#1103 After school book break

It’s exciting for your child to have something to look forward to after school.

“See you later!”

Hell, even I get excited, and I have free time ALL DAY.

The library is definitely my happy place. Baby has inherited this love, largely because of the abundance of Wiggles and kids DVDs that she collects in a pile up to her chin to borrow, and also because of the fact that our local library, has a cafΓ©.



The routine?

Return books.

Order coffee and babycino (and treats!)

Read something.


Go home high on books and coffee.

A pretty great after-school session if you ask me πŸ˜‰

#1100 Saucy-ness

Of course with a milestone such as 1100 ∧∧∧ …

Surely I have an equal or greater than milestone of my own to be grateful about?

Yes, yes I do. It is HUGE.

Baby girl, wait for it…

Had sauce on top of her pasta today!


A bolognaise sauce!Β 

This girl LOVES her pasta. Go here for visual evidence of just how much she loves it.

But since the age of about 2, something happened. Something that most parents warned me might likely happen…

She started getting fussy with her foods. And where she used to eat sauce soaked through her pasta, it was suddenly –


I have always suggested it as a side dish to her, without being too forceful or stressed about it. I knew the day would come when she would come back to it, and in the meantime allowed her to play, swish it around on her plate, and occasionally dip a carb or meat component into it to get used to the flavour again…

But tonight! Tonight of her own accord, watching her Dad swirl his bolognaise-covered pasta around on his fork, she thought to move the sauce so perfectly in its corner of her plate…

To on top of the spaghetti.

Then, wait for it…


She said this like half a dozen times, and I was just staring IN AWE.

She demolished it. I actually, clapped.

(Mouth aghast!)

I think she realised, as the saying goes, what she’s been missing out on all these years.

Sauce. I am loving those saucy lips πŸ™‚


#1099 The detail in the picture

A picture can tell a thousand words…

You know what I love about this picture?


It’s not the princess costume baby girl gained from her cousins yesterday (that she wants to live, breathe and do everything in)

It’s not how she’s acting like a hairdresser and brushing my besties hair

It’s not even that ball, far away in the background, that shows she doesn’t quite listen when we say no kicking inside!

It’s that hand

That soft, sweet hand, resting on my bestie’s shoulder.

That, action.

β™₯Β it.

#1098 Simple but best burgers

The highlight of tonight came as we were all crowded around some home-made burgers.


And it wasn’t the burgers alone that made the night great, but what those burgers represented.

Great company with family friends we haven’t caught up with in a long while.

Great conversation – the type where there are two lines of dialogue running at the same time.

And last but not least… 4 gorgeous kiddos munching at a mini table beside us, happily devouring their burgers…Β  baby girl one of them. 😍

The burgers were simple, good. Wholesome, healthy, tasty.

Some of the best things in life are simple, right?

And if simple equates to the best…

Well then the kids playing, our d&ms and these gourmet burgers made this night tops πŸ‘

#1096 The rainbow Valentine

During the length of a relationship, Valentine’s Day goes through a whole rollercoaster course of changes.

I mean really, Valentine’s Day was born for young love. Sweet, innocent love. It is the day for Hope, or Heartache… Hope to find your love requited… and Heartache if your love goes elsewhere.

For the rest of us committed, long-term couple types?


It starts to become a bit ‘meh.’

I had this discussion with Hubbie last night.

“Valentine’s Day is bullshit! Why should I buy you flowers because a commercial day is telling me to? I want to get you flowers when I want to.”

Even being a woman and all… I actually agreed with him.

The story of this romantic day is based on a patron-saint… who we can only guess at, as there were a few Valentine/Valentinus’, all who were martyred – that is, murdered over their beliefs. The general story, which is oddly identical between Valentine’s, is that this saint performed secret weddings against the authorities, saved a girl from an affliction like blindness somewhere in between, and in his final moments was tortured and killed.

There is no definite closure to the story’s origins, and the more romantic part of the holiday perhaps is due to the old Roman holiday which used to be held in February, a sexy holiday as it were, where women would write their names on clay tablets and they would be drawn by men to form random couplings (Gasp!)

The day has grown into the commercial entity that it is today. You buy a card, flowers, chocolate and candy. You make grand plans for the day.

But it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I know I know. I’m sounding like an unromantic old hag. Trust me I’m not. I wanted Valentine’s Day to work for me, sooo bad, for YEARS.

But each year, it was a bitter disappointment.

Hubbie and I would argue.

We’d go out to dinner, and the food would be mediocre.

One of us were working that day.

And on and on and on it would go.

Only when I let go of the idea of the perfect romantic holiday, did I start to have fun.

Sure, there was that one year after we married where Hubbie surprised me with a city tram restaurant ride… and in recent years we’ve introduced our good ol’ mate Moet onto the scene, and he makes Valentine’s Day very entertaining.

