#1029 Getting the Chrissy list sorted

You know where most of the pain of buying Christmas presents comes from?

It’s not from finding the time, or even trying to find the money for it… but rather, it’s knowing WHAT to buy.

That is the real work.

I have about a third of the presents from my list bought already. And that is only 9 days into December.

But better than that, is that I know every single thing that I will be buying for the rest of my list, except for a handful of people.

That is pretty awesome.

The only thing holding me back from going out and buying everything, is of course, time and money…


And for the other few I have left… I still have 16 days to go before Christmas arrives.

16 days to get organised for just a couple more!

Woo hoo, I’m feeling good πŸ™‚


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#1026 Kinder photos from the past year

It’s an early post for me today, but sometimes you know in your heart of hearts, what you will think about for days, weeks, even months later, when you look back at a certain day.

And I know what I will think of when I look back on today.

It was the most beautiful day at baby girl’s kinder for her informal graduation ceremony, and Christmas family day. It was an early one this year, because the kindergarten teacher will be off overseas soon, and so they held the party today.

Never mind I am already having kinder withdrawals with 2 weeks to go. Not only will I miss the place terribly, the innocent culture, the amazing teachers, the kids, the community vibe… but I will miss their greenery.


After the kids sang some very sweet songs and Christmas songs to the parents, and were presented individually with a group photo congratulating them on their kindergarten participation, we took a couple of graduation hat photos, before heading off home with all her Christmas presents and goodies from the day.

I went through one of the bags at home. She had received book upon book upon book. I instructed her to put them under the Christmas tree, and she promptly did so, as I came upon an envelope…

I peered inside.

There were photos.

As I started to pull them out, I gasped, and burst into tears.


It was tears of happiness. Tears of gratitude. Giant, sobbing, shoulder-heaving tears. I went through the photos, only half a dozen, but photos that showed my daughter playing at kinder. Interacting with others. Playing with her friends. Mucking about on the slide. Posing in capes.

I tearfully went through each one, pouring over it enthusiastically while trying to gain an inside glimpse of her kindergarten life from the brief snapshots I had.

They were soooo valuable to me… because baby girl rarely tells me what happens at kinder.

She will tell me dribs and drabs. Who she sat next to for lunch. Whether she had a turn on the spiderweb swing or not. How many times she went to the loo. She seems persistent to not tell me much at all, and though I try to find ways to ease the information out of her, and the teachers put up photos of their various activities week in and week out, I still don’t get the feedback I so crave.

Which is why I figuratively clutched the photos to my heart when I saw them.

It was a build up of everything. How far she had come. How far she had grown. Where she had started when she started there last year, to today, standing front row during theΒ  songs and singing loudly “there’s a reindeer on my roof!”

I am so happy today. So proud. Time goes on, and sometimes it goes slow, yet sometimes it goes fast…

And it’s on days like today, these brief glimpses within our lives, where we look back and say “wow. Here we are.”

Here we are. β™₯

#1001 The 15 minute seaside break

What can you do in 15 minutes? Rather, if you find yourself with a little free time, what do you usually fill that time up with?

A phone call?

Clear up that corner mess?

Pay some bills online?

Start folding the laundry?

15 minutes can come and go by so quickly, that we often don’t make the most of it – in a personal sense.Β  Instead we pass the time by doing some odd boring job, most of the time one of our ‘never-ending tasks’… you know the ones, that like boomerangs always come back, no matter how many times we do it?

We tend to put off doing anything good or fulfilling for ourselves, usually saying “I’ll do it when I have MORE time.”

“When I don’t feel so tired.”

“When it’s not a Sunday.”

“When I don’t have groceries in the car.”

“When I have planned for it better.”

Today, after our quick stop at the shops, I had all of the above reasons and more as we grappled with the idea… to stop at the coastline, or head straight back home?

Hmm, it seemed like such a good idea.

But, was it? We were tired. We still had sooo much cleaning to do at home post-birthday bash celebrations, so that mammoth task was still awaiting us and looming in our minds…

We decided for and against as we drove down the main beach road in our town, swaying like a pendulum as we went to, fro, to, fro…


Until I said “stuff it.”

I turned right – it was to be TO.




So often we put our enjoyable moments on the backburner, waiting for the most perfect, opportune time.

But any moment can be the perfect time. Any moment you can manage it. We need to stop living in such limiting ways so as to think “oh, I am too busy.”

You are NOT too busy to make yourself happy.

You are NOT too busy to make yourself smile.

You are NOT too busy to give yourself a timeout and a chance to enjoy the life that you live, doing whatever it is that makes you, and only you, uniquely happy.

So today we sat on a brick wall, breathed in some lovely sea air, and decided, we are going to make the most out of life, whether that includes the beach or not.

And so should YOU.



#945 Sunday ‘chef’s special’ night

Hubbie has been doing something lately on Sunday night’s.

Wednesday night’s too. When he has been home all day you see, he takes it upon himself and becomes…


It is all the more sweeter, because I never asked him to do it, nagged him, or even dropped hints hoping he would take it on board. It just somehow… happened.

