#574 Spring Sunset

Anyone who lives in a house with stairs, will know how annoying it is to get to the top, and then remember you left something at the bottom.


But when you go upstairs, and find reason to go downstairs again, willingly?

What could it have been that made me go “Oh my” and wander back downstairs after I had made my way up only moments earlier?

Yep. It was incredible. The photos from my phone don’t do it justice. But I am so grateful that we are at that time of year, where the spectacular sunsets over the water are starting to match the Spring sunshine-y days that have just passed.

Seeing those colours up on the horizon, so bright and contrasting, awakens a seasonal joy in me, one of re-birth, re-emergence, and re-awakening.

I love it.


#487 Fading sunset

Again I find my gratitude from the inside, looking out.


Photos, certainly those from my phone, do not give the reality of this image justice. The bright orange in the centre horizon, fading out into a soft tangerine, and then light yellow, before meeting the brilliant blue sky above, was, well, worth taking a photo of.

If only it looked as good here as it did from my bedroom window. I’ll keep trying to capture these beauties, nonetheless.

#450 Online cloud storage

Still on technology.

Isn’t it one of the greatest ideas of our time, that there is an imaginary place up in the clouds that stores our much-needed data, and keeps it safe in case our hardware goes kaput?

Isn’t it great, that this imaginary place, is REAL?!

I first used online cloud storage with my old phone and its hand-in-hand Dropbox app, storing all my photos online. This was insanely useful at the time, since we had baby girl, and as any parent knows, your camera roll will contain 10 photos of the one moment, with just a move of the head or an expression on your baby’s face being different.

And I couldn’t possibly delete any one of them! They were of my baby girl for goodness sakes.

So I dropbox’d them. 🙂

Now, with my new phone, the app is Drive. Although I’m seriously behind in many organisational facets of my life, today I made some progress in uploading and then downloading said photos to Drive and my laptop, and knowing that not only do I have hard copies on my computer, but also up in the clouds, is actually a relief.

Often I think that the abundance of too much technology makes us feel more pressured and obligated to abide to certain routines: that is, of backing up, updating, moving folders and files, printing hard copies, etc, etc. Life certainly seemed easier in our parents’ day, but then again, they have no where near the amount of photos of us, or the memories we shared with them, as we do with our kids.

So, I will take the obligations, if it means more smiles as we look back. Tit for tat.

#364 Our conversation

So I’m at work, and I call Hubbie.

Light chit chat. She slept this much. They’ve done this. It’s so windy here. Why don’t you cook like that when I’m home.

Then, there’s some noises, disruption and shuffling, and I realise, baby girl has taken the phone off of her Dad.

“Hi Princess! Did you have a good sleep?”


“Are you having a good time?”


“Are you playing with your blocks?”

“Up up up!”

“Ohhh, you’re building them up! That’s good! Are you watching Frozen?”

“Let it go, let it go!”

“We’re going to see them on ice in 5 months! Are you excited?”

“Ya, woowoowoo!”

“Yes, we’re going to see the Wiggles, too, but in 2 months.”


Maybe a bunch of nonsense and incomprehensible words for some, but for me, it was the first telephone convo I’ve had with baby girl where not only have I held her attention long enough to pass words between us, but we’ve BOTH understood each other and been able to respond to one another.

It was GOLD.

Aww this girl. She has a big chunk of my heart. 🙂

(Just for fun, can anyone guess what tomorrow’s post might be dedicated to? Just look above, and think… 😉 )

#292 Relaxed Backyard Bliss

My moment of gratitude came to me today as I was purging my thoughts out on the phone to my sister, sitting in the backyard having a break while baby girl napped.

It was warm. The afternoon sun hits the front of the house, so I had wonderful refuge near the shelter of a big tree that we still don’t know what to do with – chop, or keep?

After this afternoon, I think we’ll keep it.

I had on my sailor-style blue and white striped dress. Glamorous “vlecki” adorned my feet. Facing our two birds who were talking and singing out intermittently. Sitting on our iron chairs. And even though we were talking about disappointments and people getting you down, I had a moment. I realised how wonderful it all was: talking to my sister, having someone to share my concerns with. Sitting relaxed in this backyard that we had no time to do anything with, but it was pretty great as it was. I had shade, I had grass, and I had room.


I was relaxed, I was warm, and despite the conversation, I was actually really happy.

Gratitude can find you in the strangest of places?!

*”vlecki” – European woggy outdoor slippers*

#278 Catch-up posts

Very simply, I am relieved that I have finally caught up on some posts that have been gathering electronic dust on my laptop, instead of here on my blog for all to see.

You see, right before we moved house, our internet connection was disconnected prematurely. This meant that I actually didn’t post in full for 3 of my carcrashgratitude entries: #230, #231 and #232. Instead I still wrote a little caption of what the entry was about, and kept the full-length post on my computer to publish once we had moved… (the only post I didn’t write in full was #232 – I did that only minutes earlier, now – but I maintain I didn’t cheat as I still placed my gratitude thought down for the day) however I didn’t realise how long it would take to actually get internet connection at our current house. Let’s just say, thank goodness for mobile phones, because that’s how I managed to maintain my gratitude blog for a good couple of weeks.

But, now they are up, and if you’re slightly curious over them, you will find

#230 is about the surprising nostalgia of leaving the place you’ve always wanted to leave behind,

#231 is about an awesome dentist, AND

#232 is about a perfect moment, found in the most insane of times.

I’m just rapt that for one of my many pending writing projects, for this one I can say –

Tick. Complete.


A disclaimer between #229 and #230…

Because, moving process, I currently don’t have internet. This means that some lengthy posts I had planned to post this week will be accumulating and sitting in a folder on my laptop, being unread.

So in light of this fiasco of internet non-connection, I’ll still be posting my daily blog post title, followed by a very short summary of what it will be about… to be filled in with my actual post at some point, hopefully no later than next week…

I promise, I will not cheat. These posts will exist daily, albeit on an offline folder hidden from your view, ready to be seen and read… sometime soon. Hopefully.

Now I will go because tapping a screen on my new phone, no matter how fantastic it is, becomes tedious after a while…

And all this because when I said “organise disconnection for Friday,” the phone provider thought that to mean “commence immediately!”

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.