#1830 Me time, beach time

At least once a year, I try to do a beach visit ON MY LONESOME.

You might think that is soooo easy living by the beach and all… but let me explain.

I am a Mum, so I have Mum duties. Baby girl has to be at school.

I am a wife, so I have wife duties. Hubbie has to be at work.

I do everything else around the house, so like, it has to be a chore ‘light’ day…

I work, so it needs to be a work free day.

We live in Melbourne, so we need to have good weather…


AND if all of THAT wasn’t enough, we are living in the time of corona, so we need Dan to let us go to the beach!

Phew. That’s a long list.

Can you see why I only aim for once a year?

Maybe in due time, more solo visits will be possible. Maybe yes, maybe no.

All I know is, I chilled for an hour or two…

read a book…

dipped my toes into the warm water…

let the sun beat down on me…

and closed my eyes to the swirl of waves, wind and little kids squealing around me.

The sound was so full. But my mind was so peaceful. 💖🏖

#1802 A surf beach

You’d think living within a 5 minute drive of one of our most fave beaches, that we wouldn’t need to go anywhere else, right?

The grass is always greener, anyone?

Our beach is family friendly. Kiosk and toilets, right there.

Did I mention 5 minutes from home?

But it’s a bay beach, not a surf beach.

And herein lies our grass greener conundrum.

Which is why we went to a surf beach today.

The funny thing is, there wasn’t even much surf. But that didn’t stop hubbie and baby girl.

We’d bought a family boogie board last week, intending to use it during our getaway when my car spectacularly broke down in the middle of a busy road, with water birds adding to the chaos multiple times as they crossed the two-laned busy tourist road.

So the boogie board didn’t happen there, which is why we were so keen as to use it at a beach on our side of the bay.

Hubbie and baby girl made the most out of the waves they got.

And me? I found the greatest pleasure in sitting on the wet sand, watching the waves pull in closer and closer, watching the two of them catch wave after wave, and then suddenly –

WHOOSH! 💦💦💦💦

The water had reached me on the sand and enveloped my butt. 🤣

We’ll definitely go there again… but still, there’s no place like home-beach. 🌅❤

#1658 Day 160 of getting there: the beach interlude

I’m feeling really grateful that the beach is within our 5km home radius…

Well, the Bay is too. But it ain’t swimming weather just yet, and I think our restrictions don’t yet allow us to do that kind of leisure activity.


We headed out into the glorious day for some exercise, and baby girl was so excited.

It really reminded me how much we have missed out on and sacrificed over this time. How much of the world has passed right by us as we were isolating in our homes.

I just can’t wait to get out into it again, well and proper.

But today, a beach interlude.

Baby girl loved running in the wet sand, the incoming waves almost lapping at her feet. I loved watching her, as the wind and sun swept across my face.

Looking around at all we had missed during this time.

Of course, my reason was two-fold. I had a beautiful bowl I had recently purchased online, and I needed to fill it up with…


And then before we left, we left imprints in the beach’s sand, with our hands, feet, and baby girl even left her own sand-creation for the waves to check out as the tide grew closer.

Alongside the seagull’s imprints! I thought that was pretty cool.

See you soon, waves. 🌊

#1447 Me Time no. 1

I can just as easily have named this a ‘reasons why I love living by the beach’ post with the water being a theme and all once again, but the true intentions of my writing and where I am coming from are so different this time.

Sure, it was hot.

Sure, I wanted to make the most of Summer.

Sure, I wasn’t passing up a hot day offer from Melbourne even if it meant I was alone.

Especially because I was alone. 😉

But I’ve been in a funny space lately. Neither here nor there. Thinking about life, wondering what to do, in this odd middle-ground of nothingness, where nothing is the only thing that actually happens…

Just a whole lot of thinking instead.

I’ve been coming to grips with this weird phase, reminding myself that we all go through it at certain times of life and it’s part of the whole cocoon process in becoming a new person.

To become a butterfly we must shed our shell. But we must hide out and hibernate first to do so.

