#1218 Sunday Our Day no. 3

After waking this morning so tired and sore, we had to head out into the sunshine, and replenish ourselves by nature’s hand…

We walked down a nearby street towards the beach later in the afternoon. There is a café on that path (how awfully convenient) and we sat amidst it’s large and looming trees (above) as we all shared in some Sunday arvo coffee and treats…

Before stopping by at the nearby park (awfully convenient for baby girl) where we sat in the blinding sunlight and watched her play


(that’s her singing Jasmine doll also watching her play)

And then we took the most curious and leisurely of strolls down a street we had never been in. We observed the tall and overgrown trees lining the street, the immaculate beach houses, and pictured us maybe one day, FAR in the future, in a kind of house like that…

You can dream. ♥ (You all know what happens when I dream…)

It just shows that you can explore and find adventure in your day, within your own backyard… and often all you have to do is turn a different corner…

#1217 Parenting under a disco ball

You know it’s hard having kids.

And a lot of parents nowadays shit me with their attitude about having them.

Because, they don’t get it, but… they want it ALL.

They wanna have kids, but they also want to have the exact same life they used to have before kids. They want mini versions of themselves, but they don’t want to do the work needed to actually raise them and be responsible about it all. They think having little people will be fun, but they want everything to be constant cupcakes, lollipops and games.

Guess what? Suck it up.

As my Mum always says… something has to give. You honestly cannot have it all. And I am a glass half-full gal talking here. And if you think you are managing to have it all…. guess what?

You are not ‘giving’ where it is important. Sorry not sorry.

What I am talking about has nothing to do with giving things up in your life. Sure, you can still do the things you enjoy… to an extent. You see, it is about a whole lot of compromise and sacrifice. Like, shitloads of it.

Things I was thinking of tonight as I was out with my family.

Because it was a family function you see, and we have no babysitters to look after baby girl for anything like this, like EVER… but also, baby girl being at the stage and age she is at, we actually want her to come with us.

So let’s say, our intentions lie somewhere there in the middle.

But boy, it is still HARD.

Especially when they find themselves pissed off for no apparent reason.

It was a roller coaster ride I swear.

It was frustrating, and tiring, and long, and honestly I was pulling my hair out at times, wanting to bash my head against the toilet cubicle wall, so shitty I became with some events of the night.

With the words ‘sacrifice’ going through my head.

So we did. In the name of looming beds, and family, and a happier child, we went home… we sacrificed. But not before baby girl pulled me onto the dance floor.


And you see… as shit as times like this can sometimes be… that mirror ball and that girl, still make it all worth it.

All the sacrifice.

#1212 Coffee seclusion

We did nearly nothing today, on this long weekend Queen’s Birthday holiday. Zilch. Zero.

And we definitely needed it.

Ok so we did go to the supermarket. We needed food after all. And sure, I washed some clothes…

Sang happy birthday to my sister LOUDLY over the phone.

We ate.

But then, nada.


It was soon coffee time (3pm or thereabouts) and Hubbie was napping on the couch… doing, that’s right, NOTHING.

I made a coffee for myself and a babycino for baby girl. We were going to sit near Hubbie and have our drinks and some leftover birthday treats from Sis’ big birthday… but then I was like –


Instead, we went upstairs. To my bedroom. Some privacy for baby girl and me, and quiet for him.

‘Girl time,’ I called it. Even our cat Mister F was not allowed.

We sat on the floor looking outside. With nothing to distract us. No TV. No music. No noise. Just us. Baby girl proceeded to tell me what I should put in her lunchbox tomorrow. We talked about the party, and cake.

Then we lay on my bed, all cuddled up.

Doing absolutely nothing. And yet, my soul filled up, with EVERYTHING.


#1211 The catch up after the party


No. I am NOT trying to say ‘Patricia’ as Google insists I am as I name check the term. But even so as it fails to come up in search engines, Hubbie insists it is a legitimate Macedonian term.

The day after the party. This comes up time and time again with Hubbie…

Basically it means, “the day after the party.” The event of getting together once again, with loved ones, to enjoy and be merry, and of course what else…?


He informed my sis and bro-in-law well in advance, early in the night last night of his paterica intentions… and they being the loving and obliging family they are, smiled and graciously said “yes.”

So guess where we were this afternoon, driving 24 hours later exactly as we were doing yesterday when we were going to a fabulously themed Gatsby party?

To sis and bro-in-laws house…

for paterica.


We ate and we drank. We went through the night, photos, stories, events. We laughed and we reminisced.

“Did you see that?”

“Did you get a hint then?”

“Were you surprised?”

It was all wonderful, warming and happy, and very importantly I think, full circle. In the craziness of it all last night, we had had tonnes of fun…

but then we also had to reflect and talk about the FUN.

And that creates more fun. 🙂

Spending time with family the day after a party? Why, I think that is about the best tradition ever.



#1210 A golden birthday

Phew, wow and a big sigh, all in one.

It’s always a big relief when something you’ve been planning for days, weeks, months… comes to a finish and does so beautifully.

And with it, an element of bittersweet-ness follows too.

It was big. It was grand. Things were thrown in my way to ruffle up the Gatsby feathers on my headpiece for my sisters 50th themed birthday party…

But it was still, superb.

And I think we will be reminiscing about this birthday with laughter and fondness, for many years to come… 🎩🥂🍾


#1208 Hubbie and jocks

“I should buy some more jocks this week…” it was kinda like a question that came from Hubbie, some days ago.

I paused for a second, trying to work out what he meant. “Well yeah, it’s better to have more…”

HOLD UP. Something occurred to me in that moment, of this fussy man of mine that I usually need to beg and plead to buy more jocks and socks (because when I buy them they are all WRONG).

“Do you need me to do the washing?”

“Well yeah, but I didn’t wanna bug you, you’re busy this week.”


“Just tell me!” I cried out in horror.

Rest assured… I did the washing today.

There are jocks. There are socks.

And most importantly, there is love from my husband, who is doing his best to soothe me and keep me calm and happy in this busiest of busy weeks for me, just so I stress less and have more smiles than frowns on my face.

By going out and doing what he does, least.

That is love, people.

#1207 Coming home to my family

That’s all I wanted to do today.

It was midweek.

I was at work.

I had stuff to do.

I was a bit over it.

And I was COLD.

But most importantly, I wanted to go home, and see my family.

The traffic was OK. The podcasts kept me entertained.

I walked up the dark drive… spied Mister F watching me from the couch through the window as I approached…

I opened the door with a jangle of my keys.

Hubbie – “someone’s here!”

Running footsteps.

And then my baby girl, running into my arms.

Ahh. I was really, home. 💗🏡