#1980 Sunday balance

It takes a fine balance to create a great Sunday.

You need a bit of leisure… like sitting and watching the footy.

Something off the to-do list, to make you feel accomplished – pruning the roses for Winter.

Throw in a dash of home chores – washing, of course. 🤦‍♀️

And then a good seasoning of family time… a coffee break enjoying those Bounty Brownies, and running around the house having a tickle fight. 😁

Feeling very content and satisfied right now. 💖

The night’s not over yet… I have a book to finish reading. 📚😍

#1475 Maths can make you happy

Do you know how close I was to posting another coffee-related post today? That would have made it three in a row.

But I refrained. I found something harder to capture visually, but much sweeter.

It was after school and baby girl was using Mathletics – it’s a maths app that assists learning at home as well as in the classroom.

She somehow happened across a live challenge area of the app – of course – and was suddenly given 1 minute to complete maths equations suited for her level.

Before I realised what was going on, I turned to see her going –

“4 + 3,” holding up her hands with four fingers  on one hand and three fingers on the other, and proceeding to count them together to make 7.

She did this five more times with different equations. I just stared, watching her quickly work out how to add up the numbers to find her answer, amazed that she was doing it accurately.

She got 6 out of 6.

It was one of those moments of growth I was so happy to have been able to witness. I had just recently been to a parent info meeting at her school that touched on children not just  knowing the answer, but knowing how to work it out too.

Seeing baby girl work it out in front of me, was the simplest yet most satisfying thing to see.

Our children grow up in front of our eyes, and catching those moments of growth as it happens is the greatest reward us parents get, for all of our sacrifices, sleepless nights, tears shed, endless moments of worry and stresses about the future.

Let’s take all the rewards we can. ❤


#1439 The toy clean-out

Can you believe from the hours of 1pm to almost 6pm, with two breaks for lunch and coffee, I spent the time cleaning out and sorting baby girl’s toys?

Ashamedly, not even all of them. Today we tackled the area called the family room – it has the second ‘kid’ TV, my computer and desk where I do ALL my writing, and to the side of me, her ‘small’ play area.

Only it wasn’t so small when we started today. It had grown huge and out of control.

Baby girl was fabulous. Funnily enough, culling toys and taking everything out of boxes to reassess and work out if it needs to go in the throw, keep or donate pile, is actually a fun task for kids when you get them involved… they end up discovering a whole lot of stuff they’d forgotten about. Throughout the day baby girl ended up playing with new and re-discovered toys constantly while I kept interrupting her with “hey, focus… keep or throw?”

I kept her involved, because I like to keep her happy.

But when she goes back to school, I am going to focus on the out of reach spot in her cupboard and those A-Z drawers in her room that she isn’t as well acquainted with…

And cull it all. Mwa ha ha.

Today she was absolutely brilliant in her brutal ability to say ‘throw’ for things that honestly, I hesitated and asked “really?” about too many times that I care to admit.

And to have gotten rid of so much stuff is honestly liberating… and now, EXHAUSTING. 😴



#1320 Super seedlings

While Hubble is going off-the-chart planting trees and shrubs at the front of our house, I have been slowly gaining momentum with greenery of a smaller… nature. 🌱

Insert, the Woolworths Seedlings promotion!


As soon as I heard about the Spring giveaway, I had both of my green thumbs up. 👍 I was ON BOARD. After each shopping trip I go about turning the dry discs into soil, placing the seedlings in between, and tending them with water, sunshine, and fresh air every day.

On last count I have about 18. They are lined up along the laundry and kitchen window sills, and I think I’ll need another room soon, so big my collection is growing. Mark my words, I plan on converting them all to little pots so that I have herbs, leaves and vegetables growing in our yard, fresh and free, for us to enjoy.

The greenery sprouting so far? Bok choy, lettuce, rocket, and there is the smallest inkling of chamomile starting to spring forth.

Seeing them grow gives me so much satisfaction. Watch this space…

#519 Chicken and sweet corn soup

I just love this soup.

It’s easy to make, uses fairly ordinary staples (carrot, celery, onion, garlic) for the stock base, and then you add back the chicken that cooked in the broth, albeit shredded, some more spices, creamed corn, and heap on plenty of fresh spring onion and chilli… and serve!


What I love even more? I am able to make a kid-friendly version too. I just make sure the bowl I pour for baby girl does not contain any spring onions and chilli, and she happily laps it up!

Making a meal on a cold Winter’s night, that warms your insides, provides you with great cold/flu protection, and is a winner for everyone in the household…

Why, I am so grateful for that!