#1218 Sunday Our Day no. 3

After waking this morning so tired and sore, we had to head out into the sunshine, and replenish ourselves by nature’s hand…

We walked down a nearby street towards the beach later in the afternoon. There is a cafΓ© on that path (how awfully convenient) and we sat amidst it’s large and looming trees (above) as we all shared in some Sunday arvo coffee and treats…

Before stopping by at the nearby park (awfully convenient for baby girl) where we sat in the blinding sunlight and watched her play


(that’s her singing Jasmine doll also watching her play)

And then we took the most curious and leisurely of strolls down a street we had never been in. We observed the tall and overgrown trees lining the street, the immaculate beach houses, and pictured us maybe one day, FAR in the future, in a kind of house like that…

You can dream. β™₯ (You all know what happens when I dream…)

It just shows that you can explore and find adventure in your day, within your own backyard… and often all you have to do is turn a different corner…

#1192 Walking for doughnuts

I found myself without car today.

I had to leave my car at an auto electrician’s this morning after school drop off, and subsequently had no quick and reliable mode of transport to get me home.

So… to walk.

It was a great walk as it was fresh and I warmed up quickly. It took me 27 minutes from start to my front door, and really it would have been about 20 if I hadn’t made a cheeky detour, and then spent some of my time slowing down to take photos of me looking like a Christmas tree my goodies.


LOL. It is all about BALANCE.

Take a nice lengthy walk home…

Reward yourself (as if it were my choice) with doughnuts.



#1164 Sisters hit Sassafras

Today was well overdue.

ALL the best days are.

Best outings. Best catch-ups. Best times with the best people.

Sis and I caught-up and headed into the Dandenong Ranges for coffee, food, and then more food…

But more important than anything we consumed, was the talking. The open-heartedness. The breaking down of walls. The happiness in sharing your thoughts with someone, speaking openly and honestly and knowing there is no judgment, only love and hope for better things.

We hide things too often. We keep our woes close to our chests and in turn they burden our bodies. We carry these physical and mental stones, struggling in an uphill battle that sees us growing weaker and weaker, the further we climb with these massive boulders…

And then we fall, rolling spectacularly down the hill.

But then, there will be a hand. A hand outstretched to lift you up, help you out, and see to it that you will be on your way again.

With no stones. Just a hand to hold.

The hand I held today was my sister’s. β™₯

#1068 ‘Til we see Yule next time

Finally, the Christmas tree and decorations are packed away.

I sound relieved. I am.

As much as I love Christmas, once a week after January rolls around, I am keen to put the festivities, back in their box.

I started packing up earlier this week, but due to social engagements and work and random holiday stuff, the boxes have been sitting around the house, just waiting for Hubbie to put them underneath the stairs.

Why don’t I put them under the stairs you ask? Why there are bugs, ew. And I needed some other stuff out of there, so…

We nailed the Christmas star to its coffin tonight, and everything is all tidy again, and I feel free.

No more Christmas ’til mid-November December, right?


Baby girl has hugged several Christmas lights, decorations and bears as they have gone into their Christmas hibernation places.

She said tonight “Mum… do you wanna put on some Christmas music?”

And when she ate dinner tonight, it had to be from her Christmas plate (like the last 5 months have been).

Someone isn’t keen to say goodbye just yet. πŸ˜‰


Photo by Chelsea Francis on Unsplash

#1051 A grateful start to 2019

What more can I ask for?


Photo by Oskars Sylwan on Unsplash

Seeing in the New Year with family, friends.


Love, happiness, fun, laughter.

Dancing and d&m’s.

Roasted marshmallows.


Splashing by the pool.

Selfies by the tree.


All the good things, are all the simple things.

Happy New Year to all. May 2019 bring you all your greatest desires.

Every year with my loved ones, I am supremely grateful.

Here’s looking to a 2019 filled with more gratitude, or ways to find it, than the last.


Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

#1038 Reminiscing on kinder days.

Today wasn’t as bittersweet as I thought.

Because I focused on the sugar.


I love all the colour. Her unicorn backpack. πŸ¦„πŸŽ’ Soon it will be navy, with the rest of her standard uniform… gone the wear-what-you-like, heart leggings and butterfly top days. Β β€οΈπŸ¦‹

I love the freedom. Walking into class, with 5 different activities and games happening in different corners. The kids choose as they please, but next year there will be structure, and the choice will be offered within strict parameters.

I love the size. 20 or so kids, and 20 or so parents…

when next year it is them, versus the SCHOOL. 🏫

I love the teachers. They have helped her grow and mature. When I wasn’t around to settle a sore finger or bruised knee, they sat with her as she cried. πŸ˜’πŸ’”

And the trees… how I adore them. 😍🌳🌳🌳

I say β€˜I love,’ but now it is really, β€œI loved.”

Because the kinder days are officially over.πŸ”š



#1030 The wrapping begins

And the Christmas gratitude continues.

You know there are some people who wait until they have bought ALL their Christmas presents until they begin wrapping them? Hey, YOU may even be one of those people.

I am here to say though, that I am not one of those people.

Part of the reason is because if I waited until I had bought absolutely everything, I wouldn’t wrap anything ’til days before the festive day, since there is always some little pesky last minute thing I need to get.

Another reason is that I have catch-ups leading up to Christmas day, and that too means I need to get my wrap game on earlier.

And thirdly? Well I need to see the Christmas tree filling up with presents as soon as possible. Seeing all that delightful red, green and gold underneath, with pretty ribbons and sparkly stuff, well it just warms my soul.

And for that reason, I started wrapping my first lot of presents today.


I did it strategically, while baby girl was at kinder… and when she later saw it, she gasped and said “Wait a minute, presents under the tree! I can’t believe it! Any for me?”

And that’s why I had to be strategic πŸ˜‰