#917 Another year, another birthday/s

Well, whoops. Here I was talking abut being soooo party ready yesterday, that after writing last night’s post, I totally forgot to hit ‘post.’ I have now posted very fashionably, late, AFTER the party fact.

The face paint was fun. The hand paint was fun too. There was cake and food, drink and coffee… Kids were everywhere, “the air was like ice” (in true Frozen-themed form) but inside we were warm, and honestly as the kids went bezerko for a little while after the hail decided to grant us some respite, they didn’t even notice.

The happiest part for me? Baby girl is a very friendly and happy child, but even so the thought of entering rooms where there are a lot of people, even if they are family and friends, well it terrifies her at the moment. And though she had moments like that today, where she shied away from happy birthday greetings and photo ops of people that decided to just GRAB her (like seriously, what the actual F*&K, I would run away from them too!) she was absolutely amazing during the official happy birthday song.

In last year’s post I wrote about the birthday song NOT going down so well, to put it mildly…

And this year? She said we could make it a little noisy 🙂 And then proceeded to smile happily as everyone sang to her.

It made my heart explode with happiness.

A cold day, but a warm one that was filled with love, bees and butterflies. ♥♥♥


#916 Best pre-party planning day

As I stood there in the kitchen icing cupcakes, just over an hour ago before midnight, I felt content.

Sure the day had been rushed. Manic. Full on, and the only times I sat was when I ate quickly, or was on the toilet… and let’s face it, even that wasn’t long.

But it was definitely one of the easiest pre-party days I’ve had thus far. Not that I didn’t have stuff to do. Not that I didn’t have a massive list of items to tick off my to-do list (that is continuing tomorrow). Not that I haven’t had any chance to chill, bar now.

It was easy because of my attitude. I woke saying “I am going to smash the day!”

And somehow, I did. Baby girl was an amazing assistance through it all, helping me pour flour into the cupcake batter, organising the lolly bags, and helping me wrap presents.

It was crazy, busy, but fun. And I like to remember, that the pre-birthday party stage, is some of the fun-est of them all… because baby girl can experience the anticipation of it all, and sometimes, that really is where the memories are made.

#915 A forced break

I had a sudden realisation today.

In amongst the growing to-do list in my mind, starting to madly tackle as many jobs as I could while also keeping baby girl entertained, there was, a shock.

A worry.

Baby girl’s birthday party was in 2 days… and I honestly wasn’t sure if we had enough coffee beans.

HOLD THE HORSES! There can be NO PARTY without coffee beans!

I tentatively showed Hubbie the bag which was about a fifth full, when he was home for lunch. “Do you think this will be enough?”

He shook his head gravely. “NO.”

Damn it. I had planned on spending most of the day at home, because let’s face it, doing any kind of job with a child in tow, ends up being 4 times as long than if you were alone doing it.

And the place I was going to get the beans, was a nearby café… with a playground beside it.

Crap crap crap. There was no chance in hell I would get out of there unscathed.

Damn it then. I may as well freaking sit down and drink a coffee too.

Fine. If I have to.


And so my arm was twisted with not too much difficulty. Sure I was thinking of all the things I had yet to do, counting the hours, and trying to breathe. But I made myself sit. I made myself slurp. I looked out the window at baby girl climbing the grounds and going down the slide, and I was suddenly very grateful, for this forced break.

I’ll take it while I can.

#914 Sharing the day with her

Here’s something not many people know about me: I never wanted to share my birthday with another person EVER AGAIN.

This implies two things – that I have shared my birthday before, and that my wish for not sharing it again DIDN’T come true.

Yes and Yes.

I have family who are born on the same day as I… or me on the same day as them, whichever way you wanna look at it. Throw in random people I’ve met over the years who are also born on my ‘birth’ day, including the legendary Madonna and the anniversary of Elvis’ death, and well, I just felt like the day was all a bit overused.

When it looked like baby girl’s arrival on this earth was going to come much earlier than expected, and therefore, on my birthday… well I can’t say I was too rapt. And it wasn’t solely for selfishness sakes. I wanted her to have her own day. As much as sharing my birthday with family had been interesting and exciting to say the least, I wanted her to have her day, and her day alone.

Can I now say, how wrong I was?

Sharing a birthday, with not just anyone, but with my daughter – well it is the best thing ever. Double the fun. Double the excitement. Double the special times. Double the partying. Double the surprises.

Double the ♥

I had a beautiful day today, and sharing it with my baby girl was all the more special.

Here are some gratitude snapshots of the day:


Morning brunch



Her kindergarten cupcakes


Afternoon treat break with my girl (her first milkshake was THE FREAK)



Dinner was comforting and sublime. Just perfect.



