#534 The First day of August

August emerged this morning to a still and sunny day.

And so was the 1st 🙂

I love August, not only because July is usually so depressing, full-on and incredibly erratic in every negative way (and I am a glass-half full gal talking here), but also because it is mine, and baby girl’s birthday month.

I think that all the shit gets out of the way the month before our birthday, so that we can have a super cool time come the 8th month of the year.

But there is soooo much more to love about the last month of Winter, or should I call it Winter/Little Winter, as confirmed in My Climate Guide… we are already getting snippets of Spring as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, and still the warmth continued today, bringing the people out to cafĂ© in FULL FORCE.

And yes, I have had my fair share of depressing, fairly FULL ON and insane times in July, so I am ALL FOR putting them behind me to part-ay. Baby girl is a chip off the old block, as we were both jumping up and down this morning yelling “yay, birthday month!”


I couldn’t be more proud and grateful. Bring on August. 🙂

#533 July 31st opens windows

Not doors. Windows.

Because today after I got back to my car after our grocery shop, it was toasty and warm from sitting out in the sun for a couple of hours…

and I actually had to open the window.

You know how in Winter, you live for those moments when the car is comfortably warm and yet outside, it is still fresh and chilly? Well today it was 13 degrees, and yet somehow for the last day of July, that translated to a mild, manageable, Wintery and almost-Spring like, heat.

Yep I said it, Spring.

I know you’ll say I’m crazy, we are not even past August yet… but I swear, it is IN THE AIR. Look what I snapped the other day:


A plant from our front yard, sprouting green.

Sprouting baby green foliage because Spring-is-a-coming.

I am so excited by all of this. Most definitely, grateful too. 🙂

#253 Finally… ducted heating.

My precious.

There are actually quite a few things that I’m fortunately feeling grateful for at this still-kinda-early-into-the-day hour of 5pm. However, with one expression of gratefulness being the avenue of relief, my profound sense of relieve-ment comes from the fact that we now have ducted heating.

Angels sing!

It comes coincidentally (there is no such thing) on a bright and beautiful Spring day where I took a very pleasing walk to the park and beach with baby girl, the kind of walk where the heat makes you wonder how you will ever get home through the tiredness and unrelenting heat haze.

Still. This morning as it was confirmed the heater was A, OK, and the gas man went on his merry way to make more people who were gas-miserable like me happy, although the morning showed small sneak peeks of sparkling Spring  ahead, I ignored the sunshine and left the ducted heating on, much longer than it was even necessary.

Just because. Because I can. And because walking from room to room and being in comfortable warmness, is such a pleasant reality compared to the biting and stark cold days that I’ve spent walking through our house the last few weeks.

Ahhh. I am rapt.


#221 Extra daylight

I always remember it like this:

There is always a pro, and a con, when we enter/end the daylight savings period.

Ending daylight savings: we lose extended daylight as we enter Winter (boo) but we gain an extra hour of sleep as the hours go back one hour on that first Sunday morning (yay!)

Staring daylight savings: we lose an hour of sleep as we go forward one hour (weep) but we gain extra daylight as Sunset grows further into the night, and the days warm up to the most beautiful time of year.


I am a big ambassador, of sunlight, Summer, and of course, daylight savings. It took me as complete surprise when my Mum mentioned days ago that it was happening, this weekend. The clocks were moving forward to indicate this man-made seasonal occasion. I was thrown. I was not prepared. I thought it was happening at the end of October, and yet it was scheduled for 2am on the 2nd of it.


I haven’t had much sleep lately. I really need sleep at the moment. So the timing was a little shit.

But then I started to remember.

Lose sleep, but gain sunlight…

Washing can be out for so long! Sitting outside ’til late. Walks around the block after dinner. Feeling like you have so much day, just because you can see out your front door at 8pm…

and so much more.

This is a brilliant time of year, with so many exciting things coming our way… and the commencement of daylight savings coinciding with it all makes me all the more grateful.

#199 Saturday Night In no.1

Sometimes you just need to put on keep the trakkies on, put your hair up in a clip and call the local pizza joint.

Following the abdomen-aching and nauseating day that was Friday, today was still very slow. Slow, SLOW. I spent all day at home with baby girl, building up the feeling of cabin fever amidst the grey day, and then at night…

We still decided to stay home.

You see, we think we might still be virally contagious in some way. Only very slightly, but still. In light of this, and the fact that Spring has taken a step backwards and reminded us of how Winter was, we were like:

“screw it, we’ll order pizza and stay home.”

Which is what we did. Yeah we’re going stir crazy over sitting on the couch. Yeah we’re over these walls. Yeah we need to get out. But still, somehow, sitting on said couch, amongst said walls, in our little company of 3 chomping on pizza, it was awesome. Singing songs with baby girl, cuddling under blankets, jumping on the bed… it was brilliant, and I felt that a real bond was had on this night.

I love these nights. I love when we go out too, but these nights are not just good for the quiet time or rejuvenation required to lead a busy life – the meaningful moments shared and the beautiful memories created in these routine periods of time, are just gold.

As Sia sings in the Hilltop Hoods song: “I love it, I love it.”

#190 Signs of Spring no.1 – the air

We’ve had a couple of mild days, and we’ve had a couple of cold days again. Even so, a 15-16 degree day at the start of September, means ‘Spring 15-16,’ no longer ‘Winter 15-16.’

This was evident as I took my parents into the city today. It was calm, it was still, it was fresh…

But, it was also Spring. It was so evident that a change had occurred. Not just the name of change in season. But the air. The air had a different mood to it.

It had a Spring in its step 🙂

(Excuse me as I guffaw…)

#94 Favourable company

We’ve had a lucky spate of guests today. So lucky, I’m writing post 12am.

You know it’s been a good day, when you don’t get a chance to sit down and write until it’s 12:44am.

Anyway. The first lot came at midday. They were my cousins, a.k.a. ‘The Sisters’ – sound like a Quentin Tarantino movie much? – and baby girl and I had a ball with them.

Then, quite spontaneously, we ended up with our besties, our good ol’ faithfuls, a.k.a. ‘Best Man and Fam.’ (Now we most definitely sound like we belong in a Kill Bill sequel).

2 and a half bottles of red were consumed within the day. Which, really, isn’t THAT much since we’ve been entertaining the whole day. One of them was this beauty

2016-05-28 22.45.08

which is the wine I bought in Spring of 2015 when I visited Panton’s. The review from that most marvellous of sunny days can be found here.

Maybe because we’d been drinking all day, maybe because we’d eaten all we could, maybe because we didn’t pair it with the recommended ‘duck’… but the Pinot was slightly underwhelming.

Nevertheless. The party went on, and the wine was made pleasurable just by the fact that we had awesome people with us today. People that I will definitely speak about individually in future posts, but today, with their presence in our house, when the home was made most beautiful with them being around it, I am grateful for them all.

I love being with great people. Surround yourself with those you love, who inspire you, who you want to be like, and who are doing the things you want to do. Just that act in itself, is a gratifying one on its own.

You’re fortunate when you have a handful of great people in your life who you can call your true friends. I was pretty lucky today, in that a good number of them came to see us. I’m going to sleep, a very content lady. ‘Night.