#2027 Body shop-ping

I don’t know how I’m going to get through all of these lockdown days finding a novel thing to be grateful for, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Not when every day feels like groundhog day. 🤦‍♀️

I actually liked the start of the day, I enjoyed the constant rain. But then it got dark, and there was no point even leaving the house after work, because… rain.

And the skies grew so dark, and it being Friday suddenly didn’t matter a whole heap because it feels like every other day, and there is no where to go anyway, nothing to do…

But, something came to me.

Return of the online shopping parcels. 😁

I use my bathroom products quite religiously, like shower gels and body lotions. And I miss shopping soooo much. But I did the next best thing, and the other night I ordered some new bathroom products since I’m all out, which I got today:

A mango shower gel, a coconut body lotion (which I only use after beach visits!) and a little sample something I got on the side.

Well, it’s something to be grateful for, however small it is.

How are you finding little things to be grateful for every day?

#2009 Feeling the birthday love

I felt truly blessed today.

Another lockdown birthday, and yet the surprises, presents, messages, phone calls, serenades and dedications kept me warm and fuzzy from all winter colds and extended lockdown news, keeping me so busy I could barely keep up all day.

But it was even better, because I celebrated it all, times two.

Baby girl and I share our birthdays on the same day. We did what we could, walked the almost empty streets, ate lunch by the water in our cars, and got some takeaway cake, ice cream and coffee.

It was a super splendid day, and you know what?

At a time when things have felt really super shit, I’ve questioned a lot, felt withdrawn and upset by lots in life… this is what I needed. A day where I really truly, felt the love.

I felt it all, and it was so warm, so caring, so welcoming. I was truly humbled to tears.

I know, no matter what life throws at me, there are people out there who care about me.

And that matters more than anything.

Reach out to those around you, let them know how you feel. You don’t even have to wait for their birthday… you may not know how much they need to hear your beautiful words. 💖💖🙏🙏

#2000 Woo hoo!

I’ve made it to 2000 posts!

I considered some time ago throwing in the towel for this gratitude blog, just because I felt I had done what I set out to do.

That is, I now know how to practice gratitude daily in novel ways.

But a part of me feels like I’m not done in this area, not yet anyway.

So for now, I’ll keep going. 💪

How did I celebrate my blog milestone today? Well after not being sick all winter, my body went ‘stuff this’ and threw in its own towel today. 🙄

Enter panadol and tea.

But in true gratitude, glass half-full fashion, I made chicken soup, and Marion’s hoisen beef noodles, and I’m happy that I made some food for my body (and soul) that’ll hopefully get me back into tip-top shape.

There’s always worse out there to put your own woes in perspective, and remember, there’s always better waiting for you. ❤❤

#1999 Lots of little things

It’s lots of little things combined that made me smile today.

It was watching an Australian decathlete in the Tokyo Olympics urge his teammate to cross the finish line to win bronze.

It was making a delish new dish, Marion Grasby’s spicy garlic butter linguini.

It was picking up a book that was a hold at the library, knowing I could really get into it and do some research over this next lockdown week.

It was seeing the fruits of my workout labour, finally start to eventuate.

It was a tickle fight with baby girl after finishing work.

It was funny memes on social media.

It was being alright, even though it was day 1 of lockdown 6.

All of these things. 💖💖

#1983 Birthday countdown

Apt title, considering that gratitude number. ⬆⬆⬆😉😉

It’s officially 26 days ’til my birthday.

And it’s one of those things I’m hanging for, looking forward to, at a time where things can change so quickly and all prior plans can be turned upside down.

I’m spent, I’m tired. I’m emotional, and I’m cranky.

I just want something to look forward to. Something I can safely look forward to. We have stuff planned over the next few weeks, and I keep saying to baby girl “now, that’s only if covid doesn’t go nuts again…”

I’m just over it. And I’m quietly hopeful, crossing my fingers, that my birthday, ahem, OUR birthday, will see out some kind of better plan this year.

Please please please. 🙏🙏

#1977 Can anybody find me…

In the words of the late, great, genius Freddie Mercury…

“Can anybody find me…

Something to be grateful for?”

Or something to that effect.

Oh man. Victorian lockdown number 5.


This sucks majorly. I understand there are greater issues and problems at play here, but it’s still ok to be pissed. It’s ok to be upset that once again, everything in our schedules has changed. Shifted. Pressure mounted. Responsibilities added.

There are so many people who are suffering financially, emotionally, mentally, physically, that the addition of yet another lockdown brings so much angst. Plans are changed, and though at surface level it all appears to be just a ‘simple inconvenience,’ many of us count on seeing our friends and family, to lift our spirits, to get us through hard times, to be amongst loved ones so that we’re not lonely.

