#2562 Wednesday water play and washing

I got some more baby stuff today, and got myself a big juice to sustain me and keep me going in my baby decision-making.

Then after some acupuncture, at this stage now designed to help baby get into and stay in place, my other baby (girl!) wanted to run through the sprinkler. So of course…

There is nothing quite like seeing your child so happy, and gee was she happy. She totally woke up (she is a water baby!) and was running through the streams of water for the longest time. Ahh, nice and refreshed at the end of it all. 💦💖

Another standout memory has to go to what I did at the end of the day…

Some perspective… 2013 to 2023.

It brought me such happiness to do the washing today… because I was washing baby’s newborn clothes! Seeing them out there on the line, reminded me of doing it 10 years ago, and it was only 9 days before baby girl entered the world that I got it done.

Let’s hope I get more than 9 days this time around between washing and baby arriving! 😬🤞😁🙏🤰🤣🥰💖

#2513 Girly shrieks and rosy cheeks

In amongst our many jobs today, we managed to head down to the main street to vote early at a local voting centre before Saturday’s state election.

It was really close to baby girl’s school, so seeing as it was the afternoon already, we decided to park in our normal pick-up spot, walk to the main street, do the voting, plus tend to other random things before getting her a couple hours later.

We only realised as we parked that it was lunch time at her school! Of course. I was like “let’s walk along the school gate in case we see baby girl playing outside.” Now the school is big, it’s not like the only play area is the street we were on. My hopes weren’t high, especially as we first went by the canteen and basketball court with so many kids with senior school tops on (not baby girl’s year for a couple more years).

We kept on walking, keeping an eye out, and then suddenly Hubbie went –

“Look, there’s baby girl!”

Sure enough, there she was! Running! School hat on, shrieking, clearly playing some kind of chasey game, the red pipe cleaner and red string she’s attached to her school hat hanging behind her. Hubbie called out her name and she looked over and saw us as she ran, and kept running! 🤣

5 seconds later, and she’d lost whoever she needed to and run to greet us at the fence. A beaming smile, her eyes wide, cheeks flushed. She grabbed my hand, and we told her where we were going and what we were doing. Her old friend was there, friends since kinder days, chomping on a vegemite scroll, and we said hi to her while another newer friend asked, “is that your parents?”

Soon, the game began again and she shrieked once more, all the girls dispersed and ran off, chasey commencing again.

Oh, my heart. 💖

It was the best thing to witness, because I am asking her every day who she plays with, what she does, and her answers are cagey and vague in their lack of descriptions. 🤦‍♀️ Kids, right? Also, I’m always encouraging her to cast her net and play with different people, not just the same 2 girls. I saw about 4 girls there, and even 2 boys, which I think is great! I think it’s great to break that gender gap and have girls and boys playing together from young, knowing they can be friends with each other as much as girls and girls, and boys and boys can be.

I know she is my daughter, and she is always beautiful to me… but she looked so beautiful in that moment. Eyes sparkling. Laughing. Rosy cheeks.

She looked beautiful, because of all of that, but mostly because she was so happy. 😍😍

And there is no better feeling in the world than seeing your child happy. It made my day. 🥰🥰

#2313 Cancelling plans no.2

Oh gee, I’m going to sound like a bitch.

An honest bitch.

But today we learnt of cancelled plans. And though you don’t wish for bad circumstances like that to unravel for anyone…

I kinda paused. Stopped. All the whirring, planning, go-go-go that I was in the midst of, came to, a-slow-halt.

Huh. What do I do now?

A LOT it seemed. I enjoyed simple things like cleaning, tossing the ball with baby girl, blow drying my hair, and getting takeaway to eat at home with the fam with a dam good sauv blanc.

And what better day to relish cancelled plans, than on a cold and windy night?

Bliss. 🙏🥰

#1870 Kids will be kids

I feel sorry for any neighbours around us who don’t have kids.

Because come 5pm onwards, the kids around our house start mimicking some serious bird life.

You know birds… they make the most racquet twice a day… early morning, and late evening.

Well the last few days, baby girl and the neighbours have been making a racquet like some right old parrots.

Squawking. Shrieking. Flapping their legs and arms around as they propel themselves high into the air, as far as their little legs will send them.

