#1399 Finding common ground with family

Bonding with family is one of those things you can never get enough of.

Whether it’s listening to some music together, having a healthy debate, a light-hearted laugh, a sincere d&m, or even being able to share some tears without judgement…

Or, all of the above.

Tonight’s highlight was baby girl bonding with her cousin. Although 11 years separates them, they found common ground today. And I discovered it, when baby girl went from –

“Mum come in this room and watch a movie with me” – to –


Huh? Why wasn’t she bugging me anymore?

Because she found a viewing partner in her cousin.


Matilda, the first real life-child geared film (as opposed to animated child film) that baby girl first watched at primary school and subsequently has become fascinated with, was the same movie my nephew faintly remembered from his childhood… and wanted to rediscover once again.

It was beautiful to watch them engrossed in the classic tale, dance to the music soundtrack and just be silly in the moment.

We got as much joy out of watching them as they did watching the film. 📽😍


#1389 The Tunes!


It’s what Hubbie yells when a great song comes on the radio.

But today it was me getting excited by the music. We had just been Christmas shopping, and our efforts had been great… we got a lot of stuff including baby girl’s pressies, which was timely seeing as she was at school and had NO IDEA.

On a high from being so Christmas productive, I was happy to hear a song come on the radio, and I immediately turned it up.

“Best movie ending ever,” I said to Hubbie excitedly. “How great is the climax? He comes back after being rejected from the dance company, rejected by her Dad, and he rebels against it ALL, takes her hand, on-stage, and brings the house down as they start to dance.”

“Then the bosses realises,” I still rambled, “‘hey, the holiday-ers actually like this stuff,’ and her Dad goes ‘oh I was wrong about him,’ and it is just sooooo satisfying!”

What movie am I talking about? You should know by now.

Time of my Life, from the ‘Dirty Dancing’ soundtrack.

As if that wasn’t enough to get me happy… as soon as it ended, another great song.

I turned the volume up really high. The max I usually have it on is about 16, maybe 17 or 18 if I’m really excited and driving down the freeway on a hot night with the windows open.

And that’s still loud.

Today I turned it up to 20. Hubbie thought the speakers might burst.

But you know, all great songs MUST be played really loud. Like this one:

INXS’ Don’t Change. I absolutely love this song. I love the cyclical 80s film clip. I love the way Michael Hutchence dances. I love the band’s youthfulness and open disregard for structure and rules. I love the time it encapsulates, but most of all I love how it’s just a really awesome song and has some great words which you should learn and sing along to too…

“Resolution of happiness

Things have been dark for too long

Don’t change for you

Don’t change a thing for me…”

#1388 Inside Tuesday Out

Another Tuesday, another movie night!

From our couch.

Another Disney branded film. Inside Out.


I’d seen the first couple scenes with baby girl a while ago, and that was it.

But tonight it was family viewing time. We ate dinner while watching it from the couch, and as per usual baby girl was comforting me as I did my usual Disney sooky-la-la routine at the movie’s climax.


Not as engaging as other Disney films, but still a great one nonetheless.

And it was made all the more better that it was shared with my family. ❤

#1385 Cool Southland Saturday

Tonight was one of our much-loved Southland Saturday nights.


But it was ramped up and made even icier  with the addition of something else…


That’s right! It was time for us to catch up with our ol’ pals Elsa and Anna for Frozen 2.

Can I say, I LOVED IT.

The sequel is a lot more intricate and layered with various elements… elements indeed, with fire, water, wind and earth featuring dominantly alongside the nature-dependent themes.

Some plot points had Hubble and I clarifying to one another during the 10 minute break in the vjunior theatre, as the hundreds of kids, baby girl included, went ape-shit waiting for their turn down the long slide.

Even later during dinner we were seriously discussing the storyline… it was funny that while baby girl was literally on the edge of her seat during the film yelling “No, Anna!” but as soon as it was over had completely moved on, here we were after it all, analysing the Disney movie over prawn tacos.

