#2520 Childbirth classes

You would think that having had a child already makes the thought of doing childbirth classes kind of redundant, right?

Well, in my case it’s been 9 years between pregnancies, and we are living on the other side of time, so will be attending a different hospital this time.

Tonight we had our first online childbirth class.

And shit just got REAL! I have to say, I was way less scared or tentative than I was first time around. I felt for the woman who squirmed and looked at her partner in discomfort when they were talking about a certain self-test us pregnant women need to perform before baby comes…

By this stage, I have had so much blood withdrawn, things inserted into me, ALL OF THAT, that yeah, it is still a bit ugh, but I have grown far beyond it.

I felt like holding her hand and going, “It’s ok, you’ll be alright. If I can do it, anyone can.”

Hubbie came and went from my side through the session. I totally felt like the bad students, because we had our vid on but mics off, and I was commentating on what was being said, either going “yeah that happened to me with baby girl,” or going “I feel like piping up and going nuh, it doesn’t have to be like that.”

Meanwhile Hubbie was too busy commenting on people’s backgrounds, whether they had animals there, and then suggesting we too bring Mister F to the screen. 🤦‍♀️

I was like, “shh, I missed that bit, now what did she say?” 🤣🤣

It is nice to be in a more, how can I call it, flow state this time around. I am knowledgeable in labour and birth, but also only as far as my first experience… every experience and every child is so different. Nonetheless there is much less fear, and more love.

And I want to know more. I was keenly listening in to certain things and not going ‘ew!’ like I would have first time around.

Knowledge is power. So is a positive mindset. I am keeping both of these close to me, close to baby, as we move forward…

Week 1 childbirth class done. ✅🤰🥰🙏

#2518 Roof stuff

Another super boring house-related thing, but it needs to be said, because I’m grateful. 🙏

Can I just say, there is nothing like having a big life change, i.e. having a baby, to whip your arse into gear.

We all know about the barn door. That will be happening.

We recently re-painted the two bedrooms upstairs, our bedroom and baby’s room. But in the process the painter identified what might be a leak from somewhere up there, so we set about getting a roof guy.

For some background, we have lived in this house for 6 years. Never have we done anything to clean, check or do anything to the roof or the tiles.

And we strongly suspect, neither did the previous owners who had it for 35 years.


So today, the roof guys came. As I worked from home, there was clanging and pressure washing and all kinds of knocking coming from above. At one point as they walked over the part of the house I work in, I had to press my earbuds into my ear so that I could still hear what I was working on!

Mister F was in the laundry and terrified, meanwhile our bird Orange-cheeks was walking around curiously, wondering if there was a real shower coming from overhead… when he wasn’t napping through the incessant motoring noise, lol.

There is still much to do, in terms of repointing, some more tile replacement, and of course the final thing, the spray. But, it’s already looking better up there… faded, sure (the tiles have been there 40+ years) but CLEANER too!

And it all comes back to baby. If baby wasn’t coming we wouldn’t have painted so soon, and then wouldn’t have acted on the roof either… but now, another problem.

We need insulation. And new guttering. And some fascia covers. 🤦‍♀️

The house renovation continues…

#2508 An emotional Christmas tree

The photos app on my phone does that thing where it gives me memories of what I was doing this day last year, two years ago, three, etc…

On Wednesday it gave me a memory that blew my mind a little.

The date was the 16th of November. Year, 2021.

And the photo, me, Hubbie and baby girl with Santa hats on.

WHAT? That could only mean…

Yep. We had started putting up the Christmas tree.

I mean, I always plan to do it about the last week of November. That’s my thing, and it is the best thing. You feel like you get in early by starting the tree early, it’s one less thing to do in December, AND it gets you in the Christmas spirit.

What’s not to love?

I had considered doing it this weekend or next, but after seeing that photo it was decided… it was happening sooner rather than later!

Tonight, we took all the boxes and bags out, put on our Christmas pjs, our Christmas hats, and Mariah Carey went on the stereo!

Putting up Christmas stuff is a process. Even more so, being pregnant… there’s only so much bending and picking up one can take. So the only focus of tonight was doing the bare bones… assembling the tree.

And while we were doing that, it just hit me. The togetherness. The music. The love in the air.

The baby in my belly.

And I started to cry, thinking of all the Christmases that had gone, that I also loved, but where I had a deep longing, yearning that no one knew about…

This year was so different. This year my Christmas excitement, happiness, gratitude and festive cheer were DEEP.

All happy tears, all happy tears. 🥲

And in a funny turn of events, even Mister F decided to help us out with our Christmas set up…

The only way he knows how!


#2486 Fan-girling Sally

I went through some mental thought processes tonight, that I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN ALL MOTHERS have gone through at one stage or another, when preparing to go out on their own.

For some back story, I booked tickets to see the author Sally Hepworth weeks and weeks ago, when I found out she was literally coming to town to promote her new book, The Soulmate.

Only this week did I check my diary and dates again, and realised it was a Thursday… one of the busiest times of the week because of baby girl’s gymnastics.

So I went through the mental processes. YOU know the ones.

