#1651 Day 153 of getting there: Pub night at home

Tonight, the theme was ‘pub night.’

Hubbie called the theme yesterday. To jazz up our iso cold and Wintry Saturday nights, we could dress up in chosen theme to make the night all the more interesting.

Why the hell not? We had nothing else to do.

Hubbie dressed up accordingly, with his big over-sized Wintry boho style-jacket. I didn’t wanna do the shirt thing, so I thought of what I’d wear if we weren’t in iso, and going out to a pub…

I dressed all in black, and put on this top that I haven’t worn for years.

Baby girl dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and put on about 28 different bracelets and necklaces. Of course, it all goes at the pub.

Cold Chisel played in the background most of the night.

Putting in some effort for our theme did make a world of difference. We had something to laugh about, talk about. Actually being dressed up, no matter how fancy, funny or outrageous it was, did heaps as a mood-booster.

And then there was the other things that made our night…

The takeaway pie, and the board game.

The pie was so yum and filling, the board game was entertaining, and all in all it was a pretty cool night.

Next week – a whole new theme! Stay tuned…

#1650 Day 152 of getting there: happy to be locked up

Today, in our town?

Freezing. Squally winds. Sheets of raining pelting down at an angle.

It was NOT NICE.

I thought all this as I sat with baby girl in her room, after my work shift. We were playing with her dolls, as the weather outside ravaged the environment.

“You know how lucky we are, to be inside?” I told her.

We started running through the list of what we’d have to do, if we were at work, if we were at school.

“I’d have to run to the station.”

“Then run to the car, probably getting soaked even with my umbrella.”

“Then you’d have to pick me up, at after school care!” she chimed in.

“Yes! And the umbrella might break, we’d get soaked – again…”

We looked outside. We looked inside.

You know, if iso had been lifted today, there was no chance I would have gone out.


Lock me up on days like these, I really don’t mind. I’d rather be inside.

#1646 Day 148 of getting there: extending the birthday sweetness

What is the only good reason to be woken by someone knocking the door in the morning?

Why, if it’s a surprise birthday package for you!

And what can be better, than enjoying a coffee break up on your balcony?

Well, enjoying the treats you got from your morning wake up call!


I was so surprised this morning to find a package at the front door. I guess you kind of expect a little bit of festivities and surprise on your birthday, even leading up to it… but today, I was like, what, more?

How fun!

I mean, I do tell baby girl repeatedly that our birthday doesn’t just fall on one day… we can celebrate the week leading up to, the week after, and hell, while we’re there let’s just take the whole month and claim it as our own shall we?

My beautiful cousin helped us spread that much-needed iso birthday happiness a bit longer, by sending us an absolutely stunning bouquet of flowers, and array of sweet treats to match…

From one of my fave local cafes!

Like, how did she know?

Baby girl and I picked a couple of treats and took them up on the balcony today, trying to take in as much Winter sun as we could while we sipped our coffee/babycino…

And they were sooo good. Baby girl got this huge sugar rush afterwards, she just couldn’t stop laughing.

Laugh honey, laugh. There will be plenty more to laugh about and be happy for when this passes.

I’m so grateful for kind-hearted people that remember you, and try to lift you up.

Thank you beautiful cuz. 💖🥰

#1638 Day 140 of getting there: Making room for roses and bread

Today I was an axe-wielding rose pruning machine!

Most people who passed me in my front yard, either walking their dog or running past for their daily hourly exercise, smiled at me or said hi.

Then there was that one woman that looked alightly alarmed…

Of course, I was holding an AXE.

It’s what I do come very Winter. It was rose pruning time, and I know from past years that no matter how much I prune, I always get amazing roses come through in Spring and the months that follow.

Oh I love this time of year. It’s starting to happen.

I totally diminished the size of the rose bush. I needed to get rid of as much thick or turning to brittle branches as possible.

Simple pruning scissors couldn’t do the job, all the time. So that’s when I took out the AXE.

I was amused at myself as much as anyone waking past today was amused by me.

But in the end, my deep prune has now allowed room for fresh, new growth.

I can’t wait.

But wait, there’s more! I can’t end on that, (as beautiful as that image is with a cameo from baby girl)… not when I made, bread.

Focaccia bread.

I found this recipe on Marion Grasby’s social media some time ago, and have been gearing myself up to make it for weeks.

It is soooo simple. You need to let the dough rise overnight, but even that in itself is easy. There is a fair bit of patience, but the steps to get there are really really really really simple.

