#1010 Watching the rain

I’ve mentioned many times that I love the warmth. However I also, LOVE the rain.

The two are obviously starkly different, and yet I hold both so dear to me, as they provide me with a different kind of appreciation and comfort, and fill me with great happiness and fulfilment…

Even though they are sooo different.

Today, it RAINED.

Have you ever stopped to just watch the rain falling? It is the most therapeutic of things to witness. I called baby girl upstairs today where we sat at the floor near the bedroom window, and just watched the skies open up.

I was there with her when a sharp strike of lightning interrupted the dreary sky and then moments later some vicious thunder followed, which made her run around the corner, cower and begin to cry.

I talked her out of her fear, explaining it was just the sky, we were safe inside, and there was nothing to be afraid of, even though it did sound pretty scary. And no, it wasn’t a ghost (her go-to thought for every scary thing!)


We sat and talked, observed, and it was the most beautiful of moments. Amidst the grey, wet sky.

Try it next time it rains. See what thoughts come into your mind. See how you feel afterwards. ♥

#1009 Smoothie season

It was time to get the blender out today.

I have been saying for months and months and months, that once our kitchen reno was done, I would be using my blender more. It was in a more accessible position, so therefore being able to reach it would make it easier, right?

(I also said I would post a before-and-after once the reno was done with, but the teeniest and tiniest of little kitchen jobs has prevented me from that – so stay tuned).

It appears, that anything, any task, no matter how big or small it is, requires the same amount of grunt to get you going.

I had to do a ‘special’ grocery shop.

Get things I didn’t normally buy.

I had to find time. (Ohhh, that precious commodity…)

I had to find a warm day…

And finally, finally, through my haphazard excuses yet also slight determination to get things going, I got the blender OUT!



It appears that sometimes what we are lacking is, the desire to do something new. The desire to try something out of our comfort zone. We get too comfortable in our little corners of the world, and look for all manner of excuses to keep from stepping out into the middle of the room.

In my case, deciding to get off my arse and take the blender out.

But once you start! Well once you start, you are suddenly open to all the possibilities out there, of fresh smoothies and healthy drinks, they are all waiting for you, simply because you decided your comfort zone was a tad boring.

Because it is, let’s face it. It’s the same old… r e p e t i t i o n… day in and day out.

So today, I salute the smoothie. Here’s to a summery season of it.


#1008 Park… Beach no. 3

We can be sooo naïve.

We actually thought we were the only ones, or at the very most, one of a few who would be thinking as we were.

Heading down to the park with a picnic blanket to enjoy the sun.

Instead we turned onto the road leading to the park, and found cars EVERYWHERE.


It was chaos.

I had to check and make sure there wasn’t some event on. Nope. Just the rest of the world thinking the exact same way as us.


LOL. We still had a great time. After driving around, finally finding parking, and then making our way over, we spent a decent amount of time there, making sure to milk it for all it was worth.

But then we extended our day out, with the necessary ‘why-it’s-so-sunny-we-may-as-well-beach-too’ natural addition… the beach being across the road. 😉

Of course.





All we did was wade in to our ankles, but may I just say, our ankles were happy indeed:)

#1007 Peninsula sunset no. 5

It was a day in which I had a lovely day…

But, nothing of much to note…

A low-key, Saturday night in with the fam…

Ice cream on the couch…

You know what that means.

It’s the all-too-dependable sunset time!


Ahh, sunset you stunner. You never fail to disappoint (particularly on days where I am lacking inspiration!)

And did you know, baby girl took photos of the same sunset on Hubbie’s phone, and her pics of the same thing turned out better than mine? What the?

Watch out for the next generation… they are excelling in the solo numeral age already.

#1006 Generational girl parallels

Life is funny in the parallels it sometimes throws at you, isn’t it?

Today there were two girls, sitting happily side by side… and later walking with love and happiness, holding hands.

