#2498 First beach day of the ’22 season

It finally happened!

Look, a bit disappointingly late, I might add. Last year we had our first beach day for the spring/summer season on September 28th…

This year, November 8th!

Sooo late.

But that’s ok. It only means we will spend more time making up for lost time over the next few months.

Actually, I need to spend all my days at the beach, because then when baby comes, my summer solitude will temporarily be halted. πŸ˜†

And here’s baby girl, saluting the sunset tonight after our post-dinner walk.

I just love this time of year. πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸŒ…πŸŒž

#2477 Must move

I made the decision that I’m going to walk more.

I stopped all workout activities as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I know some people keep doing it, whether it’s low-intensity workouts, or running… but I just didn’t feel comfortable. Considering me, and my journey, I could give a rats arse about workouts.

I’ll workout later.

But I still need to do something, and for many reasons. The weather is getting warmer now, and walking is such an easy thing to do. Plus, the days are longer… yippee!

We did our first family walk this evening after dinner. It was about 20 minutes, and it’s especially rewarding getting snippets of water as you get out and about.

Then at home… more.

I plan to do a bit more than just walking, but all in due course. For now, I am enjoying moving my body, moving baby, and enjoying the feel of Spring air and sunshine on my face. 😁😁🌞🌞

#2465 Marvelling at where we’re at

It’s been a quiet week work-wise.

I’ve been using the spare time to do EVERYTHING else.

I make appointments. I go to appointments. I catch up on washing, cleaning, writing.

I think of my passions. I try to fit them in where I can. I write to-do lists, things that need to be done soon, things that need to be done before baby comes.

Baby. I massage my belly with creams. I look at the new baby clothes I have. I step into the nursery and just look around, marvelling at it and where we are and all of life at the moment.

I’ve felt life’s lows, and now I’m feeling life’s highs. πŸ™

Baby girl has had a good week too. It’s amazing what a missing person in the friendship group can do. It shakes things up. She’s been playing with heaps of new friends, and I’ve used the opportunity to show here that she has many friends, she doesn’t just have to stick to what or who she knows, especially if respect fails to show up.

I buy presents. For others, for us. I plan outings for the future. I message, and call and email.

I get excited.

It is Spring after all. Now IS the time to get excited. 😁😁

#2461 Chasing chickens

It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Catching up with friends, in their backyard, sunning ourselves on a sparkling Spring day.

Baby girl remembered very well what had happened last time we were there, and so she asked before we got there… “do they still have the chickens?”

I mean, a lot can happen in 7 months. But sure enough, as we walked into the yard, we learnt that not only did they still have the chickens, but now they had a rooster too.

And he was mounting, all of them. 🀣🀣

It was hilarious to watch. What was perhaps more hilarious was baby girl’s no-give-up attitude. Despite getting a bit pooped on last time, she ran after the entire flock constantly, her whole intention of picking them up like a trophy before setting them down on the ground.

It kept her soooo busy, it was amazing.

The one she managed to pick up the most?

Her pal, the rooster!

Considering he was the self-proclaimed king of the chicken pen, cock-a-doodling plenty about and flapping his feathers in order to ascertain himself, she picked him up maybe a dozen times, patting him, and he even tried to fly up and land on her lap one time!

It was the most entertaining part of the day, and the rest of it was spent under the shining sun, which is as Sundays should be.

It was pretty damn good. 🌞🌞

#2443 Pictures of Spring ’22

I’ve been watching our garden blossom and grow in life.

Here are a collection of photos of plants and shrubs and the like that are bringing me happiness at the moment. πŸ’–

From our little rosemary with flowers growing (it’s the newest one of the bunch, we have loads of rosemary shrubs)… 🀭

To our birds of paradise reaching high for the skies…

Our rose bush that started off as the tiniest growth in the ground, now sprawling out of the pot…

Our cactus that needs to be pruned often, so out of control it gets in its sunny position at the front of the house…

To the small grasses Hubbie literally divided from one and split into 3, they are all now producing new fresh growth…

And finally, our neighbours tree, blossoming pink and white. It’s not ours, sure, but it bends over our fence and provides me with much joy in September each year, when it fills with colour and vibrancy before it all falls away in late Spring.

Every year this Spring growth makes me happy, and finally this year, something is growing that means more to me than any garden item.

It’s the icing on the cake. πŸ€°πŸ€°πŸ€°πŸ€°πŸŒΏπŸ€πŸŒ±πŸͺ΄

#2436 Feeling it, seeing it

Today was Wednesday, and a gorgeous one at that.

We went out to brunch and then because Winter was officially over, we were able to walk down to the beach.

For the longest time we’ve both had no time, and the weather has been truly horrible. If it were at least still, even being icy cold, we could have had a walk on the beach. But it was always icy, always windy, always rainy.

It really wasn’t very nice beach-walking weather.

Today was the total opposite. Sun shining bright. No wind. A gentle warmth in the air.

It was magic. ✨

We headed on down to Mother’s Beach, then walked across the sand some distance before we made it to another lot of stairs, leading back up to the main road above.

After walking up some of the steps, there’s a platform where you can look at the beach around and below. We paused here for a few moments, taking in the beautiful view, and I even took a few photos.

Then it hit me.

I remembered being at this exact same outlook with Hubbie almost two years ago. It was a beautiful sunny day. And my mind was being ravaged with dark, sad, scared thoughts.

