#2035 Lockdown Saturday night tricks

I have a little trick to help during these lockdown-Saturday-night-party blues.

(While we pine over parties we went to in the past, and yearn for those that are yet to come).

I accidentally came across this great and super easy solution tonight, that can trick you into feeling like you are at a party. (Yes, keep reading!)

Put on music. This can be stereo, phone, record player, or like for our Saturday night tradition, YouTube.

This is great to do even if on your own since you can just keep selecting all your fave tunes, but even if in company this might be better, since the others will be selecting their own songs, and then it really will feel like a party!

Wait, that’s only half of it.

With the music still going, LOUD, start messaging people, preferably unrelated to each other… those who are reliable, who you know will respond… at least two people.

But as they say, the more the merrier.

This is what I did tonight. We had the music blasting, then on a whim I started messaging some family and friends… and before I knew it I was swivelling from one conversation to another, all while music was happening in the background…

And then lo and behold, a third group chat began, and I was like “WHO DO I TALK TO FIRST?”

And the music was so loud!

And it was so happening!

And then, it hit me… party vibes! 🤣

Well look, almost, not quite, but it’s the best that we’ll get, ’til we get to that super elusive, ‘there.’


#1986 Saturday Night In no.9

Of course we were ‘in’, there was no place else to go!

We filled the house with home-made food, topped up our glasses, and then settled on the couch for song after song of our Saturday night lockdown ritual, the “music-fest.”

We take turns finding songs on youtube and blaring them. There are the ol’ faithfuls that come up regularly, i.e. Queen and The Weeknd, they may as well have beds made at our house…

But we keep the list ever-changing. A different performance here, another song some singer does, there.

Some notable tracks from tonight:

Amy Winehouse, singing Tears Dry on Their Own, live, because it was the 10 year anniversary of her death just yesterday.

Then a live number of Back to Black, because that song just gives us the feels, time and time again.

Queen (duh) at Wembley doing Lap of the Gods that turns into Seven Seas of Rhye.

Sia singing Chandelier live on Sunrise some years ago (she wears this insane multi-coloured almost mardi gras slash Eastern-inspired ensemble, must see.

Cold Chisel doing When the War is Over… also live (shit there was a definite theme tonight).

Prince doing his song, live… Nothing Compares to You. (And nothing compares to Prince singing this).

INXS at Wembley… singing several actually, but my favourite tonight was What You Need.

The MOST fun was when we turned the tunes to the 80s. When I found REO Speedwagon’s Can’t Fight This Feeling, Hubbie and I kinda lost our shit. 😂

This song is TOO MUCH FUN to not sing along to. Here are some lyrics that rhyme too much:

“And I can’t fight this feeling any-more

I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for

It’s time to bring this ship into the shore

And throw away the oars, for-ever.

Oh My God. Sing this out loud, and try not to laugh. Couple that with the guy on the piano with the crazy moustache, and then the singer, who Hubbie aptly pointed out looks like a librarian…


Oh God. I’m done. Best sing-a-long ever.

(You’re gonna look for the mo guy now aren’t you? 🤣)

#1975 Live aid anniversary

To think that I was barely two when this concert happened, and here I am, 36 years later… the songs, moves, inflections of tone and unbridled enthusiasm etched into my memory, that’s how much I’ve watched it.

It’s not just me either. Hubbie and baby girl also know parts of it, very, very well. Baby girl knows him by name, Freddie Mercury, and I’m teaching her the other band member names, so that she can appreciate the genius all across the band, not just in the charismatic front-man.

Of course, I can only be talking about royalty. Queen. 👑

I put the set on tonight after dinner. Approximately 20 minutes, 6 songs, in front of 70,000 or so people, the wider audience, THE WORLD.

It’s truly a masterpiece. Back in 1985, the band donned light coloured tops and shirts, and casually strolled onto the stage, though still pumped, to make music history.

I consider it, one of the best live performances ever, and biased or not, many others would agree.

If you have a chance and haven’t seen it yet, feast your eyes on the performance. Type in Queen Live Aid, you will get to witness some truly musical powerhouse genius.

And if you have already watched it like me… well, there’s no day like today to get yourself reacquainted.

#1966 Chocolate slice and Ricky

Two things brought me joy today.

(Well, many really, but I gotta talk about something different now, don’t I? 😉)

  1. Cooking.

It was such an inside day, and I was happy to spend most of it indoors, willing the rain to rain down even more, so I could revel in the inside-ness, even more.

I did lots of cooking, and was most happy with this chocolate slice I made. It’s a recipe I’ve had for yonks but never tried. Honestly, I have a trillion recipes scattered in magazines, books and clippings all over the place, and need to go through them more regularly so that I can discover more interesting things to make.

It was good.

2. Ricky Martin.

I’ve been on a massive rock fest of late, and most of the time Queen is the only thing I play. But I put a song on YouTube tonight, a live Ricky Martin performance, and after that was done it gave me another Ricky Martin song…

And I just REMEMBERED. I mean, it’s not like I forgot. But you can’t love everyone at the same time, and you gotta play music according to your mood.

