#945 Sunday ‘chef’s special’ night

Hubbie has been doing something lately on Sunday night’s.

Wednesday night’s too. When he has been home all day you see, he takes it upon himself and becomes…


It is all the more sweeter, because I never asked him to do it, nagged him, or even dropped hints hoping he would take it on board. It just somehow… happened.

I ain’t complaining.

It gives me some time to do things I don’t ordinarily do. Often I have found myself sorting a part of the house that has recently become disrupted by our kitchen reno. Finding a box, that still hasn’t been unpacked, and unpacking it. Even if it’s just blogging about something, taking an earlier shower, or like today, sitting on the couch with baby girl while she watched her youtube dolls play, and I researched rugs, well, so be it. It is awesome, and any person would agree that no one would say NO to extra, free time to do whatever it was they wished.

I love it, and the dinner ain’t bad too.


😉 My man, looking after me. I am very grateful for it 🙂


#905 New blue shoes

What is better than buying a new pair of shoes?

Why, buying the pair that you were eyeing off over a month ago, at 50% off!

50% off!

50% off!


Yes it was all pure chance that it happened. I had a spare moment during the day while I was doing odd jobs on the Main street, and as I headed into the store, wondered why the hell there were sooo many ladies in there at that time (random, surely). I was then pleasantly surprised at the reduced price tag on my shoes, and then turned off my tunnel vision long enough to realise the ENTIRE STORE had red 50% off signs plastered everywhere.

For no other reason than getting ready for Summer stock. Why I never.

I think I need to go back and buy more.

No I am not kidding. You gotta hear me out. I am not buying shoes and boots willy-nilly at the drop of a hat every time I pass a shoe store. Not only am I super-fussy about what ends up on my feet, but that is combined with my unfortunate lack of time, and so I have basically been wearing the same 2 pairs of boots, day in and day out, I kid you not, for about 4 years, if not MORE.

One of my pairs is sooo bad, that although walkable, I am almost embarrassed to wear them. Buying shoes right now, is a necessity.

Also, 50% off.

Also, the biggest reason… BIRTHDAY MONTH! Hello?


#687 Starting afresh, day 1


Photo by Bryce Barker on Unsplash

I remember hearing from somebody when I was a teenager that the first 5 minutes after the clock striking midnight on New Years Eve were vital – they represented the state of the following year.

So if the first 5 minutes of Jan 1 were happy, so too would your New Year be happy.

If they were crappy – so too would your New Year be crappy.

And so on.

This was later updated by someone else, to say that the first hour after midnight was important, as it represented the upcoming year… and then somebody else said it was none of the above, rather the first day that meant anything at all.

Basically you had 24 hours to pull your shit together and make it the best representation of what you wanted the upcoming year to be.

Really…. I do think it is kind of BS. I used to be more highly superstitious and hold these things closely to my heart, freaking out if I had anything but ‘happy happy joy joy’ thoughts when the clock struck twelve on New Years, but I now realise that your year, will ALWAYS be what you make of it. And you can always start again, whenever you like. You don’t have to wait a whole year for it.


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Having said all that, I was STILL pleased that during the New Years Eve party yesterday and on day 1 of the New Year, today, it was spent with some of my most favourite people – my family.

They were there last night, and then because we clearly didn’t get enough of them then, Hubbie, baby girl and I headed over to my sister’s place again today for some more familial love, comprising of leftovers, after-party discussion, some ‘light’ drinks, and chill time.

And then quite surprisingly, my parents just walked in! Just like that! They had decided to join the party too, and suddenly all was well in the world.

Half of us headed into the pool, and the addition of water fun, play and relaxation, just added to the calm yet loving nature of the day.

It was a great start to the year.

And although there were also components of today that were crappy, or annoying – I dismissed them from mind and care.

Just as I will try to do for anything that doesn’t serve a purpose of happiness, growth, and fulfilment in my life this year.

Happy 2018 folks.


Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

#685 Baby girl and besties

It’s a beautiful thing to catch up with old friends. It’s even better, when your child welcomes them with open arms.

And hugs.

And kisses.

And jumps all over them.

And plays with them.

And tells them they are her best friends in “whole my world.”

Not ‘my whole world.’


That is more special. Or should I say, special more.

It was a great night for us all, and every time we vow we won’t leave it so long ’til the next catch up… and then LIFE catches up, but still, we keep on trying. That is the thing with real friends, no matter what, you always try.

You are together for the night, and time flies and you don’t realise how much time has passed, because time feels like nothing at all when the company is so precious.

There was talking, laughter and music, and baby girl took photographic evidence to document IT ALL.

See, this is our Christmas tree all lit up


Then this was some of our song selections for the night


This is the side of Bestie, her hubbie Hubbex, and Hubbie all chilling on the couch.


