#1192 Walking for doughnuts

I found myself without car today.

I had to leave my car at an auto electrician’s this morning after school drop off, and subsequently had no quick and reliable mode of transport to get me home.

So… to walk.

It was a great walk as it was fresh and I warmed up quickly. It took me 27 minutes from start to my front door, and really it would have been about 20 if I hadn’t made a cheeky detour, and then spent some of my time slowing down to take photos of me looking like a Christmas tree my goodies.


LOL. It is all about BALANCE.

Take a nice lengthy walk home…

Reward yourself (as if it were my choice) with doughnuts.



#1191 Look up

Social media is great.

Social media tells you what is happening – which of your friend’s are pissed off and which family member has life-changing news to share.

Social media shows you countless vids of how to cook delicious food, as it does all those before-and-after bikini shots from people embarking on an exercise regime from yet another celeb trainer.

Social media lets you know what is trending: memes, jokes, news, cat videos…

Social media keeps you informed.

Also, social media tells you when you should stop looking down at your phone…

And start looking UP, at the sky.


I was literally just on my phone as baby girl was falling asleep. It is my usual routine to message people back and get my gratitude post ready. And in amongst this, while scroll scroll scrolling, I found a site I follow, tell me, to look outside NOW… Jupiter was next to the Moon.

My photo is clearly shit, let’s face it. You need some super-charged DSR/DLR/TLGHDYT I-don’t-know-what super-charged camera to capture this moment. But the moon, as you can see, is to the left and big and bright and shiny, whereas Jupiter is but a tiny tiny dot to the right of the moon, positioned to the centre, and yes I have just seen a planet.

How cool is that. Go out and look outside people. Be amazed at the world out there.

So much bigger than all of US combined…

#1190 Cat ‘off’ a leash

Today, we FINALLY did it.

Our cat went outside… minus the leash.

He was free. FREE! He was probably thanking his lucky stars we took him out on the gloriously sunny day that was today, as he wandered around the back yard, smelling and scratching and rolling happily in dirt…


Oh, he was happy.

But then he jumped the fence. We lost him for about 15 minutes. Baby girl and I sat on the back step waiting, talking loudly so that he would know how to find his way back…

And then he jumped! Back he was on the fence, scaling and teetering on it precariously…

Before jumping into another neighbour’s yard.

Gee Mister F. Just take it easy.

And then he was back! Again! I quickly took him inside, so relieved he had willingly come back to us.

But when he was meowing at the door to be let out again, and I was like –

“Stuff it.” A bit too trustingly.

And just as well my intuition served me well, as I went to the back of the house to find him stretched out towards the cage our bird was in against the wall, with our bird clutching for dear life on the other side of the cage!


Oh what drama. What CAT-ASTROPHY.

LOL. Baby steps.

Or should I say, kitty steps… πŸ˜‰

#1189 Pizza with family

What is better than spending time with family?

What is better than celebrating a loved one’s birthday?

What is better, than all of the above… with pizza?

Why, ALL OF THE ABOVE but with pizza from your childhood.

Pizza from the hood.

Pizza that the Maria’s and Mario’s drove across suburbs for…. πŸš—πŸšπŸš˜πŸš™

Gino’s Pizza.


Ahh. Still pretty decent. Sitting around a table chomping on pizza like we used to as teens, with loved ones on a Saturday night, is a pretty great place to be.



#1188 Dancing in the kitchen with my loves part 8

So ‘apparently,’ according to this blog the last time I did the above with my family it was a year and a half ago.

Yeah, nah. In true Aussie slang form. You all know we are always dancing our arses off, I just haven’t recorded since then.

‘Til now…

Somehow, in amongst dinner prep, baby girl decided to dance with her Dad. They danced as a couple might dance at a wedding, and he spun her around and dipped her sweetly as she grinned her face off.


Then she put on a dance-y song that I liked. We jumped and skipped and boogied and shook our hips, and I thought how beautiful it was that she had specifically put on a song for me, since she had already danced with her Dad.

But I was not done.

I have been getting increasingly obsessed with a new song:

Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s new track. I LOVE IT. As soon as I cued it up, back we were on our makeshift kitchen dance floor, getting down with it (gee I am showing my age) and just having a grand old time (there I go again sounding 65). I got her to stand on a stool so I pick her up and hold her in my arms easier, and gee she is getting big. It made me realise how much time is passing and that whether we hold them in our arms or not, they will still GROW.

It makes me appreciate all the hugs, kitchen dance-offs, and sweet innocent moments, all the more. β™₯β™₯β™₯

“Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh.”

#1187 The layered sunset

Going from my increasing success at being able to capture the perfect ‘one’ since we made our Sea Change, when I looked out the window and caught the colours, they were beautiful… still, I knew I was about 5 minutes too late.

The layered sunset:


Imagine how magical it would have looked if I snapped it on time?

#1186 A new garage face

So this evening Mother Nature gave us this stunning sunset…


And those spectacular colours cast a golden glow against a certain new feature…

A new feature in our front yard…

Our new electric garage door!


Yes, electric. Emphasis on. Because we have had an old, manual roller door type monstrosity for the past 2 and a half years.

Poor Hubbie has had to endure this the following tedious routine, 5 days a week:


Open roller door by hand.

Start car.

Reverse car out of garage.

Get out of car.

Close roller door by hand.

Get back into car and go to work.

I don’t know about you, but that’s a tad too much to and fro too early in the day.

Then in the evening.

Pull up to driveway.

Open roller door by hand.

Get into car.

Drive into garage.

Close roller door by hand.


And it was made a thousand times worse this past month, with the roller door creasing and opening at the folds, making the opening and closing of the roller door grindingly painful.

But now. Ahh. That nice, new, roller door, that goes UP

And DOWN, with just the press of a button.

Our garage ‘face’ is not complete. The front of house is still a work in progress.

But with today’s LONG overdue addition, we are finally getting there.