#997 A day of 7s, and 11s

Let’s start off by noting, the number ‘7’ in the above post number.


It has been an odd day of symmetry and repetition, in numbers.


On this 7th day of the 11th month, baby girl had her first transition day at her new primary school.

It was sooo good. Sooo good, in that she was happy, peaceful, and holding her kinder friend’s hand as they walked off into the classroom to go about the next 90 minutes without Mums or Dads present.


Seriously though. It was gratifying to have her calm and chilled about the process, amidst other crying children and reassuring parents.

It appeared I was the one needing reassurance though.

And how did we spend the short time away from her?


With Cherry Pie and Coffee. Mmm hmmm.

My 2nd gratitude. Comes in the form of my Mum’s birthday, in particular a BIG one, in particular one that involves the number ‘7’….

Get it?!?!

Finally! My third item is an anniversary I am also celebrating today, that of having started working at my place of employment, exactly 11 years ago to the date and day (it was a Wednesday then too).

I started working here then, and I am at work now. In 2007, 11 years ago, I started working at –


But with all of life’s wonderful things, there is a balance right? So the toilets and sinks here are not functioning tonight, due to some pre-organised pipe upgrade, and they have provided us with porta-loos in the meantime…

And all of this started, from 7pm.


(count them↑)



#992 Countdown to park days

I’m realising a lot of stuff lately.

Just as I started to mourn the end of kindergarten for baby girl, already from the end of term 3, so too did I come upon a realisation today while at the park with baby girl… at my parent’s park.

I’ve called it their park, or my park, for as long as I can remember. You can kind of do that, when you live next door to one.

I’ve been making fortnightly weekday visits to my parents’ house with baby girl for a while now. And while it’s been great, giving us that extra bit of quiet bonding time to catch up and make memories… soon it won’t be possible.

With the start of primary school for baby girl next year, these weekday visits will be no more. Sure, we will still visit, obviously on weekends, and sure, there will still be park days… but there is something about these quiet moments of reflection amongst family, that only occur when the neighbourhood is still… these are the days I will miss.



#951 The Rosemary Tradition

See a couple of rosemary bushes out the front of a house? Don’t be surprised if there are Croats living there.

It comes with the territory. Having rosemary in your garden is synonymous with being Croatian, just as making their own tomato sauce is common amongst Italians, and the Spanish are known for their post-lunch siestas.

So the fact that the fellow elderly couple two doors down who reign from Balkan Adriatic seas have half a dozen LARGE rosemary bushes adorning their front yard, and I DON’T, doesn’t sit right with me.

It was perfect then, that my parents gifted me with some sprigs of rosemary while at their house yesterday, all ready to go. Perfect for 2 reasons:

  1. It comes at the perfect time of year. I am getting into gardening more and turning my attention there as Spring makes things all pretty and bright again, and let’s face it, it’s a much cheaper hobby than renovating your kitchen (thank God that is pretty much over with).
  2. I can be a proper Croatian Euro now God-damn it, with my own pot of rosemary. That hails from my parents garden no less… what can be better than that?

I planted them today, and I have to say… they have the best roots 😉




#950 The 5-minute parental break

I wonder if my peers out there who have their parents look after their kids, realise how lucky they are.

I mean, it is a GOLD deal. You have the people that raised you, who love you and care for you and who are your number one supporters, caring for your child. You might be at working, getting your hair done, or even lucky enough to get a night out with your partner while your parents put your kiddies to sleep at night.

I was lucky for a short time anyway, where my parents co-assisted in watching baby girl when I first went back to work after maternity leave. Although it was only part-time, there was the greatest security and comfort in leaving my daughter with them, knowing she was being looked after, let’s face it, with MORE care than they had ever looked after me!

It lasted just under 2 years, until health issues and a major move impacted the schedule, and nowadays, they aren’t involved.. in that way.

But when I go to their place, I love, that I will always know the care, love, and babysitting duties are always there and on offer 😉

My parents said today: “Go and lie down. We’ll take her outside.” I was feeling tired after ALL THAT FOOD (i.e. Mum going overboard as usual) and was just feeling a little heavy, so I took the advice they had so adamantly laid out for me.

I lay in my old room, looking at the picture that has been on my wall for at least two decades.


I can safely say with 95% confidence that it was given to me on my 12th birthday, and I can even tell you with assurance who gave it to me. I find there are many things from my childhood that are cemented into me, whereas ask me about my early 20s and I am all “HUH?”

But I lay there for all of 5 minutes, enjoying the calm, listening to my breath, my body, and the happy cries of baby girl yelling excitedly from the yard.

So when I got up, I naturally spied on them from the kitchen window and saw them playing.


I could have gone back to lie down. But I decided it was better to join them. 🙂


#943 Primary acceptance

I’ve been waiting for it, for weeks.

I’ve been thinking about it.

Bugging the kindergarten teachers with my random pop-up questions about it.

Trying to oh-so-casually investigate other kindergarten parents and their knowledge of it.

But today, in letter form, I finally got my answer:


“She has been accepted!”


I am sooo happy. Grateful, YES.

(Insert heavy sobbing, heart-clutching, and animal-like wails, reminiscent of the Mother mammal when she realises her offspring is growing up ever more…)

#936 Life lessons at the park

Today while on the other side of town at my parents’ house, we went to the park. This isn’t the hardest thing to do, since the park is literally NEXT DOOR.

Watching baby girl climb, slide, swing and re-discover the playground, I came to a realisation.

Learning at the park, is a lot like learning in LIFE.


Sometimes you find yourself pondering, ‘what is the meaning of it all?’



Other times you will be as high as a kite, like a Princess with her head in the clouds.



Times can be tough. You will need to push on through the battles, and climb higher and higher, work harder and harder, until you have reached your break-through… the clearing.


Moments will be scary. You will want to turn back, and you will question if you can get there. But you can’t look down. You must keep your eyes straight, and take things, step by step.



And if you don’t give up, you will reap the benefits of celebration – throw your hands up in the air if you will!


And because life is cyclical, and we are meant to stay grounded, these phases will happen all over again.


#918 Impromptu lunch visit

The best times are often had when you least expect ANYTHING to happen at all.

Instead of hanging around the house, cleaning up and tidying from the weekend’s party, and packing for our upcoming trip… I ended up driving my parents back to my sister’s place to their car, after their very impromptu sleepover at our place last night.

Hubbie, instead of cleaning up, also decided he would join us for the drive… and a short while later while having a drink at Sis’ place, bro-in-law arrived to “work from home.”


It was the most random, unexpected but also the happiest time. We were there for a short while, and yet we caught up more today than in the 2 big family parties we have recently had over the last couple of weeks. It was quick, but it was hearty… it was light, but it was also meaningful… and it was on a Monday, so we all felt like we were cheating at the day, having a good ol’ gas bag, instead of doing much-needed ‘other stuff.’


And the cleaning, tidying and packing? All done in super fast-forward mode tonight.

Because where there is a will, there is a way. And when the way is an impromptu catch-up with your family and loved ones, you will always make it work, rain hail or shine.

Cleaning, tidying or packing 🙂