#1850 Fangirling Pam

I’ve had so much on that my beloved writing has fallen way, way, way to the way-side.

But when I was sent an email via the Australian Writers Centre, through which I participated in so many online courses a couple of years ago, advising of a free, yes FREE online Q&A with two esteemed authors, well I knew I had to MAKE the time.

One of those authors was Pamela Freeman. She was the tutor for one of the courses I took, and gave me such great, constructive yet motivational feedback that I honestly was RAPT.

Over the moon.

Tonight those attending (um, 300 or so Zoom attendees!) had the opportunity to put forward questions to be answered in the chat.

Guess who my question was directed to?


And as she answered, she added at the end… “find me on facebook and we can talk about it there.”

Oh my. Out of all people. ME! Yippee!

And sure the answer was like, answered in a jiffee… but who cares.

Like, an actual real-life bonafide author. Sure I have writer friends who have been published in like, the last year…

But this. She is like, ridgy-didge. Proper. Has published a gazillion books and teaches courses, AUTHOR.

#1838 Like old times, and milestones

Living through lockdown has given us a new way of connecting with other people… online.

I am still working from home, and today we played this online Pictionary game. You have to draw on the screen from a selection of words you’ve been given… and the rest of the room, (people participating) have to guess what you’re drawing.

I thought it was pretty cool, and it was Friday, so later my mind wandered where it usually goes to on Friday nights… to my friends. We spent a lot of Zoom calls together during those few months last year, and so I got to really get used to seeing their faces, talking about anything and everything, and just connecting in a way that honestly, we never really had before.

The lockdown had given us a new opportunity to learn even more about each other, through a multitude of topics, discussion, and debate.

And it was great. I realised no matter how much they talk, how much we disagree, how much we maybe shit each other up the wall… we are ultimately stuck with each other for life. That’s it.

And I love it.

So, missing my crew, I sent the random message out: “Anyone wanna play a game online?” Well to be expected, most were busy and couldn’t, but one such friend said “sure, give me a sec.”

And so I’ve spent the last hour or so of this night, chatting to her online while we played online Pictionary!

She is one of my oldest friends. I actually can’t remember if we were friends first in grade 1, or grade 2… I have no idea. I have no idea because after a while, your memory starts to get blurry. I never believed it when I was in my teens, or late childhood. I couldn’t understand how people would say “I can’t remember” about a huge, momentous milestone in their life. I used to think, “how can you not remember something so important?”

Well, now I know. Because as life goes on, your head gets filled up with more and more stuff, and the other stuff that you don’t think of as much, well it starts to fade.

So, so true. Maybe that’s why I’m so adamant about capturing every written word. It’s my own personal record for my unpredictable mind.

Anyway, you get my drift. We’ve been friends for about 30 years, not a word of a lie. And while we laughed at each other’s funny drawings, and tried to make sense of the game, we also caught up and reconnected, and it made me realise that technology, lockdown even, brought a few pretty good things with it.

A Friday night spent watching something on TV, or just letting the hours while away on random stuff around the house, was instead spent sharing some laughs and having fun with one of my oldest besties.

And then, in amongst all that… a milestone! Baby girl got fed up with me on the computer playing games, and put herself to bed!

It’s actually the second time she’s fallen asleep on her own like this, but the first that she did it intentionally… the first time she went to bed as I set up watch over a huntsman in our room, making sure he didn’t hide anywhere, waiting for Hubbie to come home and get rid of it. I’d told her to wait in her bed for me another 20 minutes, and instead she had fallen asleep.

But tonight, tonight was intentional. I was there chatting away, and then went to check up on her… I even kissed her head… and she remained sleeping. Peaceful. Absolutely beautiful, as all sleeping children are. 🤣

So, a good night all around. Looking back, looking forwards… as long as it’s done with the right people…

You’re alright. You’re doing alright. 👍💖

#1678 Day 180 of getting there: Zoom games

First and foremost, there is one rule when playing any kind of game with someone.

Be it a board game, card game, or an online zooom game…

One rule only.

You MUST be close with the person.

You have to be related to them, or they have to be your very closest bestie.