It was a great night, and I’ll end on a little exchange I had with baby girl in the toilet, when we ran over while the movie was still going.

(Mind you she LOVES Frozen):

“Mum, how much longer will it go for?”

“Maybe 40 minutes?”

“Aww, it’s too long!”

(Me calling her bluff) “That’s okay, we won’t go to the movies anymore.”

“But I love the movies! I just can’t sit still!”

Even for Frozen!

Story of my her life.



#1381 Frozen movie date

Tonight we watched Frozen.

Not the animated much-anticipated sequel of the year, silly. Nooo.

We watched the first Frozen movie. At home.

In the best place… from our couch.

We thought it might be a good idea, oh I don’t know, to revisit the first one seeing as we’ll be watching the second one very shortly? 😉

I have seen it loads of times… out of order. Scenes here and there. Sometimes the end, sometimes the beginning, sometimes the middle.

But never as one cohesive whole – start>middle>end.

Hubbie has seen it NO TIMES. He thinks the song ‘Let It Go’ is great (he really does) and he knows some characters names. That’s it.

It was therefore so satisfying to see him freak out when – spoiler alert! – a certain ‘someone’ turns and shows their ugly side. That is all I will say (you know who I’m talking about don’t you?)

It makes me all the more excited for our upcoming weekend viewing. So fine, I love Disney movies. Guilty as charged.

I’m as pumped as baby girl to see what they do with this next storyline. Can’t wait. ♥


#1360 Terminator 2

*In case you’ve been living under a rock, this post contains some Terminator 2 spoilers*

Hubbie and I have been looking forward to it ALL week.

I’m sure you’ve done it, just as every other person has. You have a movie or series on DVD, and you rarely put it on…

But suddenly it’s on TV and you must drop everything and watch it.

Last Tuesday night we discovered the very first Terminator movie on free-to-air TV. We watched most of it, including the last nail-biting, squirming-in-your-seat scenes, and all the while a part of me, knowing the latest film in the franchise was coming out, and also knowing a thing or two about schedules (I happen to know TV a bit 😉) I went trawling through the tv guide, looking for…

Terminator 2. Yes. It was going to air exactly a week after the first one aired.

I knew it. 👌

So, we watched it tonight.

I’m not a massive sci-fi gal. Well, not much at all. Yet this movie has many futuristic elements of it, and yet I still consider it one of the greatest movies of all time.

The premise is fascinating, yet also easy enough to follow: machines vs humans.

Human resistance leader sends a programmed machine back in time to protect his younger self from being killed, against a machine that has also been sent back in time to kill him.

Maybe I’m not confused, because time-travel also features in one of my other favourite movies – Back to the Future.

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Sorry I had to. Back to the… machines. 😂

I think what is absolutely brilliant, the biggest plot twist in this the second, and I argue the BEST Terminator movie, is that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the ‘bad’ terminator in the first film, comes back as the ‘good’ one, now programmed to save Sarah and John Connor from the latest version of killing Terminator machine.

This insanely good plot twist is cemented by Arnie’s re-emergence into the second one. As viewers, you think “oh crap the bad terminator is back.” Watching it too, you don’t actually get any indication at the start of the film as to who is the bad terminator, and who is the good one.

The only point at which some may argue tips it off, is right at the beginning after Arnie ‘good’ terminator takes the clothes and motorbike off a bikie in a bar, and when the bar owner runs out to protest his theft, Arnie walks up to him, deadly serious… takes his gun…

and takes his sunglasses.

Before riding off on the bike to comical country background music.

Even then, on the first watching of T2, you would be forgiven in thinking Arnie is bad… I mean, remember all the horrible things he did in T1?

But the scene, as both terminators catch up to John at the arcade, is THE BEST. John is running from the proper bad terminator, simply thinking he is trying to get away from a cop because of all his delinquent behaviour, and then…

Arnie good terminator arrives from the other side of the corridor. The box he is holding tears opens up, and a massive gun hidden amidst roses is pulled out.

