#2603 Time for TV

Because baby boy is still so young, he and I aren’t heading out much.

At all.

And coupled with breastfeeding, you can be sure I’m spending a lot of time on the couch, in front of the TV.

I’ve caught up on my backlog of recorded Bold and Beautiful eps.

We rewatched Coming to America on Netflix over several days.

Also, this Amy Winehouse doco I recorded in ’21… smashed that out.

There was an Insight episode on ‘holding a grudge’ that I taped sometime last year – I’ve started that too.

I’ve heard a lot about The White Lotus TV show… so I’ve given that a go and started ep 1.

And for my mental health, we recommenced some comedy viewing tonight… some Sebastian Maniscalco stand-up.

I may be lacking in the sleep department, but I’ll be up-to-date with what’s on the digital box. 🤷‍♀️

#2481 Movie moments

What started off as “let’s use up this voucher before it expires” turned into the best mummy-daughter day. 🥰🥰

Baby girl had a movie voucher that was set to expire soon, and luckily I remembered (a feat in itself what with my baby brain right now).

We headed off to Vjunior to watch DC League of Super-Pets, and I gotta say it was a pretty fun and cute movie… I even got majorly teary at one stage (NOT HARD for this emotional Mumma who cries at animated films like hayfever-prone peeps sneeze at pollen).

The funniest part in these cinemas is always the half-way mark, where the lights come on and the kids BOLT for the slide running down alongside the length of the cinema. OMG, you’d think they’d never seen a slide before. Baby girl nearly toppled over 3 things as she ripped off her sneakers and went flying to the other side of the room. 😆

It made me realise how special these moments are, especially in these last few months before baby comes… there’s going to be a lot of these ‘appreciating-the-moment’ type events, and they won’t cease… they’ll just be a bit different for a while after.

So I will grab onto any and all opportunities like these while I can. Of me, and my girl. 💖💖🥰🥰

#2396 A night with Elvis

Despite what life throws at you during the week, there is nothing quite as relaxing as watching a movie to wash away it all.

Even better when it’s preceded by dinner with your best friends, and the movie itself is about the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Of course, we are talking THE KING himself, Elvis.

Dinner and chit-chat was amazing, and then the movie was too. Warning, it is long, at 2 and a half hours! But I was pleasantly surprised and engaged the whole way through.

Notes for new viewers/repeat screenings:

Bring trakkies and mocassins. You will thank me later.

If you can, go to a cinema with super comfy lounge-y, possibly reclining seats. It doesn’t have to be gold class, as long as you feel like you’re at home.

Speaking of gold class, it wouldn’t hurt. Having food and drink delivered to you throughout this 150 minute fest wouldn’t hurt, really it wouldn’t.

Lastly, go get yourself an Elvis CD/record. You will want to play him all the next day.

Just as well this film was entertaining, as I have promised to watch it with my sister and hubbie too!

I’ll just make sure to bring those super-comfy pants.


#2373 Minions movie

To be honest, a lot of today was shit.

But at one point of the day, we stole ourselves away for a pre-booked movie. We went out with baby girl to watch the latest Minions movie, The Rise of Gru, and I have to say it was interesting!

This is the fifth Minions movie in the series, and to be honest I haven’t seen any of the prior ones. 😬 I have seen bits and pieces of some of the movies, but nothing really enough to know the storyline, so I was learning, we were learning a lot today.

Are the Minions evil? Why do they do everything for the evil Gru? Why is this film promoting evil?

It was slightly confusing, but in this movie they go back in time to where it all began, and so I guess it was good for us to see it, even if it was the fifth movie and all. 😆

I said I wanted to watch a movie a month, and so far I’m on track… in a few weeks when I watch Elvis, it might even be 2 movies this month. 😁

Hoping for better news and a better day tomorrow. 🙏

#2352 Top movie

I’ve recently made myself a promise. More movies. In fact, at least one a month.

And when I say movies, I mean the cinematic, big-screen, new release kind.

Today Hubbie and I took some morning time out and headed over to watch Top Gun: Maverick.

WOW! OMG! We were on the edge of our seats so often, breathing deeply in and out, freaking out with the other jet pilots, hoping against hope for a happy ending.

Tom Cruise is just… so freaking cool. You know, he has done a lot of weird shit over the years. But he is the embodiment of celebrity, the epitome of Hollywood. He is just all star and wow factor, and he does some really great movies.

He has amazing on-screen charisma, and he performs a lot of his own stunts too. There is one scene in the movie where he was granted special permission by the Navy to fly at a super low altitude. If you see the scene in question, in the middle of the film, you will see the sheer strain on his face… that is REAL! Incredible.

It may sound like it’s very boys club, but trust me it’s not. I was even emotional in the film (but then again I can get emotional at anything!) and one line hit me really hard.

Val Kilmer (Iceman) writes to Maverick “It’s time to let go.”

And Tom Cruise emotionally answers “I don’t know how.”

