#1087 The kitchen bench

I really like my kitchen bench.

Or should I say the ‘island.’ I may not have posted ‘before-and-afters’ of the whole reno yet, but be assured it is in use, and fully appreciated.

I see the love, in how it is so easy to be at peace there. I often find myself pulling up a stool to have a tea at the island, even when there is no one home and I could sit anywhere I like… but I still gravitate there.

I see it in the people who come to our house. It’s a nice feeling when people are comfortable enough to follow us into the kitchen, and make themselves at home while we mix up drinks or finish dinner.

But most of all, I love this melting pot, meeting place for the people, because it brings my family close to me, each and every day.

Baby girl often pulls up a chair, when I am doing any sort of task in the kitchen – be it washing up, cooking, or putting stuff away. Today I watched her start the familiar action, and work on a numbers workbook I had given her to help her practice her counting and writing.


It was simply beautiful. I saw in that moment, that this was the beginning. How many years would she sit in that spot, drawing… or doing her homework… texting on her phone? Chatting about life, school, and all the things in between?

It is only the beginning, but as I know already, sometimes the years start to move fast. I appreciated this moment of my princess in her fancy dress (because that’s what you change into when you take off your uniform after school!) and I smiled.

I love my kitchen island, because it brings my loves close to me ♥♥♥

#1074 Pretty little pebbles

Don’t ask me why my ‘before and afters’ of our garden bed had 3 days in between.

Just don’t. It is too early to get into.


But for now, anyway, here are the lovely pebbles on our garden bed, which is the official ‘after,’ and which have just LIT UP the brick wall behind it…


I love it, but I’m also so darn impatient for the plants to GROW. Grow damn it! I want to see our new garden bed all brand new and shiny and developed.

But alas. Patience is a virtue, especially to gardeners. I will need to hone that skill, and wait.

Hold on I don’t give myself enough credit. I feel like all I do in life is wait.

So I will wait some more…


#1040 Our balcony!

I am totally going to do a Phil Collins right now… “I’ve been waiting for this moment, for all of my life.”

YES. Well not my whole life, just my seachange one.

Presenting our new…



My eye has been firmly planted on the reinvention of this hunk of wood protruding from our front of house since we moved in. Many things impacted the ability to see it through, like time, money, and putting all our efforts into renovating our kitchen.

In the 2.2 years we’ve spent here, I can probably count on 2 hands the number of times we’ve been out there. A lovely place to sit and enjoy the scenery it is, but safe it was not, with rotting stumps, meaning it was totally out of bounds.

Do you know how hard it is to have a balcony and NOT USE IT?

Well I can say, I do. The way around it?

To completely ignore it. Which I managed to do successfully all of this time.

Today, I stood outside… on the edge, taking in all of its glory.

So so so so soooo happy, and guess what, we have some other colour out the front now other than boring beige/brown… blue!

Expect a lot of gratitude posts coming to you live from the balcony-tops of our house… 😉

(sorry not sorry 😜)

#1009 Smoothie season

It was time to get the blender out today.

I have been saying for months and months and months, that once our kitchen reno was done, I would be using my blender more. It was in a more accessible position, so therefore being able to reach it would make it easier, right?

(I also said I would post a before-and-after once the reno was done with, but the teeniest and tiniest of little kitchen jobs has prevented me from that – so stay tuned).

It appears, that anything, any task, no matter how big or small it is, requires the same amount of grunt to get you going.

I had to do a ‘special’ grocery shop.

Get things I didn’t normally buy.

I had to find time. (Ohhh, that precious commodity…)

I had to find a warm day…

And finally, finally, through my haphazard excuses yet also slight determination to get things going, I got the blender OUT!



It appears that sometimes what we are lacking is, the desire to do something new. The desire to try something out of our comfort zone. We get too comfortable in our little corners of the world, and look for all manner of excuses to keep from stepping out into the middle of the room.

In my case, deciding to get off my arse and take the blender out.

But once you start! Well once you start, you are suddenly open to all the possibilities out there, of fresh smoothies and healthy drinks, they are all waiting for you, simply because you decided your comfort zone was a tad boring.

Because it is, let’s face it. It’s the same old… r e p e t i t i o n… day in and day out.

So today, I salute the smoothie. Here’s to a summery season of it.


#984 Painting day means meals away

I found myself in an odd predicament today.

Odd being 4-Balkan-men-standing-outside-the-front-of-my-house-while-paint-dried type of odd.


Well, two of them I knew. They were our painters. And then, because you’re on a professional job, you like, CALL YOUR FRIENDS OVER TO WHERE YOU ARE WORKING for a brief chat.


Despite the abundance of Balkan men, of which I am all too acquainted with in my life, I actually felt out of place in my house. I had returned home from doing morning jobs to find the kitchen completely covered in drop sheets, with walls and ceilings and floors either in paint, or with plastic.

It was part of the final, FINAL stage of our kitchen reno, the painting touch-ups.


But, I could not move. Let alone have lunch.

It suddenly seemed to me that I was being presented with an opportunity. And because I would usually feel guilty about just doing it without purpose, I realised that I had a very real reason to get out of the house for lunch today.


I ended up at a café just down the road, like literally. I sat on my own, in the sun, sometimes on my phone, listening to the sound of dogs from the grooming shop only a short distance away, and making sure those full-grown Magpies didn’t venture too close to me.

It was great.

But, I got my opportunity again, in the afternoon. They still weren’t done when baby girl came home from kinder, and I have to say, paint mess and residue is just about the worst kind. I couldn’t handle it.

So, again, out we went to escape.


Two times today, two opportunities to get out, relax and enjoy.

And all because of the painting. Annoying, necessary and yet gratifying, all at the same time.

#970 The playful rug

Finally, colour.

Although some rooms of our house have new flooring, one family area in particular has lay pretty bare to the bone since our major renovation…

We could have put baby girl’s toys in there where they used to be. But we needed to get a rug first.

So today… the first rug arrived.


So playful. Pretty. Tribal and funky, and a little bit different, which I think makes it absolutely perfect for baby girl’s toy area.

It looks like my sleep socks are perfect for baby girl’s play area too…

#951 The Rosemary Tradition

See a couple of rosemary bushes out the front of a house? Don’t be surprised if there are Croats living there.

It comes with the territory. Having rosemary in your garden is synonymous with being Croatian, just as making their own tomato sauce is common amongst Italians, and the Spanish are known for their post-lunch siestas.

So the fact that the fellow elderly couple two doors down who reign from Balkan Adriatic seas have half a dozen LARGE rosemary bushes adorning their front yard, and I DON’T, doesn’t sit right with me.

It was perfect then, that my parents gifted me with some sprigs of rosemary while at their house yesterday, all ready to go. Perfect for 2 reasons:

  1. It comes at the perfect time of year. I am getting into gardening more and turning my attention there as Spring makes things all pretty and bright again, and let’s face it, it’s a much cheaper hobby than renovating your kitchen (thank God that is pretty much over with).
  2. I can be a proper Croatian Euro now God-damn it, with my own pot of rosemary. That hails from my parents garden no less… what can be better than that?

I planted them today, and I have to say… they have the best roots 😉