I ain’t complaining.

It gives me some time to do things I don’t ordinarily do. Often I have found myself sorting a part of the house that has recently become disrupted by our kitchen reno. Finding a box, that still hasn’t been unpacked, and unpacking it. Even if it’s just blogging about something, taking an earlier shower, or like today, sitting on the couch with baby girl while she watched her youtube dolls play, and I researched rugs, well, so be it. It is awesome, and any person would agree that no one would say NO to extra, free time to do whatever it was they wished.

I love it, and the dinner ain’t bad too.


πŸ˜‰ My man, looking after me. I am very grateful for it πŸ™‚


#905 New blue shoes

What is better than buying a new pair of shoes?

Why, buying the pair that you were eyeing off over a month ago, at 50% off!

50% off!

50% off!


Yes it was all pure chance that it happened. I had a spare moment during the day while I was doing odd jobs on the Main street, and as I headed into the store, wondered why the hell there were sooo many ladies in there at that time (random, surely). I was then pleasantly surprised at the reduced price tag on my shoes, and then turned off my tunnel vision long enough to realise the ENTIRE STORE had red 50% off signs plastered everywhere.

For no other reason than getting ready for Summer stock. Why I never.

I think I need to go back and buy more.

No I am not kidding. You gotta hear me out. I am not buying shoes and boots willy-nilly at the drop of a hat every time I pass a shoe store. Not only am I super-fussy about what ends up on my feet, but that is combined with my unfortunate lack of time, and so I have basically been wearing the same 2 pairs of boots, day in and day out, I kid you not, for about 4 years, if not MORE.

One of my pairs is sooo bad, that although walkable, I am almost embarrassed to wear them. Buying shoes right now, is a necessity.

Also, 50% off.

Also, the biggest reason… BIRTHDAY MONTH! Hello?


#687 Starting afresh, day 1


Photo by Bryce Barker on Unsplash

I remember hearing from somebody when I was a teenager that the first 5 minutes after the clock striking midnight on New Years Eve were vital – they represented the state of the following year.

So if the first 5 minutes of Jan 1 were happy, so too would your New Year be happy.

If they were crappy – so too would your New Year be crappy.

And so on.

This was later updated by someone else, to say that the first hour after midnight was important, as it represented the upcoming year… and then somebody else said it was none of the above, rather the first day that meant anything at all.

Basically you had 24 hours to pull your shit together and make it the best representation of what you wanted the upcoming year to be.

Really…. I do think it is kind of BS. I used to be more highly superstitious and hold these things closely to my heart, freaking out if I had anything but ‘happy happy joy joy’ thoughts when the clock struck twelve on New Years, but I now realise that your year, will ALWAYS be what you make of it. And you can always start again, whenever you like. You don’t have to wait a whole year for it.


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Having said all that, I was STILL pleased that during the New Years Eve party yesterday and on day 1 of the New Year, today, it was spent with some of my most favourite people – my family.

They were there last night, and then because we clearly didn’t get enough of them then, Hubbie, baby girl and I headed over to my sister’s place again today for some more familial love, comprising of leftovers, after-party discussion, some ‘light’ drinks, and chill time.

And then quite surprisingly, my parents just walked in! Just like that! They had decided to join the party too, and suddenly all was well in the world.

Half of us headed into the pool, and the addition of water fun, play and relaxation, just added to the calm yet loving nature of the day.

It was a great start to the year.

And although there were also components of today that were crappy, or annoying – I dismissed them from mind and care.

Just as I will try to do for anything that doesn’t serve a purpose of happiness, growth, and fulfilment in my life this year.

Happy 2018 folks.


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#685 Baby girl and besties

It’s a beautiful thing to catch up with old friends. It’s even better, when your child welcomes them with open arms.

And hugs.

And kisses.

And jumps all over them.

And plays with them.

And tells them they are her best friends in “whole my world.”

Not ‘my whole world.’


That is more special. Or should I say, special more.

It was a great night for us all, and every time we vow we won’t leave it so long ’til the next catch up… and then LIFE catches up, but still, we keep on trying. That is the thing with real friends, no matter what, you always try.

You are together for the night, and time flies and you don’t realise how much time has passed, because time feels like nothing at all when the company is so precious.

There was talking, laughter and music, and baby girl took photographic evidence to document IT ALL.

See, this is our Christmas tree all lit up


Then this was some of our song selections for the night


This is the side of Bestie, her hubbie Hubbex, and Hubbie all chilling on the couch.


This is her foot


And this is me, with her lego so conveniently sprawled along the coffee table, the tree behind me so beautifully hiding the inconspicuously placed fridge that has still not been moved into place following the kitchen reno (have you ever tried to move a fridge?!?!)


I know, right? You will have to all form an orderly line and wait to see the entrepreneurial photographic genius that is my daughter. Go on. Take a ticket.

Who else posts blurry photos online? NO ONE. See, we’re already winning.

Happy New Year’s Eve EVE everyone. Hope yours was lit up with joy and friendship too.