#1555 Day 57 of getting there: Bright Wiggly pyjamas

Another package arrived today.

That’s the thing about isolation. Deliveries are always exciting, but the anticipation of them goes up several notches when it’s what you’re relying on as your retail therapy.

Only it’s delayed.

There was one item I couldn’t wait to get, and it wasn’t even for me…

Bright yellow Emma wiggle pyjamas.

It wasn’t even a luxury… new pjs became  necessary last week when two holes appeared in two different sets of pyjamas of hers… two!

It’s as if as soon as I ordered them, the old ones willed themselves to tear.

Baby girl was so rapt when she saw her surprise… she put them on straight away to try.

At lunchtime. I had to force her out of them and back into normal clothes.


I don’t know what it is about the colour yellow… it’s not just knowing baby girl loves her new set, but it’s the way the colour is reflective of her, and just lights up the room with happiness, cheer, love.

Even in the dark. 🌟

#1550 Day 52 of getting there: getting new, getting out, getting around

Yesterday I did nothing, and felt one sole emotion.

Today I did MANY things, and subsequently felt so many more.

Good emotions, that is. ♥

Sometimes you can’t help it, and that’s how life hits you. You just have to roll with the punches, and accept blow by blow.

But it doesn’t meant the attitude you take, and how you respond to it, means nothing.

It means everything.

I had some odd jobs this morning, and so when I came back at lunchtime to have baby girl running up to the car, I just thought she felt like I did: we missed each other.

But as I got out of the car, she kept her lips tight, and then opened her mouth wide…

Before opening her palm and showing me, a tooth!

Like an oyster opening up to show a shell!


Her fifth tooth! Another one! When your child goes through yet another milestone, all I could think of was “this happened when I was gone? I was only gone a couple of hours!”

I was so happy for her, while she was just rapt that the tooth fairy would be visiting yet again tonight.

Bloody hell. All this ‘tooth losing’ is gonna put us the tooth fairy out of business.


And the happy mood just followed. After getting some new pants delivered, courtesy of Target (pronounce, Tar-zaaayyyyyy) baby girl and I put on our new wear, and we all ran and bicycled around the block.

After the sluggishness of yesterday, there was no chance I was going to be lying around as I had. I was going to make my heart PUMP.

But that wasn’t it. Huffing and puffing, our cheeks red from the wind and exhausted as we got home, I wasn’t even finished. No.

I joined Rachel Finch’s Body by Finch club after her insane promo this past weekend, where the special was join for 12 months for only $15.

$15 a year! Instead of like, $300!

I figured if I did one meal and one workout, a month, I was still winning.

I popped on a yoga type workout, but this one was more intense. 21 minutes of stretching and toning and flexing and pumping, it was great. Had me shaking a bit, as you do as you’re trying to slowly LOWER YOUR BODY down, instead of letting it fall in one big FLOP.

But I felt amazing afterwards. Sooo pumped. Even baby girl joined in, for like the first 10 minutes before the novelty totally wore off. But just as I was proud of me, I was proud of her, for standing next to me and going through the motions, for choosing to do something good.

Oh, who am I kidding. She just wanted to show off her pants, that’s all.



#1544 Day 46 of getting there: a neighbourly gift

There was a small plastic package in my mail box.

I paused, hesitating over this small thing that was clearly homemade. Something had been tied up in a small plastic bag, and I did not know WHAT it could be.

“Come over here! Check this out!”

Hubbie was about to go back to work from lunch, but came back from his car to peer inside the mailbox.

“Oh, someone has just given something…” he pulled it out, and it was this small parcel, with a note.

My heart, melted.

It wrote:

“To all our service road neighbours,

A lock down

Hi, hope you are all well

From 840″



The neighbours at 840 had gifted all of us with little chocolates! It was the smallest, yet the sweetest gift (no pun intended), just a little memento to say hey, we’re here, and also a reminder that we are all in this together.

Alone and isolated in our homes, but together in spirit.

I have no idea who they are, but I am committed to returning the surprise with baby girl, very soon. ♥

People ARE beautiful.

#1541 Day 43 of getting there: a chocolatey package

I’ve been ordering a bit online, so I had to run through the list in my head as the delivery man handed me a super-light box that read “this way up.”

What was so fragile that it needed direction as to how it should stand?

Kids clothes?


Exercise pants?

None of the above.

It was a chocolate bouquet!


And it had to be held upright, to keep the arrangement looking all lovely and ready to eat. 😋

Gifted by sis and bro, for our anniversary.


We love you guys. ❤❤❤

#1529 Day 31 of getting there: My extraordinary garden find

Autumn is not the normal time of year to go out and find something growing in your garden.

Nor is it the time of year to find an extraordinary change in your garden, a new one that you’ve never seen before.

Which is why when I walked out today to hang some washing, I turned the corner and –

WHAT? What was that thing in my tulip pot that was NOT A TULIP???


Mister F.

Typical cat. Just sleeping in the pot where my tulips used to sprout, now the bulbs laying temporarily dormant under all of his fluff and fur, while he decided to make himself comfy in his new home around the corner of our house.

I must say… although I love when my tulips arrive, it is pretty cute and special to see our furry friend sticking his head up from the garden pot. 🙂

#1523 Day 25 of getting there: Home deliveries

What would you say is better?

