#1549 Day 51 of getting there: a horizontal sunset

Today was a long day.

I worked from home.

But I was aching.

When I finished, I skipped the schoolwork I so diligently helped baby girl with each and every day.

I lay on the couch.

She piled blankets and cushions upon me.

And I lay there through countless bold and the beautiful eps.

My back cramped. My arms and legs were achy from the odd position.

My feet just wouldn’t warm up.

So I went upstairs.

Jumped under the doona…

and fixed my gaze outwards.


Now this wasn’t my exact view tonight, because I was too damn unwell to get my phone and take a snap, obviously.

But it was the same balcony. The same chairs outside.

The same window.

The sky wasn’t so pink… it was more golden.

Fading into the night.

The clouds were spotty and rugged, like a carpet across the sky…

slowly… slowly… moving.

You wouldn’t have thought it, not unless you were watching them. But sure enough, minute by minute, the sky changed. It grew dimmer. The clouds shifted.

The cycle of nature that we know too well, was acting in accordance.

Mother Nature. Our natural certainty. No matter what else is going on, we can depend on her to bring us light, allow darkness to fall when the world needs rest, and show us her moods through the sunshine that beams down on our faces, to the rain that patters gently on the rooftops, and the wind that can howl and take down trees.

She is definitive.

And I lay there, watching the sunset come down upon me on this angle, reminded once again that there is so much world…

And so little, US.

Perspective. β™₯

#1510 Day 12 of getting there: jumping in the rain

It was one of those Fridays where it felt REALLY good to let my hair down after the fact.

After the fact of sitting in a NON-ergonomic desk chair, where I’ve had to put throws on the seat just to raise myself to some kind of adequate desk position.

After the fact of a killer end of work shift job task.

After the fact of having to stay back (at the desk!) and work overtime to finish it.

After the fact of this repeated cold I keep getting, where it comes, and goes, then comes back full force, with terribly itchy, runny nose and sneezing symptoms all day.

After the fact of a long week, where my neck and back was so sore.

I had to get out of the house. Baby girl and I ventured to the backyard, and she called me to the trampoline.

Yes. I needed to loosen up.

Bounce! and bounce! and bounce! we went. Every jump up and I could see into the neighbour’s yard, see their washing on the line, see she sheds in the other adjoining houses, see the street out front. We jumped too close to each other, laughed too much, and then…

The rain began to fall.

It had been a mild day, so when the drops came down heavier and bigger than usual, we didn’t mind.

“We need to go inside!” I said. “It’s raining!”

But the funny thing is, we didn’t. We stayed, jumping like mad, for a good few moments, waiting until the rain got consistent and then dashed inside.

Ahhh. There’s nothing quite like shaking all the sore, all the tired, all the pressure off your body from a long week…

Jumping it all out. β™₯

#1488 The porch evening break

It has been go-go-go lately.

So after the constant cooking-cleaning-tidying-preparing for the next day was STILL not done, I saw Hubbie sitting on the bench outside and decided…

F*&% it.

I would join him.


And as tired/cranky/frustrated/achy and EVERYTHING that I was, there was something soothing about seeing a girl in a Unicorn dress, prance across the yard to the fading sunset…

#1310 Putting my best sneaker forward

I’m loving my Lacoste right now.

To be honest, if you had told me last year I’d be excited about sneakers now, I’d have looked you over with a raised eyebrow and look of sheer skepticism.

Alas, sneaker time has come.

It really hit me in the shoe shop yesterday. I put on a pair, and they felt funny… weird… not quite right…

That’s when I realised. I was so used to wearing boots.

It was my main shoe whilst at work. Whilst grocery shopping. Whilst out and about. Whilst… anywhere! And sure in the summer, I live in my most favourite of sandals… but even then, if the weather dips a bit too low in one direction (as can happen often in Melbourne) my trusty boots are always there to welcome me and my slightly cold feet.

It has been so long!

Well that is all about to change. After I found a pair that felt less weird on my feet, I went home with some shiny white sneakers yesterday which I have been happily sporting about town, today.

And they’re good… I mean the ankle socks the salesperson sold me are far too low, so the shoe tongue is chafing the front of my foot, where a normal sock should be… but I just have to get higher ankle socks, right?

Sneaker people, advice PLEASE.