I was worried. I was emotional. I had a procedure coming up, and I had no idea of what the future held. Feeling extremely uncertain and out-of-control in your life is an incredibly hard place to be. I remember being emotional, a bit teary, and just staring out the beautiful waters before me, Hubbie by my side, as always, the gorgeous vista definitely not reflecting the woes of my mind.

I recounted this memory to Hubbie, and I immediately grew emotional. Not only had I learnt a massive lesson after my procedure – that everything was ok, to some extent – but I also learnt most importantly, that I was stronger than I ever believed possible.

That was a huge, huge takeaway for me.

I had survived that, and now, after all this time of woe and frustration, I had a miracle growing inside of me.

How could I not cry?

To be on the other side, as I’ve mentioned so much lately, is a beautiful thing. I was saying it to Hubbie the other day as well. For so long I longed and wondered how it would feel like to be excited to be expecting again, to have our loved ones happy for us and planning as much as we were, and now, we were here.

We were living it. All the happy things, were actually happening.

I was overcome with emotion. πŸ₯²πŸ₯²

But then, something even BETTER this afternoon. I was at my monthly acupuncture appointment, and my acupuncturist left me with pins all over to rest in a half-sleep state in the dim room… but someone else had other plans.

Baby. Baby started moving. Now this isn’t anything new. I’ve felt movements now for 3 weeks, and have felt more and more sure it’s baby as we’ve gone on on this journey.

But it was strong. It was specific. It was almost, like a pulse.

Curiosity got the better of me. I opened my eyes, lifting my head forward so I could look down at my belly.

Two pins on my exposed belly. One, two. I focused on the left of my belly, waiting, waiting…

Kick. Kick.

Wait, what? I just saw that!


I could see baby kicking!

OMG. I couldn’t believe it. I saw a few more movements, before lying my head back down and closing my eyes in disbelief. I questioned myself, wondering if I had in fact seen movement in such a dimly lit room?

5-10 minutes later I was feeling it again. I opened my eyes, checked again, and there it was again!

Kick, kick, kick!

WOW! I told my acupuncturist when she re-entered the room, and she said with a big smile that that happens very often with her pregnant patients… the acupuncture triggers the parasympathetic nervous system to relax more, and somehow in doing so everything goes still and gives baby room to move more freely and do somersaults!

I was astonished, yet so, so happy. I told Hubbie and baby girl repeatedly at home. I even waited for baby to reappear with kung fu action, but alas it seems baby was asleep for the day. πŸ˜‚

So, next time. But, it was still a beautiful day. To feel. To see. 🌞πŸ₯°

#2399 August is here-ya!

Let me count all the ways I love August. πŸ’–

It’s my birthday month.

It’s baby girl’s birthday month.

It’s almost everyone in my family’s birthday month. 🀣

Spring is nigh.

August means happy changes. The cold gives way to spring blossoms. 🌱🌸

August means love, laughter, happiness.

Get-togethers a plenty.

Everything in abundance. Happy times, happiness, everything growing in happiness. 😁

I love August. πŸ’–πŸ™

#2398 We are so close!

We are down 2 months of Winter!

It may be cold and windy outside, and sure the air is icy at hell during most parts of the day, but you don’t fool me, weather!

August is upon us, so close, tomorrow. And we all know, though the days remain cold, one thing begins to change…

The sun shines more. Buds on trees blossom. The air begins to shift.

Spring begins to spring forth.

I for one, am sooo ready for this next stage.


#2343 The 6th day of Winter

As I write this, the wind is squealing outside.

Forecasters predict that temps will be 2 to 5 degrees cooler than the average June Winter temperature.


But we are here. In Winter. Dealing with it.

And I’d much rather be in it and dealing with it, because, I hate the process of approaching Winter.

Summer is fantastic. Summer is Saturday. Summer is the party. πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

Spring is great. Spring is Friday. Spring is when you plan your weekend. 😁

Even Winter is somewhat bearable. Shit and freezing cold, but bearable.

Winter is Monday. Yeah Monday is hard, but when you get up on Monday, you are able to somewhat get by with a super strong extra large coffee. Then you breathe out, and ahhh.

As you progress through Winter, it’s like you’re progressing through the weekdays…

July is Tuesday and Wednesday, and then August is Thursday. πŸ˜€

Hope springs forth. πŸͺ„

So, Winter is a bit like a hangover. πŸ˜’

But Autumn… oh God. I am in a state of mourning come March. It also gets worse as the Autumnal months progress. And I love Autumn, for the trees, the falling leaves, the beautiful colours in nature abundant!

But damn it, knowing that Winter is coming, is just plain depressing.

You know what day of the week Autumn is?


Sunday is worse than Monday!

And so these are the times we’re in right now… we’re at Monday, rugged up with three layers, knocking back the warm drinks, reminding ourselves that we are here, we’ve done it before, it’s not that bad (it’s not that bad) and we have the opportunity to chill, stay indoors, catch up on reading and home projects, Netflix all the days, and do all those kinds of things that make us feel guilty at sunnier times of year, while hibernating like a bear and sleeping as much as we can too.

Cheers to Monday. β˜•β˜• It’ll be Tuesday before we know it. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

#2087 Beach Days no. 3

Last week when we were at the beach, I stepped in, forcing my feet to move through the freezing waters, but it was so icy my legs started to HURT.

Today when baby girl and I arrived, I stepped into the water… and very easily kept on walking.

Summer’s coming folks. πŸ˜‰πŸŒžπŸŒ…πŸ’–