have these taken-for-granted items and chores that we all whinge about all-too-often.


I actually got really emotional during the day. I thought of those homeless people, here, there, everywhere around the world… who cannot escape their predicament, for whatever reason.

It made me feel so much for them.

I remembered getting off at the station in the city before iso, for my new job, and how the lines of pre-9am people heading to walk would just charge by the homeless person sitting in the same corner, head hung, almost devoid of life, every single day.

What had happened to them, that their life was reduced to this? Did we not have a greater responsibility to look after our fellow humans, more so than to just walk right by without a second glance?

I remembered an old work colleague, who said on her clubbing nights in the city, she would buy a cheeseburger from Maccas for them, instead of giving money, so she knew that her gift was of value, and being used wisely.

I think that’s a great idea.

And as I sit in bed tonight, warm, the wind thundering and beating the roof outside… I think of them all.

They are on my mind.

And I think they will agree, a cheeseburger sounds pretty good right about now.

All this, from getting locked out.

Photo by PhotoMIX Company on Pexels.com

#1561 Day 63 of getting there: Music remastered

Movement, and music. Two free things that have helped enormously during this isolation period.

I found myself inadvertently singing to baby girl at two different times today. Music is so prevalent in our home, so much a part of our lives… it’s always Hubbie’s music, or my music, baby girl’s music, or something we totally rock to all together.

I’m surprised our cat doesn’t have his own playlist. Oh hold on, the bird does. He just whistles along.

And for some reason, if I can sing a song and make it out to be about baby girl, I do it.

It makes me so happy, and I think she likes it too. 😉

I was getting my car warmed up as it revved in the driveway, ready for my once weekly mammoth grocery shop. Baby girl and Hubbie were running around outside, and a song started to play in the car, familiar, but better.

Because it was LIVE.

They saw me bopping along and came around to the driver’s side to listen.

I sang along where I remembered the lyrics… I bopped in between… if you can call it that.

“One two three, take my hand and come with me

Because you look so fine

That I really wanna make you mine…”

Bop bop bop bop bop bop.

“I said you look so fine that I really wanna make you mine.”

Bop bop bop bop bop bop.

Meanwhile baby girl started dancing along too. I pointed to her and sang –

“Well you don’t need no money when you look like that do you honey?”

Bop bop bop bop bop bop bop!

“Long brown hair…”

Bop bop bop bop bop bop bop.

And then I pointed to her dramatically to sing “I said are you gonna be my girl?”

To get:


“Awww!” Hubbie and I gushed together.

I went off to do the grocery shop, feeling happy in my heart.

But I found myself remastering lyrics from another song, to her again. Earlier tonight I had Queen’s Greatest Hits on, with ‘You’re My Best Friend.’

Again, an overdramatic point to her, making sure to catch her eye to sing –

“My feelings are true, and I really love you.

You’re my best friend.”

We smiled at each other and laughed, and I know it was the smallest thing, but those little moments are the best.

They leave your heart all warm and fuzzy, and I know hers felt like that, because mine felt like that too.

#1548 Day 50 of getting there: a speck of light


Do my ears deceive me?

Is this trickery?

Playful figures dancing around in the corner of my vision, jumping away into the shadows when I look their way?

After tomorrow, we get to have 5 visitors in our house?

5 people who aren’t from our home, get to come to our house… or we get to visit, and be part of the fiver group…

I was so happy when I heard the news today, I got teary.

I’ve grown so accustomed to me, hubbie, baby girl, Mister F and Orange-cheeks, that I kind of didn’t expect to be in the company of other loved ones for a long time yet.

But it seems, we are getting our reprieve.

Finally. Nothing can happen immediately with us all working and schooling, at home and away…

But the speck of light is beckoning…

Waving to us. 🖐❤


Morgan Sessions on Unsplash

#1529 Day 31 of getting there: My extraordinary garden find

Autumn is not the normal time of year to go out and find something growing in your garden.

Nor is it the time of year to find an extraordinary change in your garden, a new one that you’ve never seen before.

Which is why when I walked out today to hang some washing, I turned the corner and –

WHAT? What was that thing in my tulip pot that was NOT A TULIP???


Mister F.

Typical cat. Just sleeping in the pot where my tulips used to sprout, now the bulbs laying temporarily dormant under all of his fluff and fur, while he decided to make himself comfy in his new home around the corner of our house.

I must say… although I love when my tulips arrive, it is pretty cute and special to see our furry friend sticking his head up from the garden pot. 🙂

#1527 Day 29 of getting there: to pat a cat

I had just headed outside to check the mail.

Lately, it’s the highlight of my day.

I sat on the bench, to prolong the outdoor time some more. Baby girl ran around the yard, and Mister F heard us and jumped the gate to meet us at the front.

But when he soon jumped the neighbour’s fence, we headed inside.

I had been inside for only a few minutes, when I heard some meowing.

Was he already back from his adventure?

Sure enough, when I peeked out the window I saw him – sprawled and stretched out on the concrete porch floor, bathing in the afternoon sun shining on him, lazily licking himself.


Should I go on with my intention of cleaning the bathrooms, I asked myself. Or do I go out to sit in the sun with Mister F?

The bathrooms could wait.

I pat him, and pat him, and pat him. He LOVED it. And when I stopped patting him, he got up, walked over to my dangling hand, and rubbed up against it like “pat me!”


Yep, the bathrooms could wait. They got tended to, as all house things always do.

But that time with my furry friend, sitting out in the sun, was superb.

I’m sorry to report there is no photo evidence… I was too relaxed to go and get my phone.

(I think we need more times that make us not want to reach for our phones). ♥

#1524 Day 26 of getting there: Mister F

Oh, our poor buddie. Just when we think it’s all going alright.

He just doesn’t seem to get a break.

Or maybe he did get a break, today. Depends on how you look at it all.

Because our cat Mister F, has had urinary issues of some sort for a while now. We took him to the vet today, and though some results came back great (no kidney stones or kidney disease!) we still don’t have an answer for some of his peculiar ailments.

So, it’s a bit of a TO BE CONTINUED.

Tonight, he slept on the rug. All cosied up, his paw over his face like –

“I’m trying to block the whole world out!”


I hear you buddie. Lately, I hear you BIG TIME.

He didn’t have the best day, but he got to go home… and that’s what we look for around here isn’t it? Positivity? Appreciation?


#1516 Day 18 of getting there: the Autumn walk

Walking has become such a necessity in recent weeks.

Such a real, true, essential part of our living.

Which is why it comes as no surprise really, that exercise, i.e. walking, is part of the four reasons we are allowed to head outside of the house.

Essential item. Saving our sanity while we lock ourselves up from the world?

Yep. That’s about as essential as you can get.

I was in front of the computer for so long, and it was gorgeous out. After I finished my work shift, baby girl and I headed outside, around the block.


I am still amazed at the power of fresh air. The mental benefits that a walk down a neighbouring street can bring. How passing other people out on the footpath, walking their kids, or pets, can bring such a sense of community, when we are all meant to be staying away from each other.

More than the atmosphere, I loved the conversation. Baby girl and I were yammering away about Mister F’s latest antics, what we were gonna do after this whole CV was over, and how the Easter Bunny was gonna make his way over to our side of town during the weekend.

Smiling, skipping. Like there wasn’t a pandemic happening right now.

That’s the way it should be.

Because although we should be vigilant with our health and physical boundaries right now, we should also MOVE ON. ♥