#1904 Looking back in time

Life has been so busy lately. So busy, that we’ve forgotten a lot of who we are.

May has come around too fast. And another Monday, come and gone.

It was only last week when I went “damn. That came fast.”

Our ‘special’ day.

Not having the time to celebrate when you’re ‘meant to’ does not mean jack.

Take the commercial days, of Valentine’s Day, hell even throw in Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

They’re all the same.

We’re told as a society that we have to do something, we must do something to celebrate it, show off for social media, friends and family…

It is lovely to celebrate, appreciate loved ones in our life, and I’m not saying that I don’t do it, personally…

But you should celebrate your special people, ALL THE DAYS of your life. Not just when the catalogues and ads tell you too.

Same as for other days.

Days like, an anniversary. 💖💖

Our anniversary fell on a Monday this year. Work, school, swimming, groceries, phone calls, emails, basketball game, routine routine routine… it was all too much. It was a fairly uneventful day, and that’s ok, because we share our love for each other on other days, in other ways, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s not on this EXACT day.

I’m not trying to convince myself, honest. 😂 In fact, we are going out tomorrow night, and going away for a couple of nights soon too.

Let there be love on all the days. Let there be hugs, kisses, displays of affection, cards and presents, snuggles and all kinds of lovey-dovey things, on all the days.

Not just when it is deemed special, by society, by milestone, or by date.

I had a really lovely night… sans Hubbie. He was out playing basketball.

Baby girl and I had dinner together, then we sat on the couch and she read school books to me.

Then we watched Masterchef, and we never watch Masterchef. 😂

Hubbie came home, and then eventually we sat on the couch as a family, to do one special thing together, something small to highlight our ‘special’ day…

We looked through our official photos. 😍

Baby girl and I put on the special photo gloves, and she helped me leaf through the pages, as we all reminisced, and she learnt and discovered.

And I couldn’t have thought of a better way to end the night.



#1896 Moving me and moving her

I’ve happily settled into a regular exercise routine.

It’s something I’ve been trying to do for a while, and yet things have kept popping up, life stuff, health stuff, that have made me put a big brake on it all.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I couldn’t wait anymore. I wouldn’t let anything stop me. I was going to keep going, keep moving, and in doing so, move myself physically.

It doesn’t really matter what the motivation is behind my new routine. I’m not only feeling better physically, but mentally, it is really doing WONDERS.

I used to question how people could do exercise at the start of the day… didn’t it leave them spent? Tired? Unable to do anything else for the rest of the day?

But I get it now. Once you get past the initial huff and puff of the workout, the energy coursing through you becomes contagious. Addictive.

All that blood, flowing.

It awakens your senses.

You’re not even that cold – it’s like it sets you up for the day, because you’ve worked your muscles, and now you’re reaping the benefits of strength, of warmth.

There is a spring in your step.

You become motivated to get stuff done.

You motivate others, to get stuff done.

The other day when I was doing a really hard rep in my home workout, that involved a plank-type position where I had to lower my arms, and then lift myself up again… well I managed to do like 4-5, barely, before I pretty much collapsed on the yoga mat.

I took a deep breath and pushed myself up, trying to do as much as I could in the time allocated.

I had looked up, and through the window saw baby girl. She was outside, watching me. She had watched me fall.

I nodded, disgruntled, in her direction, and before I looked away to keep going, she smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

No. I was wrong. She hadn’t watched me fall.

She had watched me get back up.

And it really hit home when days later, she searched for my exercise routine on youtube.

I said “honey, those exercises are for adults! You run enough at school, don’t hurt yourself.”

And she said –

“But Mummy, I want to be strong like you.”

Oh. My heart. 💖💖💖💖

I’ve held those words so close to me. They have given me strength, hope, and courage to keep going, no matter what life throws at me.

Children model their parents’ words, their parents’ actions… their whole way of being.

It’s amazing that as I choose to do something really good for myself, I also choose it for my beautiful daughter.

My baby girl. 😍😍

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

#1891 Happy-go-lucky day

I was glad it was raining and grey today.

A home day is what I needed.

A day to do… whatever.

I had a ‘maybe’ playdate penned for today… but when I saw the sky, I messaged baby girl’s friend’s mum, and wrote “we’re staying inside today.”

It was just what the doctor ordered.

And what exactly was it on his prescription list?

Make some chicken soup.

Make some muffins.

Set up Monopoly on the coffee table and come back to it 3 times during the day!

Do a work out and lie on the floor puffing with jelly legs afterwards.

And then, for some balance… TAKE AWAY!


I got a wonderful surprise when I found out I had been published too! Not in the traditional ‘print’ form, this outlet is not your usual writers go-to… but nonetheless, EXCITING. 🤩

More on that soon…

But, today was what I needed. Doing whatever, whenever, just chilling and taking it easy. Because tomorrow routine starts again, proper, when I wake up earlier to take baby girl to school!

