#1204 Sunday Our Day no. 2

One big reason I love Sundays, where we have nothing to do but seemingly end up doing everything…

Where we look forward to spending the day together, but then spend a good portion of it doing our own thing, apart…

Is when we finally get together, in the afternoon.

For coffee.


It’s really nice to do your own thing, catch up on stuff, and then come together after all the productivity and couch-time naps (ahem, Hubbie) have been had, and enjoy a little moment together.

In the corner of a café. Tucked away from the cold. Happy and warm and delighted by the sounds and scents and tastes around us.

And when it was over, we had to head outside, face the weather, and run through the rain.

But we did it, together. ♥♥♥♥

#1167 Running in the Rain with baby girl

It is a completely different experience to run in the rain by yourself, as opposed to running in the rain with your child.

Firstly, when you are on your own, you are running FROM the rain. It is all about the end destination, being shelter, and getting away from your current predicament as fast as possible. Typical emotions include anxiety, frustration, and regret at not having taken your umbrella along for the trip.

But when you are with your child… it is all about running IN the rain. Suddenly, the perspective changes from that of getting away from the present moment, to revelling in it. Typical emotions include amusement, joy, and a natural relief in just letting go.

Today, the latter happened for me. As I’ve explored in another post, the rain came exactly as the bell rang. Kids started to go crazy as the rain increased intensity, and parents held their littlies hands tight as they started to run for it.

A girl up ahead giggled as she ran with her Mother… it was infectious, and soon baby girl was laughing out loud.

In amongst the frenzy of kids running in all directions, parents trying to desperately herd their brood as quick as possible to the closest transport, and the rain continuing to come down relentlessly, I glimpsed it. A few moments of slow mo, of pause, as I watched baby girl squint in the rain and laugh at the earthly sensation, and excitedly run beside me like we were going on a journey.

Don’t get me wrong, I did want to get out of the rain, pronto. Mostly because I didn’t know if it would increase to an onslaught as previously experienced.

But, I enjoyed the moment. The journey. Baby girl was not fazed at all. We rushed on to the car, and once the doors were slammed shut behind us in a hurry, I took a big sigh of relief.

Baby girl was grinning wildly behind me. “We’re soaked!” She patted my damp hair, and I had to laugh.

What an adventure ♥


Photo by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash


#1094 Rainy (rained on) Day Rules

You know how they say the heavens wait for school drop-off and pick-up for them to open?

They ain’t wrong.

See, baby girl was alright. I got her into class as the light drizzle began, thinking that’s all it would eventuate to… a steady drizzle.

How about a steady onslaught.

Because that’s what it felt like. The rain got heavier and heavier, falling with greater intensity as I made my way back to the car, first speed walking, then running.

It felt like someone had turned the dial up on the rain-o-meter, such was the change in nanoseconds, from raining, to shitting cats and dogs.

I got into the car with a sigh, huff and puff… soaked.

How do you move on and regain composure from such an event?

Home-made coffee…and Freddie Mercury.

Now it was ME turning up the dial. I particularly liked Queen’s version of ‘I want to break free’ at Wembley Stadium.

1:53. “Oh how I want to be free baby, oh how I want to break free… oh how I want to break free.”

Guitar. Oh so good. The crazy Wintery wind that has thrown itself on our Sumner season masked the thumping walls and my warbled tone.

Soon, as the wind continued its rampaging around the house and the rain started its downpour AGAIN, I felt the urge for some necessary rainy day activities.


I haven’t filed away photos since 2013. No jokes. Today I was putting away, in order, photos of my pregnancy and the first 3 months of baby girl, such is the volume of photos I have.

Hundreds. Thousands. I am not kidding. I had them packed away in a box upstairs, and fuelled by the weather unleashing around me and telling me it was definitely one of those ‘home days,’ I tended to a long-standing task, and felt absolutely terrific afterwards.

Did I finish? I told you there were thousands. The answer, HELL NO. But I have started, and a start is as good a place as any to begin something that you have held off on for 6 years.

Despite doing these things that made me happy, it seems the rain that had poured onto me after school drop-off, along with all these recent never-ending early mornings, my ‘almost’ sickness of the weekend and baby girl’s primary school sniffles, well it ALL caught up to me… I officially have the cold.


What could I do then, in the evening to make things that much more bearable and easier to deal with?


I shouldn’t just have a bath when I’m sick. That, I know. But it was something that occurred to me, that I needed time out, a place to be warm, a site of refuge, and the bath was the first thing that came to mind, though it isn’t something I am able to do often… a fact I wish to change.

And you know what? By the end of my watery paradise, I had even forgotten I was sick.

(Until 15 minutes after I was dry, and my nose/head/body reminded me again).

I guess my point is, you don’t need to write off your day with one bad incident that may occur at the beginning of it. There is always room to turn it around, make it better, with conscious effort and a positive mind.

Being free with music. Organising myself inside and out. And calming my body and soul with water. They are all things that made me happy today, despite anything else that may have tried to hinder it.

