#1642 Day 144 of getting there: Happy August Memories

Today, I did some washing. Hung it in our backyard.

I baked some muffins. Scents of banana and cocoa filled the walls within our home.

I ripped out old plants and dying branches from flowers that desperately needed a good prune. I tidied it up…

To make our home look more pretty.

And it was all the more convenient and timely, that I did these random, but interconnected odd jobs, as the theme unifying it all was that of the home.

Tending to the home.

Using the home.

Filling up the home.

Because on this day 4 years, we bought this home.

I made the winning bid. When I think of that day, I have to shake my head in disbelief sometimes. It was 4 years ago, but many parts of that day are still so clear to me, even now.

I remember the well wishes I received the morning of the auction by some amazing family and friends.

I remember driving up with my Mum and baby girl… and being so nervous, that both Mum and I had to stop at a servo to pee on the way.

I remember arriving 15 minutes into the inspection before auction. I remember the street being FULL of cars. I remember nosy neighbours walking off, having had enough of a sticky beak, not caring to see who would get the house.

I remember NOT ONE auctioneer approaching me as I wandered through the house for the final time before the dum dum daaaa! moment.

I remembered my sister seeing the view from upstairs and saying “it’s a great house” but saying it in a way like “shit, it will be competitive.”

I remember my bro-in-law saying similar words, saying he’d overheard a lot of interested parties talking about it.

I remember all of us standing outside in the front yard, with the strong Winter wind blowing around.

I remember baby girl running around the yard as the main auctioneer started his spiel, referring to her in his opening monologue.

I knew then, that that was a GOOD SIGN.

I remember him motioning to the water views behind us, while I secretly cursed him – “don’t remind them of the views!”

I remember him saying that the winning person could celebrate on the main street afterwards at one of the many cafes, and the desire was so strong in me then, because we had been to those cafes and those restaurants. We had walked those streets, we had holidayed here, and we had done our research.

We were ready.

I remember the auction beginning, and Mum standing near baby girl, watching her run around while mumbling under her breath that the price was going too high.

I remember my sister positioned closer to the nature strip, creating a barrier so that baby girl couldn’t escape.

And I remember my bro-in-law standing behind me, ready to whisper words of advice.

I remember staying quiet for a long time.

I remember the TOTAL SATISFACTION (this is SO clear to me) when I put up my hand, and made my first bid.

The auctioneer looked at me, and his expression conveyed something else.

I had come in later. He knew I meant business.

And I remember how when I made the second, third bid, one of the agents made a beeline to me, thinking he could now help me.

Huh. Where were you guys INSIDE the house?

I had my own agent behind me 😉

I remember holding that winning bid… and the auctioneer urging others to jump in… while I begged in my head “please no, just let it be over…”


There was clapping. There was cheering. People around me were genuinely happy.

And we were over the moon!

Inside, a familiar face! I saw the agent I had been talking to leading up to that day… He had been hiding out with the owners, of course.

I signed contracts with shaky hands, and snapped a photo of the interior, with the price tag, to Hubbie.


After celebratory photos with the auction board, we headed to the main street.

Mum, sis, baby girl and I had our celebratory coffees and treats.

And when we got home hours later, Hubbie was on cloud nine.

I remember all this so fondly, and I don’t think I can ever forget such a momentous day for us.

A day where we realised our big dream of sea changing, a day when we made it.

And so when baby girl snapped a sunset from my phone this evening (I’ve trained her well) I didn’t think much of it…

‘Til I previewed it later.

It was blurry. Much like a memory can be. But there was that lawn. I could still see that sign in my head.

The guy who was standing to the left of me… the two ladies on my right. The family of four who I thought of often, comprised of a couple with their two young girls, who walked off half-way through the auction…

I hope they found their dream house, just as we found ours.

Now there were different plants, different colours, and different people coming in and out…

And 4 years on, there’s no place we’d rather be. 💖🏡🌅🥰

#1641 Day 143 of getting there: early birthday surprise

I thought it was something entirely different when Hubbie announced today:

“Something’s at the door!”

I glared at him. Unfairly. Because a couple of days ago, I had told him that if any large-ish type parcel arrives, it is likely baby girl’s birthday present and we need to move it to a hiding spot pronto.

She gets excited about parcels, even if they aren’t for her… so it was of vital importance to hide it immediately.

After I finished glaring at his vocal announcement, I went to the parcel and saw…

My name, and baby girl’s name?

From my sister and fam?

Oh. Whoops. (Face palm).

Instead, it was an early birthday surprise.

It was so unexpected. It was early, but it came at the best time. I’d been feeling rather ‘blah’ about everything, so to sit down with baby girl (after apologising to Hubbie 🙃) and start going through the packages, well it lifted us right up.