Waaaa! Holidays went too quick… 😒😁

#1879 ‘Yes’ for school holidays

I love school holidays, because baby girl’s routine goes out the window.

It would be better if I also had holidays, because then it would be double the fun.

And if Hubbie actually had holidays, it would be triple the fun.

But, we gotta work.

It turns out though that I actually have lined up in front of me now 3 days off… so we are totally double-troubling it these next few days. 😁

Everything becomes easier. Everything becomes YES.

“Wanna go to the park?” YES.

“Wanna go to another park?” YES.

“Want to swing high and almost flip over the bar?” YES.

“Want to climb way too high?”


“Want that bun even though dinner is half an hour away?” YES.

“Wanna dance in the kitchen going crazy screaming our lungs out to Queen after dinner?”

Oh wait, we do that already… 😏🤣

#1765 The 2020 school year is nigh

I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to this Friday.

The last day of school for the year.

And that might be a bit of a weird sentiment, since a lot of the school year has been at home.

But think about it. Now that things are heading back to more and more of a ‘normal,’ all the things that we put off for months and months, jobs and renovations and appointments and important life decisions, all of it was held back by big sand bags…

And now those bags have been removed and everything is rushing forward at full force like water bursting rapidly out of a dam. 🌊🌊🌊

It’s been great to have our freedom back. Amazing.

Having everything start again so rapidly, has been however, EXHAUSTING.

And, it’s Christmas-time.

A time of year where I’m usually so happy and bursting with festive cheer, I’m sorry to say, I’m lacking slightly in the jolly department this time around.

Being the end of the school year, and then the end of all other school stuff, appointments, dates… OMG, I can’t wait.

Monday’s sleep-in is going to be GOLD.

Merry Christmas to me. 🙏💖🎄🎅

#1740 Day 242 of getting there: When you need the beach

Yes it was hot. But it was all distraction technique.

I took baby girl straight after school. Changed her into her swimwear in the sandy gravel car park.

I carry two bags. One with clothes, towels, sunscreen… the other phone, wallet, keys, snacks.

When she needs to go toilet, I take the key bag, and leave the rest on the sand.

I have it down pat.

Still, my mind wasn’t able to rest completely.

The beach tried, I give it that much. It was really blinding hot, then a strong and balmy wind would blow over the water towards the shore.

I am totally, still getting there.

Yeah, have you noticed? We are past restrictions, I have seen my family, we are heading out, we aren’t locked in…

And yet, I am still ‘getting there.

No. It was never about covid. Not really. Kind of.

It’s taken on a whole new meaning now.

And I will speak, in due time.

But for now… the beach tried. Really, it did. I still loved it.

She was beautiful. 😍🏖

#1675 Day 177 of getting there: work-lunch-sun

You can’t go to the park every day, as much as you’ve missed it for the past couple months.

Some days it’s busier. Work. Home stuff. This and that. A busy night. Routines for all of the family.

The sun can be beckoning, the day will be still and silent, but still, you can’t silence the busy-ness.

That was my day today. I knew we couldn’t park’ as we did yesterday.

So what did I do?

At lunchtime, I took my meal upstairs to the balcony…

And I enjoyed my lunch break there!

I still enjoyed the sun, and I got away from the screen, something I definitely had to do after the morning I had.

Perks from working at home? Love it. 💖

#1669 Day 171 of getting there: My PSA on your vegetables

Gather around peeps.

I’m about to tell you a little tale about vegetables.

And… news break! You can actually overdose on them.

This isn’t one of these posts where I will end up telling you to eat more chocolate, no. Vegetables are definitely, undeniably, good for you.


It’s all about balance.

You know how sometimes you do one thing, or look for one thing, and then something else occurs, but you wouldn’t have known about the other thing, or come across it at all, without that first thing occurring?

I was thinking this today as I had a phone consult with my GP.

Because when I’d been in her office about 2 weeks ago for an infection, in her analysis of me, she had suddenly said “show me your palms.”

Her suspicion was that my skin was slightly yellow-ing. Taking on an orange tinge even. Very slightly.

She asked me outright “do you eat a lot of carrots?”

“Uh, no, not carrots.”

“Anything with carotene, any orange things?”

“Well I have sweet potato and pumpkin, almost every single night,” I replied.

She went on to explain that I may have too much beta carotene in my blood. The possible condition was called carotenemia, and was a result of consumption of too many orange and yellow foods.

She arranged a test with my other bloods to be done, and today I got the result.

Yep. I had elevated levels.

It was nothing serious… just as she said, if it continued, it was “unsightly.” She would get me re-tested in 6 months time to see if my levels had changed, but advised that I skip the orange vegies to every second day, and said to watch out for baby girl, because if we were eating the same thing, it could affect her too.

