#1555 Day 57 of getting there: Bright Wiggly pyjamas

Another package arrived today.

That’s the thing about isolation. Deliveries are always exciting, but the anticipation of them goes up several notches when it’s what you’re relying on as your retail therapy.

Only it’s delayed.

There was one item I couldn’t wait to get, and it wasn’t even for me…

Bright yellow Emma wiggle pyjamas.

It wasn’t even a luxury… new pjs becameย  necessary last week when two holes appeared in two different sets of pyjamas of hers… two!

It’s as if as soon as I ordered them, the old ones willed themselves to tear.

Baby girl was so rapt when she saw her surprise… she put them on straight away to try.

At lunchtime. I had to force her out of them and back into normal clothes.


I don’t know what it is about the colour yellow… it’s not just knowing baby girl loves her new set, but it’s the way the colour is reflective of her, and just lights up the room with happiness, cheer, love.

Even in the dark. ๐ŸŒŸ

#1553 Day 55 of getting there: Baby girls spunk, and pearls of wisdom

I love this girl.

“It’s my bike and I’ll ride with my Emma Wiggle tutu if I want to.”



Other wise words today:

“When the coronavirus is over, I want to get the other Wiggles outfits… they’re not just for boys, girls can wear them too!”


And after I asked her at bedtime, why she kept changing her mind between wanting to sleep with a toy, to not wanting to sleep with it, she said:

“Because that’s how I am. I change my mind a lot. All kids change their minds a lot. That’s what kids do.”

So matter-of-fact too. ๐Ÿ˜

Watch out world. ๐ŸŒ


#1406 The Christmas carols

My first intention for tonight was to head on down to the local carols in the park for some festive cheer and fun.

‘Twas not to be. Hubbie was tired from work and not ‘feeling it.’

We settled in for a night of carols on TV instead – if I couldn’t have them in person I had to have them someway, right?

“Don’t they do those on Christmas Eve?” Hubbie asked me.

Automatically I responded –

“Channel 7 do Carols in the Domain the Saturday before Christmas, in Sydney… Channel 9 do Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve from Melbourne.”

BAM! Just like that. All Christmas worded-up and everything.

Well I have been watching them all my life, I SHOULD KNOW.

Knowing the Wiggles were on in the first part of the night, we all sat down while baby girl asked repeatedly when they were going to be on.

She totally made up for it when they did arrive on screen, and she danced along to them while we watched her, revelling in her happiness and joy.


There wasn’t a lot of quiet in our house tonight. We weren’t all seriously watching the carols and singing along with our flashlight features turned on on our phones… we were talking over one another, tuning in and out to songs on telly, singing along to some and talking about our goals for next year and just having the best time together.

We didn’t need no community park concert. We were all we needed.

And then I looked outside and – YES! – our new solar Christmas light was working!

It looked magical ๐Ÿ™‚


My memories of Christmas carols stem way back. Growing up on Christmas Eve I’d sit in the lounge room with my Dad as they played, and Mum would come in and out, busy in her preparations for a big family Christmas lunch the next day. We would then wait up ’til midnight and exchange presents, wishing each other a Merry Christmas, and go to bed excited and buzzing that Christmas was finally here.

They are the best memories.

Well we made some of our own tonight. And though the night actually started out pretty average and flat… as soon as the carols started, something magical occurred in our lounge room.

It was, Christmas magic. โ™ฅ

#1392 Front row at The Wiggles

You know the other day when I said “I’m done,” because I was so happy and grateful to be part of a writing group?

“I made it.”

Well today I made it in another way.

We did.

It’s only taken us 9 shows. But today we were front row at The Wiggles concert.



It was the best. It was an incredible experience all on its own, without the Wiggly high-fives, smiles, and don’t forget that repeated eye contact.


Baby girl had Emma, the yellow, and also ballet and Scottish dancing, bow-wearing, goat-loving wiggle, high five her and point that she saw her flashing bow from up on the stage.


OMG. Talk about a total childhood high.

How the hell am I meant to top this experience?

Just as well. Sis and I never know which show will be the last with our kids, and so every moment shared together is so precious and such a beautufil blessing.

And so if it is, it was the biggest highlight EVER.

(Just between you and me though, I think today raised the bar and made them even bigger fans than before…) ๐Ÿ˜‰




#1236 Wiggly love and luck

My sister and I must have some blue, red, yellow and purple fairies floating over our heads.

No, I lie. Those colourful fairies are totally hanging over our kids.

Because every time we go to a Wiggles show, be it the end-of-year Christmas extravaganza in the city, or a mid-year, smaller local theatre, like where we were today, well, we not only have a great time…

We get a tremendous amount of luck.


