#2017 Pizza/pjs/couch

What could be better than grabbing a takeaway pizza to eat for dinner while sitting and watching TV on the couch?

Why, that would be grabbing a pizza then getting into your pjs, before sitting on the couch to eat said pizza!


It was a long, relaxing night.

Little to no dishes.

Major ass-planting on the couch.

Laughter, talking, and lotsa channel surfing.

The heater blasting.

Mister F sleeping happily in his corner.

All is good in the world.

And to that, a goodnight. 😴

#2012 Still sunny day out

What a gloriously sunny Winter’s day it was today. 🌞

I was feeling a bit off, but come work-from-home knock-off time, after baby girl and I did our new routine of watching Friends with our coffee and babycino – yes, my 8-year-old (8!😮) is actually getting through the entire series of Friends! – we decided to go for a slow, leisurely walk around the block.

We found a basket of lemons, even though the sign said limes… maybe they were all out? 😂 And it was truly beautiful, being in the moment and just wandering through the still, sunny afternoon, hand in hand, talking about whatever floated into our minds.

I continued the slow and steady at home when I took a mag I bought recently to the balcony, to indulge in some more ‘me’ relaxation time.

Even on those days when you feel a little less than yourself, doing these small, therapeutic things can make the world of difference.

#1959 Happy and peaceful right now

I write this in the present tense, because I’m feeling it now.

I’m happy, I’m relaxed, I’m at peace. It’s a Sunday night. The heater is doing it’s job. Comfy pjs on. Body unwinding after a late evening yoga workout.

Hubbie is napping on the couch. Baby girl is playing games.


I’m sipping hot camomile tea, looking at a delicious pear cake recipe I just found, Mister F in my foreground in his usual place on top of the corner heater vent.

Yes I have work tomorrow, but baby girl doesn’t have school.

Holidays. Sleep in. 👊

I’m happy in this little moment, and am reminded of the fact that life is mainly comprised of these little moments. We can’t wait for the big events all the time.

Live fully and be present in the in-betweens.

And therein lies part of the secret… the secret to happiness…

Gratitude, in the little things. 🙏


#1954 My new favourite movement place

I was overcome with profound happiness and lightness today.

I finally got back to The Loft, a place that I visited late last year for a discovery session.

And discovered myself I did. Part yoga/exercise/pilates/psychic (I don’t know how else to explain it) this integrative movement space that uses reformer beds made me question and think things I hadn’t before.

I became much more aware of my body and the way I carry myself, the way physical and emotional pain can store tension in the body and create dis-ease, and so, so much more.

But today I went back, just to a small class environment. Not a one-on-one this time though.

The discovering (in some sense) was over. Now it was the DOING part.

I was nervous initially. Whereas in large classes you can kinda hide within like, 15 people in a large room… in a small, no, tiny room of 4 other ladies, there is NO WHERE to hide!

But I got through. All the stretches, the burns, the moving your legs in a circular motion this way, then that way… 😂

But I was moved most when we got to the end of the class, during the relaxing, Savasana.

I was moved emotionally. Because as we all lay on our reformers, breathing deeply, letting go of distracting thoughts, I let the teacher’s words fill me up from within. She was telling us how in moments of peace, of meditation, we tend to think of the past, or the future, and with the future we try to guess how things will be.

We try to predict, and we think we know, but we don’t. None of it is true, they are just thoughts, assumptions, most of which probably won’t even come true.

The only thing true, she said, is this present moment. And with the eye pillow resting lightly on my face, my feet meeting at the soles resting on the bar above me, she said “All that is true is that you are a beautiful woman. You are sitting on a reformer. And you are relaxed.”

And with that she left us to breathe and be still for a few more minutes.

It really struck a chord, so much so I felt my eyes welling up underneath the eye pillow. Something about it hit me hard. It hit a spot, and I don’t even know which spot, except for it might be a place where I tend to overthink, or expect too much, or am too hard on myself.

I walked out of that room, feeling lighter. Happier. Freer. More hopeful than ever.

Absolutely amazing.

And to celebrate, well you can guess what I did…

I had to get a coffee from down the road, and one of those super clean treats, a Snickers bar, except this thing is like gluten/vegan/dairy free for example, and is loaded with things like nuts and dates and coconut oils and what have you, and it was THE BOMB. Oh My God. How can healthy taste so good?

