#972 Resting after the parties

I took the day off work to take baby girl to two kids parties today.

I had been informed well in advance of one, and then when I found out about the other, well I thought “that’s well timed.”

But can I just say… I work less and am more rested when I am at work, working, then when I am home for the day, with baby girl, driving around to first a 5 year-old’s, then a 6 year-old’s birthday party.


I was ruined by the end of it all. It had been a full, fun day, but boy oh boy was I wrecked. As baby girl went to take her Dad out to the trampoline in the evening (because she somehow had not spent enough of her energy during the day) I took a deliberate 5 minute time-out on the couch.


Can you see my toes, shining from the glow of the late afternoon sun? Can you see that water far off in the distance? It was a splendid day, and yet having been running around through the whole of it, I could actually not care less about it.

Yes it was beautiful out there. But lying by myself in peace for a few minutes, was more beautiful.

Then I heard baby girl and her Dad yelling and mucking about and talking from the yard… and I guess I am a sucker for punishment. I followed them out. 🙂

#962 Pardon tu, Croque Monsieur!

Ohhh Lordy Lord Lord.

I accidentally had the most decadent sandwich today.

A decadent sandwich? How decadent can a simple sanga be, you might ask?

Well well well… just feast your eyes on THIS

A croque monsieur. I had this unintentionally today, and by that I mean I was heading into work and hadn’t yet had lunch, was hungry and about to pass out if I didn’t have something in my belly immediately, and then the café I went into didn’t have many roll options (least of all healthy ones), but they had THIS.

A cheese, ham and béchamel sauce toastie. YUP. The stuff that goes in lasagna. I mean, I don’t know, just when we think the world is failing us, this miraculous creation comes up….

Like béchamel, in a sandwich? What the?! Oh, there is a heaven!

This is a trademark classic French sandwich snack. They have become a bit of a thing here in Melb-town, and I had heard about them, but by no intention did I plan on having such a rich and indulgent sandwich for lunch today.

My verdict? (Well I am posting here, soo…)


It was “dee-licious!” as baby girl says so enthusiastically.

It instantly filled the empty hole in my stomach, satisfied my need for grub, and then there was all that cheese….


Just as well I RAN to go and move my car before my ticket was up. I ran and I thought of that croque monsieur…

And so I RAN and RAN some more.

But…. Drooooollllllllllll…….

#957 Working Friday

Well that’s a headline you thought you’d never see. Why the hell am I working on a Friday, AND grateful about it???

Insert, the black and white.


Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

The Magpie army. Comprised of those essential game-changers behind the scenes, the passionate and vocal fans that support the club, and the all-important players on the field themselves.

I was meant to be working tomorrow… but instead I pulled in some work favours, and am working tonight, so that I can watch my team, hopefully, paint their opponents into a corner tomorrow afternoon.

Good ol’ Collingwood 😉

#950 The 5-minute parental break

I wonder if my peers out there who have their parents look after their kids, realise how lucky they are.

I mean, it is a GOLD deal. You have the people that raised you, who love you and care for you and who are your number one supporters, caring for your child. You might be at working, getting your hair done, or even lucky enough to get a night out with your partner while your parents put your kiddies to sleep at night.

I was lucky for a short time anyway, where my parents co-assisted in watching baby girl when I first went back to work after maternity leave. Although it was only part-time, there was the greatest security and comfort in leaving my daughter with them, knowing she was being looked after, let’s face it, with MORE care than they had ever looked after me!

It lasted just under 2 years, until health issues and a major move impacted the schedule, and nowadays, they aren’t involved.. in that way.

But when I go to their place, I love, that I will always know the care, love, and babysitting duties are always there and on offer 😉

My parents said today: “Go and lie down. We’ll take her outside.” I was feeling tired after ALL THAT FOOD (i.e. Mum going overboard as usual) and was just feeling a little heavy, so I took the advice they had so adamantly laid out for me.

I lay in my old room, looking at the picture that has been on my wall for at least two decades.


I can safely say with 95% confidence that it was given to me on my 12th birthday, and I can even tell you with assurance who gave it to me. I find there are many things from my childhood that are cemented into me, whereas ask me about my early 20s and I am all “HUH?”

But I lay there for all of 5 minutes, enjoying the calm, listening to my breath, my body, and the happy cries of baby girl yelling excitedly from the yard.

So when I got up, I naturally spied on them from the kitchen window and saw them playing.


I could have gone back to lie down. But I decided it was better to join them. 🙂


#948 Rainbow on the road

My gratitude today comes from the sights I witnessed while driving home from work.

A rainbow that you drive underneath as rain trickles down, is sure to bring a smile to your face.


And then as I got home, I actually couldn’t resist this:


I know, I know. Another sunset? But you see, it was all the more sweeter, because I snapped it before I walked in and got the best greeting in the whole wide world.

“Mama’s home!”

She sure is 🙂

#934 Love from afar

You want to hear what one definition of love is?

Being happy for someone else’s happiness, when you aren’t in it.

That was today, as I headed off back to work after what seems like a lot of leave, maybe because we travelled, maybe because there were parties, maybe because we too changed in the process…

Maybe because we have a new-look kitchen? ;-D

But I went to work, leaving my beautiful family behind on a gorgeously sunny Spring day, wishing I was with them all the time, and trying my damn hardest to look for something to be grateful for, on what is typically a very un-grateful day…


But Hubbie sent me this pic, and my heart soared. The caption?

“You missed a spot Tato :-D”


I know I am not there, and I know I am not spending my night with them, but they are not far from my mind, they are always in my heart, and as long as they are happy – which that photo shows me – that is all that matters.

I miss them.

True love, is selfless.

I want them to be happy, even when I am not there.