‘Should I just cancel?’

‘Am I going to enjoy it?’

‘Really, I haven’t even finished one of her books.’

‘Maybe I’ll go to another one of her events.’

‘It’s a busy week.’

‘I’m gonna have to move things around A LOT of I decide to go…’

‘STUFF IT, I’ll go.’

Yes, I haven’t finished one of her books, but I am in the last 100 pages of The Family Next Door right now, and let me tell you it is some good stuff. I’ve followed her on social media for a while, and just think her brand of authorship and humour is refreshing and welcome, as well as particularly entertaining.

But, for a moment there, I totally second-guessed myself… because it was too hard.

Too hard for me, or too hard for others around me? Or both?

So I dropped off baby girl at gymnastics.

I ran errands.

I then started dinner.

Left notes for Hubbie about dinner all over the place.

Brought Mister F in.

Gave Mister F food (notice I didn’t say ‘fed Mister F’ because that would require him actually eating the damn food 🙄)

Got ready.

Quickly scoffed some food down.

And then left the house!


This is normal as a woman, and yet I know, I just know it happens everywhere, ALL THE TIME. We do something for ourselves, but in doing so we are either guilted into, or we guilt ourselves into, doing everything possible for every member of the family so that we can feel more “better” about going and having some ‘me time.’

We’re truly f*&ked in the head.

My reasons were to make Hubbie and baby girl’s lives easier. They get home after 6:30 from gymnastics, and then if he had to cook from scratch, they wouldn’t eat ’til like, 7:30pm.

Which is why I was running around like a headless chook this afternoon.

But… this story has a happy ending.

I loved the Sally talk at the local bookstore. 😍

She was entertaining, funny, insightful, generous with her time, and extremely friendly too, evidenced personally by me when I met her for the book signing!

I realised, that we don’t need to second guess ourselves so much. When we are doing something that is a passion, or spending time with people that will ultimately make us feel great, we don’t need to feel bad, or guilty, or give ourselves 1,000 jobs to balance out the ‘me time’ we end up having.

We are allowed to go out, have fun, make memories and live for ourselves and live our passion.

Next time you question yourself if you should, whether it’s worth it, whether the fam will be ok without you…

Nudge that all aside and say “f*&k it, I’m going.”

Because honestly… they WILL be.

You can thank me later.

#2473 6 years of the bay

Exactly 6 years ago, on October 14th, also a Friday, we moved our lives to the other side of this city.

It somehow feels like a lot of time has passed, while in some ways it feels like it’s flown by.

There has been a lot of growth though.

We have grown. All of us. Baby girl has grown up here. She’s established her friendships and school life here, and that is something we’ve always wanted.

We finally know the secret back streets, best places that do coffee (priority) have our favourite and then our experimental beaches, as well as our reliable local grocery spots where we seem to spend so much time at.

Our house has changed. We have done a lot to it, renovations and face lifts and improvements, and yet, there is still much more to go.

But, baby steps.

Lastly, our home has grown in love. Years ago we welcomed a feline friend, saved from the local shelter no less, and the love is happily growing even more… we are making way for a new member of the family to make their arrival in about 4 months time.

Yes, things have changed. They are meant to. But our resolve to make a better life for ourself, our child/ren, our pets! has not wavered, and I think we are doing alright.

It’s a forever work in progress, a project I am happily committed to.

To many more years of beach-bum-loving folk. 💗🌅

#2419 Sunday heart attacks with the Pies

It’s beginning to turn into a real Sunday tradition.

Sunday afternoon footy, and Collingwood starts playing against some team about 3pm.

The score is tight. Or they are losing. Either way, the game is so close you’re on the edge of your seat, OR you’re thinking, ‘this ain’t going to end well for the Pies.’

But then.


There is a sudden turn-around in the last 5 or so minutes, and the Pies and now in front!


This is what unfolded yet again this evening. I had no high hopes after watching the second half of the game, but still kept coming back to check the score as we started dinner prep. Collingwood were 3 goals behind and I sent Hubbie to the lounge room to check the score.

“You’re gonna wanna see this, it’s now 11 points.”

I checked, and sure enough, they were closing the gap.

A few minutes later, I was still in the kitchen, and I said “check again, you go for me.”

“They’re 5 points behind.”

“F&%k off.”


I joined him at his side. Sure enough, 3 minutes to go, and they were now within reach of a comeback! He was going to feed Mister F and I said “you are not going anywhere, they are winning every time you walk into this room, so you’re staying right next to me now!”

So he stayed, and baby girl even joined my side. When they scored a goal and got in front by 1 point, I just clapped, letting Hubbie and baby girl do the happy screaming for me, because last time I got over-excited for a Pies game I had a headache all night from my frenzied cheers. 🤦‍♀️😆

And minutes later, the siren rang with the points on their side. 💪💪

I swear, they are giving us weekly heart attacks this team. 😰

If they make the finals, I need to brace myself. I don’t want to break my waters too early, it’s not time yet! 🤣🤣⚫🤍⚫🤍⚫🤍⚫🤍

#2386 A golden heart

Covid schmovid.

