#1578 Day 80 of getting there: the place that is always there

As per the repetitive headings of my blog posts over these past few months… I really do think I am getting there.

It was June 10, and one of my most favourite days of the year.

The beginning was wonderful, as Hubbie and I saw off baby girl for her second day back at school.

We followed that by getting some takeaway coffees, and sitting in the car watching the early morning water from a popular cliff outlook… BLUE WATER FOR DAYS.

It was a beautiful way to start the morning.

We also got to open up a lot of boxes from orders we’d made months ago, and that was exciting! Thanks sis! Oh, and great segue, because…

The biggest reason I loved today, was because it was my sister’s birthday. And what could bring you more joy, than the birthday of a loved one?

Oh, that’s right. Going to their place for a very long overdue visit!

Wait… even better… my parents were there!

I haven’t seen any of them since early March. 3 long months. And through the happiness and heartfelt emotion of it all, I realised something…

It felt as if not much time had passed between us. Everything felt normal, and everything felt fine.

Like I had seen them just yesterday.

And that’s partly due to the ease of technology. Phone calls, getting to see each other via messenger, zoom calls…

But also, because we are so much a part of each other’s lives, we are always going to be linked on another level. No matter what distance, what circumstance, or what global crisis there may be, we will always be connected beyond the physical realm.

And that’s a beautiful place to be.

#1547 Day 49 of getting there: all I need on Mother’s Day

Of course it was always going to be a different Mother’s Day, but it’s not the first I’ve spent away from my Mum and sister… it’s happened before.

Nonetheless, I knew it might be a hard one… and yet the attention and care of my baby girl and Hubbie made me feel so loved and doted on all day.

She gave me a billion ‘Happy Mother’s Day’s, kissed and hugged me countless times, and wanted to make sure I was having the best day.

I had face time with my Mum, and my sister. Seeing both their faces made my heart so warm.❤❤❤

I don’t care all that much for the presents. All I want are the words.

The words give me all the feels.


And the pink. Pink is good too on a day like today. ♥


What gives me the greatest joy though, are the simple things…

Like just the mere fact, that because of her, I am a Mother.

All because of baby girl. 😍

So today, as I thank my Mum for giving me the best upbringing, with unconditional love, care and affection…

I also thank baby girl for making me a Mum. And making me the happiest woman in the world. 🥰🥰🥰

#1541 Day 43 of getting there: a chocolatey package

I’ve been ordering a bit online, so I had to run through the list in my head as the delivery man handed me a super-light box that read “this way up.”

What was so fragile that it needed direction as to how it should stand?

Kids clothes?


Exercise pants?

None of the above.

It was a chocolate bouquet!


And it had to be held upright, to keep the arrangement looking all lovely and ready to eat. 😋

Gifted by sis and bro, for our anniversary.


We love you guys. ❤❤❤

#1532 Day 34 of getting there: eating on the rocks

I was sooo happy to hear earlier this week that the seafood prestigious The Rocks restaurant was doing takeaway during this highly uncertain time.

Yes! Saturday night dinner was confirmed!

We haven’t dined there loads of times, but we went there for an anniversary a couple years back, and one chilly and windy winter’s day sis and I went there for an unforgettable lunch.

Yet the quality of their food stood out firm in my mind, and so hearing they were providing that in takeaway form, well…

We were excited. It was ON.


We feasted.

You can just tell, immediately upon opening a package, how good the food is going to taste.

Just as I knew I was gonna be a gluttonous pig and eat nearly everything even though my seafood pasta fed two (not in European terms it wouldn’t!)

So bloody delicious. These guys will help us get through this iso… perhaps a couple kg heavier, but we’ll get through nonetheless… 😉

#1523 Day 25 of getting there: Home deliveries

What would you say is better?

Receiving a home delivery that YOU ordered…

Or being the receiver of one that is a surprise?

Well I didn’t have to choose today. I GOT BOTH.

My T2 delivery arrived today. I have been out of Melbourne Breakfast Tea for weeks now. I ordered that, alongside some new chai (smells heavenly) and a cute little surprise bunny mug for baby girl… her new fave. 🙂

But the surprise came from sis and family. Because from them, we received an Easter package, filled with chocolate, activities for baby girl, Easter miscellaneous items, and most importantly LOVE.

