#2538 More than a Sprinkle

Love and gratitude are wonderful feelings. More so when they have filled your weekend, and then you enter the week ahead with a full well of 🥰😍💖💗

Today was about Mums and Daughters, Sisters and Nieces, and upcoming Babies. Or should I say, Baby, singular in my case!

I’ve had a lot of growth happen in my life over the past year, important lessons I’ve learned. There is growth I expected to happen, and then there is the growth I have recently found myself becoming acquainted with.

I’ve found myself growing, not just physically from my belly, but my way of thinking, my morals, my outlooks on life.

My whole mindset has shifted in ways I never thought possible. I question if it’s the pregnancy, happy hormones, is it baby? Is it timing? Is it having had enough of the same old, realising it didn’t serve me and deciding I would prefer peace, love, light in my life?

All of the above perhaps?

Nonetheless, today was precious. It was all about celebration, us, baby, the future. I am happy in this new space, new place. I am making room for this now. I am grateful that I allowed myself the possibility to be wrong.

Always allow yourself the possibility to be wrong. So much growth happens in that space. I promise you. 🙏🪄💫🌟

#2496 Rocking the birth-day

It was a beautiful day to celebrate my Mum’s birthday.

You know what made it even better? The weather.

You know what made it even MORE better? The company!

You see this cake? This cake was the BOMB.

You know who made the cake? My Mum. For her own birthday.

She rocked the cake. As she does everything else.

Love you Mum. Thanks for a great day all. 😘😘😘😘

#2490 Sharing the bump, and pregnancy musings

One of the great perks of being pregnant is sharing the news that you are. 🥰

It was great when in August we broke the news to our family and friends at baby girl’s and mine birthday party. Nothing quite beats the excited cries and squeals you get from loved ones as they run up to you.

It’s happiness, it’s shock, it’s excitement. It happened weeks before that with our own immediate families, telling my parents and sister’s fam, and then my MIL.

Being there to see their faces, is something else. Maybe that’s part of the reason why we haven’t done the whole social media reveal… the people who I genuinely care about and want to know our news, well most of them have found out face-to-face, or at the very least, phone-to-phone.

There are still those who are tinkering on through and discovering. Many people are starting to see photos of me on facebook sporting the bump, and so some congrats and messages are coming through…

But what about work? What happens when you work remotely?

I told my boss after our big reveal. He was the only one that knew, until today. It’s hard you know… there’s no kitchen, water cooler talk. Back in my old job, our inter-dependent departments shared information as well as gossip, and I would be standing in the kitchen making a cheese and tuna toastie when someone would go “hey, when are you due?”

All they see is my face here, once a week, and even then sometimes I miss the weekly meeting altogether.

I had feedback on a recent training session this morning, and talk turned to this new stuff we were learning, with this guy from another department. The conversation moved to that area, naturally, when he asked me if I was still enjoying what I was doing…

It’s not a matter so much of what I enjoy. I mean, I do enjoy my job. At the moment, it’s more about, what role will I perform, can I perform, when I want to come back from maternity leave?

So I told him. It was funny, because I was quite serious, going well, “my personal circumstances have changed in my life” before adding the clincher – “I’m expecting my second child.”

OH MAN! For a guy (no insult, hear me out) he was ecstatic for me. He doesn’t have kids of his own, but he was so, so happy, absolutely floored, shocked, excited, and kept saying, “what a beautiful thing, you have life!”

It was great to see, even if via a Teams chat, lol, and extremely refreshing for a guy.

I’ve had so many guys act awkwardly. (You know, even some girls!) Some of these people are relations, and they’ve made no congrats to us at all, only making some kind of joking remark that I’ve eaten too much lately. 🙄🤦‍♀️

Others are weird in another way. My pregnancy is not a secret anymore, and yet again (women) get weird about not finding out from my mouth that I am expecting. I’ve had them outright ask details, when are you due, how are you feeling… no congrats. Like none, AT ALL. It’s like they’re offended that I didn’t take them by the hand and sit them down to tell them that I was expecting. The fact that they found out from a cousin, aunty, friend, means they will not say any congrats.

It’s just sooo weird.

I’ve spoken about the guy-pregnancy thing to Hubbie. “What do you do when someone is pregnant? Do you react? Do you say congrats?”

He admits, it can be weird. Firstly, he thinks guys will NEVER ask or assume, just because, it is weird to comment on a woman’s body by asking if she’s expecting. (So what about that family member that joked I ate too much? 😅)

What if they’ve told you? Well then congrats is expected, he says. But unless he knows the person well, he probably wouldn’t go there.

You know what I think it is? It’s what men don’t understand. They don’t get it, they don’t live it, and therefore they’re terrified to go there and comment. Instead of congrats, they bark out questions: when are you due, what are you having? That’s the extent of it.

Also, if there’s blood running between the two of you, your bump is physical acknowledgement that you’ve had sex and are now growing a baby! I know, I know, it’s so juvenile. But I sooo believe there’s a subconscious thing at play here, that makes them IMMEDIATELY uncomfortable.