Think about it. Imagine Monopoly with a stranger. You’d crack the shits when they bought that Mayfair property you’ve been eyeing off the last 16 trips around the board.

What about Uno. Imagine a stranger pulled a Draw 4 on you? You’d throw the cards in their face!

And then there’s the new era of games we live in, especially in these current isolating times… online games. Zoom games.

How could you possibly discuss, patiently and calmly, whether potato soup, and potato and leek soup, were the same thing, with someone you barely knew?

Huh, huh?

Exactly my predicament tonight!

Tonight, we played online zoom games. And tonight, OMG… I roared with laughter.

Let’s be clear. There are arguments. Accusations of cheating, emotional tactics, far-reaching answers…

But friends can yell at each other and move on, am I right?

But I swear, it was that heated, hilarious laughter more than anything. I laughed, then I cried from laughing. And you know, with all this covid… it’s been a long time.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so light.

We played this online version of scattergories. You get a letter and you have to find 12 answers to questions starting with that letter within 2 minutes.

Of course you have to be close to the people. I can’t imagine playing that with people I didn’t know well, I would just hate them so much afterwards.

But with your friends… you just laugh.

Tell them off, and laugh.

It’s brilliant.

And I got the best laugh tonight, from one of my answers… “name something you save up to buy.”

The letter was R.

I said ‘row boat.’

Photo by Richard McAlister on Pexels.com

And I just died laughing. I think it had to come out of me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I really needed it. 💖

Good friends. Online zoom games. A seriously deadly but hilariously addictive combination.

#1664 Day 166 of getting there: Disco zooming

Friday’s are great for so many reasons.

So many great things happen on Fridays!

Like… discos.

Even in covid.

They are called online discos!

Baby girl joined about 100 or so of her school mates for an online disco today.

Last year it was in the school theatre… this year, well, via zoom.

But it was still so cute. She dressed up for the occasion, and I connected her up to the big screen to… DANCE!

40 minutes of dancing. 40 minutes of jumping. I was working from the other room, in a meeting, and could hear the tunes filtering through…


And then that insanely catchy/funny/irritating, whatever you wanna call it song, “Pump It Up” came on, and I just laughed out loud before walking into the room and dancing near her but making sure to be OFF SCREEN to zoom and her whole grade.

But then she ended up calling me later, because the parents were being summoned! And so I found myseld in my trakkies, next to my dressed up baby girl, doing the hokey pokey.

Ahhh. Hilarious.

And of course, seeing as she’s been missing out on all that school physical activity, guess who was crazy tired afterwards?

And guess who was crazy happy about it?


#1653 Day 155 of getting there: The belated frozen present

You can’t depend on online deliveries at the best of times… throw in a pandemic and the whole system goes to shit.

But at the same time, it only meant that the main present we had organised for baby girl over a week ago, well being delayed, it also drew out her happiness and excitement, knowing that there was still something else around the corner.

Finally, today it arrived!

The Frozen lego. She came up to me some weeks ago and showed me a picture of this lego, saying she wanted it from Santa for Christmas… well my Mum-skills went into overdrive, and having her birthday be sooner than December, and being an iso birthday, we had to get it to her right away.

Baby girl loves lego. She has a lot of it. To be honest she hadn’t played with it for a while, but the last few weeks has seen her take out her assembled pieces, put other ensembles together, and generally just have fun with the mini scenes and characters from predominantly, Disney movies.

And can I say… I don’t mind that she has so much. I kinda realised years ago, that I really like lego too. We sit together, and I find this insane peace in getting these little tiny blocks and piecing them together, creating this colourful, fantastic, magical land in front of our eyes.

She’s not only building a collection for herself… she’d building a collection for me. 😁

And while she asked us to start building it together on my next day off, I’m secretly looking forward to it, as much as she is. 💖

#1652 Day 154 of getting there: writing into nature

Today I joined an online writing community for a workshop about NATURE.

Writing about nature.

Drawing upon our landscape to represent the inner workings of human life, to talk about things on the small as well as large environmental scale, and finding that wisdom and learnings can be found in something as little as a shell.

It’s given me a new appreciation for details, simple things, and who knows? I might just branch out into the wisps of wind, streams of sunshine, and gnarly twisted vines that grow up walls to find another form of writing inspiration in my life… 💖

#1643 Day 145 of getting there: zoom zoom zoom girls

Actually, it’s zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom.

