#2333 Thanks for the memories

It’s awfully hard to say goodbye.

So instead, I’ll focus on the memories. Of my uncle.

I’ll start with a recent memory, even one that I’m pretty sure was shared today in church. My uncle was telling me at a family gathering not too long ago, about some of the family history. Not only does this kind of stuff fascinate me, as he is my Mum’s brother, but I find it amusing how each sibling often has their own version of events.

They are all true, of course! But still, their own take on it.

And I was eagerly listening to what he was telling me, and I can tell you honestly that I can’t remember what it was, but I remember one thing CLEARLY.

He was saying how he was the third born child in their family, but the first son. A huge grin spread across his face. This made him happy, proud, giddy like a child. I smiled with him, his worth and self-esteem at this fact so apparent, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment. In a fairly patriarchal time, having a son was something revered strongly, just because well, having a boy, as well as the obvious fact that they carry on the family name, so it was clear this was spoken about, celebrated even.

He was certainly happy about it.


He was always happy, actually. He’d usually start talking to me, with a bit of a straight statement, that immediately turned into a joke, and honestly the second sentence in he’d be laughing, me joining in.


Hubbie got along with my uncle too. Hubbie told him countless times that he was the best dancer, told me too, and anyone that would listen… he was light on his feet, fast, and moved so easily, that he was able to dance to traditional folk music like no other. It truly was a joy to witness, a special thing to be in the presence of. To this day Hubbie is adamant, no one in my family is as good a dancer as he, with his grand-daughter a close second… of course, it runs in the blood. I imagine him dancing up there, ripping it up and having a ball.


But my fondest memory, isn’t really a specific memory, it’s a collection of them. Because as a teen growing up, my parents along with all of my aunties and uncles, would get together and play cards, A LOT.

It was always the women against the men. So my Mum and her two sister-in-laws, along with my Dad and his two brother-in-laws. I would be home… chilling in my bedroom, listening to music, watching a movie… and they would be carrying on like nothing else on a Saturday night. Can you imagine, six 60 year-old somethings making noise like there were 30 in the house? There would be laughter from the winning teams. Angry outbursts from the losing teams! There was banging on tables as they went “Na!” and slammed their cards down in a ‘take that!’ move. And after they had all had their fill, sometimes a few games, sometimes eight, they would keep talking, eating, drinking coffee, way into the wee hours of the morning.

I really loved them being there. It made me happy. Seeing my parents happy, made me happy. Seeing my uncles and aunties happy, made me happy. Seeing them all together, having fun, laughing, getting cross at each other, accusing each other of cheating (😮đŸ˜Ŧ😆) and making memories, is one of my best memories of them all. Because they had each other. They were having a ball, with none other than their very own family. I realised even at that young age, how special it was, and thought often, too often actually, how lucky they all were. They were all present, they were all there. They were each other’s peers, sharing all their happiness, troubles, all stories.

When I was younger I would sit with them, counting my Mums cards. When I was older, I would wonder into the kitchen sometimes at midnight, and they’d be there in the next room, playing cards. Sometimes they would acknowledge me, sometimes they’d stare seriously at their set of cards, as if the state of the world depended on it. Other times I would go to sleep, and they’d whisper loudly as they passed my bedroom, leaving the house at 1:30am.

This memory has nothing to do with me. But I was witness to it, and seeing the love around that table, hearing what transpired, the good, and the incredibly funny… I will never forget it. It was the best time. For all of us.

You can’t choose who your family are, but you can choose who you spend your time with. And they chose each other, time and time again.

Rest in peace Ujo. I don’t think I can look at a set of cards or hear a kolo, without thinking of you fondly.

Your smile is etched forever in our hearts.


Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

#2332 A sign from my little friend

We had a visitor tonight, one we have never seen inside our home…

Or have we?

It was a tiny, little, orange with black spotted ladybird. Just walking along the floor like that.

I felt emotional. I gathered it up in a cup, and took it outside, coaxing it out of the cup and onto the porch bench.

We’ve never had a ladybird in the house. NEVER. And it so happened tonight, after I had been going through photo, after photo, after photo, of loved ones…

You make up your own mind. 🙏🐞

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

#2331 Some quiet time

Well, it was Wednesday, but I was missing my Hubbie. ☚ī¸

He had to work today. I felt a little lost honestly… I didn’t want to go where we usually went, or sit alone to have brunch.

So I got a takeaway coffee and went to look at the water.

It’s the simple things that are most important. Spending time with someone. Sharing a coffee. Having a heart to heart.

Even just being alone with your thoughts to reflect.

There’s nothing like the meaning of life and death to shake you up a bit and make you take stock of the in-between, that is, the life you are leading.


#2330 Fire in the sky

Here is the progress of tonight’s sunset.

From warming colours, to fanning flames on the horizon. Sometimes Mother Nature mirrors to us what’s in our hearts, without us realising at all.

A tempered flicker, or a raging fire… or something in between. Which one are you?

#2329 Grateful to have known him

I’m still in a state of shock, so I don’t know what to write, or how to start this.

My uncle passed away today.

He was my Mum’s oldest brother, third oldest out of the hierarchy of kids… and what a hierarchy it is. Eight surviving children out of 14. Yep. My Mum’s Mum had 14 children, and only eight survived past early childhood.

But he was third oldest. I was maybe about 10 or 11 when they moved to Australia from their war-torn country.

He and my aunty were in their 50s when they moved here, can you imagine? Moving to the other side of the world at that age, to a place where you didn’t know the language or way or life, just so you could be closer to your kids and other extended family?

They made the best decision ever.