It’s actually the perfect recipe to make while you’re at home over 2 days…

And let’s face it, I have been at home over 140 days (going by my ‘getting there’ posts during corona ⬆⬆⬆).


And after.

(Check out my insta profile for that insane ‘CRUNCH’ knife action! To die for!)

It was delish! I am so happy!

Making way for new roses, and making way for new recipes!

Food for the tummy… and food for the soul.

It was a great day, overall. Isolation and ALL.

#1633 Day 135 of getting there: Day candlelight

If you were in Victoria today, you would have known there was no better day to be in isolation.

In lockdown.

Why would you want to go anywhere anyway?

It was cold. Soooo cold. At about 10am my phone said it was 4 degrees…

Feels like 1.


Just as well I was working from home.

Just as well baby girl was playing with her dolls in her make-believe Universe, some place like Disneyland, Wonderland…

Any land but here.

Even Mister F was spared the cruel winter’s air, as he lay defrosting on the floor.

It was windy.

It was like ice.

It was dark. The clouds hung low and no outdoor light could be seen.

So I decided to bring some light into the house.

After all it looked like it was the end of the day… not the beginning of it.

I lit a few candles, here and there. I brought one on my desk, to give me a sense of calm, composure.

To remind me of the light, even amongst these dark, cold days.

It worked. 🙂

#1627 Day 129 of getting there: Here comes the sun

Over this last month of winter, every time we’ve had a sunny day, a still day, or a day worthy of breathing “ahh” despite the cold, I’ve had the same lyric waft through my head.

“Here comes the sun…”

Lately, it’s getting stronger.

It’s from Madonna’s song, ‘Rain.’ It’s one of my many favourites of hers. Not just because she sings it, but rain itself is a dominant, spiritual, natural theme in my life that I draw on time and time again.

It’s cyclic emergence, and subsequent meaning, is so important to me.

And although she sings about rain, with the downpour of it being a release of emotions, she then goes on to sing about the sun.

“Here comes the sun,

Here comes the sun,

And I say,

Never go away.”

Here comes the sun

It’s a little like my yin and yang post from the other day. We need a balance don’t we? Life can’t exist with just sunshine, with just rain…

But at the same time, we’ve had so much rain in our life lately.

Rain in the form of winter.

Rain in the form of crap raining down on us.

Rain in the fact that life is a lot harder for us than it used to be.

Rain in that it is absolutely guaranteed that we are collectively struggling in one form or another.

It’s metaphoric connotation is HUGE.

Today, I didn’t wear my jacket as I headed off to do the groceries. Sure it was a little fresh, but generally, I was okay.

The sun was out.

I felt the difference. It happens sometimes in late July. There will be a couple of sunshine-y days, and you can just tell, that slight shift to crisp, bright, Spring days, is just around the corner.

You can almost smell it.

I am soooo grateful. I can feel it.

“Here comes the sun…”

#1621 Day 123 of getting there: finding the roar in my words

It wasn’t a surprise to me this morning, when a friend reminded me it was now officially, the season of the lion.

The Leo horoscope, was upon us.

Only it wasn’t really a reminder to me. I wait for the changeover to this feline month, and the last month of Winter, not just because I love cats and hate the cold, but mainly for the fact that it’s my birthday month, and a celebration month for A LOT of my family.

But, things are a bit different this year. It’s guaranteed there will be none of the usual birthday hoo-ha’s this August, and so for the last little while, I’ve turned my attention elsewhere.

Well, it IS always there… I’m just really engaging all of my energies into it.

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

It’s a scary place to be. Putting yourself out there, exposing your passions and insecurities right there on paper/word doc/social media…

Allowing people into your mind, your heart, your soul. But it’s what I love, and so a part of me must be masochistic, because I keep doing what terrifies me most, inching forward increment by increment, hoping to God that everything stays smooth.

Everything keeps sailing.

I took a bit of a leap recently. I joined a local writer’s group. It’s no basement-budget style catch up either – it’s a proper, paid, yearly membership, where you immerse yourself with other like-minded, passionate writerly types as yourself.

Today I joined the closed facebook group for the club… and you know, it felt SO GOOD. I was kinda terrified of putting myself out there, as is normal since writing is uber-important to me, but I did what I’ve been doing all this year it seems… and pushed past the fear.

“What’s the big deal?”

“Why are you so scared?”

“Stop over dramatising!”

