#2008 Birthday park fun

Lockdowns in both birthday seasons.

You know what I said today?


We took a whole lot of doughnuts to the park today. Baby girl bumped into some school friends. The wind was breezy, but that sun was adamant.

I like when it’s adamant. So was I today.

What was left!

She was a very lucky girl. We spoiled her as much as we could, and it’s not even her birthday yet…

So often in life you gotta make the most of what you’ve got, and so far we’re trying, man we’re trying.

So much pink, LOVE it. 💖💖

#1992 Sunset workout

It makes it a tad easier amidst all my huffing and puffing, and yelling “No that is not fun Rachael!” when I glimpse past the workout screen, to see the sky.

All aglow, orange, pink blended hues.

Romantic, pretty. A sign of lighter days ahead.


“Believe you can and you are half way there.”

#1962 Pink stuff

You know you’ve hit adulthood when things that seem so B-O-R-I-N-G growing up, suddenly are super exciting.

Case in point: new bedsheets.

I know. Really?

But you see, I’m on a bit of a rose gold/dusty pink theme. There’s a couple of colours I’m very slowly introducing into the home, and this pink colour is one of them.

I was so excited changing the bed, like oh my God… 🤦‍♀️

But that’s not the only pink. I also have a new couch throw, and it’s BIG, it’s knotted and chunky, it’s so, so, so inviting, and I am wrapped up in it RIGHT NOW!

I am just loving these soft tones in the house, and I have to wonder to myself, how the hell did I get here?

Excited over bedding, and homewares? Really?


#1914 The Leotard

Bright, pretty, girly things.

You can’t deny, they make you smile.

Baby girl and I were both rapt, when upon getting to her gymnastics class this evening, she had waiting for her, her own leotard!

They get made to size, and you can pick the front and back design. No surprises at all that baby girl last week chose this bright swirl of colours, with a bright pink back… and when we tried it on today before her class started?

SQUEALING! And from baby girl too!


She didn’t even want to take it off when she came home, wearing it all through dinner.


#1872 Pretty and pink

It was Easter Hat parade day at baby girl’s school!

It was honestly such a joy to watch.

This time last year they were homeschooling and being told to make a hat to parade around home…

This year they could get creative again, but show it off at school in style!

I honestly love the school. During the parade event they make Easter jokes, there’s an Easter raffle, human-sized puppets in the form of Olaf and Mario make their way around to greet the kids, and even the police arrive in their crime scene van with sirens blazing to bring the main man.

Or should I say, the main BUNNY.

It was an Easter love fest, and the icing on the hot cross bun was watching the kids proudly showcase their hats as they walked around the oval, baby girl included. 😍

The Easter inspiration continued tonight. The sky was vibrant, reminding me of a rainbow, just without those segmented arcs of colour. And then we took a late walk around the block, and as it got darker, it was still beautiful.

Perfect for Easter. 💖🐇

#1820 Pink and grey up there

Things are so often muddled in life.

It’s neither here, or there.

It’s neither black or white.

Right or left.

Correct or wrong.

Up or down.

Happy or sad.

Rather, it’s a whole lot of GREY.

So much of it is in the middle. In that really confusing, uncertain, unknown place known as limbo.

Yes. That’s where most of life, most of us, most of everything, LIES.

And yet amongst all of this, there is also HOPE.

In the form, of PINK.

Check out tonight’s sunset. Such interesting cloud formations. Stripes of fluoro through the sky.

It makes one think, that maybe things can one day be…





Up, and lastly…


#1771 ‘My’ day, ‘their’ day

At first I really wanted to bring baby girl along with me.

But the coronavirus restrictions imposing a guest limit, turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Of course the thought of her being there beside me made me happy. It was a bridal shower. It was a girls girls girls afternoon out, with pretty and dainty cakes, various tones of mauve and blush, and a beautiful entry into the delicate, finer and charming things in life.

But like I’d said. Restrictions on numbers meant adults only.

Days leading up to the event, it dawned on me.

Hell yeah! I deserved a beautiful afternoon out where I could relax and enjoy, indulging in some fine food, gorgeous company and pretty surroundings.

Sans child. Without the usual –

“Put that down!”

“Don’t touch the cake, it’s not time yet!”

“Keep your voice down!”


“For the love of God, stop!”

Yeah, that.

And so I did. I had a beautiful afternoon as expected. It was relaxed and leisurely, sunny and funny, and perfect for a Sunday in December.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one who had a great day.

Hubbie and baby girl ended up having a Daddy-Daughter day.

Like I said, blessing in disguise, for us ALL.

Because they don’t get a lot of time, just them two, together. It’s usually baby girl and I, and a couple of days a week it’s all 3 of us…

So today was kinda special. 😍

They did grocery shopping. They bought my Chrissie pressie… and kept the secret to themselves.

She scrapped her knee running, and cried. He picked her up, put Dettol on her wounds, and bandaged them up.

She talked and talked and talked. She told him things, he listened. He admired how much she’s grown.

How much she is growing up each and every day.

And this evening, as I watched her apply the brand new lip balm that her Dad had bought her, on him NO LESS, well I got a little emotional.

Leaving them alone was the best idea ever. 💖💖

#1741 Day 243 of getting there: Already a rebel

She tends to stay within the boundaries…

She listens to the rules…

She does what she is meant to… most of the time.


But she ain’t afraid to step outside of the box either.

Why I was telling her “you might get in trouble,” and “what if the principal sees and gets upset,” is beyond me.

Let her.

Let her be a REBEL.

Well, she got the idea from her friend. Her friend wore one of these pink hair extensions to school earlier in the week because it was her birthday, and baby girl, well, being a 7 year-old that thinks things are limitless, said “can I have one?”

A few days later, her friend actually brought her one to school.

I know! Awww.

So, I fastened it in this morning. She wore it proudly, checking her hair out in the mirror at home.

I picked her up this afternoon, waiting outside the school fence like all covid-safe obliging parents, watching as she started to walk out of her classroom.

Then she stopped. Pulled out one ponytail.

Pulled out another.

Shook her hair out.

And then proceeded to walk over.

She’s already letting her hair out? Already? And she’s only 7?

I’m in trouble.

(I actually love it!)

#1677 Day 179 of getting there: the aura in the sunset

I know I’ve taught my mini-me well, when she comes running in the house after jumping on the trampoline, yelling “Mama, you have to take a photo of the sunset.”

I slowly went to look out the window… then I too yelled “Quick baby girl, upstairs!”

She was 100% right. Look at those beautiful colours. It’s like the sky has an aura.

Of course if has an aura. One of infinite beauty and possibility. 💖🌅

#1614 Day 116 of getting there: Bras n’ things

Tonight’s humorous appreciation moment courtesy of baby girl.

I went to get changed in my pjs this evening, and of course my mini-me followed.

“Oooh, is that a bra?” she asked as I flung it onto the bed.


“I like the pink.”

“Thanks honey.”

“Can I put it on?”

I smiled. “Sure.”

I got her hands through both straps over her PJ top, and went to clasp the back together. She stood back proudly, looking at herself in the mirror, reminding me of Madonna in her Jean Paul Gaultier, so big and out of place it looked on her, and started singing –

“I have a bra!

I have big boobies!

I have a bra!

I have big boobies!”

OH GOSH. Only seconds later, and –

“Can you take this off? It’s annoying me.”


Photo by @thiszun (follow me on IG, FB) on Pexels.com