3 trampolines sit back to back on our strip. 3.

Ours is one of them.

And the kids head outside, yelling to each other over the fence trying to get the others’ attention, chattering loud for all to hear, playing crazy games, and peering over fences until dinnertime.

I love it.

It reminds me of my own childhood, only we were less forgiving as kids, and more intrusive…

‘Knock knock knock,’ we’d go on the door.


The kids are helicoptered more nowadays, but their insane antics stay the same.

Today I caught baby girl and the neighbour passing something over the fence…

Can you guess what it was?

Pegs. They were trading clothesline pegs. 🤦‍♀️

As long as I can still hang my clothes up… I don’t care.

Whatever keeps them happy. Whatever keeps them being kids.

(Whatever keeps them out of my hair!)

#1803 The overdue playdate

How is it nearly back to school time ALREADY?

So I worked leading up to Christmas… then there was Christmas…

Worked some more… then New Year…

A playdate here and there, an outing, bit more work…

Then HOLIDAYS! Getaway, wedding, day trips, go go go!

And here we are!

A week away from starting back… 🤔

I wanted to have baby girl’s school friend over way earlier in the holidays, but alas all of the above, so she came over today, finally.

I think it’s really beautiful to see her find and make friends that she genuinely enjoys spending time with, and more important is for me as a parent, nurturing that connection, and creating opportunities outside of the home for them to bond.

Which is what they did today.

But everything was like, a 10-15 minute activity, so excited they were to just be having fun together in a place other than school.

Checking out our house and all the rooms… 10 minutes.

Jumping on the trampoline… 10 minutes.

Playing dress ups… 15 minutes.

Watching Frozen 2…. 10 minutes.

Playing with dolls… 10 minutes.

Playing with shopkins… 10 minutes.

Writing each other notes… 10 minutes.

Sitting down on the couch to watch something on youtube… 25 minutes, but hey it was the end of the playdate and they were pooped. 😂

Then the Mum came over for a coffee, and the kids got their second wind, making lego tracks all over the floor, doing a speed-run of dress-ups again, eating cupcakes galore, and just screaming and piercing our ear drums.

Finding friends is kinda easy… keeping them is super hard. As I say to baby girl all the time, finding a good, true friend, is so so rare…

Look after your friends, your friendships. The true ones are like diamonds in the rough.

I should know. 💖💖💖💖💖

#1780 Girls come over to play

Man oh man.

Or, should I say, “Girl oh girrrrrllllll!”

It’s been so long that we’ve actually had a playdate, I can’t even.

But surely, the day came today, amidst this post-covid-something-kinda-like-normal that we’ve been living recently (THANK GOD).

Baby girl’s cousin came over to play, and just as they ran amuck, painting each other’s nails, doing massive make-up test-runs, chasing Mister F, playing dolls endlessly, and jumping on the trampoline for what seemed like infinity, so too did us big girls have just as much fun…

Sitting. Talking. Tending to the little girls. 🤦‍♀️🤣

Catching up. Sharing. D&Ms.

It was the best. 💖💖

#1676 Day 178 of getting there: hooray for all the park days

Let’s see… how many ways, can I be grateful for park days?

Get set for a whole lot of park posts, because it’s all we can do for the next few weeks.

We’re lucky in that there are 5 parks within our 5km vicinity, that I know of. We went to the most popular park on Monday…

Today was the park with the super high-climbing net thing that always has me going “Come back down!”

Then of course there were things like monkey bars, swings, a climb on tractor, and that bouncy thing, like a sit on animal seat on a spring that just flies backwards and forwards.

There are kids everywhere. It’s nice to be out in the fresh air. Of course, baby girls makes friends. They exchange names. Probably never to see each other again… but who cares?

They’re having interactions with others, and it’s what they’ve been craving for months now.

It makes me so happy 💖

#1674 Day 176 of getting there: the return to play

What do you think I’m grateful for today?

The return to playgrounds, of course!

I never knew how much I loved playgrounds, until it was announced that one of the restrictions loosening from the coronavirus pandemic, would be playgrounds and parks reopening.

Wow. Just wow. Nothing else was changing much, nothing that would affect us anyway… but suddenly, I could see this light.

