#2555 Baby, baby, baby

So much BABY stuff today.

So I had my 34 week scan, and got to see baby moving about, seemingly a bit sleepy, but then, hand on forehead again (gee it’s a tough life!)

Hubbie and I started putting together the baby wardrobe (oooh, exciting!)

And then in the afternoon I went and did a prenatal yoga class!

I was so happy I did it. Admittedly I would’ve done it earlier had I had the time… but seriously, the last two months of last year were so busy, I actually didn’t know how I would find the time to fit it in, it was that impossible, so I just put it off to literally, the last month or so of this pregnancy. 😂

It was AMAZING. It was a class of 7 pregnant mamas and the teacher, with beautiful new facilities all around, and the backdrop? Why, as I stretched from one side to the next, when my eyes weren’t closed to meditative breathwork and focusing on my body, they were trained in front of me along the coastline of the Port Phillip Bay.

Just wow. 🤩🌅

It wasn’t just the view though, the teacher was super friendly and informative and the other Mums seemed really nice, so I already can’t wait to go back.

I may not have a lot of time with them since I am 34 weeks, but guess what…

They do Mums and Bubs yoga too! Winning! 😁🤱

#2444 The sunset that wouldn’t give up

I have a lot to be grateful for.

But even so, the clouds were heavy today, and they seemed to weigh on me so much that I just wanted the day to be over.

It was gloomy, it was weird. I was crying out for sunlight.

But then something happened.

I snapped this photo in the evening.

And it reminded me of something I really shouldn’t have forgotten, because I should know better.

Can you see the sun’s rays breaking through the clouds, creating pools of light on the water below?

I remembered that the most beautiful things often come out of the most darkest times.

Those rays of sunlight would not be as beautiful if they hadn’t fought their way through the clouds to break free.

And when the clouds cleared even more, further beauty was waiting.

Even nature knows, not to give up. 🙏💖

#2435 A French sunset

Excuse my almost-French, but look at that f#*king sky!

No filters. No special effects. No fanciful stuff. Just a basic 3-year-old phone and gorgeous Mother Nature strutting her stuff, doing what she does best.

Let’s zoom in just a little.

Ahhh. Just truly amazing! This might have to go in the best ever photo file. 😉

#2425 Sunset musings

The sky looked pretty and bright this evening.

I reflected a lot during the day and then at night.

I spoke out loud, my hopes, my fears. Sometimes I can’t believe where I’m at. It hit me today, a few times.

“If I am sleeping let me never wake up.”

For the most part I am one with reality, it has sunk in. But then I buy another baby outfit with baby girl, some maternity wear… she laughs at me when I look at yet another onesie, but then she too coos over a cute neutral number that boy or girl can wear.

So we buy it.

We aren’t finding out the gender. I love people guessing. I love guessing. We can make a game of it. People get awfully heated too about their opinions of how you carry, while I just laugh and laugh.

I love it.

When I was pregnant with baby girl I had one friend tell me there was no doubt I was carrying a boy – everything about my tummy pointed to that. And yet when baby girl came out, they put their hands up in defense – “you’re proof the old wives tale is wrong!”

At this rate I’m collecting more clothes than baby will wear. I’m excited. I’ve earnt the right to feel this way too.

I am still craving juice. Juice juice juice. Boost juices have replaced my coffees, and I honestly don’t even miss that caffeine.

I’m not looking just bloated anymore. There is a definite bump. My tummy is stretching constantly, moving and shifting and giving me feels I have never felt before. It makes me feel like this is the first time, though my precious baby girl who kisses my belly nearly every day is proof that it isn’t.

I look out at the waters before me. They sparkle. Spring is coming. Will baby get to step into those waters next Summer, or will they be just a tad too small?

Maybe we can hope for an Indian Summer.

It makes sense. I’m having one in my own life right now. 😉🙏🏖️🩴

#2240 All about the water

I take photos of it constantly. And how can I not, when it is so damn beautiful?

Calming. Serene. Healing.

And you don’t need to do anything, but turn up at its doorstep.

As we did today.

Here are some snaps of the day. You can guess the theme.

Notice the sun shining a halo on the water?
Tonight’s sunset

#2228 The view is alright

Sometimes I plan one thing, but then my feet lead me elsewhere… like today.

I wanted to walk down to the local coffee shop after school drop-off, get a cap and then go back home to work on my novel a bit… but my head was full from the last day, nay, the last week. My energies were out of whack, I was sure my chakras were getting imbalanced, my head was groggy and unclear.

I needed some air, some perspective.

I walked past the cafe to the bay. My feet lead me further, off the bushy track, to another path, but this one though defined, was steep at points and very uneven… but I got there.

To this lookout.

I love this lookout because it is most definitely off the beaten track, so much so it’s also dangerous, what with the path ending and the cliff down-sliding at your feet.

But its rugged beauty also makes it feel special, so private and secretive, like its all mine and no one else’s.

I stood there, I crouched, watched ants, wondered at possible snakes in the bush, and just meditated staring at the water, for about 15 minutes.

Boats passed and I wondered who was in them, what their lives were like and how they were feeling today.

I had a lot of confusion and questions in my head, and amidst all of the working out, a song I’ve thought of a bit recently popped into my head.

It was Bob Marley’s “Everything’s going to be alright.”

Now I’m not entirely sure if it is in fact his song, but he does sing it, and I do like that version.

And then I wondered some more… was the song just a coincidental loop that was turned on in my head, or was it in response to my questions?

The latter I hope. 🙏

And then I left the beaten track, back to the well-worn cafe path and got my cap, to start my day at home with a fresher head, and a clearer perspective. 💖

#2213 The other end of the bay

Still on beach posts, but you gotta admit the photos are pretty. 😍

It was an overcast, cloudy and humid day, and yet those conditions still made it practically perfect beach weather. There was a mildly gentle breeze, and without the sun directly blaring down on us, it felt sublime.

I had the idea to walk all the way down to the end of the beach, until the tip of the alcove coastline as it were. So we walked.

And it was different. Beach boxes still adorned the sand, but they grew fewer in quantity, whereas the trees and sloping green landscape rose in abundance. A few small staircases leading down from the grand clifftop houses above appeared out of nowhere, only visible to the immediate eye, and it really did feel like our own private beach.

It was simply lovely to view our local from a different vantage point. An essential life skill I think. 🤔😉

#1855 A hunk of a ship

Every so often I pass by a window at home, and just stop.

Something grabs my attention.

It’ll be something on the horizon.

A sunset.

A tree.

A colour in the sky.

The clouds.

A ship!

They may not seem like the prettiest things to look at… a cargo ship, no less… but when I see one of these moving across our waters, it always grabs my attention.

I wonder, where has it been? Where is it going? What does it have?

And so I paused tonight, half-way out the room, stopping to look at this hunk of a ship disappearing to the right, moving with the recessing clouds, away, away, away…