This is her foot


And this is me, with her lego so conveniently sprawled along the coffee table, the tree behind me so beautifully hiding the inconspicuously placed fridge that has still not been moved into place following the kitchen reno (have you ever tried to move a fridge?!?!)


I know, right? You will have to all form an orderly line and wait to see the entrepreneurial photographic genius that is my daughter. Go on. Take a ticket.

Who else posts blurry photos online? NO ONE. See, we’re already winning.

Happy New Year’s Eve EVE everyone. Hope yours was lit up with joy and friendship too.




#674 3 year-old kinder – Tick

And just like that. A year almost gone.

And a school year gone with it.

I can’t believe how quickly the end of the year has arrived. More so that it signals the end of 3 year-old kinder for baby girl. Today I watched the 4 year-old kinder group at their special black-robed, square-hat graduation in lead up to primary school, while the younger group, including baby girl, watched on at what awaited them next year.


A year already! It felt insane. My girl was growing up too fast. It wasn’t fast enough in those early, early days, of sleepless nights, odd schedules, intense confusion about everything… and yet now each day Hubbie came home from work and said to her incredulously “did you grow again?” and she would stand against the wall to show how tall she really was.

I am grateful that she completed this year of kindergarten, through all the ups and downs… and next year will be the real deal, 4 year-old kindergarten.

15 hours to spare a week? What will I do with myself?


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at baby girl’s increasing independence. Maybe for now, I’ll try the upward smile…


#564 Spa ‘me’ day

I have had the most splurgiest of splurgee splurge sessions today.

I went to the Peninsula Hot Springs.

For anyone that doesn’t know what the Peninsula Hot Springs are, they are a collection of thermal mineral waters that flow into pools and private baths in the Fingal location on the Peninsula, that make it the prime real estate of bathing, and other luxurious treatments such as massages.


I not only bathed today. But I massaged. AND I ate.

It all started with the voucher I received from Hubbie for my birthday… last year. Yep, I am continuing my wait-’til-the-last-possible-second tradition of fulfilling a gift voucher by waiting until the last day possible to use it. And today I used it before its expiry date of tomorrow, so at least I’m being consistent.

Not due to lack of want, NO. I love the Peninsula Hot Springs. I’ve been there once before many many years ago, and now that we are locals and an approximate 30 minute drive away, I’d love to make this as common a luxurious tradition as humanly (and monetarily) possible.

For me it’s always been about the TIME. Finding time to do something for myself, and making sure baby girl is occupied or there is someone to look after her, and simultaneously trying to find ‘me’ time outside of ‘family’ time, because DON’T GET ME STARTED on Mum guilt…

So today I put Hubbie’s voucher to good use. I followed a lovely lady into a hut within the trees occupying this forest oasis, and had an hour-long Peninsula vine massage…


Followed by a lunch in the Bath House café, where I sat unapologetically in my white robe, with only a pair of disposable knickers underneath, true story.


Because nothing says relaxation like not removing your terry white robe to eat a very distinguished lunch menu. Tee hee hee.

And then I had about an hour to spare before kinder pick-up, so I went through the Bath House pools, intimate bathing spaces for those only 16+, and tried out some steaming hot baths, one of which was a mere 40-42 degrees Celsius.

Thin branching leaves and trees enveloped the entire Bath House area, so that it felt like a little private piece of watery heaven.

I had been all on my own, and it had been a day for me. I left feeling clear, fresh, rejuvenated, and seriously, those minerals had really changed me. They had done something to me internally, and I felt lighter for it.


I felt all brand-new. And that is certainly something to be grateful for.


#552 The facial

I can easily refer to it as ‘the,’ rather than ‘a’ facial, since the duration between facials has been so long, I almost forgot WHAT IT WAS.

I think I had a series of treatments before I got married, you know, to get my face all ‘getting married ready.’

That was over 8 years ago.

I received a voucher for a beauty salon from my beautiful cousins a year ago for my birthday, and today I was finally able to redeem it, one day before it expired.

Actually, the fact that the salon is not even open tomorrow, means I actually got in at the last day.

There are so many excuses as to why it took me so long to get there, and furthermore, why I don’t do facials anymore: lack of time, attention elsewhere (more ‘important’ things), Motherhood, WIFE-hood, both a.k.a putting myself last, and the worst of it all, the guilt that I should be doing more worthy things, rather than splurging on myself.

All a bunch of bull.

As I lay there in the darkened room, moisturiser getting lathered and massaged into my face and neck and shoulders, I vowed to myself I had to do this more often. I had to put myself first, look after my own body and mind and wellbeing, and then when I did, I would come back to my family all –

Rejuvenated. Fresh. Alive. Ready to take on the world. And with a restored sense of calm.

And isn’t that the best way to be with your family? The best person you can be? I, and YOU, owe it not just to yourself, but to them.

So honestly, I need to get a facial every couple of months, for them. Good point, good point… 😉