But you know, I actually don’t care. I have new white shoes and I really do feel brand, spanking new. 🌟 (with a sore, chafed right foot πŸ˜‚)


#1218 Sunday Our Day no. 3

After waking this morning so tired and sore, we had to head out into the sunshine, and replenish ourselves by nature’s hand…

We walked down a nearby street towards the beach later in the afternoon. There is a cafΓ© on that path (how awfully convenient) and we sat amidst it’s large and looming trees (above) as we all shared in some Sunday arvo coffee and treats…

Before stopping by at the nearby park (awfully convenient for baby girl) where we sat in the blinding sunlight and watched her play


(that’s her singing Jasmine doll also watching her play)

And then we took the most curious and leisurely of strolls down a street we had never been in. We observed the tall and overgrown trees lining the street, the immaculate beach houses, and pictured us maybe one day, FAR in the future, in a kind of house like that…

You can dream. β™₯ (You all know what happens when I dream…)

It just shows that you can explore and find adventure in your day, within your own backyard… and often all you have to do is turn a different corner…

#1205 Late night pharmacy

Oh, what a night.

And by no means am I talking about this kind of night:

Rather, I am coming from the time and place of the overly tired-stressed-frustrated-overwhelmed parent, the one who is sooo over it… and it is only Monday.

(Face Palm).

I can assure you, my posts this week will be super short. And therefore, I will now start writing my post in short form, so that you can create the story, yourself.

Super short, punchy sentences.



Let’s go.

Baby girl.

Screaming! Pain! Oh the drama!

Crying, sobs.


Call doctor.

More cries. Sobs and drama.

Needle? No darling.

Finally, peace.

Takeaway pizza (because drama).

And then doctor.

Check up good…

Urine sample!


Pharmacy open?

Pharmacy CLOSED.


Pharmacy open over there!

Driving ALL night.

Get medicine.

Force baby girl to drink medicine.

Me…. very, very tired.

#1135 Her affectionate nature no.4

She found me silent lying down on the couch, face first.

Matching my own volume, she began to stroke my back in a massage-like way, up and down.

“Aww, thanks honey, that’s so sweet of you.”

At my encouragement her gentle caresses turned into heavy kneading near my shoulder blades.

“Argh… too much.”

πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† That’s my girl πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ’—

#1003 Nothing

Yep, you read right folks. But no, it ain’t what you think.

Because although the heading reads ‘nothing,’ it ain’t as it suggests – that I am grateful for nothing… AT ALL.

I am simply grateful for my ‘nothing’ day.

Where I did, NOTHING.

I realised I was having such a ‘nothing’ day when while grocery shopping this morning I paused at the magazine stand, and proceeded to flip through the pages of a new soap opera mag to see if Brooke and Ridge were still going to be married in 3 months time, and if Liam had left Hope already for Steffy (not yet, I am holding out though).

And in that moment I went “I never get a chance to do this… like EVER.”

That was the biggest excitement of my day.

A headache and pains and all around stuffiness and deflated-ness further added to my exciting ‘nothing’ day, but I think after all the anticipation and nerves and partying of the last week, I was well overdue for a day such as today…

Where I did pretty much nothing. And I don’t feel guilty for it AT ALL.

#947 Aches be gone

Oh, it is the sweetest thing. You take your health for granted, and then life decides to suddenly heap some shit upon your head –

BOOM! and you wake up sore, with muscle aches, a pounding head, and an inability to focus… man do you wish for those days you wasted away while being healthy.

Something happened to me yesterday. Maybe it was Hubbie’s cold rubbing off on me far too late in the game. Maybe it was seasonal, what with Melbourne weather saying “now I’m hot… no I’m not! WINTER darlings!” Or maybe it was the kids birthday party I took baby girl to on the weekend… we all know kids means germs and God knows what.

But I had some kind of bug that luckily only lasted 24 hours… because today I woke better, rested, still with this kind of dull ache reminder in my head of what was, reminding me to take it easy, but still, FABULOUS compared to what was yesterday.

And I was sooo grateful for it. The health. The absence of soreness and achiness.

Here’s to the simplest and best things in life… being healthy πŸ™‚


Photo by Jony Ariadi on Unsplash

#927 A 2-way kinda love

She was there tonight to rub my back when I said I was sore. She followed me around devotedly, telling me she loved me and hoping I would get better soon.

As sore as I was, my heart soared.

And the feeling was reciprocated, sooner than I liked. She was suddenly shivering right before bedtime, so I sat beside her reading her most recent fave book, as we lay together in back.

One hand turned the pages. The other arm was around her… rubbing her back.

I tucked her in… told her I loved her… and hoped she would get better soon.

This love that binds us, unites us, and keeps us warm, is all I need. She knows when I need help, and instinctively I too know, when she needs me… like a little girl needs her Mama.

And although we are sick, and although we are sore… we have each other. We have our love.

Therefore, we have everything.Β β™₯