Baby girl got some really cute gifts, and was absolutely rapt with his big girl make up/beauty case she got… and I received some really lovely and ‘me time’ gifts… a moisturiser, beauty bag, jewellery stand…

But the best gift of all, hands down, were the words.

The words in my sister’s card got me, good. I read it silently, and soon found the tears just flowing down my face.

Then, I was sobbing.

It hit me. Hard. I’ve known and been well aware that August was gonna be different this year. Hell I even forecast it as far ago as June, before this second lockdown…

But I didn’t know how hard, and how further isolated, we would get.

I am a party person. We are party people. We throw birthdays. We have people over. We go out. We entertain. And the only other time that I have not had a party for my birthday, was when I turned 30…

Why not, for such a big birthday, you might ask?

Well, because baby girl was born on that day. 🙂

Kinda a big reason.

This year, there is no good reason at all. I mean, corona is the reason… but it’s not a nice reason we’re missing out, is it?

Reading my sister’s sweet and heartfelt words, it just really hit me. I couldn’t contain the emotions anymore. The missing out.

The missing them.

The missing everyone.

The missing everything.

I am okay. I will be okay. And we will make up for this one way or another.

Today, I am so grateful for those words. Those words made me cry, but really, they lifted me today.

They reminded me that I can do it. I will do it.

We ALL will do it. Because there is so much happiness awaiting us on the other side…

It’ll be like magic when we get there. ✨✨✨

#1640 Day 142 of getting there: no business, all party

The quote goes “business up top, party on the bottom.”

And it must be happening all over the place now with so many of us working, or schooling, from home.

Dressed for ‘show’ from shoulders up, waist up… whichever point of view you’re allowing your device camera to see.

And meanwhile, under the table you’ve got super slouchy pants and shin high moccasins over your sleep socks.

I have to admit though…

If we’re going off the above quote…

I’ve been ALL party all over while working from home.

And I don’t really try to hide it. 😉

I have one uniform. Trakkie pants, with some kind of hoodie or trakkie top.

Look, I have on some occasions worn my super stretchy jeans, which are as comfortable as leggings. And they make me feel good, almost like I could walk straight into the work office…

And I do try to wear alternating jumpers on other days…

But then I see my dependable, easy grey Peter Alexander trakkies…

And I see my green hoodie.

My black jumper.

Or my black hoodie.

And I’m just like “ahhh.”


I have taken it a step further this week though.

TMI alert!!!!

I have been going, bra-less!


Well, why not? Why the hell I’ve been wearing one at home, since late March, is beyond me, really.

You should be asking why I haven’t been going bra-less, instead?

I think I was trying to keep some kind of a routine, you know, do what so many are trying to do and not let iso and being removed from society affect their day to day.

But you know what? If I am going to make the most of this situation, then I’m going to do it with a no-care, party all over, no-bra mentality.

And it feels soooo good.


#1639 Day 141 of getting there: blinded by the balcony light

There’s nothing quite like counteracting the dark…

With light.


With outside.

Still air…

With fresh air.



After I finished my shift today baby girl and I headed upstairs to enjoy our coffee break on the balcony. The sun shone right into my eyes, so much so that I could barely see…

But I didn’t care.

I had the bay. I had coffee. I had sunshine.

I had baby girl.

We had August. We still have it, no matter what the world does or says.

It’s still ours.

And we sat there, surrounded by crisp air and blinding sunshine, taking it all in… 💖

#1638 Day 140 of getting there: Making room for roses and bread

Today I was an axe-wielding rose pruning machine!

Most people who passed me in my front yard, either walking their dog or running past for their daily hourly exercise, smiled at me or said hi.

Then there was that one woman that looked alightly alarmed…

Of course, I was holding an AXE.

It’s what I do come very Winter. It was rose pruning time, and I know from past years that no matter how much I prune, I always get amazing roses come through in Spring and the months that follow.

Oh I love this time of year. It’s starting to happen.

I totally diminished the size of the rose bush. I needed to get rid of as much thick or turning to brittle branches as possible.

Simple pruning scissors couldn’t do the job, all the time. So that’s when I took out the AXE.

I was amused at myself as much as anyone waking past today was amused by me.

But in the end, my deep prune has now allowed room for fresh, new growth.

I can’t wait.

But wait, there’s more! I can’t end on that, (as beautiful as that image is with a cameo from baby girl)… not when I made, bread.

Focaccia bread.

I found this recipe on Marion Grasby’s social media some time ago, and have been gearing myself up to make it for weeks.

It is soooo simple. You need to let the dough rise overnight, but even that in itself is easy. There is a fair bit of patience, but the steps to get there are really really really really simple.

It’s actually the perfect recipe to make while you’re at home over 2 days…

And let’s face it, I have been at home over 140 days (going by my ‘getting there’ posts during corona ⬆⬆⬆).


And after.