And so, although I am sad tonight, sad for my Mum, sad for my aunts and uncles, sad for my cousins, sad for all of our family… I am so glad we had these years with them, with him. I’m so glad I got to meet him. Honestly, my Mum’s family is big, and there are relatives I haven’t even met, or have only met once.

So to have spent the last 25+ years of my life getting to know my aunt and uncle in a different, personal way, shared memories and good times and chats and parties all together… it is something truly special.

It is something to be grateful for. I am finding it hard tonight, but I will think of what we gained when they moved here, and I’d rather that, than the other.

R.I.P. DG. 🙏💖

#2328 Cleaning day number two

When it rains, it pours.

So when I clean, I CLEAN.

Today was such a day… again. Yep, this weekend has been all about deep cleaning, and somehow, with the still and sunny days, I have oddly enjoyed it.

My pride and joy right now is my oven. I used the self-cleaning function again, got a little bit of a heart attack when the door locked itself shut, but then today, somehow, it unlocked, and I looked inside to see it looking so sparkly and new. 🤩

And now I’m on the couch, enjoying my relaxation and knowing I well and truly deserve it. 💖

#2327 Grateful for it all

I look back on the day just gone, and I gotta say, there is a lot that made me smile.

A lot to be grateful for.

While eating brekkie this morning, baby girl started pointing to her mouth before running to the bathroom. Another tooth had come out! She was so excited, jumping up and down, absolutely rapt that after a long break the tooth fairy was FINALLY going to come to our house tonight! She took a selfie of the missing tooth in her mouth and sent it to Hubbie via my phone, and then kept jumping up and down, so happy with herself.

I am so grateful to have a daughter as strong and courageous as her, able to pull out the tooth that was hanging by a thread, and not be fazed by the blood left behind!

Spoiler alert: the tooth fairy has already come and gone. 😉

Today was a big cleaning day for me. Which may seem a bit of a weird thing to be happy about, but doing something in my own time, after a sleep-in, with no rush, is actually beautiful. Saturdays we put on records throughout the day, so the player was pumping, I was cleaning, pruning, weeding, washing, and the sun was shining.

I am grateful to have a house to tend to and make pretty.

We decided to cook and stay in tonight, and it ended up being a ‘choose-your-own-dinner’ kinda night. Baby girl had fresh pasta with leftover bolognaise, Hubbie fried up sausages with other leftovers, and I made this hoisin beef noodles that I’ve made before, but have been wanting to make again.

It meant quite a few dishes, but I didn’t care. Again, no routine, no rush. We all ate what we wanted.

I am grateful we can choose to eat what we like, and nourish our bodies with whatever it is that makes us happy.

Hubbie gave me a beautiful surprise tonight. It was totally unexpected, for no reason at all, and I love him so much for it.

I am so grateful to have a loving Hubbie, someone who cares and puts effort into making me happy.

There are other small and beautiful moments from throughout the day, and I guess it makes it a really well-rounded, happy day. I am so grateful for so much positivity in one day. I question, is it the day, the unfolding of events making it so, or is it me?

I think it is both. I will try to make tomorrow even better. 🙏💖

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Pexels.com

#2326 Funny selfie night

The night started out funny.

While washing dishes I put on Guido Hatzis’ “Do Not Talk Over Me” comedy CD. I shared in this post years ago how much fun we had then in re-discovering some hilarious comedy from the self-confessed Adonis, and it was nothing less than that tonight either.

Our favourite clip is “The Plumber.” It has to be his best phone call. If you watch it on YouTube, the comic version, close your eyes, don’t let the images distract you. The call itself is better than anything on screen.

We went down a bit of a rabbit hole, looking into the background of one-half of the Guido creator, and the voice himself, Tony Moclair. And somehow, that led to all three of us posing for stupid selfies on baby girl’s ipad. 🤷‍♀ī¸đŸ˜†

Stupid face selfie. đŸĨ´

Shocked selfie. 😲

We just smelt something bad selfie. đŸ¤ĸ

Laughing selfie! 😂

Yawning selfie. đŸĨą

Friday nights are awesome in and of themselves, but to have so much fun, laughter and lightness in it, is just another level altogether.

Happy weekend all. 💖💖

#2325 Helping nothing day

I haven’t gone to visit my parents just for no reason, in a long time… but I did it today.

There is always a reason. Whether it’s an occasion, to help, or take them to a medical ‘something,’ there is always something.

But it’s really nice too, when there is nothing.

So today was a nothing day, that ended up kinda being something… but that was OK. 😆 I helped my mum out with some shopping, and later on we all sat together and ate, and even my sister came over and we all had some good ol’ family bonding and time together.

But probably the best and funniest moment for me, came when we were doing grocery shopping. I was pushing the trolley, following Mum from aisle to aisle, when she went into the pet food aisle.

Disclaimer: Mum and Dad don’t have pets.

HOWEVER, she does have my sister’s cat, and dog next door, and they visit her REGULARLY, as well as a wild bird that flies down every day because she feeds it. 😆

And I was standing there behind her, giggling to myself, as she stood in the pet food aisle trying to work out what to buy for the pets she doesn’t own.

Awww. That’s love. 💖đŸĨ°

#2324 With the MIL at Max’s

Today Hubbie and I had our morning coffee date… on the other side of town… with a special guest.

His Mum. 💖

We were doing ‘car jobs’ and she was ever so kind to pick us up from the mechanic…

So we said, let’s go get coffee.

This was kinda a late Mother’s Day catch-up. We had planned a family get-together, but then other family members got sick, and in this world of COVID, everyone stayed away from one another for a while until those sick ones got the all-clear.

I get the greatest satisfaction out of making and seeing other people happy… and multiple times I heard my MIL say “this is very good!” about her pancakes and coffee.

But really, I know that is just secondary. I know she was actually really happy about the company. And so were we. 💞💞