And Hubbie got us both flowers… a gorgeous gesture that shows baby girl the loving actions a husband should do for his wife, but by getting her some too, he is setting her up for the love and respect that she will come to expect, in years to come.

Today, was all about sharing, and ♥♥♥


#913 What she said no. 6

I have been talking to baby girl about her birthday.

I have been talking to her about MY birthday.

And it comes as one, as I have been telling her about OUR birthday.

Our birthdays are on the same day.

I don’t think she really understood it when she turned 4 last year. I think she kind of figured “hey, it’s my birthday!” and then “hey, it’s your birthday!” and then assumed “hey, it’s everyone’s birthday, woo hoo!”

This year though, only a week or so ago, I sat her down properly and said that I actually shared a birthday, with her. I further explained that many years ago, on my birthday, she had jumped out of my tummy (no need for specifics just yet) and gone “Surprise! I’m here!” and it was the best birthday present I could have EVER asked for.

She later went on to tell me that her birthday was still first. Well actually darling, no because I was born in the morning and you were in the afternoon, and also, I have 30 years on you my little Lion.

But then, she started to get it. And she has been so mature about it, including me in her birthday celebration countdown. I said to her today something about it being her birthday tomorrow, and she replied

“And your birthday Mama.”

Tug at my heart right there. Kids are selfish let’s be honest. So for her to keep including me like this every time there was a mention of our birthdays today, well it just melted my heart sooo much.

She is happy to share it with me.

“Yay, Mama tomorrow my birthday AND your birthday!”


And then this convo, while tucking her in tonight…

“Good night my 4 year-old.”

“Me not 4 me 5!”

“No, tomorrow you’ll be 5, you’re still 4 tonight.”

Pause. “Me turning 5 tomorrow, and you turning 64!”

And then we LOLd and LOLd. :):):)


#912 Kinder play

I love stumbling upon baby girl playing at kinder when she doesn’t know I am watching. And so it was today, as I walked up the long path surrounded by those huge over-arching and expansive trees, that I spied her from the side gate.

She was in a circle of kids of about 10, and they were with one of the teacher helpers in the yard. As soon as I saw some of the actions they performed in unison, I knew what song it had to be… THE HOKEY POKEY.

I watched, delighted, observing baby girl. I stood there mid-stride, craning my head slightly but trying to stay hidden so that my spying wouldn’t be uncovered by baby girl. She participated happily, and my smile was so wide I swear I would have rivalled a Cheshire cat’s.

They then went on to putting their bottom’s in the circle, and as they all jumped around to stick their bums out, I watched as baby girl did just that, and gave it a good wiggle in response to the song!

I nearly yelled out “that’s right, dance it with gusto!”

I was so rapt.

There is so much to be learnt from our kids when they don’t know we are watching.

And from today’s viewing, I am happy with what I saw 🙂

#911 The male teacher milestone

I found it truly puzzling when baby girl refused to go into the swimming pool with the male teacher.

Well, granted it wasn’t her usual teacher. Many months ago she had to take a make-up swimming class for the usual one she had missed… and when we arrived to find a male instructor, and not her usual female one – she balked.

It’s not like she doesn’t have great men in her life. She has loads. They are all so wonderful and caring and funny and inspirational.

But this dude, with the beard? Maybe it’s because he reminded her so much of how her Dad HAD looked like only days earlier (Hubbie had shaved it all off before that male-dominated swim lesson).

Did she detest the beard that much? (LOL).

And I know it was the fact that he was a male that played a part in her not wanting to get involved. Because when offered the opportunity to go into another lesson with a female swimming teacher, after 15 minutes of continuous begging and pleading, she practically RAN into the other pool.

Also, SHE TOLD ME. Listen to what your kids tell you, they won’t lie when it comes to stuff like this.

But today? Today we had a little victory. Today her usual female teacher was away, and in her place… another male. I was assured by various staff that he was the best male teacher to have, and he was awesome with the kids. I crossed my fingers in hope, but I also had the back-up plan of putting her into the female-led class 15 minutes later just in case…

When she saw him in her usual lane… she faltered. She paused. She thought about it.

Then she showed him her barbie.

I breathed a sigh of relief. This was going to be ok.

I don’t want to force her into anything she doesn’t want to do, or make her do things that maker her feel uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, it is likely she will come across other male teachers at some point in her academic and social activity life. And, let’s face it, they won’t ALL have beards. (!)

I was patting myself on the back, happy I had taken the risk, when she ran up to me 30 minutes later, dripping wet, lesson finished, and said loudly

“I wanted a girl teacher, not a boy! Yuck!”


I guess, baby steps 🙂