We were questioning today how long this would last… not our luck, but our kids devotion to the Wiggles. We keep wondering at each concert, will this be their last? Will it be OUR last?

We laughed, yet quietly I think we would have been quite devastated.

At the smaller shows it’s easy to come into close contact with the colourful quartet. A couple of them will walk through the crowd, collecting presents, cards and flowers from the kids, and so we have had quite a few claim-to-fame moments… and even at the last show we were at before this one, the ENORMOUS one in the city, well baby girl was fortunate enough to have her sign picked up by Anthony, the true blue original Wiggle (after she jumped out and thrust it at him!) and as he ran onto the stage he then proceeded to read it out to the entire crowd.

We were pretty star struck.

Nothing could really top though, the sweetest of moments that was today. Today they had their ‘helpers’ collecting gifts from the crowd, and baby girl had given forth her yellow flowers with card inside, while my nephew had handed over the sign that he and my sister had decorated with love.

I watched with a keen eye, as our pressies were brought up on stage.

And as present by present, cards and random crafts were passed onto purple Wiggle Lachie and read out, baby girl’s flowers were next presented to him, which received extreme giddiness from baby girl beside me at the acknowledgement of them…

And then they read out my nephew’s poster.

It was the most beautiful of moments. Not only did he stand up and receive a heartfelt round of applause for his artwork, but Lachie went on to read the note that said my nephew had been seeing the Wiggles for 10 years now, following on from his big brother being a Wiggles fan before him…

And wowโ€ฆ just WOW. The moment went on and on, and in doing so, the love grew stronger, and stronger.

We were all so touched. I think no one more so but my nephew.

And as the show wound up at the end of the evening, after yet again an amazing and entertaining performance, I couldn’t help but think, that the red curtain wasn’t going down in our kids hearts, anytime soon.

Even Simon made sure of that.




#1114 Happiness at a bedspread

So I have written about this doona before, but it was the reaction I got today, though still so positive and excited, that was different.

She will be happy all the times I change her bedding, but she will still be happy in a million different ways.

Which is why I love it. โ™ฅ

Baby girl. She finds happiness in the smallest of things. Like, when I wash all her clothes and she sees them drying on the inside clothes horse… “Thank you Mama, you washed my clothes! They’re all clean… (deep inhale into a dress) I love it!”

(Yes, appreciation! Someone, finally!)

And you already know about her pasta obsession… she will jump up and down in extreme joy when she knows that food item is heading onto the dinner table in the evening.

But when I change her bedding? It is something else. She even knew I was changing our beds today, as she asked me before I dropped her off at school – “what you gonna do today?”

There was no surprise factor. Still, as we got home after her school and subsequent swimming lesson, she went to the loo, went to her room, and then –


I Swear.

It is the cutest, funniest thing ever to witness. I need to tape it, really I do. The excitement, the love, the insane jumping on a newly-made bed… to show her when she is older, wiser, and unimpressed with all of life (i.e. when she is a teenager).

I somehow hope she retains some of that naรฏve simplicity, that love for the little things, that solid appreciation for everyday tasks.

I want her to be her own person, but in that regard, I really hope I rub off on her.


#1042 Christmas feels

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

It has looked like it for a while now. In our house, just before the onset of December. In some shops, it was as early as September.

But for me? A combination of wondrous things had me with all the Christmas-time feels this evening.

Firstly, finishing work. I am on no looonnnggg stretch of holidays, but being away from it for a week, and my last day being today, puts me in a right ‘ol festive mood.

Next, the lights. I had put off hanging them outside of the house with our impending balcony project slotted in for sometime this month, and with all of that tended to at last, once I was home from work this afternoon, baby girl, Hubbie and I set about making the front of house as pretty as possible with Christmas cheer.

Inside we sat on the couch, had some dinner… and what do you know, Christmas carols were on TV!


And it was The Wiggles!


Seeing baby girl dance along so happily to them, and then sing along to other classics like “Jingle Bells,” just made my heart all merry.

And then lastly… we headed out in the fading aftermath of the sunset, wondering whether the last hours of the day had been enough to power up all of our outdoor solar lights (from Kmart, so cheap and awesome).

I was sure they needed more hours and we would only catch our first glimpse of Christmas lighting tomorrow night, but then… there was flashing!


Most of our lights were working and lighting up the yard. We ran around, and played hide and seek amongst the lights, and I had a real sense of –


Holiday time.

Christmas time.

Family time.

Joyful time.