There is nothing quite like filling the current monotony of life, with online deliveries, surprises, and love. ♥♥♥


#1519 Day 21 of getting there: a different Easter

Big days feel a whole lot different when you’re not with your usual circle.

Because today I realised, it’s your circle that makes your big days, BIG.

Without them, it just feels like any old day.

On this day of Easter 2020, we did our best to make things special in the absence of that circle.

Hot cross buns for brekkie.


Easter egg hunt.


A big lunch. We did what we could to make it less than ordinary.

But I won’t lie, it was hard. This is one of the first iso days where I really struggled. A day that’s spent with the love and laughter of our closest family – all of that was sorely missed.

But I know this won’t last. I know better days are coming. I know that days like this, so sweet and precious, simple and true, will make those big family days so much more appreciated.

3 and a half weeks down. At least 4 more weeks to go.

I miss my family so much. All you out there – stay home! I need to see my circle and I’d like to do it this season if possible, thanks.

#1504 Day 6 of getting there: Supporting local – Kirks

I feel terrible for all the businesses out there suffering through this uncertain and indefinite period.

I look around the town that I love, and I feel even more sad.

Because it’s these small businesses that make my town, what it is.

Sure, people will flock and spend and visit and book things once this all blows over, but that could be months away… meanwhile, how do these places stay afloat?

Keep employees paid?

Keep paying rent?

Keep making money amidst further lockdowns, bans and imposed isolation to ALL?

I’ve been happy to see many businesses going online, getting creative and thinking of other ways to get their business out to people who can’t get out anymore.

Really if you think about it, this is kind of the best time in history that we could have this kind of pandemic. Because even though we may not be able to get out in public…

We can still get out and about online.

I’ve made a concerted decision lately that I will be one of many out there, to support local business. I don’t want the people who make this beautiful part of the world so unique and great, to go under, and I want to make sure they know they are supported, while also trying to send the really strong and important message…

Buy local. Wherever you are. Support small business. Keep them afloat. And tell your friends about it too.

Which is what I am here to do. 😉

First on one of my many support locals list… Kirks.

Of course, FOOD.

We have been there heaps of times before, (check out my Food Review from a while ago), it is a local favourite on the Esplanade, and no matter what, we seem to gravitate there, again and again.

They recently released a takeaway/delivery menu in the midst of no more in-dining within their restaurant, and I have to say –


Tonight we got a different kind of food delivery!

Instead of your basic pizza, or fish and chips, or drive-through, it was:

Beef Burger

Prawn and Zucchini Risotto

Chicken nuggets and chips (for baby girl – okay kind of takeaway staple!)

and because we got two main meals in there, we were able to get a bottle of wine for $5.


It’s only the beginning of my loving local and helping local list, so stay tuned…

It’s going to be a big ride. Let’s get ready for the long haul.

And on an aside, it was Zoom night, part 2…

As we caught up with sis and bro-in-law!


Who said isolated Saturday nights were going to be boring? Like hell they are!

#1491 Toilet paper

Never in my life did I ever think I would be so grateful for toilet paper.

I mean, even writing this gratitude blog, where I often talk about very simple, every day things that I’m appreciative for. Even toilet paper, that one item that we take for granted, that item that we literally wipe our asses on, and yet the one item that helps keep us so hygienic, allowing us to clean ourselves and flush it all away without a second thought.

Even that, very important necessity item. Considered a luxury in a lot of third world countries… yet something we have tonnes of in the Western world.

We have options. 1ply, 2ply, 3ply. Large commercial public toilet rolls… organic, bleached and non-bleached… recycled, patterned and coloured… even large packets that come with convenient handles that help us lug the monstrous packages to our car.

We have a lot of options.

We had a lot of options.

Now we are lucky to find the damn paper.

This coronavirus panic has materialised itself in Australia in the most bizarre way. And though my concerns about the actual virus itself have grown day by day, as I learn more about it, and as more travel and social bans are imposed upon the country in order to keep us safe from contracting it, it seems a lot of people are just panic buying, and as well as clearing the supermarket shelves from all long-life and tinned food, the main priority, for a virus that attacks the respiratory system, was how we were going to control our bums.

