#550 Chaddy shopping day no.3

Today Hubbie and I had the rare luxury of heading to the shops together, without baby girl! I may sound horribly evil at the amusement of leaving her at kinder while we went to do so, but when you are a parent and have lived through the hardships of completing any shopping at all, let alone personal shopping when child/baby is in tow, well then you will understand my delight.

He bought a linen white shirt for beach days.

I bought a couple of tops.

And then I also bought these:


I was really inspired when I picked up the Rebel Girls book. My first thought was to buy it later on, when baby girl was like 5 or 6 and could actually understand the stories more when I read them to her at bedtime, but then Hubbie was like “buy it now and just keep it!” and of course that was all the ammo I didn’t need to change my mind.

I even read a couple of entries on some of the influential and inspirational women when I got home, those of Jane Austen and the Williams sisters, and they blew ME away. I think this bedtime storybook is suitable for women of ALL AGES, not just young girls (and that’s my thoughts before I’ve even reviewed it!)

And the other book? Well it was timely that a book about things going wrong and not giving a flying f&^k when they do so, would pass before my eyes the day after I posted about birth-days not going to plan. I’m all very ‘think positive’ and ‘look at the brighter side of life,’ yet found freedom and relief in the premise of a book that was telling me to JUST NOT CARE.

I’ll let you know how I go. I’m grateful for it all, nonetheless.


#482 My sister’s birthday

There are some days, lo and behold, that I get as excited by as I do my own birthday – and apart from Christmas and Easter, these other days are the birthdays of my immediate family.

I mean, who doesn’t want to celebrate one of the most important people in their life, to commemorate the day they were brought onto this earth, and immediately made all things better with their presence?

The day I was so excited to commemorate today was that of my sister’s birthday.

The day was cold and crisp, but the sun was glorious in its strict denial of taking on any Winter gloom. Perfect for her. The rays shone bright on her special day, just as her vibrant and uplifting presence fills those around her with constant joy and happiness.

There were select family and friends. A medium group, but one that knew each other well. Casual combo, sometimes serious, sometimes light, sometimes banter, most times shit-stirring. Food, plenty of cake, drinks and then the few ‘shots,’ a throwback to all the parties we used to down years before we had kids, when we’d go one, after one, after one, after one…

We’ll get to that stage again, I’m sure. This is my family after all.

And then the night ended happily, as is the norm, with baby girl and sister sharing a ride on the egg chair…


Weee! they went! Round and round, ’til the movements grew slow, the hand went past midnight, and baby girl’s head leant against her aunty’s, eyes drooping as she still tried to watch her fave Explorer on Netflix.

And it was another great night, to celebrate an amazing woman in my life.

Happy Birthday big sis :*

#378 Work equality and opportunity

On the 8th of March, otherwise known as ‘International Women’s Day,’ it is appropriate that I should be grateful for opportunities where I, as a woman, are treated equal to men.

And despite my MASSIVE rant just earlier, that is exactly what happened today.

I realised with happiness that despite the many factors that many other women can be discriminated against in the workplace, that are relevant to me, such as being a Part-Time working Mum Chick, I am still to this day, included.

I am given training.

I am taught new things, ahead of others.

I am kept in the loop.

My outside-of-work hours needs are met constantly, and I get time off when I require it.

And most importantly, I do not feel undervalued compared to any other employee there, old or new, full-time or part-time, woman or man.

If you have an employer like this, thank your lucky stars. I sure do.

And if you wanna get into some nitty-gritty, my RANT post over at SmikG may be the one for you…


#343 Hubbie cooking

You just need a break every once in a while.

It is a requirement. You don’t need a reason. But if you prefer, you can say you need a change. A breather. Someone else to do ‘things’ for a change while you put your feet up and relax. Or catch up on other jobs, let’s be honest here.

Being a woman, is damn hard. Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Cousin, Colleague… So many people depend of you for a variety of things.

So when Hubbie does the cooking, I don’t even say a word.

No pleases, no thank yous, no “I appreciate that bubs” – NOTHING. I deserve that much. No explanation.

Well, I said a few words, the night before, when I indicated to him that I wanted him to help out this evening: “You should have plenty of time to cook then!”

He pulled one of his classic ‘oops!’ caught out expressions.

What did I do instead? I showered and then set up a new train set with baby girl.

Sometimes, you don’t have to do other things. Sometimes, you don’t even want to do ANYTHING. Sometimes you need to just be. And I’m grateful Hubbie made his longed-for pasta sauce, so I could do just that.

For that, I’m appreciative.

He knows. 😉

#86 My chick doctor

I went to my ‘chick’ doctor today, to get some things clarified, and also hoping for some peace of mind.

Women, you know what I mean. For those of you who have a male GP, most of you will feel it necessary to also have a female doctor, for you know, female things.

Hence the chick doctor.

