#2558 2 Christmases

I love that our family is blended.

It makes it all unique, different, special.

Hubbie has his background and I have mine.

He has his family traditions as do I.

His Easter, my Easter…

His Christmas, my Christmas. 🎄🎄

But the thing is, I grew up with 2 Christmases too, my own parents being part of a special blended family.

It’s all I know, and I love it.

Seeing baby girl’s face tonight as she opened MORE Christmas presents was priceless.

It’s not a his/her situation.

It’s double the togetherness. Double the good times. Double the feasts, and drinks, and people, and love, and memories.

Double all the good stuff. 🙏❤

Hope all who celebrated Christmas today also felt like they had double of everything. 🤞😁

#2546 Relaxing Day

The only remotely close thing relating to ‘boxing’ today, was baby doing some kind of gymnastic moves and boxing me about from the inside out.

There was no shopping.

There was no cricket.

There was no cinema release.

There wasn’t even, actual boxing (there never is, despite the public holiday name, lol!)

There was only, relaxing.


And it’s so good to be on the other end of it. Christmas, the busy period, the running around, the shopping, the presents, all of the wild anticipation of the festive day.

And I LOVE Christmas. But it has been a busy time. Christmas lead-up, my baby-related catch-ups, and just general getting ready for baby has left me in a wild and crazy state at this time of year.

So I am happy it is over, and now I get to focus solely on other things.

Baby. Relaxing. Spending cherished time with my family, while relaxing. And just catching up with loved ones and on stuff, before baby arrives.

That is it.

I’m hoping now at 8 months, I get to finally put my feet up. 🙏💖

#2545 Photos of a summery, special Christmas

This is the aftermath of Santa visiting last night. (Kudos Hubbie 👏🤣)

This is the moment baby girl realised the very big present we bought her, where she started running to us for a hug. 🙏🥰

This is some of the beautiful lunch at my sister’s house, with my non-alcoholic sparkling so even I could enjoy. 🥂

Their gorgeously festive Christmas tree. 🎄 😍

Dessert time – my mango and white chocolate swirl cheesecake. 😋🍰

Dinner time feast! Nothing says Aussie-Euro Christmas more than a platter of prawns sitting next to a pot of sarma. 🤣🦐🫕

These are only small snapshots of a relaxing, beautiful and love-filled festive day spent with cherished family. ❤❤❤❤

Hope whatever you did today, it was good.

Merry Christmas. 🎄🎁🎅😍

#2543 Christmas prep

Night two of Christmas prep and tonight it was baking gingerbread.

The Christmas songs are rife… both from the radio, and the stereo courtesy of our Christmas CDs.

All presents have been bought! Well, except for two things, which really I don’t need to get, one is for me, I’m trying to find a special non-alcoholic wine that I heard about…

Of course, being the person I am, if I find there is a spare moment in the day, my mind immediately creates A JOB to fill the void and have me dashing around like a mad woman. 🙄

But, all else is good. I know my January work roster now, and so far I am working only 5 shifts… and then I am on leave! For a while!


So the Christmas festive vibes are here, celebrations are nigh, and all I have to look forward to are really good things.

Feeling blessed. 🎄🙏

#2541 Presence, not presents

I think I’ve done my job well when my daughter teaches me what I should already know.

Today we headed off to the shopping centre to do some last minute shopping. Tomorrow I may hit another local shop or two, and do some more LAST LAST minute presents.

But part of today’s trip, was to get presents for Hubbie and me.

We left ourselves last this year. He wanted something in particular, but could only find it online, not in store… other hitting a few places, he said “oh well, I’ll get it after Christmas.”

“We can’t NOT get you a present!”

“I don’t care.”

“We still have to get you something.”

I was pondering just what we could get him in lieu of what he really wanted, as we still walked around for my gift. There was something I had wanted, for months and months now… but after some very decent research (this is an expensive item) I realised it didn’t do something quite important that I really thought it could do.

It’s purpose and ability therefore, had changed.

But… it was still shiny. New. An interesting gadget.

With a decent price tag. $$$$.

I struggled with this today. We went to the shop it was in. Spoke to the salesperson. Hubbie and I looked at each other, debating the pros and cons, and he even said, “if you want it, get it!”

But something was holding me back. It’s function wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. Even though there were so many sparkly things about it distracting me, the price tag was high, and that DIDN’T distract me. Especially with so many expenses for us lately. And with baby arriving soon.

I walked away. But I sooked about it. I said “now I won’t get anything for Christmas.” 😟

And baby girl, said the best thing:

“Christmas isn’t about presents Mum.”