What about Hubbie?

He was all about the steamed vegies! Steamed sweet potato, steamed pumpkin, steamed carrots… it was what we ate almost every night, and most nights gave us leftovers that he popped into his lunch the next day with rice, or pasta.

“I’m not yellow. Am I?” I asked him today after the call.

“No,” he said, observing me.

“Actually, I think I can see a tinge in you now,” I said.

We were both ON ALERT.

Immediately, we were instantly turned off the thought of any orange-type vegies for our dinner tonight.

It was weird, because it was like it HAD TO HAPPEN. Suddenly we could see our ways, our routine ways of the same old vegies, each and every night, with the same bloody leftovers for lunch the next day… and we were bored and wanted change.

Like, NOW.

I made a quick stop at the supermarket and bought…


Now, I’ve actually been looking up this condition, this carotenemia, and it’s an excess of orange, yellow AND green foods that can cause this appearance.

Having said that, you would imagine that orange/yellow foods were the main offenders, and contained much more beta carotene that their green vegie counterparts.


For the first time in ages, I bought brussel sprouts (yes that famously infamous vegie!) and string beans.

I looked up a few online recipes to spice it up, and decided on pan-frying the lot with some basic salt and pepper.

Oh. My. God.

It was DELICIOUS! A post about my brussels will surely come at another time, so I’ll save my ultimate gratitude for that one later. 😉 But it kinda proved to me that we’d been majorly missing out, by only doing the same thing… when there were so many other ways to eat and enjoy other vegetables.

So there you go. My public service announcement. Mix up your vegies guys, and if anyone has any great non-orange vegie recipes for me that are easy to incorporate into a dinner routine (emphasis: ‘easy’), hit me up!

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

#1640 Day 142 of getting there: no business, all party

The quote goes “business up top, party on the bottom.”

And it must be happening all over the place now with so many of us working, or schooling, from home.

Dressed for ‘show’ from shoulders up, waist up… whichever point of view you’re allowing your device camera to see.

And meanwhile, under the table you’ve got super slouchy pants and shin high moccasins over your sleep socks.

I have to admit though…

If we’re going off the above quote…

I’ve been ALL party all over while working from home.

And I don’t really try to hide it. 😉

I have one uniform. Trakkie pants, with some kind of hoodie or trakkie top.

Look, I have on some occasions worn my super stretchy jeans, which are as comfortable as leggings. And they make me feel good, almost like I could walk straight into the work office…

And I do try to wear alternating jumpers on other days…

But then I see my dependable, easy grey Peter Alexander trakkies…

And I see my green hoodie.

My black jumper.

Or my black hoodie.

And I’m just like “ahhh.”


I have taken it a step further this week though.

TMI alert!!!!

I have been going, bra-less!


Well, why not? Why the hell I’ve been wearing one at home, since late March, is beyond me, really.

You should be asking why I haven’t been going bra-less, instead?

I think I was trying to keep some kind of a routine, you know, do what so many are trying to do and not let iso and being removed from society affect their day to day.

But you know what? If I am going to make the most of this situation, then I’m going to do it with a no-care, party all over, no-bra mentality.

And it feels soooo good.


#1571 Day 73 of getting there: the first café coffee

Today was a really lovely day of balance…

Home routine time.

Grocery time.

Family time.

Me time.

And the best time of all, was after lunch when we went out for the first time in months… and had –


Since cafes and restaurants have loosened restrictions this week, I know there have been people heading out, enjoying their new-found freedom, and supporting these struggling businesses in the process.

We have been inside so much. We have been doing things by the book, listening to the rules, washing our hands, sanitising every second…

But today Hubbie said it best when he said: “Let’s go out. Everyone is out. We’re the only ones staying inside.”

I don’t want that to come across the wrong way. We are doing the right thing, according to us, just as others are doing the right thing, according to them.

I guess we have been super cautious, and fair enough. And we will continue to be.

But sometimes, we need to provide concessions for ourselves. Yesterday was not the best day for me mentally.

But taking my own advice, after a good sleep, I woke happier, lighter, even healthier, and my mind was in a better place…

But getting out of the house and doing something with those I love, in a safe and hygienic way, was so necessary. So important.

I feel for those who can’t get out. Or who don’t have happy homes in the first place. Who have no solace. No respite.

We need to break the monotony. For the most well-meaning and healthy-minded among us, this isolation can break you.

I love baby girl sooooo much. But we have been combining working from home, with home schooling, for over 73 days! And all this home home home is just TOO much.

We all need a break.

And today it came in the simple form of a coffee break.

We sat outside. We sanitised in the car when we left. Baby girl was even wearing her school jacket on top (poor girl misses school).

It was short, but oh so sweet. And I am hopeful that we will have many more outings like these in the weeks – no, DAYS – to come.