#1248 Easy Tuesday

We have a new weekly plan… read the above.

It involves little to no prep dinner – otherwise known as takeaway.

On the menu tonight – Massaman curry and rice. Perfect for a cold night.

And to top off a night of almost no dishes, came my other plan…

‘Tuesday bath time bliss.’

A glass of Red. By candlelight. A dim room. Meditation.

Deep breathing.

In times of hardship, make things all about YOU. And when you start catering to you, you find things become a lot easier, and manageable, because you are filling up your internal reserves. β™₯

#1231 Besties, burgers, baby girl and boys

Not only was it a night of the first two…


With our nearest and dearest, catching up and chill-axing with some nice red on a cold and Wintery Saturday night…

But I was privy to witnessing some precious moments between baby girl, and our friends boys.

A group of 3 who do their fair share of wrestling, rugby tackles, and flying leaps as they careen out of control from one side of the room to the other, they were so incredibly sweet and appreciative with her… as she handed them all personalised hand-drawn pictures she did today at home… including her in their games as they hid, and then seeked, throughout the house… and later while tired and sugared out from ice cream and self-made candied sundaes, they all squashed together on the couch, snuggling into and leaning on each other, for friendship, and in baby girl’s case, pillow support. πŸ˜†

But nothing could be more beautiful 😍

#1127 Vino memories

Today, our family gathered at my parents’ house to make WINE.

It was a magical day. The sun shone as we carried buckets of sun-warmed grapes over to be squashed through a barrel… we all jumped into the challenge and in perfect teamwork and harmony we worked together to do the whole lot in just under an hour… and we revelled in the fact of getting our hands right into the sticky grit of it, and feel our day’s work.

It was a wonderful family bonding experience, and something I do hope can become a bit of a tradition as the years go on… but most happily, is the fact that it is not over yet…

Soon, coming to a shed near you… the taste test!


#1060 There’s no place like home

Two nights ago, I took this shot:


And tonight, it was this one.


The former, being the exotic one. Away on holiday. Sipping a red wine in the fading sunset of exquisite pink and purple skies.


And the latter, being the familiar one. From the windows of our bedroom. A place I have stood and snapped away at time and time again.

Well-known. Recognisable. Common to the eye.

And you know which one I was most happiest at…

We were most happiest with…

The view from my bedroom window.

Although at first our time away was an incredible experience, and one that will always remain strongly in our minds… once the aura of off-beaten tracks and sweeping coastlines wore off, we were left longing for our home.

Our small getaway has taught us one thing: we have everything we need behind our front door. Comfortable beds, locks on the bathroom door, adequate reception (!!!)…

And views. We have views too.

And we are so much happier at home… despite a raised balcony amidst a private beach and ALL.

And that is mostly because home, is where our hearts lie. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


#1004 Couch time with the family no. 2

Uh oh. It’s becoming a thing now. Having the word ‘couch’ in a post heading with a number following it, makes me feel a bit lazy and guilty that I should be so happy about sitting on the couch.

But I need to put things in perspective.

Yesterday I was ill while on the couch. Because of that I spent the whole day doing ‘nothing.’ I was tired, hot, felt deflated, and actually couldn’t wait for the day to be over with. I wanted to fast forward to night-time and go to sleep already. That from a glass half-full gal.

The only way to move past it was to say goodbye to it.

But today? Today I was more than happy to sit on the couch… healthy… with my family… after I had been away at work.

With a glass of red.

Some ice cream.

Baby girl’s head resting on my lap.

As we watched The Bachelorette πŸ˜‰

And it was the nicest moment ever. Things generally are amazing though, when you are feeling better again…

#979 Saturday night out

I told you I’d meet with my ol’ friend red again.

It was simple, and good things that had me grateful tonight.

Great food.

Happy wine (the Pinot Noir is called ‘Kuku’ for a reason – it makes me so πŸ˜‰ ).

My family β™₯

And amazing views.



Happy Saturday y’all.

#978 Red Wine Friday

You know what is better than red wine?

Red wine on a Friday? No, BETTER than that (and it ain’t red wine on a Saturday either…)

Red wine… on a Friday… when you have abstained from it for SO LONG.

AHHH. That first sip just hits you right there. And then you wonder –

“My love… Where have you been all this time?”

(And why the hell didn’t I bring you to the party sooner?!?!)


Drinking a glass at the end of a long day, a long week, to “cheers!” the beginning of night and the happiness that the weekend brings… well it is more than necessary. It is obligatory.

I think I may need to bring my ‘friend’ to the party, tomorrow night too… πŸ˜‰

#hubbielovestomatosauce #noseriouslyhedrinksit