#622 Yo Hubbie, it’s your birthday…

This dude.


His Par-Tay tonight.

Only slightly drunk. ALLLL good. Writing while under the influence in the bestest fun.

So let’s quickly wrap this up before I regret it.

Let me just add, you know it is love when you want to kill the person earlier on in the night, and then later you are totally loving them again.

As Tony Montana says somewhat somehow in Scarface “she gonna love me again.”

Only, I’m gonna love him again.

Music, memories, and a bunch of 8 making it sound like 80 odd in the house… that’s my kind of a great night ūüėČ


#582 Movie firsts

My sister took me to my first movie. Batman, with Michael Keaton as the man in the cape.

It always was, and still remains, one of my most favourite past-times and memories with her. Our movie nights, our sister days.

Well it wasn’t a ‘movie first’ for either baby girl or my nephew today, as we took them to see the Wiggles Nursery Rhymes being shown at the Vjunior cinemas.


But it was baby girl’s first time EVER eating popcorn… did she like it? I’ll leave you with these words she uttered: “No mama don’t touch.”

There you go.

It was also my nephew’s first time sitting through a whole movie, happily! The volume was lower than it usually is in other regular cinemas, much easier to take in without the ear-splitting stereo bursting your eardrum.

And it was our first time, ALL together. With the success of today, I think there will be many more movie days, and memory days.


(The popcorn cup, I could not touch)


#355 A Frozen morning

Mornings at our household, even when work or appointments or commitments are not in the near horizon, are usually spent in the ‘keep-on-going-on,-going-on,-going-on’ stage.

Meaning it just keeps going on. In fact there is NO STAGE. We are in constant movement of not dawdling, ‘we-are-done-here-onto-the-next-thing,’ ‘let’s-not-waste-time-let’s-fill-up-our-days-with-as-much-productivity-as-we-can-muster,’ type thing.

We don’t give ourselves much chance to rest.

But today, it was cold. And baby girl wanted to watch some more Frozen. She has been really getting into the popular kids movie lately, and I don’t lie one bit when I say that when she is singing Let It Go, I’m actually finding it adorable.

I pressed play on the DVD player and it picked up where she last left off in the film. We sat in front of the TV, eating brekkie. And although I’ve seen bits of the film, and I know the ending, I happened to see the last 3o minutes of the film uninterrupted, as baby girl and I munched on butter and vegemite on toast, and I found my analytical switch, first awoken¬† by my Media Studies course back in my uni days, immediately turning itself on to critique,¬†and discover, ‘just what was good about this film?’

I found, I really liked it. It actually is a great kids movie. It even made me almost cry at the end, at a most poignant moment, that made me initially go “woah – heavy much for kids?”

Of course any heaviness displayed in a Disney movie is short-lived. And I admit, I am that Mum, who will be the one instigating any animated films I take baby girl to in the future, because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, but still….

I thought this movie was pretty great. And I found myself relishing the change in routine.

I didn’t push myself onto the next task, with my keen eye on the clock, getting baby girl on to hurry up, and rushing us out the door.

No. I let myself sink into the couch, I allowed my analytical switch to stay on as I simultaneously enjoyed this movie, and I glanced outside at the cloudy, windy weather, the branches on the trees outside being thrown about, and I thought

‘No thanks. I’ll stay here a while longer.’

I’d rather deal with MY Frozen, than that Frozen.

#349 First movie experience

I was really happy that Hubbie and I got to take baby girl to her first movie tonight.

In some ways, she is a latecomer. I know of bubs who are exposed to the bright lights and noise before they’re even two, so for baby girl’s almost 3 and a half years, she comes maturely into it.

For a bevy of reasons: busy life, moving house, work/life unavailabilities… things didn’t happen in the movie department for a while. Hell we haven’t watched¬†any flicks¬†for¬†a whole¬†year either, and even then the cinema got evacuated because there was a fire threat, so I still haven’t seen the rest of The Big Short to this day.

But anyway, when we do things, Hubbie and I, we do them in style. And what would be better than taking a child to gold class?

Why, a child’s version of gold class.

Vjunior at Southland. The first cinema designed for kids, BY KIDS.

