#965 The three day

It’s 3am.

And it’s been a day of threes all day.

I noticed it when I took this photo… sometime after 3pm.


Three oranges. My nailpolish. My prosecco. And that beautiful tangerine flower there in the background.

We also had three functions today. A wedding, a birthday… and a birthday.

And you know how they say things come in threes… good and bad…

Well we got through today, in one piece… almost. We are not quite home, but the threes we had today, and which we attended, were of a successful, accomplished nature.

Let’s hope we get to sleep more than 3 hours… zzzz.

#963 Royal Love

Why do I love this place soooo much?

Is it the spectacular views from across the road?



Is it the amazing food that we get from within its premises?


Well it is surely both. I love The Royal Hotel, and it has become a firm favourite in our family.

But I loved something else a little more today.

I loved our impromptu decision to go there in the final hours of the day.

Because there is nothing better in a bought dinner, than one that you didn’t expect until the very last second.



Oh, and dessert too 😉

#961 “Tag You’re It!”

This is baby girl’s catchphrase when she wants to play some good ol’ fashioned tag. She comes running to us and asks “can we play some ‘tag you’re it?’

Not just ‘tag.’ But, ‘tag you’re it!’

I think it’s her wording that makes me love it so much.

Well tonight we did play ‘it’… “Tag you’re it!”

Have you noticed how the nights are changing? This day was a particularly warm one, and it followed through to the late afternoon as I took a temporary break from making dinner to run outside with my loves.

All 3 of us in the front yard, doing circles and shrieking “I’m gonna get you!”

And then the tag line, say it with me now –


Love these moments ♥


#960 The BIG fun day

You know, I’ll be honest… I had a really great day today.

I know the whole point of this gratitude blog is to focus on the positive, even on really hard and difficult days… but I also feel like generally as a human race, we aren’t allowed to feel too good, celebrate our wins too much, or talk about how good we have it, for fear of green-eyed monsters jumping out and the unfortunate crying poor.

Then there is also, tall-poppy syndrome. It is shit. I don’t understand why we need to chop others down to make ourselves feel better. It shouldn’t have to be like that, and for that reason, the buck stops here.

I KNOW life goes up and down. I KNOW there are extremely happy moments, just as I KNOW there are extremely sad ones.

I had a really shit start to the school holidays, so I am not apologetic at all about having a great day today.

It was truly, AMAZING. I was with my baby girl out visiting ‘The Big Goose,’ and it was just a ball. It was sunny, there were tractor rides, reptile shows, big jumping pillows and feeding of baby animals… oh it was adorable. We were walking hand in hand, taking it all in, and I thought to myself…

“Man I love this stage.”

It is so rewarding. I talk to her and we negotiate. When do we do this, when do we do that. We understand, discuss. We have fun. We laugh at the man kissing the lizard. I tell her it’s ok if she doesn’t wanna hold the snake. We laugh at the camels and act out spitting like they do.

I tell her one more go running through the playground, AND SHE LISTENS.

But the best moment of the day? Probably watching her do this:

Yep. Riding a pony. About the cutest and most adorable thing EVER.

She was so happy, so confident, so rapt that she got to do it.

And there it is folks. I take the good wholeheartedly, because all of life is a balancing act.

No one should feel guilty or unworthy of having these spectacular days. When they come…


Oh, actually, I think I lied. The best part of the day was tucking baby girl into bed.

“Mama, me have best day with you.”

That was the best bit ♥♥♥

(Review of ‘The Big Goose’ coming soon over on my blog SmikG)


#950 The 5-minute parental break

I wonder if my peers out there who have their parents look after their kids, realise how lucky they are.

I mean, it is a GOLD deal. You have the people that raised you, who love you and care for you and who are your number one supporters, caring for your child. You might be at working, getting your hair done, or even lucky enough to get a night out with your partner while your parents put your kiddies to sleep at night.

I was lucky for a short time anyway, where my parents co-assisted in watching baby girl when I first went back to work after maternity leave. Although it was only part-time, there was the greatest security and comfort in leaving my daughter with them, knowing she was being looked after, let’s face it, with MORE care than they had ever looked after me!

It lasted just under 2 years, until health issues and a major move impacted the schedule, and nowadays, they aren’t involved.. in that way.

But when I go to their place, I love, that I will always know the care, love, and babysitting duties are always there and on offer 😉

My parents said today: “Go and lie down. We’ll take her outside.” I was feeling tired after ALL THAT FOOD (i.e. Mum going overboard as usual) and was just feeling a little heavy, so I took the advice they had so adamantly laid out for me.

I lay in my old room, looking at the picture that has been on my wall for at least two decades.


I can safely say with 95% confidence that it was given to me on my 12th birthday, and I can even tell you with assurance who gave it to me. I find there are many things from my childhood that are cemented into me, whereas ask me about my early 20s and I am all “HUH?”

But I lay there for all of 5 minutes, enjoying the calm, listening to my breath, my body, and the happy cries of baby girl yelling excitedly from the yard.

So when I got up, I naturally spied on them from the kitchen window and saw them playing.


I could have gone back to lie down. But I decided it was better to join them. 🙂