#1102 Super Moon

I am always excited when I hear there is going to be a special type of moon event coming up.

I was even more excited when I realised I would be up early for it.

Blood Moon, Eclipse Moon, Full Moon… in the last while, whether a rare or a monthly occurrence, there has been a spectacle of ‘different’ moons. There is something magical about looking up at the sky and wondering what and how and where and why and maybe even WHO is going on up there.

The best time in our skies to view this ‘Super’ moon this morning was 3am… alas I was up at 5:30, walking to my car to set off for work… ehh, close enough.

I saw it big and bright. No I don’t have a great photo. I was thinking of big spiders and moths and so hurried to my car so I wasn’t exposed another second to the night’s surprises.

But it made me think about cycles, and life.

How these regular moon cycles of new, crescent, half and full can be overshadowed by the looming presence of a greater moon.

Something bigger, brighter, with more bling and boisterousness come along and show off to the rest of the world.

We have these moments too. We might be going through our lives, doing the daily routine, but then we will randomly have these star moments, these lightbulb-type days where we shine our brightest, the reasoning apparently no reason at all as everyone stops to view our splendour.

And then we wake up the next day at 9am, to start a regular day again.

The moon’s cycles, and in fact all of these super moons can ramp up human emotions in the process. We can feel affected by these sudden changes, and a greater-than-usual full moon is a great catalyst for life’s upheavals.

Did you see the ‘Super’ moon? Did you feel it’s affect on you? Did you have a bad day?

Or did you have an extraordinarily amazing day?

Stay humble. Like the lunar cycle, we will wane and the light will go… only to come back again…

The moon is big. We are small. Keep things in perspective, and let go to the Universe.

#1090 Hail Hippie Life

It’s the second time in 2 days I’ve entered the Happy Hippie Herb shop off the Main street.

You see, I was actually meant to go there. Not as in task-orientated, though it was that intention that led me there. I mean as in the Universe led me there.

My Hippie Hubbie had gone past the place earlier this week, but the salesperson was across the lane way talking to someone else… so he kept going.

He was in need of some stuff, so yesterday I headed off a couple suburbs down to get it for him. Lo and behold, he didn’t respond to my 15 text messages showing him pictures and asking him what to buy, even though he’d said he’d be able respond for sure… the boss is never around him on Thursdays.

So guess what? The boss was around him this Thursday.

It forced me to go ‘stuff it’ and head on down to the original place, Hippie Herb shop, as I had other things I needed to look at in the area too.

As I entered the shop looking for his stuff, my eyes went past a name of something… something I had been wanting to buy, but not knowing where, such was the rarity of the item.

I stopped in my tracks, scanning frantically for the name I was after. Was it here? Was it here?

It was HERE.


Yesterday I spent a good 20-30 minutes in that store, talking up a storm with the salesperson who seriously, knows more stuff about me than almost every one I know. We laughed and shared funny details of each other’s lives, and I felt the vibe of this free-spirited, carefree yet also very spiritually educated person rub off on me so much…

That now I want to be a carefree Happy Hippie Herb Person too.

Today as I went in with baby girl to grab some more things, she offered baby girl a fairy stamp.

“Does Mum want one too?” I outstretched my hand with no hesitation. Hell yeah.

“Now you can fly off down the street like fairies together!”

And so we did. πŸ™‚



#1084 Bra-less

Ohhh, it’s not what you think.

Rather it was coming home from work… getting changed into lighter clothing (do you know how cold it is at 5:30 in the morning?) and then later going… “hmmm…. I need to go even lighter.”

Put on that dress that is reserved only for home it is that baggy and old… but wait, one more thing.

Rip off the bra.


It wasn’t just the removal of clothing uninhibiting my skin. It was the words that came out of me. The thoughts, feelings and emotions, fears and stresses, worries and anxieties that sprung forth once the straps were off. Once the back was unclipped. Once the material was peeled off of the skin.

So too did the negativity come undone.

And I felt freer than I ever felt. Just by removing my bra πŸ˜‰

#1077 A Sia start

What could have possibly made me feel better, 5:30 on a Saturday morning, barely any cars out, driving to work, after about 5 hours sleep, on a public holiday, no less?

Why… A Song.

Insert a very famous Aussie, highly appropriate for today’s proceedings don’t you think ? πŸ˜‰


This song is AWESOME. You need to pump it up in your car, loud, and then sing your lungs out.

“Your body’s poetry

Speak to me

Won’t you let me be your rhythm tonight?”

You know, on days where you are failing at reasons to find gratitude, and start your day right, remember, there is always a way.

And one of those ways is with great artists.

Aussie Aussie Aussie! (Oy oy oy!)

#1067 The night-time driving game

Hubbie doesn’t like it when I work late.

I can’t blame him. It takes me away from him, baby girl, and their bedtime routines… and when I have to pull away from them in the driveway, waving to their sweet faces and knowing I won’t see them again ’til the next day… it’s hard.

A couple of little things make it ok though.

Very few things I might add. Like the obvious one – starting work late, means I get up late, right?

Right. Plus one point.

The other point is dependent on the season, as it occurs only in Summer, and is a little game I play on hot nights…

And no, I ain’t acting like no Fast and The Furious character as I head on home.

But I am using the freeways.

But you should really make sure there are no cars around.

You are scratching your head, aren’t you?

You’ll never guess, which is why I am here to tell you.

I love throwing my hand out of the window.

It might sound super simple and not very unique at all, but trust me, it’s all in the way you do it.

Take tonight for example. It was warm, not just after a hot day, but what has been an uncharacteristic spate of hot days.Β 

I saw the signs. I was ready.

