#971 Trampoline sky

From looking down yesterday, to looking UP today.

Have you ever just stopped to stare at the sky? Well, next chance you get, DO IT. Today I tended to baby girl’s trampoline request in the late afternoon, and after a bit of running about and “tag, you’re it!” doing circles in the bouncy sphere, I lay down to stare at the never-ending blue sky.


Although there were no cloud formations to make out, no birds flying by and certainly no other landmarks or trees in my immediate field of vision (that shot above was of the corner), I didn’t care… the constant blue ‘up there,’ was the most serene and peaceful 6 seconds….

Then baby girl jumped on my hair, and that was just too close. Serene moment GONE.

If you think you can get 6 seconds of this peace, or maybe even more…

Lie down.

Close your eyes.

Then when you open them, stare up at the sky and think how the expanse of sky represents your dreams coming into fruition, and the inherent abundance that lives around us all.


You’re welcome.

Do that in 6 seconds and you’ll be good. 😉

#967 Counting down the Kinder days

You may think I am being overly dramatic by already mourning the end of kindergarten for this year. It was only the first day of term 4 today.

But you see, weeks ago at the end of last term, I saw the future.

I saw a busy, 9am-3pm routine. A young girl starting primary school, and entering the domain of masses of school kids, trying to learn and not get overwhelmed by it all, making friends and working her way through “this thing called Life…”

Hold on I’m quoting Prince now. But seriously. I LOVE KINDERGARTEN.

It is so sweet, so simple. Me and a handful of other parents/grandparents drop off their brood… the car parking is easy. The trees are lush and commanding, secretive and tranquil.

The kids do such simple things. Things in general, are sooo simple.

Like today for instance.

Who can swing higher?

Can I jump off the slide early enough to avoid that bird poo?

Let’s put on sunscreen and our hats!

This is how we roll on our obstacle course…

and on and on the adorable activities go.

The kids call me “baby girl’s Mum.” Oh man I LOVE IT.

They hand me Batman dolls and ask me truly random questions, and I think it is just adorable they walk in to class and hand my girl a flower 🙂

And then at the end of the session, baby girl does her usual run up to me, as she did today… she runs off a short distance, before hurtling back towards me, and I drop her bag and spin her around at the very last moment.


I love ALL of this, and yet I know in no time at all, it will be coming to an end.

It is the bittersweet part of growing up. Of experiencing the different stages and enjoying them while they last. I know there are amazing things she will experience, and I with her, as the years go on…

But it’s the naivety, the innocence, and the adoration as they look up at you, that I will miss the most.

Oh, wipe away my tears 😉

#940 The early bird catches the park

Baby girl and I did something today, that we haven’t done in a LONG time.

In fact, I wonder if it has happened at all in the last 2 years.

We got up… EARLY.

Well, it was earlier. And it was completely unintentional. I mean, well part of it was intentional, because I’m usually up 5-10 minutes later despite my best efforts, and let me tell you those 5-10 minutes make a HUGE difference, on top of the fact that most mornings I am begging baby girl to get out of bed for kinder.

Oh, how the tables have turned.

But I somehow willed myself up and out of bed at the time that I should always be getting up. And then, baby girl woke up too.

She doesn’t really have to get up for another 20 minutes or so. But suddenly, having both of us awake earlier than usual, I sprung into action.

Everything was done earlier. Dressed. Hair. Breakfast. Teeth. Hairspray. Toilet. And baby girl was helpful and independent through all of it, even going to brush her teeth on her own (why I never).

It meant that we were out of the house earlier, parked at kinder earlier, and were therefore able to enjoy one of the major perks of the kindergarten location…

The park next door.


I think it’s the most glorious of circumstances that there is a park alongside baby girl’s kindergarten. And like the expansive yard of her kinder, this park too is wide, grand, with tall looming trees bordering the playground and green field inhabiting it, provide a safe and comfortable sanctuary in which kids can explore, play and be free.

I don’t understand why we were the only ones there, on this beautiful Spring day, while all the other early-birds opted to wait eagerly out the front of the doors until it was officially 9:15 am. Maybe they had places to be. Maybe they had to work. Maybe they just wanted to rid themselves of kids.

Me however? Nothing pressing. Nothing urgent. I sat beside baby girl on the swings, our legs going high into the air, enjoying the feel-good and carefree moment of enjoying life, taking it slow, and knowing that everything will be tended to in time.


#922 Port Arthur Love and Loss

I never thought I would love Port Arthur.

It always seemed like such a sad place, a haunting place, and a tragic place, based on its old history of convict settlement, brutal punishments and then another horrible tragedy, the massacre of 1996.

I had heard about it, read about it, been told about it in school. I can even remember the day of the Port Arthur massacre – I was in year 7, and our teacher was telling us about it in class.

I however, never thought I would be as captivated as I was today when I visited the historical site, in person.


Because how can a place with such a savage past, be so beautiful?

It is hard to imagine what it was like then – the whippings – men’s backs seeping with blood from punishment; convicts trying to escape and then freezing to death in the expansive grounds on unforgiving freezing Spring mornings; supposed ‘surgeons’ operating on sick offenders, with no real study or practice behind them – with only time and repeated surgeries making their brutal amputations more precise.

The sun was shining. It was a perfect Winter’s day, something I never thought was possible. We took a boat tour…



We wandered the grounds…


And we just took it all in.


