#1083 Her affectionate nature no.3

I entered the lounge room and lay on the couch. I thought baby girl wouldn’t realise – it was only moments earlier that I saw the mini chocolate bar she had been holding for at least 5 minutes was still only half-eaten. That episode of Paw Patrol must have been particularly enthralling.

But she heard the giving of the couch cushions as I settled into them. Witnessing this uncommon act as I closed my eyes, she crept quietly to me. I peered out one eye cautiously.

“Mama,” she whispered. “I’m just going to put this down a little bit for you.” She reached for the remote.


“Thanks sweetheart.”

The volume went down and then I felt her crouch down near me. I opened my eyes again.

She was peering at me attentively, curiously, her brown eyes wide. I thought how if the song we’d heard at the cafe after dropping her off at her first day of primary school, hadn’t been Elvis’ I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, instead Brown Eyed Girl, how I would have bawled.

She was smiling. “Mama,” she continued in her low tone. “Know I am always here for you, whenever you need me.”


“Thank you princess.”

And then she sat on the couch arm beside my head, stroking my head and whispering I love you’s every few minutes.



#1069 Peninsula sunset no. 7

I thought it odd when the room turned an odd orange-y colour, but as I was tidying the house this evening, didn’t pause to look.

Only as I passed the front windows, did I do a double take.

“Holy moly,” I said to Hubbie who was on the couch. “You didn’t think to let me know?”

“Oh yeah.” He looked out casually. “That’s different.”

Different? Ok, we’ll call it that.

I grabbed my phone as quickly as I could and bolted upstairs. Peeps I will tell you, seconds, let alone minutes, make a HUGE amount of difference in the colours that present to you during a sunset.

Here is the ‘different’ sunset.


What a sky. ♥

#1060 There’s no place like home

Two nights ago, I took this shot:


And tonight, it was this one.


The former, being the exotic one. Away on holiday. Sipping a red wine in the fading sunset of exquisite pink and purple skies.


And the latter, being the familiar one. From the windows of our bedroom. A place I have stood and snapped away at time and time again.

Well-known. Recognisable. Common to the eye.

And you know which one I was most happiest at…

We were most happiest with…

The view from my bedroom window.

Although at first our time away was an incredible experience, and one that will always remain strongly in our minds… once the aura of off-beaten tracks and sweeping coastlines wore off, we were left longing for our home.

Our small getaway has taught us one thing: we have everything we need behind our front door. Comfortable beds, locks on the bathroom door, adequate reception (!!!)…

And views. We have views too.

And we are so much happier at home… despite a raised balcony amidst a private beach and ALL.

And that is mostly because home, is where our hearts lie. 💗💗💗


#1052 Holiday at home

Today on the 1st day of January we did…


Not much at all.

Sure, there was some tidying, sweeping.

I lay on the couch… with no plans and no where to go.

But then we had a bbq, and enjoyed ice cream up on our balcony, and I thought…

We have done it. We have our holiday home… at home.


With a view like that, do I really need to go away?

Why, yes 😉 It’s still nice to get away every now and then.

But going to bed at about 5am the night before, meant we were more than content in sharing each other’s company and enjoying what we have…

And, un-materialistically speaking… we have a lot.


#1042 Christmas feels

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

It has looked like it for a while now. In our house, just before the onset of December. In some shops, it was as early as September.

But for me? A combination of wondrous things had me with all the Christmas-time feels this evening.

Firstly, finishing work. I am on no looonnnggg stretch of holidays, but being away from it for a week, and my last day being today, puts me in a right ‘ol festive mood.

Next, the lights. I had put off hanging them outside of the house with our impending balcony project slotted in for sometime this month, and with all of that tended to at last, once I was home from work this afternoon, baby girl, Hubbie and I set about making the front of house as pretty as possible with Christmas cheer.

Inside we sat on the couch, had some dinner… and what do you know, Christmas carols were on TV!


And it was The Wiggles!


Seeing baby girl dance along so happily to them, and then sing along to other classics like “Jingle Bells,” just made my heart all merry.

And then lastly… we headed out in the fading aftermath of the sunset, wondering whether the last hours of the day had been enough to power up all of our outdoor solar lights (from Kmart, so cheap and awesome).

I was sure they needed more hours and we would only catch our first glimpse of Christmas lighting tomorrow night, but then… there was flashing!


Most of our lights were working and lighting up the yard. We ran around, and played hide and seek amongst the lights, and I had a real sense of –


Holiday time.

Christmas time.

Family time.

Joyful time.


Hope your Saturday night was also happy and bright 🙂