(Check out my insta profile for that insane ‘CRUNCH’ knife action! To die for!)

It was delish! I am so happy!

Making way for new roses, and making way for new recipes!

Food for the tummy… and food for the soul.

It was a great day, overall. Isolation and ALL.

#1637 Day 139 of getting there: Delirious

One of my favourite songs, is Delirious… by Prince.

And one of my favourite stand-up comedies is Delirious, too.

It makes me delirious!

It’s that famous Eddie Murphy stand-up from the 80s. I came across it tonight while looking up some comedy routines on Netflix. There’s nothing quite like finding something to laugh, to lift your mood, on what, this 6th day of a new 6 week lockdown, when it’s been cold, when it’s been wet…

When it’s been boring.

Although we didn’t watch it all, what we did watch had us laughing out loud and gasping for breath, and going “Eeeeee!” at his outrageous jokes.

What I found amazing when I looked up the show to see the year it was from, well I discovered it aired about this week in the States, 37 years ago!

It’s seriously as old as me!


But, it is some seriously awesome and very funny stuff. I’ll leave for you a little clip of his Elvis skit…

And meanwhile, I’ll catch up on my ice cream truck dances and Gooni-goo-goo’s some other time… 🤣😂

#1636 Day 138 of getting there: the ultimate zoom chat

I’ve had a lot of great zoom chats during this, and the first block of isolation (oh God we are onto the second block!)

But none quite topped the list like tonight’s zoom chat.

It was short, in that it was 30 minutes long.

But it was super super super sweet, because we were getting together online to celebrate my nephew’s 18th birthday!

And seeing all my family’s faces, wow!

I haven’t seen some of these people for like 5 months!

Some even LONGER.

We had drinks. We had blowouts that were super noisy. There was a commemorative real cake on the other end, that we all joked we wanted (of course we did!)

It was so amazing to have so many of us band together for my nephew, and I hope that tonight he is feeling all the love… even if it’s from a distance.

We had a LOT of fun too.

Happy Birthday. We’ll party with you soon… 😉🎉🎂🍻🥂

#1635 Day 137 of getting there: kissing those cheeks.


It was one of those days.

Shitty. Frustrating. Annoying.

So when baby girl came to me at my work desk to watch what I was doing, I had to do what I had to do…

I planted a few big kisses on her cheeks.

“Mmm.” I breathed in her scent.

Ever notice how amazing kids smell? They say babies smell divine, and I definitely remember that, but boy, can kids smell delicious too.

I grabbed her and started kissing her all over her face, to her laughter and protests.

“Stop!” She yelled.

So I stopped.

And she leaned her head in to me again, grinning.

An invitation.

So I grabbed her again and kissed her all over.

Immediately, my load was lightened. 😘😍💖💕

#1634 Day 136 of getting there: sweet things

It was one sweet thing after another today. 💖

I finally made the Nigella cake I’ve been meaning to make for the last two weeks. It’s a lemon polenta cake, and when I went to make it originally, I realised I was missing one key ingredient.


Fast forward to today, and I finished the deliciously sugary and citrusy dessert, eagerly waiting to dig into it for coffee time in the afternoon.

And afterwards as I went to casually check the mail… I found another sweet thing.

A sweet surprise… a letter from bestie!

But not for me. For baby girl.


I showed her and she opened it, stunned, but also so happy. Her Dad helped her read it… stories about bestie and her hubbie at home, their gorgeous dog, and questions asking baby girl if she was missing school, and what her favourite song was? (That answer in itself is a whole essay!)

It was the sweetest of gestures to baby girl, and yet in some way, it probably meant a whole lot more to her parents. 💕

Coffee time came, and the cake was sickly sweet! But really moist and nom nom nom too.

I think Hubbie will be taking pieces to his work mates this week, because let’s face it, we ain’t seeing anyone else to help us with it!

But I will be sure to share the sweetness again, when this is all over.

All in all, a pretty sweet day. 😉

#1633 Day 135 of getting there: Day candlelight

If you were in Victoria today, you would have known there was no better day to be in isolation.

In lockdown.

Why would you want to go anywhere anyway?

It was cold. Soooo cold. At about 10am my phone said it was 4 degrees…

Feels like 1.


Just as well I was working from home.

Just as well baby girl was playing with her dolls in her make-believe Universe, some place like Disneyland, Wonderland…

Any land but here.

Even Mister F was spared the cruel winter’s air, as he lay defrosting on the floor.

It was windy.

It was like ice.

It was dark. The clouds hung low and no outdoor light could be seen.

So I decided to bring some light into the house.

After all it looked like it was the end of the day… not the beginning of it.

I lit a few candles, here and there. I brought one on my desk, to give me a sense of calm, composure.

To remind me of the light, even amongst these dark, cold days.

It worked. 🙂