I was a little unsure/worried about some stuff. So when I asked my chick doctor today, and she said with a blasé expression on her face “I’m really not excited by that,” I can’t tell you how happy I was.

I was grateful for her confidence and assuredness in the situation. But I was also made so much more grateful for the nothingness of it all, when hours later I discovered a former work colleague had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a year ago.

In fact, I was pretty fucking devastated.

I don’t like this cancer shit. It’s really scary. Because of the prevalence of it, striking every Tom, Dick and Nancy, I feel like life is one big mine-field, and you just don’t know if the next place you step will be the cancer bomb – it may get your foot, your head, your skin… hey if you step on a nasty one it will fuck you up all over. Some may get out of the minefield alright, if they haven’t stepped on a bad one. Others will not be so lucky.

I had these troubling thoughts going through my mind as I went to my chick doctor today. I don’t know, but since having some heavy stuff happen a few years back, I feel more fearful. I’m still that glass half-full gal, but I’m realistic. I’ve changed. I’m still hopeful, but I’m scared too.

To hear my chick doctor say she wasn’t excited, was music to my ears. I’m grateful to her, not just for today, but for being a great doctor.

I hope she’s right.

As for my friend, she’s doing ok. She’s amazing. I hate to reference gratefulness in the wake of someone else’s pain, but it’s times like this when you can’t help but be thankful for your chick doctor’s lack of excitement.


#18 Madonna

2016-03-14 12.43.30

Well, you know.

I am so, so, so grateful to have had the amazing opportunity to see this icon in concert the other night. I’ve been into Madonna and her music since I was a pre-teen, however I was further intrigued by her when I learnt she and I shared the same birthday.

I felt this instant affiliation with her. I don’t go around writhing on stage and wearing cone bras, but, I could just feel her. Get her. I understood her actions.

And, after all these years, I saw the queen herself, in her fucking finest.

There’s something liberating about the word ‘fuck.’ And my does Madonna drop ‘f’ bombs here, there and everywhere. I don’t mind a good ‘fuck,’ and when I hear a fellow woman swear without inhibition, I stand up and applaud. You go girl.

She sang new songs, old songs, and even the song I fell in love with and acted out all those years ago. I mean, how special is it to be acting out ‘Material Girl’ in your parents’ living room, and then be singing along with the lady herself about 20 years later?

Coincidence that she landed in Melbourne on International Women’s Day?!

I am so fucking grateful for last night. I can’t even.

(Late post I know… I know my challenge is for a gratitude post each day, but I didn’t say I’d post every day…. only kidding. That is my intention, just day trip, long weekend and this chick called Madonna got the better of my time… and it wasn’t like I didn’t post for lack of grateful-ness content 😉 )

#13 International Recognition of Women

Who Rules The World? GIRLS!

A few years back I was at a friend’s engagement party, and every time Beyonce yelled out her defining lyrics, the DJ replaced the word “Girls” with his toneless “Boys.”

He was unrelenting. This prehistoric creature couldn’t take the lyrical prose, and even staked his own reputation as a professional DJ to petty himself over a song.

Beyonce must have hit a sore spot in him. Go back to your cave dude. We don’t need your type here.

Today is a celebration of the place that women hold in society, what they have achieved, and how far we have come in the face of unfair bias.

I don’t like to place too much emphasis on this day, only because I believe by this stage we really should be far beyond the ‘Celebrate Women’ era of this day and age, and not have to make further mention of it. I mean, it should be normal really. Women should be given equal rights, and celebrated for who they are, on a daily basis. This should be a given, as regular as time shifting forward minute by minute; as routine as the Moon lowering itself to make way for the Sun rising up.

Unfortunately, there are still parts of the world where women aren’t given the same rights (generally) that they are in the Western World.

This can be due to some outdated cavemen views – however a lot of the time the prehistoric viewpoints needs to first start with ourselves. As women, we need to know our worth and value it, and not continually lay blame on the man, or complain that we are not given fair treatment because of him.

Blame is spread amongst us all. But today is not about blame, it’s about celebration, and moving forward. So as Michael Jackson said, “I’m starting with the Woman in the mirror.”

(Slight modification by me).

It’s due to this that we should place further awareness of this important day, in order for those other parts of the world, those ‘cavemen,’ and likewise any unintentionally or not, abiding cavewomen, to catch up, and smell the coffee roasting from the beans that we bought ourselves.

And listen to some Beyonce. In lack of an ipod, I’m sure we can arrange someone to draw Beyonce kicking arse on their cave walls…

I’m grateful to be in a part of the world where generally, we as women, ARE EQUAL. Let’s expand on this peeps. To all the women in my life: My Mum, my Sister, my Cousins, my Friends, and my Daughter… you all inspire me. I’m grateful for your role in my life, and I hope I can do the same.

Let’s keep kicking arse. Freedom, is what it’s all about.