And it was totally surrounding baby girl.

Kids have had it the toughest during this whole ordeal. And yet amazingly, they have been the most resilient.

I was so happy for baby girl when I heard she could soon play outside again, in a park, amongst nature, feeling the sun on her face…hell, being outside anywhere that wasn’t her home!

Nothing was gonna stop me, especially on what was such a gorgeous day today. Not even my work. Not even her unfinished school tasks. Not even the fact that I felt off.

We got to the park in the late afternoon, and it was to be expected that we weren’t the only ones enjoying the newfound freedom.

How could the trees be so green? How could the air feel so fresh? How could the bay, beckoning in the background, be so blue?

Everything looked and felt, so beautiful.

And it can only get better. 💖

#1650 Day 152 of getting there: happy to be locked up

Today, in our town?

Freezing. Squally winds. Sheets of raining pelting down at an angle.

It was NOT NICE.

I thought all this as I sat with baby girl in her room, after my work shift. We were playing with her dolls, as the weather outside ravaged the environment.

“You know how lucky we are, to be inside?” I told her.

We started running through the list of what we’d have to do, if we were at work, if we were at school.

“I’d have to run to the station.”

“Then run to the car, probably getting soaked even with my umbrella.”

“Then you’d have to pick me up, at after school care!” she chimed in.

“Yes! And the umbrella might break, we’d get soaked – again…”

We looked outside. We looked inside.

You know, if iso had been lifted today, there was no chance I would have gone out.


Lock me up on days like these, I really don’t mind. I’d rather be inside.

#1611 Day 113 of getting there: someone to hug

Today my gratitude is a bit weird.

Because it’s got to do with death. Death has been creeping into my thoughts.

A person doesn’t have to die for you to think about death. I think at a certain age we start to think of it more and more. Hell, with all this coronavirus around us, it’s a wonder that we don’t talk about it ALL THE TIME.

Past trauma can remind you of death. The process of life can remind you of death… it is guaranteed we will all end up there at one point or another.

Sometimes for me, just the simplicity and beauty of life can remind me of it.

Today though, it was death that reminded me of death.

My mouth dropped open when I heard the news that Kelly Preston, John Travolta’s wife, had died on July 12th following a 2 year private battle with breast cancer.

She was 57.

Floored, was an understatement. Even though I saw it on a reputable news network, I had to look it up to confirm it was true. I watched the news report on it later that night. Tears welled up, my mouth turned downwards.

It was so unfair.

Did I really know Kelly Preston? No, not really. I knew her as Avery in Jerry Maguire, one of my favourite movies of all time. She plays the classic high-brow, over-achieving, sexy, sassy and totally bitchy fiance to Tom Cruise’s sports agent character.

She played the role so well, I almost forgot it was Kelly Preston. In real life, she seemed so sweet, happy, her face was so gentle. I knew she and her husband had lost their 16 year old son to a seizure, and they had been able to have another child some years later.

John Travolta’s wife.

Maybe it was because of him that I liked her so much. I grew up loving John in Grease… another one of my fave movies of all time. Scenes will play, and I will recite, word for word from that movie.

I know there has been a lot of scandal surrounding them, especially John over the years. I know there was speculation about their relationship, and I know the way John was perceived in his younger years started to change drastically, for the worse, in these recent years.

But today, all I could think of was his tribute to his late wife.

All I could think, was how they had experienced so much pain, to have to lay their child to rest, and they got through it, somehow.

All I could think, was how their relationship stood the test of time, through scandal, through sadness, through HOLLYWOOD.

So many relationships out of there don’t last months, let alone years and years and tragedy.

And it just makes me want to cry.

These stories are sad. They are true. They aren’t taken from a movie, and then lo and behold, surprise miracle cure! The person is alive again. They beat the disease.

They beat the bastard cancer.

Some real life stories do take a turn of events, like in a fairytale. Many don’t.

Today, after hearing the sad news of Kelly Preston, I hugged my daughter, tightly.

We sat on the couched, rolled around and tickled each other, and I didn’t mind one bit as our heads collided, my nose bumped hers, and she swatted my kisses away playfully.

I didn’t mind it at all.

Because I had someone to hug.