I was still amazed at how incredible I was feeling. I felt on top of the world.

I wanted to feel like this every day.

I’ve found a new favourite place. 🙏

In case you’re interested, here is what I wrote to her, which she shared on her Facebook stories… 💖

#1945 A Royal Sundae

As soon as we heard restrictions were easing a few days ago, we went straight to The Royal Hotel’s website to book dinner…

But we couldn’t get the time we wanted on Saturday.

Just as well it’s the long weekend!

We booked for tonight instead, and let’s just say after a really relaxing yet super fulfilling and productive long weekend so far (plus we have one more day tomorrow) we had the best time.

See that sundae? It’s the kids royal sundae. Complete with lollies, chocolates, fairy floss and chocolate fudge atop rainbow ice cream.

Baby girl SQUEALED SCREAMED as it was placed in front of her.

Joy, love, happiness. ❤❤❤

#1883 Feet up

I don’t know how I rigged this.

But I’ve been relaxed and seated on the couch for like, 2 hours, doing my OWN thing.

Netflix. Writing. Photos.

Feet up.

No one is bugging me! And they’re awake!

Shhh… Or they’ll hear us.

You know, they.



#1882 Sunday Our Day no. 5

Nothing screams “Sunday Stay Home!” like a freezing cold, wintery blast that has descended upon your temperamental weather city.

And coming off the back of a busy day yesterday, it was all the more exciting to just do nothing.

Excitement… at nothing. Huh.

Whether it was watching Netflix. (I started the new season of Riverdale this weekend).

Cleaning and clearing out baby girl’s room.

Making a slow lentil soup.

A coffee break with my family.

I had the best time, with zero guilt associated, in just doing nothing in particular…

Just dabbling a little here, and little there.

No pressure. All relax. 😁

#1876 The light in darker days

“Oh, oh, the night comes down…

And it’s dark again.”

These are the lyrics sung by Queen in the song ‘The Night Comes Down’ on their self-titled first album.

And I can’t help but think of these lyrics when looking out at the sky tonight.

The sky, which came darker, earlier. I can’t lie and tell you I’m jumping for joy over the thought of reduced daylight hours, colder days and cooler nights, shivering as I head outside instead of relaxing in overabundant warmth.

But the older I get, the more I am coming to appreciate all of the seasons.

The last 6 months have been crazy. We’ve gone from a covid world, to attempting a life back to ‘normal’ following super-tight restrictions.

We all went a bit crazy. We’ve tried to cram in as much as we can, as much outside/social/happening time as we can, because you know, you just don’t know.

We don’t know what is in store for us. In life, and in covid.

And so the last 6 months, which have honestly been horrific-ly long at times, while also being stunningly beautiful, well I won’t mind to see the back of as daylight fades a bit.

I am feeling up for some mellower days. Staying in. Watching Netflix. Board games. Reality TV. Shopping where I’m not sad to be missing out on the outdoors. Catch-ups with family and friends, sitting around the table and sharing our woes, our laughter.

There is a season for every moment. I am coming to appreciate the different aspects of each, instead of only holding on stubbornly to Summer.

Every season brings with it something beautiful. It’s up to each of us individually, to find out what that ‘something’ is.


#1827 Simple park walks again

We have a glorious, sunny week ahead of us…

With no where to go.

Wait! We can exercise, get out and about, right?

Which is exactly what baby girl and I did this afternoon. We walked to a park.

I just keep thinking, “all this gorgeous weather, and we can’t do anything…”

But really, isn’t this the best thing to do on a sunny day? Sit on the grass, take a pause, and be amongst nature?

I think all these lockdowns are still teaching us far more than we ever realised.

#1798 The wedding day after

It was such a beautiful day to be out in the sun. On greenery. Amongst family.

And I got all three today. I sat for a little while when I went to see baby girl on the grass, and when she got up to play with some girls, I decided to stay on.

It was so quiet. Blissful. Music wafting over from the family in the other corner. Soft shade from the fruit tree cooling me from the sun’s rays.

It was the day after the wedding, the fam were together, and the good vibes were flowing… not just in the weather, but in the love too.