Receiving a home delivery that YOU ordered…

Or being the receiver of one that is a surprise?

Well I didn’t have to choose today. I GOT BOTH.

My T2 delivery arrived today. I have been out of Melbourne Breakfast Tea for weeks now. I ordered that, alongside some new chai (smells heavenly) and a cute little surprise bunny mug for baby girl… her new fave. 🙂

But the surprise came from sis and family. Because from them, we received an Easter package, filled with chocolate, activities for baby girl, Easter miscellaneous items, and most importantly LOVE.

There is nothing quite like filling the current monotony of life, with online deliveries, surprises, and love. ♥♥♥


#1507 Day 9 of getting there: the surprise letter

You know, there’s more than one way to reach out to someone.

That’s important to keep in mind during this self-isolation period we are ALL collectively going through.

Self-isolation… together. Now that’s a contradiction we didn’t think we’d see, but we are living and breathing it now.

This is kind of my gratitude, but mostly baby girl’s. I’m just living it vicariously through her.

Because she received a letter in the mail today… from her grandparents.

My parents. ♥

It pretty much said, well done on your tooth falling out, sorry we can’t see you in person, but…

Here’s a little something. ;););)



(It WASN’T the slinky)

Not only was it super sweet, but it showed me just how valuable reaching out, non-physically, can be.

There are so many ways to show people we care, and we are about to get a whole lot more imaginative discovering them during this time.

Join me for the ride. 🙂

#1505 Day 7 of getting there: Rebel-ing with doughnuts

Next on my support local list is a place I was absolutely stoked to find out was joining our town, and moving down the road, LITERALLY, back in early 2018.

Rebel Donuts. 

They, along with so many other businesses have been forced to get creative amongst decreasing customer volumes coming through their shop in response to the push for greater social isolation and essential travel only.

So when I saw their call out to spread the message far and wide on doughnut (yes, DOUGHNUT) delivery and pick-up, I was like OH YES.

More exciting was realising that they were also sending out decorating packs, much like the decorating baby girl did during the school holidays last year which I posted about here.

So, guess who got a surprise today, right before coffee/babycino time? Huh, huh?


I got baby girl the Frozen decorating pack, which includes 2 plain doughhuts, a whole heap of decorations and icing, and instructions on how to make them…


But we all know kids go and do their own thing anyway, right?

That’s right honey. Pour on ALL the sprinkles.


I hope these guys get ALL the love and are able to keep doing this delivery thing, because I have an Easter surprise planned for baby girl in a couple of weeks…

Check out the Rebel Donuts facebook page for where they’re delivering to,


their website: http://www.rebeldonuts.com.au

Note: Delivery needs a minimum spend of $20… which is so easy to achieve, to be honest. 😉

Nom nom nom nom nom.

#1479 The surprise DVD

I definitely wasn’t expecting it. As I wandered into Target this morning, shopping aimlessly like I have been doing since mid last year but with no $$$ (ha ha), thinking how days like this were limited in itself, I saw this huge Frozen 2 cardboard display.

I stopped.

WHAT? The DVD was out already?

I wasted no time in buying it. Surely baby girl would be as surprised as I was. She would be over-the-moon. I would even, tape it.

After school Hubbie turned on the camera on my phone to capture what would undoubtedly be a high-energy moment. Surely she would be ecstatic. Lose her mind. Go ape-shit.

“Baby girl,” I started. “What would be like, the best present ever?”

A huge smile spread across her face as she finished drinking her milk.

“Actually, get off the stool. I don’t want you falling off it when you hear this.”

She got off, and I spent a few moments asking her a series of really generic questions… but then it started to get specific.

“So, who are your favourite dolls to play with?”

“Anna and Elsa.”

SCORE. I knew she would say that.

“And, what’s your favourite Disney movie?”

PAUSE… “Ariel?”


“Ariel? Any others?”


This was NOT going to plan.

“Okay, what about movies you’ve just seen… what was the last movie you saw at the cinemas?”

“Frozen 2.”

Without a word I pulled out the DVD from it’s hiding place and handed it to her. She took it and stared at it, looking it over.

“It’s the DVD! From the movie! Frozen 2!”

She smiled… faintly. I looked at my phone. “You can stop taping now!”

OMG. Her reaction was so underwhelming. I think it was the shock of having it suddenly… there.

But within no time over the course of the afternoon/night, I could hear her singing songs from the sequel with such heart, songs she had only been able to access through small snippets on youtube…

So we got there. Finally.

#1468 We meet again

It’s been about 6 months since I last saw my old work crew.

I caught up with most of them tonight.

Something’s shifted, though. The last time I saw these guys was at our send-off party, and back then there were lots of well wishes, ‘stay in touch’s and ‘call me’s.

But now that we have seen each other and caught up…

It’s no more ‘good luck for the future.’

It’s actually ‘when do we do this again?’

This group, who I spent so many years with, and so many of my hours with, laughing and talking and gossiping, have gone from former colleagues, to –


And it’s a beautiful place to be.

They’ve transitioned from one part of my life to another.

And you just never know, do you? You never know what role someone is going to play in your life… As the saying goes, they could be in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime…

And within that, their roles and purpose in your life can shift too.

Don’t be too sure of yourself. Allow some room to be surprised.

I sure have been lately. ❤