At 100 kms/h. Not 80, it just won’t do. There isn’t enough force and pull action.

I put my hand out the window, which was all the way down.

I held it at a steady angle as the wind pushed against it. I resisted the force of the wind ever so slightly – sometimes instead of keeping it there, I slowly push my hand forward against the wind tunnel blowing into it –

And then suddenly, I let my hand go slack.

As I relaxed it, it flew back with the force of the wind…

And then I did it all over again.

I know, you think I am crazy. It’s something I would suggest you don’t do when there are other cars around! And you can just as easily do it as a passenger. At my usual pre-midnight hour when I am driving home from a late shift, there are almost no other cars around.

Just me and my car, and a hand wildly flapping out the window.

I find something truly calming about surrendering yourself to Mother Nature, holding your hand up to fight it, but then abruptly, letting go.

Letting go of thoughts.

Letting go of stresses.

Letting go of control.

Letting go of the unseen forces in life.

Completely surrendering to the process around us.

And flowing with the wind, as it were… at 100 kilometres an hour.

Hot night and all, you’ll draw your hand back into the car chilled to a crisp.

But you will feel refreshed. You will feel alive.

You will have gained more than just a point πŸ˜‰


Photo by Ryan Graybill on Unsplash


#1042 Christmas feels

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

It has looked like it for a while now. In our house, just before the onset of December. In some shops, it was as early as September.

But for me? A combination of wondrous things had me with all the Christmas-time feels this evening.

Firstly, finishing work. I am on no looonnnggg stretch of holidays, but being away from it for a week, and my last day being today, puts me in a right ‘ol festive mood.

Next, the lights. I had put off hanging them outside of the house with our impending balcony project slotted in for sometime this month, and with all of that tended to at last, once I was home from work this afternoon, baby girl, Hubbie and I set about making the front of house as pretty as possible with Christmas cheer.

Inside we sat on the couch, had some dinner… and what do you know, Christmas carols were on TV!


And it was The Wiggles!


Seeing baby girl dance along so happily to them, and then sing along to other classics like “Jingle Bells,” just made my heart all merry.

And then lastly… we headed out in the fading aftermath of the sunset, wondering whether the last hours of the day had been enough to power up all of our outdoor solar lights (from Kmart, so cheap and awesome).

I was sure they needed more hours and we would only catch our first glimpse of Christmas lighting tomorrow night, but then… there was flashing!


Most of our lights were working and lighting up the yard. We ran around, and played hide and seek amongst the lights, and I had a real sense of –


Holiday time.

Christmas time.

Family time.

Joyful time.


Hope your Saturday night was also happy and bright πŸ™‚

#1025 That he also had a tough day

It may seem awfully cruel and mean-spirited for me to be happy, grateful even, that today, Hubbie had a trying day with baby girl.

But you really need to see it in context.

A couple of days ago I was sitting at the dinner table, my head in my hands, telling him how I wanted to rip my hair out!

Baby girl was in a weird way lately. Talking back constantly. Arguing at my every request. Putting up a fight for any little thing possible. It was insane. I didn’t want to let her get away with it, so it meant me constantly telling her what she was saying or doing was wrong or not nice, and this in itself created more of a cycle of stress!

He chuckled to himself while watching me.

“You think this is funny? I’ll ask you on Wednesday if you think it’s so funny. GOOD LUCK.”

It wasn’t a wish. It was a challenge.

Today, Wednesday, I got home from work – LATE. I had had to make a stop on the way home, and leaving so much later meant I was on the Monash freeway later…. and I crawled, I swear, for the entire stretch of freeway. I had left the city at 5:10, and I got home before 7pm.


But I was happy. I was home. The sun was out. I moved towards the front door, and as I turned the corner –

swoosh! a butterfly had been hanging around on our fly screen door, and as I came closer it flew off, almost colliding with my face.

It gave me such a shock, and rattled my nerves so much, that it took me several minutes to calm the fuck down still my beating heart.

Inside, I went to give baby girl a kiss. As I leaned down to kiss her head, she went all baby girl on me, and jumped excitedly…

OUCH! Her head hit my lip, and the pain seared all over.

I stomped upstairs, to find a red bruise on my lips.

Great. Just fucking great.

I was now seriously peeved. I had come home, wanting respite from the mammoth traffic jam that had been my route home, and instead was assaulted by winged insects and young girls. I may as well have stayed at work.

Instead I sat down with Hubbie and baby girl to eat. He had made pan-fried chips with our dinner, as I had requested last night. This made me happy, as when I said it I hadn’t seriously expected him to do it – but he did. We ate in silence, as he was breathing heavily with his own shit weighing upon him, and I had my own reasons as to why I was major cranky-pants – and then there was baby girl in between us, chowing down on her pasta.

Once enough food had gone into us, we started to open up, and talk…

And he began to tell me all the ways in which she had been difficult that day.

Arguing at the park. Falling over. Crying. Having it her way – ALL DAY. Making him buy her stuff. Squirting him with water when they washed the car. Insisting she went out to ride her bike in the maximum heat of the day at 5pm.

He said he had gained 10 grey hairs just that day.

“Ha!” I exclaimed. “And you were laughing at me days ago? Now do you see why I am the way I am???”

He didn’t say a word, instead a small grin coming onto his face. He knew I was right.

“Sorry, but not sorry…. suffer in your jocks.”

And though the most juvenile thing to say, it was actually the most fitting and he took it well… after all, the hose had gone in that direction.

(And then we proceeded through all the nagging talk to still bestow upon baby girl a million kisses by bedtime πŸ™‚ She always wins.)