But man, I still love the guy.

I ended up finding a CD and pumping it up as I did the dishes, because that’s the rule in our house… whoever does the dishes, picks the soundtrack.

And it was a whole lot of ‘ola’ tonight!

Chocolate slice, and Ricky. Both so, so sweet. 🤣💖😉

#1960 The 5th (8th) album

On the weekend I headed to the record fair, that happens at this local music store on the last Saturday of every month.

To be honest, I wanted to find a bargain Robert Palmer, much like I had found a $2 Laura Branigan months earlier, and lo and behold it’s a truly great album. I love listening to it again and again.

Also, I was still coveting a good Johnny Cash, but those are hard to find. The Folsom Prison one would be incredible, but I’ll just have to hold out some more.

So we searched and searched. I did see a Cash, but he was singing with another group, and I knew it wasn’t what I was looking for. I had just discovered something Hubbie would like – The Boys Light Up album by Australian Crawl, and when this guy across from me moved away from one record bin, I told baby girl “go and check that out for me.”

She knows our taste, and she knows the artists we are after.

Immediately, she goes – “Mama, Queen! The Game.”

My head snapped up. I’m sure the couple next to me flinched. I said “hold onto that one honey.”

Tee hee hee.

And so it was, that we went home with the Aussie Crawl and yet another Queen album. I did a count earlier, and this is my 5th studio album of theirs, not including the two greatest hits I have, and one Queen Live Radio specials one too.

I have a collection of records and CDs, but when I find something that’s a steal, in record form, I have to have it.

There are pros obviously of having a portable CD, but there is just something magical about putting a record on and letting it play through the house.

‘The Game’ was $35, and when you consider that it is in pretty decent condition, and Queen records sell for at least $60 in store, if not more, I honestly can’t believe it didn’t get snapped up sooner.

This studio album is their 8th, and contains the hits “Another One Bites the Dust” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”

I put it on tonight.

The theme is soft rock, and the sound of the bass guitar follows through some songs, making itself prominent in the opening riff of “Another One Bites the Dust.” The ode to rock is made transparent in one song where they literally sing that they love rock and roll, and all in all, on first listen, I love this album.

Oh God. Is there any album of theirs which is not brilliant?

One day I will write an article about Queen. You bet I will. Watch this space…

#1943 Addicted to Palmer

A couple of months ago, there was a week or so when I got really into Bryan Adams.

I listened to him pretty repeatedly over this time, and even got a best of album.

Then BANG! The fascination vanished.

This is all well and good, and even the fact that I bought a CD of his doesn’t bother me. It’s no waste. I love to have all kinds of music accessible to me, so that in future when the mood, song or artist strikes, I have it there.


Lately I’ve been thinking I need to get another musician’s work…

Robert Palmer.

Now you might be thinking, what the hell is your fascination for 80s singers lately SmikG? Honestly I do not now.

This is how it began with Palmer.

I was coming home one Sunday from grocery shopping. His song Addicted to Love was on the radio, and the words, coupled with the music…

OH MY GOD I felt it.

That was it. I started listening to it a lot. Learnt nearly all the words.

Hubbie was already a fan of his other song, Johnny and Mary, so now we had two of his for our Saturday night song list.

But then, let’s not forget Simply Irresistible. I’ve loved that since I was a kid.

Oooh, oooh. What about his song with UB40, I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight? So reggae, love that big time.

I only started getting into his song I Didn’t Meant to Turn You On days ago, and now I can’t turn it off.

And there are others I’ve heard which I’m already feeling will get more airplay in this house.

Oh stuff it. You know I gotta post a link.

Fun fact: The models in the video were chosen on the basis that they did not play musical instruments!

Also, the guitar riff in the song came to Palmer in a dream.

See? Addicted!

#1918 Art will live forever

I was going through old family photos this evening as I searched for photos of my Dad over the years, for his official birthday today.

I don’t know about you, but I get sucked into a time warp when I start doing this. I go through one year, then another, and another… suddenly I’ll look up from what I’m doing and be like “woah. Where am I?”

Like I’ve just woken up or something.

Photos transport you. I love going through them, and I’m trying my damndest to keep all my photo albums documented and in chronological order, though I’m very behind… but still trying.

And in thinking about photos, I realised that their ability to transport you to different times, and with different people, make them invincible.

They defy time and space.

They live forever.

It immediately made me think of words. Words live forever too. Think of the words you read by a poet 200 years ago… they breathe new life when you quietly repeat them in your mind, the meaning travelling through centuries to make its way to you.

And music. I LOVE music. Think of all the songs you love, from singers and bands that have long now gone, the words and the melodies that you continue to belt out in your car, when you’re doing the dishes, or in the shower… their lyrics and the music continue to live on through you, when you press play on your device, or decide to go acapella, wherever.