Even we were excited. We were late to the movie of course, with a rushed TGIs dinner nearby beforehand,  but still were witness to the car tracks, little tables with crayons for drawing, huge wall of lego building, and slide running down the length of the cinema, with comfy beanbags and recliners throughout.

It was pretty spesh.

Highlights of the night:

*Watching baby girl eat a choc top to death while sitting quietly in her seat gazing up at the screen.

*Singing out “firework” every time she saw the Pig character on screen. (We watched Sing).

*Squealing with glee as she flew down the huge slide during the movie’s 10 minute interval.

*Dancing wildly in the aisles during the films finale of songs.

As happy as we all were during the experience and upon reflection of the night, we have a few notes for next time:

don’t go so late

pick a shorter movie

and give more snacks to baby girl.

She is an energetic, on fire, ants-in-her-pants baby girl after all.



#201 Internet access at work


So, people often are like “ugh, desk job.” I can see why the foul expression for it exists. Stuck in a dimly-lit office space, partitioned work spaces, windows visible only very far in the distance on the other side of the room, the advantage of their windows into the world given to the privileged individuals who feel the need to close the blinds on them constantly: rain, hail or shine.

The shine part is the one that hurts.

Air con that spreads coughs, colds and any other beautiful diseases that you can so do without. Also, keeps you at a frosty 4 degrees in Winter, 2 degrees in Summer.

Fighting over the food, fridge space, and microwave time in the kitchen. Signs on the 7 tubs of margarine in the communal fridges all read “keep away!” and other unidentified objects remain wrapped in plastic, slowly gathering frostbite and some other unsightly green form in the corner of the freezer.

And let’s not forget the HR complaints. Not for your colleagues, although you wish it were that easy. (No, the ‘foul’ ones receive special ‘interest’ and 15 strikes before they are politely escorted from the building with ALL their benefits, and then a box of wine too). HR is brought over constantly to deal with the damn chairs and consequent back/leg/arm complaints.

Sit straight, adjust your posture. Arms at this angle. Foot rests.

Now this is where things start to turn interesting.

Because of the common body ailments due to desk positioning and extended hours at the computer, you are advised to take short breaks. Often. Stretch your legs. Go for a walk. Have a chat to your colleague.¬†I know people who stand while at their workstations still¬†performing their duties; others stop to do exercises while their amused colleagues watch on by; and then there are those who take it upon themselves to take a ‘walk’ 7 times a workshift.

The downfalls brought on by the work desk, lead to deliciously get-out-of-work possibilities.

So too is it beautiful to have a computer in front of you. Albeit, one with good internet connection.

(Angels sing!)

Do you know what that means?¬† You can youtube. Send personal emails. Email your colleague, not even a metre from you, and smile in delight when they snort after opening that clip you just sent them of James Corden’s latest carpool karaoke. You hear their laugh as you ask ‘coffee time?’ with a pic of a cat sniffing at the caffeinated beverage, rugged up in a fluffy scarf and mittens.

You can google. EVERYTHING.

What do I eat tonight? Hmm let me look up my pantry ingredients…

That concert goes on sale next Tuesday, how much are the tickets?

What are the session times for the latest Bourne movie?

How do I catch a train from work to my cousin’s place?


Do you know what I like to do with this master of technologies at my disposal?

Well of course, I will preface by saying I only do non-work related stuff during my lunch break…


I email. I commbank. I used to realestate.com A LOT, before we purchased our Sea change home. I look up whatever it is I currently need to urgently look up.

Is a virus contagious?

Who is that actor in the midday movie and where have I seen him before?

What’s the difference between an oven and a cooker?

Melbourne weather tomorrow? Radar? Will it rain as I walk out of the building?

Lyrics to Free by Prince.

Which cinemas are showing The Secret Life of Pets?

Peter Alexander pjs.

and so on and so on.

But do you know the best reason why I love the internet and my computer access at work?

I can write.

I can have an affair with my writing, as per what Elizabeth Gilbert says in ‘Big Magic.’ I can type up 500 words in 10 minutes while sneaking looks over my shoulder. I can journal my private most innermost thoughts and then shoot a copy to my personal email for ‘later.’

And I can blog. I can write things that have inspired me in the last few minutes and hit ‘post’ for all to see.