Some of us just need a bloody break, and another lockdown to keep us away from all that we love is the icing on the cake, or in this case, the horse poo on the top of the pig vomit.

There has to be another way to avoid this. We can’t just change everything and halt life every time a couple of cases roll into town. There has to be another way.

And yeah, I know, look at NSW. I don’t wanna be like NSW at all. No offence guys. We’ve been there, done that, for 5 months of last year that was quite frankly soul-destroying.

So yeah, NAH.

But enough on my soapbox. Yeah, I’m a bit over it all…

But in true Freddie fashion, I did find something to love (or be grateful for) after all.

It’s July 15th folks! We are officially half-way through Winter!

And although there are still other worldly problems larger at hand, making the coldest season of the year pale in comparison, knowing that the trend of lockdown tends to go down the warmer the months get…

See, see?

It’s something. 🤷‍♀️

#1959 Happy and peaceful right now

I write this in the present tense, because I’m feeling it now.

I’m happy, I’m relaxed, I’m at peace. It’s a Sunday night. The heater is doing it’s job. Comfy pjs on. Body unwinding after a late evening yoga workout.

Hubbie is napping on the couch. Baby girl is playing games.


I’m sipping hot camomile tea, looking at a delicious pear cake recipe I just found, Mister F in my foreground in his usual place on top of the corner heater vent.

Yes I have work tomorrow, but baby girl doesn’t have school.

Holidays. Sleep in. 👊

I’m happy in this little moment, and am reminded of the fact that life is mainly comprised of these little moments. We can’t wait for the big events all the time.

Live fully and be present in the in-betweens.

And therein lies part of the secret… the secret to happiness…

Gratitude, in the little things. 🙏


#1934 Loving Winter on the 2nd day

Guys, it’s Winter!

I sound excited, I know!

You know, usually I am bracing for winter for days and days on end, waiting for that inevitable day when I change the page of the calendar and have the coldest season staring back at me.

I mean, it shouldn’t come as a surprise… our fair city of Melbourne gives us plenty of previews WAY before June rolls around… 😏

But, I’m trying to embrace all the seasons this year. I am trying to find all the reasons why I love them.

Yes, there I said it. LOVE.

Or maybe, a little bit of like. Baby steps.

Baby girl told me the other day that she’s looking forward to toasting marshmallows (we’ve never done that, guess we’re gonna have to start!) watching movies more and cuddling up on the couch.

And I keep forgetting that Winter still brings the sun too. Like today. Yeah I know, if we’re going off my ol’ Melbourne climate guide (I wrote that up when I started blogging, and it’s more accurate than the Melbourne weather forecast ever was and still is) this early June summer is totally normal, and designed to give us a false sense of security.

But although it is colder, the sun still comes out.

Listen to that metaphor.

Even though it’s colder, the sun still comes.

We are day 2 into Winter, and honestly we should be more afraid of corona and lockdowns, then we should the cold.

I am ALL for Winter this year. Give me my freedom, and I will paint the town red, 30 degrees, or 3.


Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

#1928 Grateful where I’m at, lockdown 4.0

I am both grateful that I’m not too bothered by this recent Victorian lockdown, while also feeling deeply sad and unsettled for those that are.

We didn’t have any plans, and wanted to spend the weekend at home anyway.

My biggest problem was that it was meant to be sunny/windy this weekend, and I had washing to do, but also wanted to go out with baby girl…

Well, that’s my decision made up then.

These aren’t problems. I am aware of that. I feel for those who will be surrounded by anxiety and uncertainty, struggling to even get through this week without worry and frustration.

I am reminded of a beautiful analogy about boats that I discovered during last year’s lockdowns.

It says that we are all in the same storm, but we are not all manning the same boats.

Some of us have tiny, unkempt, rickety dinghy’s, barely clinging for survival as we are rocked by the ominous sea, back and forth.

Others are in yacht’s that are self-manned, managing any water disruption effortlessly that won’t affect their straight course ahead.

I know what it’s like to be in that dinghy, thrown about by the ravaging waves, hoping that the storm will cease, yet only seeing heavy clouds up ahead.

Now? I’m somewhere in between, and I can see the waters are smooth up ahead… or so they seem. My boat is steady and I’m prepped for the worst, yet I have the storm experience and expertise to feel as if my personal storm may be coming to an end, on its last legs…

All you can do is be kind. Be kind to those in dinghy’s, struggling to stay afloat, with seemingly no way out. If you see one of these, move your boat along and make some room for them so that their path is at least without hindrance.

But if you are in the dinghy?

Hang on. Even storms get tired.