One was baby girl, and the other was her cousin, who we shall call Miss O… but is more a ‘baby girl’ than baby girl is at 4 years her senior.

And that’s the thing. The age difference. The girls club. Their Mamas, my cousin and I, were there with our girls as well, and it was like watching our childhood all over again. Sure we didn’t get the luxury of growing up from that young of an age, due to initial seas upon oceans between us, but we soon got the chance to grow up together.

Myself, at 4 years her senior.

We find it so odd and humorous now, with a healthy dose of ‘touching,’ that we should be watching our first-borns, girls, also 4 years apart, start to develop this beautiful bond that we already share.

Cousins, by blood… but friends, forever.



#1005 Grateful for all the shitty things

When death happens in the day, it’s hard to talk about anything else.

Death. Life. Death and Life, Life and Death. Both things trump pretty much everything else, yet we go on about the bullshit of day to day, the annoyances, grievances and grudges we hold like they actually matter.

They don’t. Like I said – Life and Death trumps all.

I heard of a death today. I didn’t even know the boy. Boy. That in itself speaks volumes. Not only was it a death, but a sudden, cruel and early exit.

But you don’t really need to know the person to feel sad, do you? Death in itself is scary and terrifying enough, but when it comes on so suddenly, and takes away someone that still has years and years and years ahead… it becomes so very heartbreaking.

It seems so very unfair.

There are about a million and one ways that we could die. Quite literally. Study biology and you will start to learn all of the diseases and bodily faults that can lead to our early demise. It is actually terrifying.

An accident, or an unlucky brush with the grim reaper, could be waiting for us at ANY TURN. Apart from hoping to God you stay healthy, you should also hope to God you don’t get hit by a car, a bookcase doesn’t fall on you, a tram runs into you, a flesh-eating bug eats away at your limbs and you eventually rot to death, a champagne cork pops in your direction and hits your temple, and, AND…

All the ways we can die are actually mind-numbingly baffling.

And yet, so many of us are LIVING. Day in, and day out.

We are in a sense, the lucky ones. The ones managing to escape death. That we are still alive today, and have managed to avoid disease and misfortune, and all the various ways in which our life could end, well that is a miracle. A true, unimaginable miracle.

We might be left behind, to cry, grieve, suffer as we experience deep loss, and wonder

“what is the point of it all?”

But still: We are the Lucky ones.

So today, on this day where I can’t think of much else but this fact, these are the things I am grateful for:

I am grateful I swept the floors.

I am grateful I mopped the floors.

I am grateful I changed the bed.

I am grateful I cleaned the toilet.

I am grateful that baby girl gave me attitude after kindergarten.

I am grateful we argued and she stormed off, slamming the door on me.

I am grateful, that harsh words were spoken to me.

I am grateful, that I spoke harsh words.

I am grateful, that I shook my head in disbelief.

I am grateful, that I sobbed.

I am grateful, that my heart broke just a little.

I am grateful for ALL of these things, all of these shitty, annoying, boring and fleeting things… because it means I’m ALIVE.

Because it means, I’m one of the LUCKY ONES.

And if you’re reading this, that means you are too.


Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

#1004 Couch time with the family no. 2

Uh oh. It’s becoming a thing now. Having the word ‘couch’ in a post heading with a number following it, makes me feel a bit lazy and guilty that I should be so happy about sitting on the couch.

But I need to put things in perspective.

Yesterday I was ill while on the couch. Because of that I spent the whole day doing ‘nothing.’ I was tired, hot, felt deflated, and actually couldn’t wait for the day to be over with. I wanted to fast forward to night-time and go to sleep already. That from a glass half-full gal.

The only way to move past it was to say goodbye to it.

But today? Today I was more than happy to sit on the couch… healthy… with my family… after I had been away at work.

With a glass of red.

Some ice cream.

Baby girl’s head resting on my lap.

As we watched The Bachelorette 😉

And it was the nicest moment ever. Things generally are amazing though, when you are feeling better again…