But none of that is even the point. Because going back to what Hubbie said…

If he is only going to buy me flowers because a calendar reminded him to, well that is shit if you ask me.

I’d rather he get me flowers because he wants to. Because he wants to cheer me up. Something has reminded him of me that day and he thought to surprise me.

I will not lie. I am a woman after all. I will accept all the flowers and cards.


But, at this stage of life?

Even I am getting a bit ‘meh.’

What is the point, if HIS thought, isn’t in it?

So today. (You are wondering aren’t you…)

We got each other cards. I am a writing kinda gal, so if I don’t give a card and he doesn’t give me one, that means we don’t have hands or something. That has to happen. It’s nice. It’s sweet.

And then…


He did get me A flower. Which was more than enough. There was something else however, that touched me more, meant more to me than any rose he could have picked for me…


He got a flower for baby girl too.

And that my friends, is the best Valentine’s Day present to me, EVER.

Do you know why? Because the expectation was for him to get something for me… and he went further, and got something special, for HER.



#1095 The right day to be sick

If there is ever a good time to get a cold… (usually, there isn’t)

My cold happened to come at the right time.

If pulled out its full force today, mid-week. Sure it meant I had to pull a sickie. But what it also meant was that

a) I didn’t have to take baby girl to school (no Wednesdays this month)

b) It’s Hubbie’s day off, so he took to a lot of the house duties (i.e. looking after me, making me tea, dinner…)

c) It was actually good having both my loves at home. It can be terribly depressing and boring when you are sick and just napping on the couch all day. But having people to make you laugh (and poke their face in yours to see how you’re going, i.e. baby girl!) can be the little light in your otherwise bleak day.

And in my case, my bleak, cold and windy day.

Ugh. Sick in Summer? This is unheard of. You know I had the heater on today?


No wonder I’m sick. Melbourne Weather go in a corner and have a think about what you’ve done, go on…

We need the sunshine back.

#1094 Rainy (rained on) Day Rules

You know how they say the heavens wait for school drop-off and pick-up for them to open?

They ain’t wrong.

See, baby girl was alright. I got her into class as the light drizzle began, thinking that’s all it would eventuate to… a steady drizzle.

How about a steady onslaught.

Because that’s what it felt like. The rain got heavier and heavier, falling with greater intensity as I made my way back to the car, first speed walking, then running.

It felt like someone had turned the dial up on the rain-o-meter, such was the change in nanoseconds, from raining, to shitting cats and dogs.

I got into the car with a sigh, huff and puff… soaked.

How do you move on and regain composure from such an event?

Home-made coffee…and Freddie Mercury.

Now it was ME turning up the dial. I particularly liked Queen’s version of ‘I want to break free’ at Wembley Stadium.

1:53. “Oh how I want to be free baby, oh how I want to break free… oh how I want to break free.”

Guitar. Oh so good. The crazy Wintery wind that has thrown itself on our Sumner season masked the thumping walls and my warbled tone.

Soon, as the wind continued its rampaging around the house and the rain started its downpour AGAIN, I felt the urge for some necessary rainy day activities.


I haven’t filed away photos since 2013. No jokes. Today I was putting away, in order, photos of my pregnancy and the first 3 months of baby girl, such is the volume of photos I have.

Hundreds. Thousands. I am not kidding. I had them packed away in a box upstairs, and fuelled by the weather unleashing around me and telling me it was definitely one of those ‘home days,’ I tended to a long-standing task, and felt absolutely terrific afterwards.

Did I finish? I told you there were thousands. The answer, HELL NO. But I have started, and a start is as good a place as any to begin something that you have held off on for 6 years.

Despite doing these things that made me happy, it seems the rain that had poured onto me after school drop-off, along with all these recent never-ending early mornings, my ‘almost’ sickness of the weekend and baby girl’s primary school sniffles, well it ALL caught up to me… I officially have the cold.


What could I do then, in the evening to make things that much more bearable and easier to deal with?


I shouldn’t just have a bath when I’m sick. That, I know. But it was something that occurred to me, that I needed time out, a place to be warm, a site of refuge, and the bath was the first thing that came to mind, though it isn’t something I am able to do often… a fact I wish to change.

And you know what? By the end of my watery paradise, I had even forgotten I was sick.

(Until 15 minutes after I was dry, and my nose/head/body reminded me again).

I guess my point is, you don’t need to write off your day with one bad incident that may occur at the beginning of it. There is always room to turn it around, make it better, with conscious effort and a positive mind.

Being free with music. Organising myself inside and out. And calming my body and soul with water. They are all things that made me happy today, despite anything else that may have tried to hinder it.

Let’s face it… I was hindered… but I turned those setbacks into great memories by purposefully seeking out ways to make me happy.

Creating a bevy of uplifting memories for my day.

And that is the point. πŸ™‚