I feel you Tom, I feel you. 😭

This movie was brilliant! If you’re thinking of watching it, go and do yourself a favour! Watching the first Top Gun isn’t a prerequisite, but it sure does add to the emotion and passion of the movie if you do.

Top rating!

#2296 Family Wednesday

Usually Wednesdays look like this…

Hubbie and I drop off baby girl at school

We have brunch at our local

A beach walk follows

And then we go our separate ways for a couple of hours before joining together for lunch, a couple of odd jobs, then it’s school pick up.

But this Wednesday, today, baby girl is still on school holidays.

Instead of dropping her off, she came in the car with us.

Instead of our local cafe, late brunch/coffee time looked like this!:

Instead of a beach walk, it was a movie!

And instead of lunch at home and then odd jobs, it was lunch in the food court and then shopping. 😁😁

It was a big fun day, and we loved it so much. 🥰

#2201 The movie in Paris

While still in my ongoing ‘down time’ today, I actually put a movie on Netflix…

And I finished it! Ok, not in one sitting, I broke it up into two, but still!

The movie in question was Midnight in Paris.

I loved it! I was initially intrigued by the tag line of ‘a writer’ so that was enough for me. 🤣 But yes, Owen Wilson’s character is a writer who while visiting Paris with his fiance, finds himself suddenly going back in time to the 1920s… and if you’re thinking this sounds a bit too much like Back to the Future, rest assured it is very different. Not that BTTF is a bad movie, it’s one of my faves of all time, but Midnight has a lot of different nostalgia.

Also… if you are a fan of art, or writing, or writers, or reading (!) you really should watch this movie. Owen’s character actually meets lots of well-known artists of the time, and really, your mind will be just a little blown when you find out who they’ve written into the story… that’s all I’m saying!

The last clincher for me was knowing it was a Woody Allen film. He just has a certain style to his work, a bit like Quentin Tarantino… you watch it and you’re like yeah, I can see what he’s doing. Same with Allen.

I really enjoyed it. If you’ve watched it, let me know what you thought.

#2143 Movie us time

Something we rarely have time to do is watch movies together.

So when we have any time off, it’s always so nice to be able to sit down for a lengthy amount of time and indulge in the screen.

I taped A Star Is Born off the TV a good while ago, and last night we started watching it…

…and tonight we finished it.

You know how everyone tells you they cried at the end of it, like it was SO sad?


That was me tonight.

As much as I was appreciative for the us movie time, I was just as glad that I had Hubbie’s arms around me for such a heart-breaking ending (I heard him sniffle too).

I had to immediately move onto something happy and light-hearted, and thank God we found this on TV…

Ahh, good ‘ol Aussie comedy. 🤣

#2111 Friday night boho surprise

It’s always a nice surprise when something you love presents itself to you… on a Friday night.

The epitome of chill nights. Ahhh.

We stumbled upon the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, the Queen/Freddie Mercury biopic.

The first time I saw it… it was ok, but I was peeved. Rami Malek was not in any way Freddie Mercury. Was this the best they could do to represent the best frontman of all time?

The second time I saw it… I was entertained. I was starting to actually enjoy it.

Now tonight, I was really happy to leave it on. Channel 9 have followed the movie with a Queen and Adam Lambert documentary, and it’s honestly the loveliest thing to relax with, on what was the week of the 30th anniversary of Freddie’s passing.

I read something interesting, that Rami lip-syncs in the movie, but not to Freddie’s voice… it’s actually a mix of two voices.

They needed two voices, to match a legend, and they STILL couldn’t get it right! 🤣

Long Live Freddie, you absolute legend. 💪💖

#2078 ‘Yes’ Hubbie

You know that movie I mentioned a while ago, called ‘Yes Day’? Baby girl was obsessed with it and watched it like a gazillion times… it would end, and she would press play immediately and again it would loop around…

The premise of the movie is basically a couple of parents decide to say yes to their 3 kids for a whole day, in order to show them they can loosen the reigns a bit, and prove that they too were once fun people before the kids sucked the joy out of them!

This morning we woke a bit tired, worn out from a pretty big night last night at my parents, having spent it with them and my sister and bro-in-law. I came downstairs and found Hubbie on the couch. He too, looked worn out, tired, a bit seedy, as he had just woken like me.

“Do you wanna walk to the nearby cafe and get some brekkie?” I asked, while fully expecting a “no I can’t.”


“Yeah, alright.”

“Wait, what? Really?”

He confirmed he was really truly ok with it. I ran to baby girl’s room and told her the news.

“Guess what baby girl, I think we have a case of ‘Yes Dad’ because this is holiday week. Go and ask him something.”

So she ran over and started asking for more toys. 🤦‍♀️

I love ‘Yes Hubbie.’ He always comes to town when we have holidays. Nothing is too hard, everything is easy and chilled… we go with the flow, routine goes out the window and basically life is good.

So we headed down to get our cafe brekkie, and it was GOOD.

In fact, the whole day has been super awesome. All because we are on holiday time, and we have ‘Yes Hubbie/Dad’ with us. 💖🥰