#1177 Changing plans

A day where you end up where you didn’t expect, is honestly as good as a holiday.

Away from the routine. Away from the housework. Away from the same old same old, blah blah blah.

Do it on a school/work night, and shock horror… “you are doing what on a Monday night?” (no less)… tee hee hee. 🙂

Imagine you thought you were going to end up in one place (uh, home?) and then, the night brought you to another location?

With family. Cousins.

And vanilla slice.


Yep, it is that vanilla slice AGAIN. Any day that ends in vanilla slice, good company and a change of scenery, is happy times for me.

(Don’t forget the coffee).

#1150 Finding Paradise in Pastry

It was a kind of blessing when Hubbie made the request last night that he wanted cannoli.

All I could think of was that Italian place on our old end of town…

Hold up. Was I thinking of that place because I knew we would be down that way today?


And so we were. Mum tagged along too, so it became not just a cannoli-booty call, but I got my Mum out and about for some much necessary socialising time.

(I am not too sure if the words ‘Mum’ and ‘booty call’ should even be allowed in the same sentence…🤔)

Here is my Mum with baby girl


Awww. What a perfect picture. 😍🤣

And our delightful sweets…

Oh and Hubbie enjoyed his end-of-day cannoli booty call too. 🤣

#1045 Christmas at a different place

As far as I can remember, I’ve celebrated every single Christmas in the same place.

My parents’ house.

There was that Christmas my Dad caught a stray canary, which ended up being Hubbie, then ‘boyfriend’s pet bird aptly named ‘Chrissy.’

The Christmas it hailed golf balls and our cars and the backyard pergola got a beating.

Or the Christmas we went mad throwing water balloons at each other all over the yard, and got told off by my Dad… (oh that was in recent years 😬 )

All those warm Christmases, dancing in the garage, walking to the park, eating, drinking, memory making…

The Christmas I snuck off to see Hubbie-then-boyfriend for a bit. 🤫

The Christmas we drank too much vodka in the first hour. 🥃

The Christmas I drank nothing – with a precious new 4 month old. 😍🤱

The Christmas some of my friends came, and some of my family could not handle the extra crazy. 😜🤪🤩

34 Christmases.

Today was Christmas number 35.

But… it was spent at my sister’s house.

I thought I would feel more nostalgia going into the day. All of these years of tradition, of memories, retreating to the same backyard post-lunch… and it was all changing.

But very quickly, something became apparent to me.

It wasn’t the location. It was all about the people.

Sure the house was different. The decorations would be different. The food and drink would be a bit different, and sure, the location was completely different.

But different didn’t mean bad. It was different, but it was still beautiful. And of course, there was a lot of love.

All of this was present, the beauty, the love… because the people were the same.

As long as I am with my loved ones, I am happy.

Merry Christmas to all. I hope yours was spent with loved ones, no matter where you were. ❤️🎄🙏🎅







#997 A day of 7s, and 11s

Let’s start off by noting, the number ‘7’ in the above post number.


It has been an odd day of symmetry and repetition, in numbers.


On this 7th day of the 11th month, baby girl had her first transition day at her new primary school.

It was sooo good. Sooo good, in that she was happy, peaceful, and holding her kinder friend’s hand as they walked off into the classroom to go about the next 90 minutes without Mums or Dads present.


Seriously though. It was gratifying to have her calm and chilled about the process, amidst other crying children and reassuring parents.

It appeared I was the one needing reassurance though.

And how did we spend the short time away from her?


With Cherry Pie and Coffee. Mmm hmmm.

My 2nd gratitude. Comes in the form of my Mum’s birthday, in particular a BIG one, in particular one that involves the number ‘7’….

Get it?!?!

Finally! My third item is an anniversary I am also celebrating today, that of having started working at my place of employment, exactly 11 years ago to the date and day (it was a Wednesday then too).

I started working here then, and I am at work now. In 2007, 11 years ago, I started working at –


But with all of life’s wonderful things, there is a balance right? So the toilets and sinks here are not functioning tonight, due to some pre-organised pipe upgrade, and they have provided us with porta-loos in the meantime…

And all of this started, from 7pm.


(count them↑)



#980 Whenever-we-like, Main street

We had a stopover at the Mornington Main Street festival today.

By now we know what to expect… food trucks, live music at various points throughout the street, and herds of people. It is crammed. Hubbie isn’t one for crowds, so we didn’t stay long, but we did make the all-important crucial afternoon caffeine stop.


We went, because for us the Main Street festival highlights an important milestone – that of our Sea change anniversary. When we first moved here the festival happened literally 2 days later, and I immediately proclaimed that it was our very own personal “welcome to town” party.


But as I said, Hubbie isn’t one for being packed in like a sardine. We went to pay our respects to our welcome party… knowing full well we can have our own visits there when there isn’t 75% worth of out-of-towers filling its streets.

We can have Main Street, whenever we damn well please.

And that’s a great 2nd year anniversary gift. Thanks Mornington 🙂

#963 Royal Love

Why do I love this place soooo much?

Is it the spectacular views from across the road?



Is it the amazing food that we get from within its premises?


Well it is surely both. I love The Royal Hotel, and it has become a firm favourite in our family.

But I loved something else a little more today.

I loved our impromptu decision to go there in the final hours of the day.

Because there is nothing better in a bought dinner, than one that you didn’t expect until the very last second.



Oh, and dessert too 😉

#938 Ticking it off the list.


Eat Sleep Daniel’s Repeat. That’s the tag line of this exceptionally popular doughnut shop in Springvale, Victoria. It stays true to its motto, as it is actually open 24/7.

I mean, that’s A LOT of doughnuts.

We were in the area today, and having heard about them through friends and social media, as well as being very curious ourselves being doughnut lovers and all, we thought we would check them out.

The line was out the door. Which isn’t that incredible to believe, seeing as the shop is wide more than it is deep, so if you take a few steps in you’re already at the counter. The only way to line up IS out the door. But still, an impressive sight as I walked up.

$15 for 6! Well, why the hell not?! I was only going to get 3 doughnuts, but then seeing the line, and realising we probably wouldn’t go back there for a while, I thought I may as well make it worth my time.

From top right clockwise: Nutella custard, custard, snickers, Bueno chocolate, M&Ms, and Jam and Cream – their best seller.

Baby girl and I walked back to the car confidently and happily, content that we had secured our 6 pack amongst so many others that day.

But… then we had them.

And I don’t wanna burst any bubbles. They were good. But…


They were about the same as our Mornington Rebel Donuts. No actually, I think I prefer Rebel’s. There was no defining characteristic that made me wanna line up the door for these.

And they were nowhere near as good as the actual real Nutella doughnuts (or any doughnuts there for that matter) of Chocolat’s off the Main street in Mornington.

If you want a REAL bakery style doughnut, this will BLOW YOUR MIND.

The best there is.

So, I am glad I tried Daniel’s today. I am grateful because it means I can tick that foodie to-do off of my ever-growing to eat and drink list…

And by ticking it off, I can focus on the places I actually want to go back to, time and time again. Like Chocolat. 🙂