The roses crunch under his feet.

John falters. Turns back.

But the bad terminator arrives from the other end of the corridor, and he pulls a gun out too.

John is caught. He looks back at Arnie.

And then Arnie speaks the two words which let us know what side he is on: “Get down.”

John’s side.

And Arnie proceeds to shoot the mofo bad terminator as much as he can.

It is the one of the best movie plot twists… EVER.

We’ve watched this film loads on times. But it still keeps us on the edge of our seats, and I still had my hand over my mouth in horror in the last 20 minutes.


For a movie so heavy on the sci-fi and ‘termination,’ there sure are some deep moments, courtesy of Edward Furlong as John Connor, who was cast perfectly in the role.

He balances the role of a delinquent gone-off-the-tracks due to a messed up and insanely confusing upbringing, versus a kid who just wants a father figure, so, so well, imbedding it with humour, gentleness and real warmth and sensitivity.

Oh man. Maybe all my writing course stuff is rubbing off on me, but John’s dialogue is spot on. His dramatically teen-like “this is deep” statement, after the termintor tells him that ‘future John’ re-programmed him and sent him back in time to protect younger John, is hilarious… or even when John realises the terminator must obey him, and tests the theory by making him stand on one leg…

If you just found out you had a terminator that had to obey you, would you tell it to stand on one leg? But he is 10 and so this totally makes sense from his youthful and untouched point of view.

If you missed it tonight… just get it from your DVD collection and watch it. Go on. I know you have it.

‘Hasta la vista, baby.”

#1323 Finding joy in Dora

Official day 1 of our holidays together.

We watched a movie. Granted it was a kids movie… but as we do when we go out, we try to make the damn most of it.

Coffee, followed by shopping, followed by movie… in the Vjunior theatre. We love it because for baby girl, sure she is 6, but she is that restless 6. That restless 6 that would rather jump and dance around than sit for hours at a time watching something. Even when she prompts it at home and chooses a DVD to watch, an hour in and she’ll be walking off, without a care in the world as to seeing it through. Meanwhile the OCD switch in me is turned on and flashing a warning red – “YOU CAN’T NOT HAVE CLOSURE!”

Of course she knows what happens in all her animated films. But still, how does she do it???

The Vjunior cinema is great because before entering kids have access to a whole lot of drawing, lego building and racing car facilities, and that’s before they’ve stepped into the theatre. Then inside, before the movie begins, and then at the forced intermission, they can go down a long slide that run downs the length of the theatre, and also jump around on a light-up mat at the bottom of the cinema floor. All this running and jumping we noted, is A GREAT IDEA… before the movie started baby girl was pooped, truly ready for resting and watching a movie.

High Five guys. High Five.


And then again, I like movies. I love stories… adventure, escaping into another world. Whether that world is in the form of a book or a movie, same same. I love going to another place, and even if it is a kids movie, you can be sure I will be reflecting with my inner child and laughing along, in conjunction with that other side of me that is always analysing ‘why does this work?’

Anyway, we watched Dora and the Lost City of Gold. It was great. I enjoyed it, and the references to the cartoon were funny and clever. It did feel a bit long, even though it was a mere 100 minutes, and baby girl, though she had the best time making friends as she ran up and then slid down the slide, and jumping along on the light-up mat, she sighed exaggeratedly to me at the end as she turned and said “please can we not go to another movie again… it was too long.”

Oh God that girl. I’ll have to wait a few more years until we can go off together and do Mummy-daughter movie dates. She still has ants in her pants.

We followed our movie sesh with a great TGIs dinner, and then a smashing round of games at Totally Games…


I love when we pick games that we can all participate in, and we’re there throwing discs wildly at some bunch of scary clown faces that we want to belt into oblivion all for the sake of some tickets… ahh bliss.

It was a long day and a fun one at that, and I just can’t wait for more 🙂