As simple as that. There is actually no logic to it.

Virus that attacks your lungs? Buy toilet paper.

I have no clue as to the link between the two.

This sheep mentality as I like to call it, has meant that people that haven’t been panic buying, are almost forced to, in order to protect themselves against the inevitability that there will be nothing left for them in the probability that we have to self-isolate.

I was down to 4 rolls. 4 rolls. 2 in use, and 2 that were sitting there, just waiting to be wasted.

My parents offered me rolls last week, but I was over-confident in my toilet paper buying abilities over the week… and then both Hubbie and I went all over town and still found NOTHING.

Fortunately for me, I have more than one person who cares about how much toilet paper we have in the household. Sis called the other day to tell me how Aldi seemed a better bet to get toilet paper from. Even though the major supermarkets are getting truck loads of it delivered every morning, it goes within hours.

And although the other 2 big chains sell out quickly, Sis seemed to think, going by her recent luck, that Aldi seemed like the better option… and then the knowledge that they opened at 8:30am (not having to get up at the start time of 6am like the other two chains) felt so much more achievable for me, and like I might actually get it.

So… this happened today.


I got there before opening time, to a crowd of about 40 people waiting outside the closed doors. Everyone was fairly orderly yet had one very specific thing on their mind, and we all headed to the toilet paper aisle to get it.

24 rolls. 24! I am so bloody relieved after nearly shitting myself for a moment there (deliberate pun).

So, in case you too are freaking out as to where to get toilet paper from in Australia, and if 6am is awfully impossible too for you to get up for, try Aldi. The stores I checked out open at 8:30am every day. If you can pop in before work, school drop-off, or have someone grab it for you…

There you go. Good luck. That’s my community public service announcement.

We all need someone to look out for us. Let’s just pray that toilet paper is the biggest of our concerns.

#1484 A happy Sunday

A happy Sunday? How can the end of the weekend, where you have free time, catching up on stuff and doing what you like, sleeping in and going about life in a leisurely manner, how can a day that means the end of that, be good?

Ahh. If you have a public holiday the day after.


We went into today pretty happy with ourselves and the days ahead. Not only did we have my cousin’s big birthday, but knowing we were all off from work/school tomorrow, made it all the more terrific.

A couple pit stops later at my parents’ place and then sis and bro-in-law’s was then definitely in order to prolong the weekend and really feel the long weekend holiday vibes.



#1476 Together again

I don’t think I realised just how much I missed them all, until I saw them all today.

I’m talking about my family… my WHOLE family.

Cousins, aunties, uncles, kids, people who aren’t my blood technically but who I still faithfully call “cousin.”

And making it sweeter, having my parents, and sis and bro-in-law in the mix.

Age, gender, cultural ethnicity… it’s all irrelevant. We all blend and merge seamlessly into one. I talk to my younger cousins as easily as I do with my uncles, or the 3 year-old birthday girl.

We are all in such different stages of life, and it makes catch-ups like tonight that much more interesting. Either someone is plowing through work, looking for work, or thinking of finishing up work. Some are raising young kids, others teens, while others still are free now that their brood are independent of them.

Some are retired, enjoying the good life in the garden.

Some holiday a couple times a year.

Some are dreaming of their next holiday (um, us? 😂)

We get along, but we also argue. We shit-stir, and we agree to disagree.

And although there’s so much separating our very specific and individual lives, there’s one major factor unifying us all.

And that’s family.

We were together for a kid’s birthday today. And not ‘kid’s birthday’ in the literal sense… although there was rainbow cake, pink balloons, dress-ups and a jumping castle…

But there was so much noise. Rowdiness. Gee we can be f$#&ing loud! Anyone passing by outside would be forgiven in thinking it was anything but a kid’s birthday party.

We are passionate, yet we still have our problems. Health problems, kid problems, work problems and just generally, LIFE problems.

We share all this to lighten our load, then we smile. Eat some cake and drink some wine.

Go home full in our bellies and our hearts.

Because we are family.

And gee, I missed them. ❤