#1003 Nothing

Yep, you read right folks. But no, it ain’t what you think.

Because although the heading reads ‘nothing,’ it ain’t as it suggests – that I am grateful for nothing… AT ALL.

I am simply grateful for my ‘nothing’ day.

Where I did, NOTHING.

I realised I was having such a ‘nothing’ day when while grocery shopping this morning I paused at the magazine stand, and proceeded to flip through the pages of a new soap opera mag to see if Brooke and Ridge were still going to be married in 3 months time, and if Liam had left Hope already for Steffy (not yet, I am holding out though).

And in that moment I went “I never get a chance to do this… like EVER.”

That was the biggest excitement of my day.

A headache and pains and all around stuffiness and deflated-ness further added to my exciting ‘nothing’ day, but I think after all the anticipation and nerves and partying of the last week, I was well overdue for a day such as today…

Where I did pretty much nothing. And I don’t feel guilty for it AT ALL.

#973 Taking to the pedal

My deep and heartfelt gratitude did not come from our family event outing, nor during the bonding we spent there, the down time at home, or that cheeky ice cream we squeezed in on the Main Street afterwards..

No. It came later on in the day, after much tiredness, frustration, raging emotions, and passionate tempers.

It came when baby girl hopped onto her bike.

She got her first bike after our first Christmas here in our Sea change location. She was almost 3 and a half, and was more than excited about riding a bike that had her fave character, Dora the Explorer plastered all over it.

But, it was HARD. She found the pedals difficult to circle. A couple of attempts here and there, and though we regularly went back to it at the start, the bike soon found its place in a corner of the garage, gathering dust, while baby girl still didn’t have a good grasp on how to ride it.


As it happens often in life, doesn’t it? We buy something, and it just sits there, unused and unwanted. We think something will be a peace of cake, but it isn’t.

Baby girl had said she would ride her bike all the time… and we thought so too… but she didn’t.

It’s always been there in the back of her mind though.

Like the streamers peeking out from the handlebars in the corner of the garage, so too did bits and bursts of other bikes pop into baby girl’s mind, or in front of her eyes, reminding her that she did not ride a bike.

She had one. She didn’t ride one.

It’s been picking up momentum lately though. Kids from her kinder will ride to and from the pre-school. Littlies will ride past our house with their parents. She even watches Disney dolls riding bikes on youtube.

She would say “when can I ride my bike?”

And we would say “you need to practice honey.”

So today… we practiced.

Sure, it was hard at first. The whole motion of turning your legs in opposite directions in a circular motion, combined with steering the handle, and looking ahead, is a very multitasking job! We had to keep helping her with her feet, pushing them around, trying to steer her at the same time, reminding her to go “forwards, not backwards,” and “look ahead,” and “don’t go into the grass”…

She started to get it.


Just a little bit of encouragement, praise for her getting it, and she was off and running! Or should I say riding! There are still quite a few stops and starts, riding into bushes of flowers, and random sudden brakes… but to see her so happy, riding along in glee, telling me “watch out Mum I’m coming!”…

It just clutched at my heart strings in the strongest way.

And it made this funny, interesting and mixed up day, the best one. 🙂

#972 Resting after the parties

I took the day off work to take baby girl to two kids parties today.

I had been informed well in advance of one, and then when I found out about the other, well I thought “that’s well timed.”

But can I just say… I work less and am more rested when I am at work, working, then when I am home for the day, with baby girl, driving around to first a 5 year-old’s, then a 6 year-old’s birthday party.


I was ruined by the end of it all. It had been a full, fun day, but boy oh boy was I wrecked. As baby girl went to take her Dad out to the trampoline in the evening (because she somehow had not spent enough of her energy during the day) I took a deliberate 5 minute time-out on the couch.


Can you see my toes, shining from the glow of the late afternoon sun? Can you see that water far off in the distance? It was a splendid day, and yet having been running around through the whole of it, I could actually not care less about it.

Yes it was beautiful out there. But lying by myself in peace for a few minutes, was more beautiful.

Then I heard baby girl and her Dad yelling and mucking about and talking from the yard… and I guess I am a sucker for punishment. I followed them out. 🙂

#966 What she said no. 9

I sat on the floor of the bathroom beside the bathtub. I leant over to squeeze some water from the wash cloth over her head, in doing so trickling water all over her hair, arms and body.

“I’m sorry honey.” I trickled some more water over her.

“What?” she turned to me.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you before.”

“Yeah,” she agreed with me. “You yelled at me. It’s not nice to yell at people.”

I nodded. “Yes that’s right. But don’t keep calling out like that. I could hear you, Mummy was coming…” my excuse fell on my own deaf ears. It was total bullshit. I was tired, under-slept, and my crankiness had earlier come out as I lost my shit at a fairly insignificant moment with baby girl.

“I’m sorry baby girl… do you forgive me?”

“Yeah.” Without skipping a beat. She picked up a cup of water, and spilt it over her barbie doll’s head. Without looking at me, so casually, she returned:

“Me always forgive you…”


“… Me always forgive you when you yell at me.”

Oh, F&$k. Well there goes my daily parenting award.

Still, a little awwww nonetheless. 🙂

#910 Birthday party timing

I am tired. I have had a big weekend.

But you know what was great about arriving late, like, 90 minutes late, to the second party of the weekend today, after we went to bed at 4am this morning, the after-remnants of LAST night’s party where we partied so hard?

We were in time for the food. Yep. Nothing more satisfying than arriving to a party, LATE, and discovering you are still right on time.

I like hand painting too. This one is very pretty.


Over and out. Inspiration and creativity at a nil due to little sleep. Be back tomorrow…. zzzz.

#633 Spinach and fetta pastries

I am grateful because today, despite being tired, uninspired, flat, and with a MASSIVE cbf attitude when I got home from work, I still somehow summoned up the energy to make these:


Spinach and fetta pastries. Can I just say, soooo lucky I didn’t read the recipe properly, or else I never would have made it – had I known I actually had to roll the pastry out.

Like, sigh. Who has time to ‘roll’ these days?

So I did, barely. And though they were kinda falling apart when I put them together, the save function occurred when I turned them upside down to keep the fold on the bottom – and they turned out great.

It all came about when I came across a recipe for using up spinach, and I had a fair bit of spinach that needed using up in the fridge. I’ve been really trying to cook according to what I have, and waste not, want not as I go along. It is better for the environment, and better for your wallet too.

I always hold back when I need to use pastry, whether store-bought, frozen, whatever… let alone the insane terrifying thought of making pastry myself.

But I am aware of my pastry fear, and I am going to try and make more things that use this my most scary ingredient, and shock horror – I might even make a pie, from scratch.

Dum da dum dum.

I know, right? Un-bloody-believable. Watch this space.

But for now, this pastry rocks. It turned out so great, despite literally smacking it together… life is so much better when things work with you.


#559 Done and Dusted Saturday

People all over the schooling/working world LOVE Saturdays. It is perhaps one of the most celebrated days of the week.

And yet for me, this glass half-full and gratitude gal, I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

And now that it is, I am now, finally grateful.

I worked. It was one of those days. And then stomach cramps and spasms thrown on top of it definitely didn’t help. But for me, my weekend begins sometime tomorrow, and after a good long sleep in, I know I will feel better.

Sometimes we just need to go to bed, and start again. So I am grateful for that. The end today, means a new beginning tomorrow…