#1103 After school book break

It’s exciting for your child to have something to look forward to after school.

“See you later!”

Hell, even I get excited, and I have free time ALL DAY.

The library is definitely my happy place. Baby has inherited this love, largely because of the abundance of Wiggles and kids DVDs that she collects in a pile up to her chin to borrow, and also because of the fact that our local library, has a cafΓ©.



The routine?

Return books.

Order coffee and babycino (and treats!)

Read something.


Go home high on books and coffee.

A pretty great after-school session if you ask me πŸ˜‰

#1102 Super Moon

I am always excited when I hear there is going to be a special type of moon event coming up.

I was even more excited when I realised I would be up early for it.

Blood Moon, Eclipse Moon, Full Moon… in the last while, whether a rare or a monthly occurrence, there has been a spectacle of ‘different’ moons. There is something magical about looking up at the sky and wondering what and how and where and why and maybe even WHO is going on up there.

The best time in our skies to view this ‘Super’ moon this morning was 3am… alas I was up at 5:30, walking to my car to set off for work… ehh, close enough.

I saw it big and bright. No I don’t have a great photo. I was thinking of big spiders and moths and so hurried to my car so I wasn’t exposed another second to the night’s surprises.

But it made me think about cycles, and life.

How these regular moon cycles of new, crescent, half and full can be overshadowed by the looming presence of a greater moon.

Something bigger, brighter, with more bling and boisterousness come along and show off to the rest of the world.

We have these moments too. We might be going through our lives, doing the daily routine, but then we will randomly have these star moments, these lightbulb-type days where we shine our brightest, the reasoning apparently no reason at all as everyone stops to view our splendour.

And then we wake up the next day at 9am, to start a regular day again.

The moon’s cycles, and in fact all of these super moons can ramp up human emotions in the process. We can feel affected by these sudden changes, and a greater-than-usual full moon is a great catalyst for life’s upheavals.

Did you see the ‘Super’ moon? Did you feel it’s affect on you? Did you have a bad day?

Or did you have an extraordinarily amazing day?

Stay humble. Like the lunar cycle, we will wane and the light will go… only to come back again…

The moon is big. We are small. Keep things in perspective, and let go to the Universe.

#1101 A bohemian life

Hubbie and I FINALLY got to watch the Bohemian Rhapsody movie tonight, based on Queen and more heavily their lead singer, Freddie Mercury.


And although I loved it, and I enjoyed it a lot…

It has made me realise even more, you cannot duplicate perfection.

It has made me realise so much more, the genius that is Queen, and Freddie.

No fault of the stars of the film… they did a terrific job.

But, you know… (you can’t copy a legend).

Oh man. I am loving them MORE and MORE every day. And he loved cats, so there it is, done and dusted, SmikG devotion FOR LIFE.

“Any way the wind blows…”


#1100 Saucy-ness

Of course with a milestone such as 1100 ∧∧∧ …

Surely I have an equal or greater than milestone of my own to be grateful about?

Yes, yes I do. It is HUGE.

Baby girl, wait for it…

Had sauce on top of her pasta today!


A bolognaise sauce!Β 

This girl LOVES her pasta. Go here for visual evidence of just how much she loves it.

But since the age of about 2, something happened. Something that most parents warned me might likely happen…

She started getting fussy with her foods. And where she used to eat sauce soaked through her pasta, it was suddenly –


I have always suggested it as a side dish to her, without being too forceful or stressed about it. I knew the day would come when she would come back to it, and in the meantime allowed her to play, swish it around on her plate, and occasionally dip a carb or meat component into it to get used to the flavour again…

But tonight! Tonight of her own accord, watching her Dad swirl his bolognaise-covered pasta around on his fork, she thought to move the sauce so perfectly in its corner of her plate…

To on top of the spaghetti.

Then, wait for it…


She said this like half a dozen times, and I was just staring IN AWE.

She demolished it. I actually, clapped.

(Mouth aghast!)

I think she realised, as the saying goes, what she’s been missing out on all these years.

Sauce. I am loving those saucy lips πŸ™‚


#1099 The detail in the picture

A picture can tell a thousand words…

You know what I love about this picture?


It’s not the princess costume baby girl gained from her cousins yesterday (that she wants to live, breathe and do everything in)

It’s not how she’s acting like a hairdresser and brushing my besties hair

It’s not even that ball, far away in the background, that shows she doesn’t quite listen when we say no kicking inside!

It’s that hand

That soft, sweet hand, resting on my bestie’s shoulder.

That, action.

β™₯Β it.

#1098 Simple but best burgers

The highlight of tonight came as we were all crowded around some home-made burgers.


And it wasn’t the burgers alone that made the night great, but what those burgers represented.

Great company with family friends we haven’t caught up with in a long while.

Great conversation – the type where there are two lines of dialogue running at the same time.

And last but not least… 4 gorgeous kiddos munching at a mini table beside us, happily devouring their burgers…Β  baby girl one of them. 😍

The burgers were simple, good. Wholesome, healthy, tasty.

Some of the best things in life are simple, right?

And if simple equates to the best…

Well then the kids playing, our d&ms and these gourmet burgers made this night tops πŸ‘

#1097 Going Ga Ga for Live Aid

Ok fine.

I get it.

I have a thing about gay men…

They are some of my favourite-st performers, after all.

Like Freddie Mercury. It has been a very Queen-heavy week for me.

I’ve been coming home to an empty house after school drop-off and filling it with ROCK ROCK ROCK.

Today I put on a random playlist of the group via youtube as I set about in cleaning the house.

My Oh My.

I’ve listened to these performances individually many a time, but never in a whole, to realise the full context and width and breadth of their set at the 1985 Live Aid concert in Wembley Stadium.

Here I was, a little toddler, pushing 2 years old… and these guys were creating the greatest rock performance of all-time.

Have a watch of the exhilarating, fist-pumping 21 minutes. Tell me what you think.

At 2:45 begins my most favourite bit of the set. The intro to Radio Ga Ga, my current obsession.

But, for some of that context I mentioned earlier… over 70,000 people clapping in unison people.


Just in in the UK. Because Live Aid was a joint concert effort to raise money for people starving to death in Ethiopia, and was back off the “Do They Know It’s Christmas” single effort.

While the UK performances began at Wembley at approximately 12pm, they continued at the John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia in the U.S, for a crowd of 100,000 just before 2pm UK time, with the concert amounting to about 16 hours of live performances.

It inspired concerts in other countries around the world on the same day, and the scale of this Live Aid event, the largest television broadcast of the time, was that about 40% of the world’s population watched it.

Most likely your parents… and most likely mine.

So when you take the above performance with all this info, knowing Queen were performing to approximately 1.9 billion people around the world…


Just let that sink in.

And his a capella section at the end of Radio Ga Ga, showcasing his vocal range and ability to stir a crowd, became known as “the note heard round the world.”

What a legacy.