I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It is a World Heritage site for a reason, and I am beyond grateful that I was able to visit its historic sadness and natural splendour. I urge anyone reading this, to do the same.



#892 The Last Winter Walk

It felt like so long ago since I had done this.

These were my thoughts as I walked the 10 minutes from the car park to work, just before 7am this morning. I had had the last couple of Wednesdays off, but still, the previous ones I had worked I must have had a late shift, because this walk felt like something I hadn’t done in a LONG time.

It was peaceful. Still. Few people around. Working in the city outskirts, means that even in peak hour, there is a smaller group heading off to work and going about their day, much smaller in size than if you were to go, bang smack in the middle of the city, and have to scurry about like a hamster on a wheel.

It was still dark, and yet the first light of the day was starting to filter through. The Bolte Bridge’s lights shone above the water in the near horizon. Boats slept. Runners jogged/shuffled by with earphones on. The regular café guy started opening up shop, putting on the lights inside and taking out tables. Trams whizzed by silently.

Things were happening, and life was still moving. But it was all hush hush.

It was actually, beautiful.

I pondered this as I shoved my hands into my jacket pockets, borrowing my face into my scarf. It was still cold. I knew that the next two Wednesdays I had late shifts – therefore, I wouldn’t be walking like this, at 7 in the morning on those days. Rather, my start time would be at the leisurely hour of 3… PM.

I started to calculate. If I do two more late Wednesdays, and then I’m on holidays for a few weeks… I won’t be doing an early Wednesday shift, until September.

The next time I will be walking in the morning like this, it’ll be Spring.

Oh! I realised with excitement. This is my last Winter walk for the year.

Suddenly, EVERYTHING INSIDE OF ME HALTED. My legs kept moving forward tentatively, yet everything in my head whirred to a direct halt.

Redundancy. Moving on. New jobs.

I wouldn’t be here next Winter. This was my last Winter walk to work, EVER.

The acknowledgement suddenly saddened me. Sure it was cold… but here we were, months and months and months away from finishing up, and suddenly I was experiencing one of the many ‘lasts’ that I would inevitably come across as I made my way slowly but surely, to the work finishing line.

In this race, we were all crossing the line together. We were unified in our change, but it was still horribly bittersweet.

I was immediately relieved that I had made the Winter Walk realisation. I crossed the road, and paused near my work, taking some photos.



Those pine trees I’d complained about, when they’d replaced them with the original palm trees years ago… I’ll miss them.

That street I walk up religiously to get my coffee fix… I’ll miss it.

That view. It’s pretty darn impressive, even in Winter. Even in the dark.

Those boats. They have allowed me to daydream and ponder as they waft and tilt over the swaying waters.

Even the God-damn mirrored elevator in the building.


Sure, I’ll miss that too. What with the bright lights allowing you to see every pimple on your face, yet with enough of a warm glow that makes you feel like you too, might be able to jump in front of the cameras and give the latest news update.

Oh, it’s beginning. The ‘lasts’ are-a-coming.

Thank God for phones. Thank God for photos.

Because the memories will always remain. ♥

#856 Lotsa everything day

Today I was fortunate to have many things to be grateful for.

I was grateful for… lotsa.

I was grateful that we visited one of the last schools on our primary tour for baby girl… and we think it is the one. Sure, the school we last visited we also felt ‘good’ about. But this one gave me a certain vibe on the info night I attended weeks ago. And Hubbie and I agreed today, that it felt like our own primary schools that we attended, growing up.

It had a real community vibe, and that’s what appealed to us. The clincher was the realisation that the trees out the front of the school are my trees, and if you don’t know what they are, go and look at the background pic on my smikg.com page…

It was a gorgeous sunny day. Absolutely sublime.

I happily took baby girl to kinder late because of this tour, and discovered a coffee truck in the outside car park.

I wasn’t planning on having coffee… but when one is presented with such, one MUST HAVE.

I’ve never seen it there before, because I’ve never been 1 hour late to kinder. I must hang around and ‘help’ them on some other occasions me thinks…

I headed off to do some furniture and flooring window shopping/research on my own, and we all know as a parent, anything you do ‘on your own’ is gratitude enough, especially since such simple tasks such as wiping your butt and having a shower are often accompanied by a little person.

Our kitchen progressed that little bit more today… we have an extra cupboard for storage, hooray!

And speaking of the kitchen… perhaps the best part of the day was dancing around it in the evening before dinner, with Hubbie and baby girl, to her favourite song Go Bang by Pnau.


Our socks may be mismatched, but let me assure you, we are family folks.

It’s a happy day when you don’t quite know what you are most grateful for…

So let’s just be grateful for it ALL 🙂




#843 Beneath blue skies…

Blue skies peeking from beneath the leaves of trees:


The pristine expanse of water, stretching out around boats and travelling up the horizon of skyscrapers, for as far as the eye can see:


And then a bridge in lights – the glow representative of the stunning day that was, or IS.


Noble, worthy, and wonderful things to focus on and remember about today, especially as only hours after that last photo, I went home early from work because there was a golf ball stuck in my throat.

I’m not well. 😦

I am reminded of my Mum’s words. Whenever I have expressed to her deep frustration or complaints about life, she has responded with this:

“You have to grow thick skin, and be hard, like a rock. So hard, so nothing can get you.”

This soft girl needs some thick skin then. I need it so that the ball in my throat pales in comparison, and I need it so I can focus on those blue skies with more appreciation…