Part of my quest this year, the year of balance as I’m calling it, the ‘2020’ year, is to find more time to make me happy.

You might think that is SO easy given I don’t have a job. I have plenty of time, right?

Time doesn’t necessarily equate to heart and purpose though. And it’s awfully hard to find motivation when the car that is your life stalls and has to change new tyres, and you suddenly don’t know where the tyres are coming from. And then someone tells you to not stress, and relax.

You try relax while waiting for a tyre change.

So in the meantime, I really have to do things for me.

Things that fill my soul with purpose.

Things that make me smile.

Things that I miss doing.

Things that I always put on the backburner because I need to cook/clean/make phone calls/do washing/a billion other things on my to-do list.

Going to the beach on my lonesome is just one of those wonderful ‘me’ things.


(the seagull had to photobomb my solitary beach photo!)

Firstly, when alone at the beach, I have no one in tow, and no one to answer to. I decide when I come and go. I sit on the sand for as long as I like, and I sit in the water for as long as I like.

And today, while sitting in the water and having waves crash over me… well it truly reset my car battery. 😉

I’ve written a little story about it on Instagram, about waves and life and letting go, so I do hope you check it out… you can find me under smikgwriter so give me a yell if you’re on there too. ♥



#1325 Sunny days

There is so much to do, and so much pleasure to be had, when the sun comes out.

Step 1: Make a flower headpiece for your girl.

As soon as I saw the common Spring flowers today on our walk to get morning coffee, I had to stop. I got baby girl to collect a number of them for me, and proceeded to string them together, as my sister had done for me years ago… I have a picture in my parents front yard, of me in a red tartan dress, sporting my short bob, and a cascade of the same yellow flowers strung around the front of me as a necklace, and a halo of them sitting on top of my head.

I was so young, I’m not sure I even remember the moment… but knowing the photo so well, I feel the joy in it so clearly. I had to recreate it.


See that yellow? Not even one filter. NOT ONE.

Spring is so beautiful.

Step 2: Find a back beach.

Not a front beach, but a back one. LOL. I think this comes down to whether it is a surf, or bay beach. Well this was most definitely a surf beach. 

We headed on to the other side of the Peninsula to access Gunnamatta ocean beach, and the waves were fierce. Rocking! Smashing. Go to my SmikG facebook page for the video, or find me under the same name on insta if you reside there…

The wind was brisk, there were kids splashing in the water (why I never!) and as much as the air was moving through me and chilling me to my core, I have never felt so ALIVE.



We are heading back there on a hot day to jump those waves.

Step 3: Admire some more natural beauty…


Tulip day 2. 

Ahh, Spring… how I have missed you.

#1075 Life metaphors at the Beach

I love the beach. I love the water. The calming and serene effect that it automatically imprints upon you.

I love the expanse of water. I sit, or I stand, or I crouch in the water, and I look at the wealth of ocean before me.

I like to think something positive in times like these. It’s something I did again today, when I was with baby girl down by the water. And it’s not for the fact of tricking myself into believing it… rather it’s a reminder of what I already know.


Whether I am in the water, or sitting out of it and drying on the stinging sand, I think this:

Look at the abundance of water around us.

Up ahead.


It is never-ending.

And it is in this abundance that I remember, there is enough for everyone.

Enough happiness.

Enough health.

Enough success.

Enough fulfillment.

There is no limit on any of these things. If you hear someone has a great job, do not think to yourself –

“Damn, I wish I could have a great job” –

and envy their position.

Because as I said… just as the water goes from horizon to horizon, the oceans touch and merge and grow, and go on and on and on, so too can our dreams…

Be Big. BOLD. Adventurous.


There is enough of an amazing life for everybody. Remember that.

I thought this again as I sat in the shallow waters, with baby girl playing nearby.

You can’t chase life either. Sometimes, you need to let things go.

I surrendered to this thought in the still waters… until soft waves rolled in, washing over me, and splashed against my body.

I smiled in acknowledgement. I know.

Thank You. 🙂