So anyway. You can see why I was so touched and impressed by this work dudes super excited display. After a lengthy and very informative chat, I went back to work, only to soon get another message from another fellow dude colleague…

He had been told my exciting news by the other guy. And he was reaching out, because he and his partner were expecting their second child too!

What an interesting turn of events. 🥰 I had two male work colleagues completely turn the tables on what I had become used to receiving from guys, and were super congratulatory about this exciting life event.

It’s really nice, about 6 months in, to still see people getting excited. I’m kinda hoping no one else finds out, just so I can walk into the Christmas party and blow everyone’s work socks off. 🤣

On a different pregnancy aside… I’ve just realised something. No proof, only myself as evidence really. I was telling baby girl tonight how I started her solids using sweet potato, or potato I think… I received sage advice not to start her on sweet foods, the reason being is that is all they will then eat! I was saying this tonight, reminding myself to do the same with baby…

And now as I have a late snack, eating some yoghurt, it hit me.

Yoghurt. Savoury.

I remember my Mum telling me she fattened me up as a baby on sour cream and bread. 🤣 It may seem weird but you gotta try it, it’s delicious.

And there is it, the realisation! I generally love savoury, because look what I was wolfing down as a baby/toddler!

Ahh, pregnancy musings. Love it. 💖💖🥰🥰😍😍🤰🤰

#2455 Family support

It’s been a bit of a tricky day for me.

But I take comfort and find calm in the support around me, from many members of my family.

Their reassuring, realistic and steadfast words help me to believe, I can do this.

Baby girl’s sweet hugs.

Hubbie’s encouraging words.

My Mum’s flippant remarks (those work too, I assure you!)

My sister’s deep care and experience making me feel assured.

My cousin’s wealth of information, helping me to feel less alone, ‘I’m not the only one.’

It’s crazy to think, I have what I want, but I’m still getting there.

Life isn’t perfect. If anyone knows this, it’s me. And yet despite the challenges I’ve faced along the way, I still have the deepest gratitude for the life I live, and feel profoundly lucky to have what I have.

Which is love. Family support. Those that are there for me during hard times.

Thank you. 🙏💖

#2452 The best shopping gift

I like this photo.

I took it today, while resting amidst shopping for a coffee/tea break with my Mum, and baby girl.

We took her out today for a bit of shopping, and just for a day out. I think often with loved ones, well me anyway, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make the day just right, perfect, hoping it will fulfil all and any prior expectations.

But the only real important things are moments like these. Sitting and chatting. Speaking your truth. Feeling loved and supported in a safe space.

It doesn’t matter what you buy. Because time spent with loved ones is the most valuable commodity.


#2442 First hospital visit

Today was my first in-person appointment with a doctor at the hospital where I’ll be having my baby.

I should have been more excited than anything, but leading up to it I was super anxious. Baby girl was home from school, getting over a tummy bug, and Hubbie had to come home from work early to be with her, because I could no longer rely on her friend’s Mum like I was going to originally.

I didn’t know where to go, and how long it would take for me to get there. Amazingly, after taking one wrong path, I ended up seated in the waiting area of the outpatients clinic a minute after my appointment time.


Even more amazingly, I was called in within minutes.

Being called in for an appointment on time? Incredible.

The appointment itself? Doctor schmoctor is all I will say. It is good to get stuff checked out, sure, but some of the stuff really, I feel is just scare tactics… I was so inclined to say –

“Did you know my Mum saw NO ONE before she had her first child, and she was fine?”

Speaking of my Mum, I was reminded of her frequent words “you are your own doctor.” Yeah, I kinda am. No matter what doctors suspect or predict or are wary of, I am in my body 24/7, and therefore have a good sense of who I am, and how I am going.

And for both of those, it’s good, and good. 🙏🙏

The best part of the visit was getting to hear baby’s heartbeat. She put a stethoscope type thing on my belly, attached to a device on the other end, and I could hear this –

“Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo” rapid fast rushing, beating sound.


“A kick!” the doctor exclaimed.

Yes doctor. That’s my baby telling you to calm the f&^k down.


#2423 2-in-1

I get lucky when I go to visit my parents.

I see my sister too.

When I go to visit my sister and her fam?

I see my parents.

They are both there.

It is the great perks of having one live right next door to the other. It’s a 2-in-1 deal. You really do get 2 for the price of 1 visit, and I couldn’t think of anything greater. 💖💖

I headed over to my parents place this morning to visit them and assist Mum in some jobs, and then sis came over for a bite to eat…

And then an hour later I was across the yard over at her place, sipping on a chai latte. 🍵🍵

It was bliss, it was beautiful. My mum used to say to me growing up, “you can’t sit on two chairs at once…”

But Mum, I think in this case, I have found I can. 😂😂💖💖

#2403 Black and white like her mumma

Here are some phrases that baby girl uttered while watching the Pies take on the Demons in Friday night footy earlier this evening.