Art. Art is what it is. I love art, creativity, in all its forms.

Part of the reason is, IT CAN NEVER DIE. People, words, songs, they will always be revived when they are recalled, read, played.

Of course, they are passionate expressions of creativity, and that is simply the most beautiful thing. Even photography, it captures a moment in time, something that nothing else can quite do, and helps you to recall sudden scents, sights, a dress you used to wear when you were young, or a place you used to visit, and no longer do…

Photos can do all of this, and it was this I was reminded of when passing through the many years of my Dad’s life tonight.

They remind us of all the times of our life, when our own memories fail us.

How many other wonderful things will be captured by photo, that we are yet to live?

How many beautiful words are we yet to read?

And what magical music are we yet to hear?

Beautiful food for thought. 💖💖

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

#1912 The YES movie

I have been watching 5 minute snippets of the movie ‘Yes Day’ for about 2 weeks now.

Baby girl found it on Netflix, after having watched it at school… she will watch it in snippets, and when it’s finished she hits play, and it starts ALL OVER AGAIN.

I had pretty much watched the movie in these short bursts, out of order, over this time.

And you know, despite seeing some things repeatedly, I actually didn’t mind it.

Yes. Yes yes yes. Even after watching that ice cream scene for the 7th time, I honestly didn’t mind.

It’s a family movie starring Jennifer Garner, wife and Mum of three who is just trying to be responsible and raise her kids… but always ends up saying no to their crazy and kid-like demands. So after a couple of hard truths come her way, she agrees to a ‘Yes’ day.

A day where she has to say yes to anything her kids ask.


Yeah, I KNOW. It’s actually really cute, and funny. It’s also emotional, one of the last scenes had me literally in tears the first time I watched it, trying not to bawl, because I could relate so much with the mother-daughter relationship. Baby girl now knows that if she looks over at me, like she did tonight for that scene, that I will have tears in my eyes.

(Meanwhile I am trying SO HARD not to cry!)

And then she’ll say, “Mum, you’re a sook.”

And I’ll nod solemnly, because I’m the one who told her that anyway.

Back to the movie. As I said, we had watched it in snippets, but not in its complete entirety, and there were parts I happened to miss each time.

But being a Tuesday, our kinda-like Saturday if you like, since Hubbie and I don’t work Wednesdays, we had pizza on the couch and said yes to baby girl’s request.

Yes to a movie. The ‘Yes Day’ movie!

It was really cool. I loved it, and I think it’s the perfect movie to watch together with your child.

And if I didn’t already have The Four Tops in my head ALL week (I’ve been humming it at work constantly), after our movie night baby girl and I have been randomly breaking out into song with –

“Baby I need your lovin,’ got to have all your lovin’…”

#1890 Dishes and dancing

Let me share something mundane, but nonetheless something that we all vary widely on.


I actually, don’t mind doing the dishes. Just as well, because I do them 3-4 times a day. I find it somewhat soothing and therapeutic, the very act of water running and cleaning things an automatic act, allowing my mind to wander and reflect.

But ironing? I put off the task as much as I can.

In fact, I don’t think there’s much need for ironing. There, I said it!

Even though I don’t mind doing the dishes, when I’m washing those at the end of the day post-dinner, I like to put music on.

Tonight before dinner, I had on Bedtime Stories, one of my all-time fave albums. I’m in a certain type of mood when I play that album. I can switch easily from the daydreamy and wispy ‘Inside of Me,’ to the raw and upfront ‘Human Nature’ with lyrics like “I’m not your bitch don’t hang your shit on me.”

I absolutely LOVE the album.

But after dinner I put on something else. Something both baby girl and I like.

The Dirty Dancing soundtrack!

She seriously loves the songs. She’s even put it on on her own, just to bop along and dance while we are in the other room.

She loves the high-pitched ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry,’ the mashed potato and twist references in ‘Do You Love Me?’ and even boogies down to the Merengue!

How lovely is it to enjoy some of life’s simple chores, like dishes, accompanied by music? 🎵💖

Again, little things. It’s all I have.

#1887 It’s Friday then…

I love Fridays.

Who doesn’t?

I’ve previously written about the anticipatory excitement one gets when Friday rolls around.

For me, when 3pm on a Friday comes around. 😁😁😁😁

Hell yeah! It’s the best. Knowing you have days off ahead, is FAR better than any of those days off, let’s be honest.

It’s the anticipation.

So today as I clocked off from my work office at home, logged off my laptop, and headed into the kitchen where baby girl was happily waiting, I started singing…

“It’s Friday then, then Saturday Sunday what?”

We’ve been singing this song ever since a Friday has rolled along, ever since we saw the absolutely fantastic video of that guy that just jumps out of the car and dances to his hearts content when he hears the song.

And so we did. Baby girl and I ripped up a storm on the kitchen dancefloor, because…

“It’s Friday then, then Saturday Sunday what?”