Let’s face it… I was hindered… but I turned those setbacks into great memories by purposefully seeking out ways to make me happy.

Creating a bevy of uplifting memories for my day.

And that is the point. 🙂






#1034 When one door closes… a window opens and in pours rain

I’m finding that a lot is changing.

Lately, many things seem final. Ending. I remind myself that it is simply the natural order of life for things to be constantly moving and in a shifting state – nothing ever stays the same.

Even love grows.

But the feeling is still bittersweet. Especially when the door closing is to see the back of someone who has helped your family so much.

So much change. So much moving on. Today my heart was overcome with sincere gratitude and thanks, while also deeply affected by this next chapter in our lives, for a dear individual who has helped us for years now.

Sometimes, it’s not us who wants to move on. It’s not them. It’s just life, doing what it always does.

It’s a process we all have to adhere to.

I find the timing most interesting. How so many things seem resolute and final, all at once, and the most fascinating thing of all?

To be standing in the middle of it all, with utmost alertness, watching it unfold.

Completely aware. I go by each day like this. My ears attuned to every conversation that passes. My eyes go through all of life’s details. I decipher dreams, remarks, people, places… ALL OF IT.

To be totally aware in the middle of change is a truly wondrous place to be.

And once again today… there was release.



Once again, I was caught in the deluge. It was while was driving in my car, back to my parents house after being at the hairdresser’s. I saw it start to come down slowly, then more quickly, leading to a rapid downpour, all in a manner of seconds.

And meanwhile I was in the car shouting happily “Come on, give me more!”

It did.

There’s some link here, something between the release of rain and the always changing nature of life.

December rain… summer rain? Closing doors, but perhaps better rotating doors?

Moving, sudden, release.

Ahh, that’s it.

Change can come swiftly and without warning if you’re not aware. Watch your windows carefully, because when you’re not looking, rain can come pouring in.




#1033 Rain onslaught

I think it’s fair to say, a lot of people would have whinged at some point today.

All about the RAIN.

But for me, I don’t know… I found it novel. Interesting.


Before you accuse me of not having to go to work in it or battle public transport despite it, sure, I wasn’t on my most favourite freeway (NOT) the Monash today.

I did however, still have to take baby girl to kinder. We got drenched walking to the car. We got drenched walking to the kinder. Then as I left, I got drenched again.



I took these photos upon getting back to my car. I had sat down in a huff, observing my rain-splattered self before me in the quiet and solitude of the car. The world had gone blurry. Life had to move on, and yet the rain did not give one shit that it was throwing a massive spanner in the works.

I kinda liked it’s boldness.

We need to move on through life, no matter what is thrown at us… and there’s nothing quite like a proverbial bucket of water being thrown at you, to wake you up and ruffle up those wet feathers.


#1010 Watching the rain

I’ve mentioned many times that I love the warmth. However I also, LOVE the rain.

The two are obviously starkly different, and yet I hold both so dear to me, as they provide me with a different kind of appreciation and comfort, and fill me with great happiness and fulfilment…

Even though they are sooo different.

Today, it RAINED.

Have you ever stopped to just watch the rain falling? It is the most therapeutic of things to witness. I called baby girl upstairs today where we sat at the floor near the bedroom window, and just watched the skies open up.

I was there with her when a sharp strike of lightning interrupted the dreary sky and then moments later some vicious thunder followed, which made her run around the corner, cower and begin to cry.

I talked her out of her fear, explaining it was just the sky, we were safe inside, and there was nothing to be afraid of, even though it did sound pretty scary. And no, it wasn’t a ghost (her go-to thought for every scary thing!)


We sat and talked, observed, and it was the most beautiful of moments. Amidst the grey, wet sky.

Try it next time it rains. See what thoughts come into your mind. See how you feel afterwards. ♥

#996 Public holiday cleaning

I love this quote:


I always have, maybe because it speaks to me so personally. I am not saying my house is filth, but I don’t stress out about cleaning. I don’t work out my days according to it. It’s dust here, mop there (now mopping I do get excited about now!) and rather, I fit cleaning in and around my schedule, rather than me fitting my life around cleaning.

I figure, I have better things to do. Things will always get done, and in the end, who the hell cares? Like really, do I primarily want to be known on this earth, for how freaking well my house was cleaned? If people are entering my house and judging the traces of dust present, well I may just have to judge the traces of stupidity in their heads.

Having said all that… I do appreciate, a good, deep clean.

Every so often it happens, and it’s like “get out of my way people! I am on a mission!”

And let’s face it… there’s no greater motivator than knowing there will be 40ish people in your house on the weekend.


And so, on this Melbourne Cup public holiday, I got cracking. Well, we did. After Hubbie got home from work earlier today, we both set to it…

While others were walking through the rain for the horses, still others were on their couches, others at parks, and maybe others more so at the pub, Hubbie was whipper-snippering and then mowing our huge expanse of grass (and you only realise how big it is when you go to tend to it) while I did all manner of jobs inside the house.

We felt accomplished, and good. We still have a long while yet. But I know when we are done I will happily take in ALL the people 🙂