#2039 Signs of Spring no.4

Here as some cool snaps from today.

From our front yard:

The orchid features again, and we have so many birds of paradise, two of them are even kissing like above. ⬆💋⬆

And this is a tree that folds over the fence from our neighbours’ yard. Every year I eagerly anticipate it blooming like this: pink and white, so bright and beautiful.

It only lasts a few weeks at most, but it makes that whole area look sooo pretty.

Lastly, a couple more at the front of the house. Our kinda recently transplanted olive tree, doing well, and a tiny plum tree, recently planted, already blossoming.

Love Spring. 💖🌹💐🌷🍃🌿

#2010 Springtime at night


About an hour ago we stepped outside to take our cat Mister F to bed… 💖😻

And the scent of springtime just HIT ME.

It came from our neighbours’ trees, overlooking the side of our house and almost hanging over the fence. Branches mostly bare, but oh my, the tips were bursting with white and pink buds, just sparkling in the night sky.

So, so beautiful.

Photo by mneka on Pexels.com

#2007 Birthday skies

The skies were beau-ti-ful today.

Turning it on for our birthday month.

And we’ve tried to make it special as much as we can. Takeaway dinner from a yummy local restaurant, after this delish gourmet platter hubbie brought home.

It doesn’t replace the family and friends we miss so much.

But, soon. 🤞❤

#1996 Post workout ritual

Today I headed back to the Loft.

Once again I was overcome with emotion at the last part of the session, the relaxation/meditative element if you will, that follows the main yoga-exercise part. Once the session is over our teacher gets us to pick a card from a spiritual deck, and read the message that we have been drawn to read.

I read mine over twice, letting it sink in.

It was all about ‘The Space Between.’ How often we feel frustrated and stuck being in that in-between space, where we are neither here or there… and yet it is in this space of indecision, of the unknown, that we do the most growing.

It is the space that is the most beautiful, because we learn and get the most out of it.

Interestingly I came across the same thought elsewhere just days ago, and the thought was, if you can be comfortable not knowing, then you can learn anything.

I sat quietly, going over these words, freaking out at just how accurate they were for me during this limbo stage of my life.

After all that stretching, lifting, pulsing, deep breathing and contemplation, it made sense that I had to head down a couple blocks to get myself a post-workout pick up… 😉

I then took myself and my boosts of energy down to the water, to sit, breathe, take in all I had learnt and felt the last hour, and just BE.

I also went a step further, and I didn’t only take photos of the glistening wavy waters in front of me…

But I looked behind me, and around, looked at the sand, the trees, the grasses.

I looked at the spaces in between. 💖

#1963 July sky

I got home from dropping off baby girl at gymnastics this evening, to find this:

What a truly glorious and bright sunset. And it’s July. July 1st, we are down one month of Winter, and look at that sky!

Did you feel the warmth today? Did it feel good? Those positive rays shining down on you?

I’m beginning to feel like anything is possible… even in Winter.

This evening’s sky proved that. 😍🌅

#1922 Our prime destination

There is no doubt – Bright is beautiful.

Yes, we are back from our brief getaway.

But you know what was strange… We could smell the sea air as we drove up to our house today, and there was no wind, no breeze to be felt.

Even our house felt different.

Everything felt brand new and fresh again, and suddenly we appreciated our home with a whole different set of eyes.

And that’s the way it’s meant to be, right?

Our house, will always be our prime destination. 😍

#1921 Take me to the river

We walked alongside the Ovens River today.

Where we are staying gives us views of this well-known Bright attraction, and we’re only a very short walk from accessing this rugged and natural terrain that leads us alongside the river, high above the water.

But then, a track… going DOWN.

Hubbie worked out that there were makeshift steps, and they were actually pretty reliable. So down we all went.

And the water was perfect. Cool, rushing by, gliding easily over stones and pebbles that were embedded into the ground underneath.

It was a man-made attempt at a makeshift path, leading to a piece of pure and unbridled slice of nature.

So, so beautiful. 😍😍