“Tackle him!”

“Don’t let them BREATHE on the ball!”

“Get the ball, get it, get it Collingwood!”

This was all hilarious for me to hear, because I had been saying those exact things earlier too. 🤦‍♀️🤣

She is a mini me, down to the footy team that we barrack for. For some reason though, she is actually a lover too, saying that she likes ALL footy teams, except for one… I will keep that to myself so as not to offend anyone out there. 😁🤣

But she is black and white, like her mumma. Evident in her shouts tonight, her screams. I can’t even tell her to quieten down. I was screaming just like that weeks ago, and went into such a frenzied state barracking for them to win, which they did, that I developed a headache that night from all the yelling. 🤦‍♀️

I think it’s sweet, and so, so cute, because it’s become a little like family tradition. I watched my Mum get heated over the footy over the years, yelling and swearing at the TV, or radio, and now I too am getting heated, and baby girl is taking it all in… whoops. 😬

Passion. It’s all passion. And watching the last quarter with her, whispering our hoorays because Hubbie was already in bed for work tomorrow, shaking our fists in the air and grinning at each other, was such a special moment, I was so glad to share it with her. 💖

My little Pie, my mini me. 🥰🥰⚫🤍⚫🤍

#2333 Thanks for the memories

It’s awfully hard to say goodbye.

So instead, I’ll focus on the memories. Of my uncle.

I’ll start with a recent memory, even one that I’m pretty sure was shared today in church. My uncle was telling me at a family gathering not too long ago, about some of the family history. Not only does this kind of stuff fascinate me, as he is my Mum’s brother, but I find it amusing how each sibling often has their own version of events.

They are all true, of course! But still, their own take on it.

And I was eagerly listening to what he was telling me, and I can tell you honestly that I can’t remember what it was, but I remember one thing CLEARLY.

He was saying how he was the third born child in their family, but the first son. A huge grin spread across his face. This made him happy, proud, giddy like a child. I smiled with him, his worth and self-esteem at this fact so apparent, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment. In a fairly patriarchal time, having a son was something revered strongly, just because well, having a boy, as well as the obvious fact that they carry on the family name, so it was clear this was spoken about, celebrated even.

He was certainly happy about it.


He was always happy, actually. He’d usually start talking to me, with a bit of a straight statement, that immediately turned into a joke, and honestly the second sentence in he’d be laughing, me joining in.


Hubbie got along with my uncle too. Hubbie told him countless times that he was the best dancer, told me too, and anyone that would listen… he was light on his feet, fast, and moved so easily, that he was able to dance to traditional folk music like no other. It truly was a joy to witness, a special thing to be in the presence of. To this day Hubbie is adamant, no one in my family is as good a dancer as he, with his grand-daughter a close second… of course, it runs in the blood. I imagine him dancing up there, ripping it up and having a ball.


But my fondest memory, isn’t really a specific memory, it’s a collection of them. Because as a teen growing up, my parents along with all of my aunties and uncles, would get together and play cards, A LOT.

It was always the women against the men. So my Mum and her two sister-in-laws, along with my Dad and his two brother-in-laws. I would be home… chilling in my bedroom, listening to music, watching a movie… and they would be carrying on like nothing else on a Saturday night. Can you imagine, six 60 year-old somethings making noise like there were 30 in the house? There would be laughter from the winning teams. Angry outbursts from the losing teams! There was banging on tables as they went “Na!” and slammed their cards down in a ‘take that!’ move. And after they had all had their fill, sometimes a few games, sometimes eight, they would keep talking, eating, drinking coffee, way into the wee hours of the morning.

I really loved them being there. It made me happy. Seeing my parents happy, made me happy. Seeing my uncles and aunties happy, made me happy. Seeing them all together, having fun, laughing, getting cross at each other, accusing each other of cheating (😮😬😆) and making memories, is one of my best memories of them all. Because they had each other. They were having a ball, with none other than their very own family. I realised even at that young age, how special it was, and thought often, too often actually, how lucky they all were. They were all present, they were all there. They were each other’s peers, sharing all their happiness, troubles, all stories.

When I was younger I would sit with them, counting my Mums cards. When I was older, I would wonder into the kitchen sometimes at midnight, and they’d be there in the next room, playing cards. Sometimes they would acknowledge me, sometimes they’d stare seriously at their set of cards, as if the state of the world depended on it. Other times I would go to sleep, and they’d whisper loudly as they passed my bedroom, leaving the house at 1:30am.

This memory has nothing to do with me. But I was witness to it, and seeing the love around that table, hearing what transpired, the good, and the incredibly funny… I will never forget it. It was the best time. For all of us.

You can’t choose who your family are, but you can choose who you spend your time with. And they chose each other, time and time again.

Rest in peace Ujo. I don’t think I can look at a set of cards or hear a kolo, without thinking of you fondly.

Your smile is etched forever in our hearts.


Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com