I will take a desk job any day. Aches, pains, small kitchens, ungrateful window seaters, bacteria-spreading Antarctic air con, and so, so much more.

Desk jobs to writers,¬†are what the sun’s rays are to Sunflowers.

Vital, necessary. Can’t turn away.


#181 Bestie, birthday, movie and Me

Which scenario is better:

  • heading out for your birthday
  • spending some ‘me’ time with a cherished friend, or
  • participating in a luxurious past-time that has been absent from your life for a long time?

Why, I have the answer – ALL OF THE ABOVE!

I was really excited, when a couple of weeks back my bestie messaged telling me she wanted to take me out for my birthday to see a movie. My initial instinct was to worry ever-so-slightly about how baby girl and Hubbie would manage things without me for a few hours… and then I was like ‘no!’

They will manage. Anytime I have been out, they always have.

Tonight, post-birthday, but never, EVER too late for a good time, we headed out to the local cinemas to watch Absolutely Fabulous The Movie. This was the movie of choice, because in our high school years we were one of very few (maybe only) in our year who actually watched the series, mocking Eddie the following day with repeated “sweetie sweetie sweetie sweetie darling”s. It was hilarious, as all things are in high school.

Well, the above line didn’t come out in the movie – a few ‘sweetie’s yes, but no combo like the above. I had popcorn just so I could feel like I was actually at the cinemas. The salt dried my lips out, but I had no damn care whatsoever.

I honestly wouldn’t care if I was watching the movie that had won the yearly Rotten Tomatoes award. I will gladly¬†pay anyone to sit down and do nothing, much like I do at the hairdressers too.

However, I did enjoy the movie. As a disclaimer for other movie-goers, I¬†do think it’s probably only enjoyed for those who actually watched and liked the series. It was light and fluffy fun, nothing too overwhelming or even too hilarious. Just silly, much like Edina and Patsy.

Following the movie was a bite to eat, alongside a drop of red from the seaside destination we are heading off too… and then the talking. D&M. Talking. More D&M. It made me realise how much I miss ‘me’ time, and bestie time, and just going out time, that I need to make an effort to do it more, and not just when prompted, not just for an occasion. It has to be a common ritual.

I came back home so much happier, and full of vibrancy. I was refreshed, I felt brand new, and I was ready to be a Mum and a Wife again.

Mums, if you’re reading this: do it. Take the night off too. You deserve it. You won’t regret it. Looking after ‘you’ is important, more so because you look after everyone else.

I’m so grateful for the night I had. I didn’t think I needed a night off, but boy was I wrong. I am so glad I was wrong. I need to be wrong like this more often.

‘Sweetie darling.’



#110 Solitary window shopping

For a person who loves socialising and being amongst it all, I sure do like my alone time.

It comes with the territory. The territory of being a parent. As much as Mumhood is a complete joy, rewarding and precious and heart-wrenching and all-consuming in all the best possible (and sometimes worst possible) ways, I still like being on my own. I need to be on my own. To regroup. To unwind. To chill. To just be. To be me.

I find this time walking into work. I find it AT work. I find it on solitary drives. I find it doing the dishes. I find it in the shower. I find it furiously tapping away at my laptop. And today, as baby girl and Hubbie were both day-napping at home, I found it just gently perusing through a couple of shops.

I went into a bookstore where I didn’t even buy anything. I spent the time reading blurbs and info on writers that I was definitely going to read and look into in the very near future. Plath, Hemingway, Poe. I went from fiction to The Boy with the Striped Pyjamas, to Buddha to Pregnancy (no, I’m not) to anxiety, to cookbooks and then Dora sticker-books.

And ALL at my own pace. There was no chasing after baby girl, begging her to let me have a minute, or repeatedly telling her to (not) do that.

And so I went to the music store. Madonna, Prince, Buble, Williams. Drake. Oooh, cheap DVD bin. Oooh, cheap music bin. Check Avatar. No Thomas the Tank Engine? Ok next time.

I went home without a book or entertainment disc on me, instead hoarding milk and nappies, but I didn’t mind. It was the time that mattered, not the material. I had needed the time alone, and the time alone was precious enough on its own.

I am so grateful I had it.