She snapped some sense into me. Mind you, I was still upset, and mind you, she had a list for Santa with about 10 items on it thank you very much.

But she was right. Christmas isn’t about presents. It’s about presence.

Spending time with loved ones. Making memories. Laughing, and sharing, and bonding over good times.

I kept brewing over this fact, amidst appointments and crazy driving and rushing around all day. And then I had a shower, and those are truly therapeutic for me, because answers always somehow pop into my head during those moments.

I had made the right decision by walking away from this expensive, unnecessary present. Maybe it would be essential or necessary at one point in the future, but definitely not now. My intuition had been right. It always is.

I had been so fixated on this external, materialistic present, that I had lost sight of all that was important, and that was, the life growing inside of me.

Cliche it might be, but it really is the greatest present I ever could have wished for this Christmas. I got confused, because I have everything and didn’t really know what to do with myself. I don’t need anything else.

Hubbie and baby girl DID go out afterwards and get me something else… 🤣🤣 I’m guessing, not as stupidly expensive as the other thing.

It’s very easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, even for me, this glass half-full gratitude girl. Lucky I have a mini me to put me back on track. 🥰💖

AND, another mini me in the works.🙏💖🤰🤰

#2519 New slippers

You know what’s nice about Christmas?

(Another thing to add to my list? 🤣)

I buy something for this person… that person… that person…

Ooh! Something for me!

That’s what happened for me today. Well many days ago actually when I organised the online delivery.

Today I got the parcel.

And in amongst the presents for Christmas, was the present for ME.

New slippers. 😍😍

Aren’t they gorgeous? I really need a new pair, and I didn’t realise something until they arrived today…

But they are blue and pink. Kinda my theme at the moment, don’t you think?


#2515 KK ’22

After a truly crazy week, I had something great to look forward to tonight.

KK with my bestest girly pals.

I took this photo before I left. I literally was wrapping and writing cards up until I left this afternoon, and had been organising presents from as recent as yesterday.

It’s been a mad week. Sick, no car, working, and appointments, all on top of each other fighting for my attention, while me with my baby brain went from room to room, feeling lost, needing a constant reminder of things, 55 tabs open in my head and wondering why it is I walked into that room?

But it was all good. It all led to something sweet in the end. 💖 We had a beautiful night, enjoyed a yummy meal, exchanged presents, and it’s true what one of my friends said, it’s never enough time when we are together. 🥰

Just as well one of the gifts tonight was a calendar where we can pencil in monthly catch-ups together… now that’s a great idea! 😁😁🎄🧑‍🎄

#2465 Marvelling at where we’re at

It’s been a quiet week work-wise.

I’ve been using the spare time to do EVERYTHING else.

I make appointments. I go to appointments. I catch up on washing, cleaning, writing.

I think of my passions. I try to fit them in where I can. I write to-do lists, things that need to be done soon, things that need to be done before baby comes.

Baby. I massage my belly with creams. I look at the new baby clothes I have. I step into the nursery and just look around, marvelling at it and where we are and all of life at the moment.

I’ve felt life’s lows, and now I’m feeling life’s highs. 🙏

Baby girl has had a good week too. It’s amazing what a missing person in the friendship group can do. It shakes things up. She’s been playing with heaps of new friends, and I’ve used the opportunity to show here that she has many friends, she doesn’t just have to stick to what or who she knows, especially if respect fails to show up.

I buy presents. For others, for us. I plan outings for the future. I message, and call and email.

I get excited.

It is Spring after all. Now IS the time to get excited. 😁😁

#2314 The simplest thing on Mothers Day

I was grateful for my thoughtful gifts this morning, as baby girl and Hubbie surprised me and made me all emotional with things that spoke to my soul. Simple, and so, so sweet.

I was grateful to spend time with my family, including some of the most important Mums in my life, my own Mum, and my sister. We got takeaway, no one cooked, we all chilled, and chatted, and just relaxed around the fire. It was bliss.

But mostly, I am most grateful to baby girl. She made me a Mum, and made this day the sweetest it can be.💞💞

We lay next to each other in her bed at the end of the night, holding hands, and she was whispering about games and school and stuff, while I watched her attentively with the biggest smile.

That’s what it’s all about. 🙏

#2310 Well timed presents

Yesterday anniversary…

Today anniversary presents. 😁😁

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

And it makes it all the more nicer because it wasn’t really planned… we were doing jobs on the other side of town, had time to stop at our old shopping centre, and we both walked home with something new.

“Happy anniversary!” we said to each other. 😆🥰💞😁