Hope your Saturday night was also happy and bright ๐Ÿ™‚

#1022 Santa’s back in her books

Spontaneously yesterday, while driving home from The Wiggles show:

“Mama! I’m going to take a photo with Santa tomorrow!”

What now? I had to double check with baby girl. But she assured me what I had heard was true. She was happy, didn’t appear to be deliriously tired (though spent she was) and didn’t follow her remark with ‘only joking!’

She appeared to actually mean it.

I was chuffed.

It’s been 3 years since she had a visit with Santa. The first one, well she kind of had no choice. She was only 4 months old, and I popped her into his hands as she stared at the camera awkwardly with this odd expression on her face.

Maybe she pooped from fear or, I don’t know… thought Mum where the hell are you leaving me???

For her second Christmas she was a year and 4 months. I lined up with her for about 30 minutes, and as it soon became our turn and I walked up to him, she clutched at me and had a panic-fest.

We managed a photo where I sat beside him with her in my arms. The snap shot showed a serious face on her, whereas the other 17 probably had a squirmy, horrified, ‘get-me-out-of-here’ expression.

My dreams of having a Santa photo with her for every Christmas were slowly dashed. For the next 3 years, she totally refused him.

She didn’t refuse Christmas though! No siree! She accepted the carols, trees, decorations and ALL the presents whole-heartedly, even those from Santa!

Just no close-ups of the bearded man, please.

Today, she kept repeating herself. “I’m going to take a photo with Santa!”

So we had to test it out of course.

We took her to a nearby shopping centre. She held back a little, and went from wanting to have a solo photo with him, to making us join in on the photographic festive fun…


I am bloody rapt. And timely it is, that last night she received an early Christmas present from some friends, who gave her as one of her pressies, the book ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.’

Read this:

“He was chubby and plump,

a right jolly old elf,

And I laughed when I saw him,

in spite of myself!

A wink of his eye

and a twist of his head,

Soon let me know

I had nothing to dread.”


Baby girl sure felt that today, I am sure of it. โ™ฅ


#1021 Start of a BIG month speaks volumes

Colours. Confetti. Joy. Love. Happiness.


It was another Wiggles BIG show. It was also just another Wiggles show, and I have lost count of the many we have been to over the years, whether BIG or small.

It was a BIG day. And it was filled with BIG love. Because not only did we head into the city to watch the 4-coloured group perform all their best catchy songs, but we did it with family.

There’s nothing quite like making memories, laughing, singing and dancing about with those you love most.

But beyond that… sometimes you may not see someone in a while, and there is still love there.

And beyond the Australian kids entertainment group, our day kept going. We had some family friends come over this evening who we haven’t seen in a long while. Baby girl, though tired and spent and overexcited from her Wiggly day, took almost an hour, maybe more, to come out of hiding and say hello to them.

But once she did, THAT WAS IT.

Kisses. Hugs. Dancing. Love. Much like earlier in the day. But only this time it was with people that we don’t see so often.

And something very simple came up. In amongst talking about this, it was noted – “kids can tell.”

Kids don’t lie.

Whether it is with people they see on a regular basis, or people they haven’t seen in 2 yearsโ€ฆ they don’t lie. They can’t. They can ONLY tell the truth. You can read it in their behaviour towards them, and how they respond.

How they look at them.

It’s one of those Universal things that just, IS.ย 

And so, on the first day of December, on the first day of Summer, on the first day of what begins the madness of the Christmas and end-of-year catch-up season…

Big things are all around us at this time of year… but hopefully we can respond to it all with happiness and laughter, as long as we are with the right people.

Whether we saw them yesterday or last year.

Blood, or water. As long as there is โ™ฅ



#1019 Cut and paste with my (inner) child

I could have been doing something for the house… like cleaning.

I could have been doing something for our life… like making phone calls.

And I could have even been doing something for ME… like one of the billion writing projects I have planned to write about.

But instead, I did something for HER.

Or me. You be the judge.

I started when she was at kinder. It was the fiddly job of stencilling out letters, and cutting around them, making sure I was getting enough of every colour I had there.


I sat there, almost in a half-meditation. Half-focused on the task at hand, and half-contemplative, thoughts running through my mind in slow motion.

I was sitting. I was calm. I had the occasional thought of ‘you could be doing this….’ But then I would pick up a sheet of yellow, and all nagging thoughts would disappear.

When had I last put fun art like this, first?

Once baby girl was home, she helped me. We pasted. We arranged. I got glue all over my hands. She sat with a determined look on her face, trying her best to make an even line of glue along all the sticks she had…

It was a beautiful moment to spend together. But it had also been beautiful, when I had been on my own, cutting away…

And what was it all for?


2 days people! ๐Ÿ™‚