Covid sick, covid snotty, blah blah blah. Over it.

Today I want to focus on my beautiful baby girl.

She is happy that I too have covid with her. Not that she’s happy I’m sick, but rather that now we can hug and kiss and cuddle and spend closer time together. 💞

She has the sweetest heart. She went outside to spend some time with Mister F, and ended up grabbing the watering can and watering the plants.

When I told her to spend some time away from her device, she grabbed my Harry Potter book and disappeared into her room to read the book out to her toys, her audience. 😍

And the clincher… knowing her friends were at an excursion today, and she was missing out obviously, she still said to me “I hope my friends have a great time today.”

Awww, my heart. 💖

She is a star person, a golden friend, and she deserves nothing but the best.

I will try and provide that for her, as much as I can. 🙏💖

#2318 The cat-pat break

People are creatures of habit.

So are animals. Creatures of habit. 😆

Once I do something that appeals to Mister F, he very quickly catches on, and the next day you will find him seeking or waiting for the same thing.

When I work from home I sit at my desk by the window and he knows now (creature of habit he is) that he will find me there if he goes to the back door. And sure enough, come around 11am, after he’s dug his hole and gone on his adventure, he will come back, look at me through the back door and –


He’s not that loud, it’s more of a teeny meow. But he will sit there, lick himself, send me messages via his green eyes through the door, all for me to let him in so he can have his late morning nap inside. 😆

I usually take him straight to the laundry because I’m working. If we had a door in the room I work, I would close it and let him sleep next to me, but alas no door, and I can’t let him wander around while I sit there… who knows what he would get up to. 🤔

So he naps in the laundry, a good 4 hour nap. 😏

But the last few days I’ve been letting him take his time, and wander, supervised. 😆 I let him in, and he rubs against my legs…

And I’ve decided to relax a bit too, enjoy the work-at-home perks, and I’ve been having cat-pat breaks.

I pat him. It’s like 3 minutes out of my day, but I follow him around the room, or he follows me, I’m not quite sure… it’s a bit of a chicken-egg scenario, but nonetheless there is wandering and walking, and then I pat him.

When I stop patting him, he looks up at me, pressed firmly against my leg, like “why?”

So I pat him again. 💖

He is happy. I am happy. I have a bit of a break away from the desk.

I like this working from home business, and I think he much prefers it too. 😻

#2293 22 points on Easter ’22

  1. Baking hot cross buns in the morning to enjoy for breakfast… our self-made family tradition.

2. Baby girl still believing in the Easter Bunny. 🐰

3. Hubbie and I successfully convincing her to hide out in her room in case the Easter Bunny arrives.

4. Baby girl having a ball looking for eggs around the yard. 💖

5. Getting all the food ready in the morning to take to my parents (a feat in itself)

6. Having my parents well and healthy on this special day. 🙏

7. Enjoying an Easter feast together.

8. REALLY REALLY REALLY enjoying the Riccadonna. 🥂

9. Enjoying sitting outdoors on this breezy Autumn day.

10. Finding a plant in my parents yard from my childhood.

11. “Op, Op, Op, Op, Opa Gangham Style!” 💃

12. D&Ms.

13. Exchanging Easter treats.

14. Eating Easter treats! Chocolate mousse, droooool.

15. But first, COFFEE. ☕

16. Enjoying the cool change ’til light fades.

17. Bruce Springsteen songs that are fully self-indulgent.

18. Sharing the music love around the table. 🎶

19. Smacking mozzies silly with hands and sponges. 😂

20. Planning to leave by 5, but leaving after 7pm. 🤦‍♀️😂

21. Patting Mister F when we got home. 😻

22. But the BEST thing to end the day, was the beautiful kissing game I played with baby girl at bedtime. She had her lips on my cheek, but not doing the smacking kissing sound, just pressing her lips there, so I was kissing her all over her face, before she would grab my face and hold her lips to my cheek again, and around and around we went, cacking ourselves silly.


Happy Easter to all who celebrate today. 🐰💖🥰💝

#2291 A Good Friday

This year’s Good Friday was lovely and great and relaxing in so many ways.

I was Easter baking and cooking, but there was no rush, just nice and easy, no stress.

It was the anniversary of our furry friend Mister F coming to live with us! It’s been 3 sweet, tricky, and sometimes annoying years living with a master manipulator such as this cheeky pussy cat we have come to know and love. But we are absolutely in love with him, ALL of us, and we are constantly amused by his antics, as he is probably amused with us being so amused with him. 😏😻

And I had some time, to read! I really need to allocate more time to myself, even in like, 15 minute blocks. Instead, today I had over an hour (😁😁) and it made me happy to no end.

Of course there was also the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, and watching it has kinda become a tradition for me. It can be incredibly sad and heart-wrenching listening to some of the stories, and it definitely plants your feet firmly on the ground, putting life into perspective by learning of others illnesses… but it is also uplifting and hopeful, what with the charity and help and good nature of human kind put on show.

I will end on this true fact: children should not be sick. Give so they may grow. 🙏💖

Donate here: http://www.goodfridayappeal.com.au