#814 Park Days no. 4

Two reasons made me grateful to have made a park visit this afternoon.

1. We had originally headed for a gated playground alongside a cafĂ© in a home centre, but then when we turned up the cafĂ© was closed. Our coffee/babycino need wasn’t, so we went elsewhere… and after our satiated coffee break, we went down the road to fulfil baby girl’s desire, and well…


… When this is your view, I kind of go ‘stuff you gated playground and your early closure.’ Harumph.

2. An Antarctic blast is expected to arrive in a couple of days now, and therefore send us into a Wintery land of no return. So you know, let’s do ALL the park visits, while we can.

#807 A day of handling Anxiety

Many separate and non-uniform events coincided today in an effort to reduce the stress and pressure on my mind.

Did they try, or in my mind, did I seek them out in an effort to distract myself?

The distraction is for removing myself and my troublesome thoughts from something I do not want to do… yet I have to.

All these distractions, were also instances of momentary gratitude, where I tried so hard to see the bigger picture.

This quote.


It set me up for the day, and reminded me that without troubles and fear, I was not going to grow. I know this, and yet the fear remains, hanging in the shadows.

A rose, cut from the garden.


A fresh batch, sprung up again. This rose tree continues to amaze me with its constant renewal and rebirth. I prune and cut for my own personal satisfaction, and still they spring up, fragrant and pretty and pink. They do not fade, they do not tire. They keep on, going on, despite the scissors that come to them, often.

The park visit.


Have you ever done a U-turn on the spur of the moment, and changed the afternoon’s plans? Baby girl was begging for the park, and I went “what the hell.” I needed the fresh air. And the laughter. And the frivolity. And the trees. There’s nothing like being surrounded by children screaming at the park, to remind you of the humble and naĂŻve beginnings they, and we all started from. It’s important to remind ourselves of that fact, from time to time.

And finally, the sunset.


Pink, and blue. A colourful display as always, Autumn. Watching the colours fade into the horizon, and be overshadowed by night, to know that tomorrow light will appear again and the world will go on, happy and sad, good or bad…

Whether you show up or not.

All of these images present a metaphor for me and the things plaguing my mind, and all I know for sure is that combined, they speak of one thing, the thing I hold dearest to me:


Hope can beat fear, Hope can push us forwards, and Hope can put my mind into a safer place than it is, with Anxiety.

I can’t wait ’til tomorrow is over.



#787 A day punctuated by the park

You know those days, when you don’t do much of anything at all, but then you go somewhere, and suddenly, your day has meaning? That is the thing that comes to mind when you think of your day?

Also, have you ever realised that there is a part of town, you just haven’t explored… like you might drive to the same round-a-bout daily, and you always turn left, or go straight….

But you never turn right?

Well both of the above collided for us today!

Because we did nothing at home ALL day and then left the house temporarily to go to a park we had never been to, simply by turning right…

And baby girl went all out, first swinging…


And then running on a wheel, something this determined 4 year-old is set on conquering at every park it seems! It is an actual thing!


Making new discoveries, and finding new places to visit, simply by turning where you don’t normally go…


#784 Evening park fun

I’ve now decided something: the best way to end the weekend, one filled with work and commitments and long-drives and rushing and pressure pressure pressure, is…

With a park visit.

And baby girl was ALL too happy to oblige.

Rather, we were obliging her. Before heading back to our side of town, from the other side of town, we stopped over at a park near the MILs place.

And it wasn’t just baby girl getting into it.


It wasn’t just Hubbie acting like an 8 year-old monkey again.


But Mama Lion decided to have a swing at it too.


There’s nothing quite like playing like a child, with your child, to bring out your inner child.

It is always there. Buried deep, just waiting to swing on the swings and climb on top of the monkey bars and act like responsibility is just one L-O-N-G BIG word again.

The best end to the day. 🙂


#782 Big girl at the park

You don’t notice it in the slow, incremental, every day of every week of every month moments.

Rather, it happens when you step back from where you are, and remember where you were, years ago. Or in today’s case, where baby girl was.

We were at my parents house, and my Mum and I had ventured over to take baby girl to the nearby park. She excitedly went through ALL the playground apparatuses. She climbed using a chain up a steep incline; walked across a horizontal ladder raised high off the ground; and the toughest one of the lot, walked across a bridge of precarious and wonky chains to get to the other side.


Not only did she go through ALL the playground gizmos, but she did so successfully, and by herself. And in that moment I realised, my little girl, my always baby girl, my princess, was getting older, and was able to do things by herself, without me.

It was bittersweet, but mostly a happy moment for me. And it was as much recognition as it was gratitude for what I saw today. I was pleased for her. I was pleased for US.

And just because, here’s a photo of her on the swings, which she took off on by herself… she has been successfully swinging by herself for quite a while now. And I love the photo more, because if you look close enough, Mum and I are in it too…


#781 The heart symbol


What do you think the symbol for the above heart represents today?

My heart-to-heart with Hubbie where I spewed all my troubles onto him, and I didn’t feel I was worrying him, he just listened and heard me? That was heart.

Baby girl serenading me at bedtime, singing “I love you you you you you, I love you you you you you…”? That made me laugh, and it was ALL heart.

Playing Frozen Bingo with my family? Memories – heart.

Actually, the heart moment happened this afternoon, when baby girl caught up with an old kinder friend today at the park, and her friend handed her this envelope. It contained a card inside, with a drawn picture of the two of them holding hands, and the word ‘Love.’

And although all of the above things gave me some hope of heart today, it was this little gesture of growing friendship and reciprocated love, that made my heart swell.

Oh, my heart. ♥♥♥