All very valid thoughts you might be thinking, I get it.

But imposter syndrome is a real thing, and trying to push past the self-doubts, the questions as to why you’re there, the fear of rejection or denial, of discovering you’re actually shit… all of those things are genuine fears that keep people from doing what they should be doing.

From pursuing their dreams.

But the thing to understand is, these self-doubts we all experience are completely normal, to some degree. We all have them, we all feel them at some point or another, and as long as they’re not physically or mentally debilitating to our psyche, if we learn to accept them and push past them anyway…

Guess what we’ve just done?


Photo by Frans Van Heerden on Pexels.com

I actually came across a lovely quote today, quite indicative of the step I took:

“Many of our fears are tissue-paper-thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them.” – Brendan Francis Behan.

And how convenient, that we are talking about all of this courage, at this particular month…

During this particular season.

Try to channel the lion in you, and take a step closer to what you most love to do.

To the person that you most want to be.

Go on, do as I did. ROAR.

#1619 Day 121 of getting there: When winter springs forth

It’s getting to the part of the winter piece, where I start to get excited.

Even on grey days like we had today.

Even during these cold cold cold mornings.

Even while the heater blasts all day, every day.

I get excited, because there are signs everywhere.

I don’t know if it’s earlier, or weirder this year…

But –

I have roses. This is one of two, and it is July. Mid-winter.

This isn’t supposed to happen.


Check out my Birds of Paradise.

All out there and ‘look at me,’ poking it’s orange beak out, waiting for it’s mate to join in on the journey.

And finally, the piece de resistance…

Ahhh. My orchids. These ones were actually hidden amongst other greenery, leaning against the outside window, and I didn’t realise they were there until someone pointed out, that they very much were.

All these blooms and pictures of growth, are signs that beneath the surface, things brew.

We might be in hibernation mode, where the tree branches lay bare, colours don’t tend to be bountiful in the garden, and growth is at a standstill.

But just because we can’t see things happening, it doesn’t mean they AREN’T happening.

And I love my little reminders around the house.

Reminders. Signs of hope. Use these words as you may, whichever way serves you best.

#1612 Day 114 of getting there: So much freedom in lockdown

Lockdown part 2 for us here in Melbourne.

There’s even the potential, (SHOCK HORROR!) of a stage 4 lockdown approaching soon if the corona cases don’t stay low low low.

But something occurred to me today.

While I worked from home, in my trakkies.

When I I had to run to the garage to take out the Dory table and chair for baby girl to enjoy in the backyard, and I didn’t even have to put my work Skype on “be right back.”

When I had home-made soup for lunch… I just grabbed what was in the fridge.

I know those are all fairly work-related-from-home cases, but there is so much more.

So many more great things about being in lockdown.

We get to cheat… at EVERYTHING.

At life.

You don’t have to drive the kids to school. Sure, the home-schooling is ‘interesting,’ to be diplomatic.

There are no early morning lunches. No freezing wake-up calls with frost on the windows.

There’s no barking at kids to get out of the house on time.

Your pets get all the love.

There’s no rush, generally. There’s no more ‘job-hopping’… run here, grab this, quickly do that before flying across town for that other thing.

Sleep-ins on days off are more acceptable. Remember, there is not much to do.

Other than think of yourself. Your household.

Baking. Cooking. Yummy treats.

Baths. ‘Me time.’ Paint your nails.

Read a book… read all the books!

Just Netflix. Watch old DVDs. Crosswords. Knit a scarf.

Start an exercise routine.

For ALL the times that we wanted to chill… we can now chill.

For ALL the times that we wanted to just do nothing… we can now do nothing.

For ALL the times we wanted to have time for us… we now have time for us.

For ALL the times we wished we could hibernate in Winter… we can now hibernate in winter!

You can take some extra breaks if you’re working from home. A couple extra coffees here and there to keep you sane. (I’m not saying I do it, just saying, you know ;)).

People keep talking about restrictions restrictions restrictions, lockdown lockdown lockdown…

But did anyone stop to think of the tremendous freedom we now have to do what we like?

To be free of our usual responsibilities and rushed go-go-go life, to now do what we like?

I know life goes on, and I know there are still things to do… but let’s face it.

There is a lot LESS.

And much more time, to just pick and choose.

Take that approach with you for the rest of this so-called ‘lockdown.’

More like, ‘WIND DOWN.’

I like it. 🙂

Photo by Jackson David on Pexels.com