There are 5 of us you see.

Ever since this second lockdown started to approach, me and my high school gals, bestest of besties, have been catching up on Friday nights…

Mostly all of us.

Sometimes, a few.

We have skipped one Friday all together.

But mostly, we try to make it. Tired, overworked, kidded-out, one way or another…

We plonk ourselves in front of our devices from about 8pm onwards, and start to ramble about anything and everything.

Random bits and pieces. The impossible home/life balance we find ourselves all in right now. Kids. Work. Politics. Stupid people.

Anything, really.

Just sitting down with your friends, even if it is via a laptop, and having a chat about anything, nothing in particular, and everything all in one, is something we all need as we find ourselves so disconnected physically.

I look forward to it each Friday night, so I know it is helping me.


#1636 Day 138 of getting there: the ultimate zoom chat

I’ve had a lot of great zoom chats during this, and the first block of isolation (oh God we are onto the second block!)

But none quite topped the list like tonight’s zoom chat.

It was short, in that it was 30 minutes long.

But it was super super super sweet, because we were getting together online to celebrate my nephew’s 18th birthday!

And seeing all my family’s faces, wow!

I haven’t seen some of these people for like 5 months!

Some even LONGER.

We had drinks. We had blowouts that were super noisy. There was a commemorative real cake on the other end, that we all joked we wanted (of course we did!)

It was so amazing to have so many of us band together for my nephew, and I hope that tonight he is feeling all the love… even if it’s from a distance.

We had a LOT of fun too.

Happy Birthday. We’ll party with you soon… 😉🎉🎂🍻🥂

#1592 Day 94 of getting there: yoga just for me

Isn’t it exciting when you embark on something new?

Something that you feel in your bones, in your gut, deep down, is just the right thing for you?

When you are listening to something, and going “yes, yes yes” each word the person breathes being a confirmation of that which you already suspected, or what you already knew?

Nodding furiously like a kid bobbing for apples at a birthday party.

Nod, nod, nod.

Yes, yes, yes.

Today I connected online with a fantastic yoga teacher. We may not have done any yoga moves together as yet, but I already know she is amazing. I can tell from how she speaks, what she knows, and just everything about her is telling me “yes!”


And knowing this will be a personally catered experience, makes it all the more special, all the more important, and all the more worthy.

Already I find myself in appropriate yoga pose as I write… sitting almost crossed legs, soles of the feet together, letting the knees swing out.

Ahh. It has begun. 🙂

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

#1581 Day 83 of getting there: the inspirational Zoom chat

I spent my Saturday morning in a really lovely, relaxing and uplifting way.

And no, it wasn’t just because I ate breakfast on the couch (I know it’s a day off when my butt is firmly planted there as I eat my toast), and no, it wasn’t because I was in my PJs ’til past midday…

But I was in my PJs past midday, because I got majorly distracted at 11am.

I’ve done 5 online courses now with The Australian Writers’ Centre. It is truly an addictive thing if you love the craft of writing, and seriously, I can see myself doing more of them… at some point in the future.

For anyone that loves to write and wants to make it part of their work, even if you live outside of Australia, the AWC is a tremendous resource, I know.

Go to https://www.writerscentre.com.au/ for more info.

And at the moment, I think their online Zoom chats with esteemed writerly professionals are just awesome.

They have been running for a while now during iso, and the topic for this morning’s one was of utmost interest to me.

AWC founder Valerie Khoo was talking to a children’s and YA literary agent!

YA! That’s my genre. 😉

I accidentally stumbled across the Zoom chat reminder, and then started to listen… and then couldn’t put down my phone. I even asked a question about what trend publisher’s are looking for at the moment in YA, and along with getting my question answered, I walked away with so much information, tips and people to look up and read more on.

Most of all, I walked away with so much inspiration. It gave me purpose and hope and light again.

It’s a long road ahead, and it requires a heap of work. But at the same time, this morning’s Zoom chat filled me with as much excitement as it did focus, and I really feel I am on the right track.

A great frame of mind to start your morning? I’m definitely grateful for that.