#2035 Lockdown Saturday night tricks

I have a little trick to help during these lockdown-Saturday-night-party blues.

(While we pine over parties we went to in the past, and yearn for those that are yet to come).

I accidentally came across this great and super easy solution tonight, that can trick you into feeling like you are at a party. (Yes, keep reading!)

Put on music. This can be stereo, phone, record player, or like for our Saturday night tradition, YouTube.

This is great to do even if on your own since you can just keep selecting all your fave tunes, but even if in company this might be better, since the others will be selecting their own songs, and then it really will feel like a party!

Wait, that’s only half of it.

With the music still going, LOUD, start messaging people, preferably unrelated to each other… those who are reliable, who you know will respond… at least two people.

But as they say, the more the merrier.

This is what I did tonight. We had the music blasting, then on a whim I started messaging some family and friends… and before I knew it I was swivelling from one conversation to another, all while music was happening in the background…

And then lo and behold, a third group chat began, and I was like “WHO DO I TALK TO FIRST?”

And the music was so loud!

And it was so happening!

And then, it hit me… party vibes! 🤣

Well look, almost, not quite, but it’s the best that we’ll get, ’til we get to that super elusive, ‘there.’


#1986 Saturday Night In no.9

Of course we were ‘in’, there was no place else to go!

We filled the house with home-made food, topped up our glasses, and then settled on the couch for song after song of our Saturday night lockdown ritual, the “music-fest.”

We take turns finding songs on youtube and blaring them. There are the ol’ faithfuls that come up regularly, i.e. Queen and The Weeknd, they may as well have beds made at our house…

But we keep the list ever-changing. A different performance here, another song some singer does, there.

Some notable tracks from tonight:

Amy Winehouse, singing Tears Dry on Their Own, live, because it was the 10 year anniversary of her death just yesterday.

Then a live number of Back to Black, because that song just gives us the feels, time and time again.

Queen (duh) at Wembley doing Lap of the Gods that turns into Seven Seas of Rhye.

Sia singing Chandelier live on Sunrise some years ago (she wears this insane multi-coloured almost mardi gras slash Eastern-inspired ensemble, must see.

Cold Chisel doing When the War is Over… also live (shit there was a definite theme tonight).

Prince doing his song, live… Nothing Compares to You. (And nothing compares to Prince singing this).

INXS at Wembley… singing several actually, but my favourite tonight was What You Need.

The MOST fun was when we turned the tunes to the 80s. When I found REO Speedwagon’s Can’t Fight This Feeling, Hubbie and I kinda lost our shit. 😂

This song is TOO MUCH FUN to not sing along to. Here are some lyrics that rhyme too much:

“And I can’t fight this feeling any-more

I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for

It’s time to bring this ship into the shore

And throw away the oars, for-ever.

Oh My God. Sing this out loud, and try not to laugh. Couple that with the guy on the piano with the crazy moustache, and then the singer, who Hubbie aptly pointed out looks like a librarian…


Oh God. I’m done. Best sing-a-long ever.

(You’re gonna look for the mo guy now aren’t you? 🤣)

#1979 Saturday night feast

Lockdown = baking. 😋❤

Omg, nom nom nom.

During the day I made this delectable new recipe, recently seen on Marion Grasby’s social media, the ‘bounty brownie.’

Basically she uses the bounty chocolate bar, along with a whole lotta coconut and other good stuff, to make this incredible version of the brownie.

This is oozy, gooey, soft, and just OMG. My heart. ❤ I originally made it with Hubbie in mind because he loves coconut with chocolate, but gee, I think it’s an all-round winner.

But that wasn’t ALL. Hubbie got a selection of yummy meats and prawns, mixed grill style, and we got them sizzling on the stove… accompanied with salad stuff and home-made oven chips, let’s just say I was feeling really content.

Happy Saturday night 🥰🥰

#1972 Saturday night

Oh, how I LOVE Saturday nights.

Everything is so relaxed. So cas. Whether we’re at home in our trakkies eating takeaway, or hosting, or out somewhere socialising, I just love this time of the week.

I am free, with very little responsibility. We go to bed late… so late, I end up writing these things post 1am (or post 3am like tonight!)

There is a lot of communication and connection, things that lack during the week amidst chores and work and school and preparations, blah blah blah.

Everything is love, everything is fun, and there is a whole lotta crazy. 😜

Saturday night, is simply the best. We still have our routine, but it’s all centred around happiness, and the concept of time goes out the window.

I will pay tomorrow, but I don’t care.

All we have is now. And we’re squeezing every inch out of Saturday that we can.

You see, it’s not Sunday yet. It’s still Saturday night, plus 3 hours. 😁

It ain’t morning ’til my eyes open up the next day.

Tonight was grand, and I know it will only get better. 💖💖

#1960 The 5th (8th) album

On the weekend I headed to the record fair, that happens at this local music store on the last Saturday of every month.

To be honest, I wanted to find a bargain Robert Palmer, much like I had found a $2 Laura Branigan months earlier, and lo and behold it’s a truly great album. I love listening to it again and again.

Also, I was still coveting a good Johnny Cash, but those are hard to find. The Folsom Prison one would be incredible, but I’ll just have to hold out some more.

So we searched and searched. I did see a Cash, but he was singing with another group, and I knew it wasn’t what I was looking for. I had just discovered something Hubbie would like – The Boys Light Up album by Australian Crawl, and when this guy across from me moved away from one record bin, I told baby girl “go and check that out for me.”

She knows our taste, and she knows the artists we are after.

Immediately, she goes – “Mama, Queen! The Game.”

My head snapped up. I’m sure the couple next to me flinched. I said “hold onto that one honey.”

Tee hee hee.

And so it was, that we went home with the Aussie Crawl and yet another Queen album. I did a count earlier, and this is my 5th studio album of theirs, not including the two greatest hits I have, and one Queen Live Radio specials one too.

I have a collection of records and CDs, but when I find something that’s a steal, in record form, I have to have it.

There are pros obviously of having a portable CD, but there is just something magical about putting a record on and letting it play through the house.

‘The Game’ was $35, and when you consider that it is in pretty decent condition, and Queen records sell for at least $60 in store, if not more, I honestly can’t believe it didn’t get snapped up sooner.

This studio album is their 8th, and contains the hits “Another One Bites the Dust” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”

I put it on tonight.

The theme is soft rock, and the sound of the bass guitar follows through some songs, making itself prominent in the opening riff of “Another One Bites the Dust.” The ode to rock is made transparent in one song where they literally sing that they love rock and roll, and all in all, on first listen, I love this album.

Oh God. Is there any album of theirs which is not brilliant?

One day I will write an article about Queen. You bet I will. Watch this space…

#1958 The choc-top surprise

As a surprise for baby girl these school hols, I stocked up on something yesterday that I knew she’d LOVE.

This local business in town makes choc tops, and for the holidays they introduced some new, fun flavours.

One of which is, rainbow. 🌈

So I surprised her and got her to check if we had any vanilla choc tops in the fridge (😆😏) and lo and behold she found this:

She was so excited to find it, and safe to say there was lots of clapping and screaming.

Sometimes low-key Saturday nights, but little things that make it a bit spesh ❤❤

#1944 Saturday DIY pizzas

We’re enjoying our Saturday nights in more and more.

Maybe because we know we have our freedom, and can go out if we want to.

Plus, Winter, and that other thing, BALANCE.

When we knew we were staying in, Hubbie suggested we get pizza… and I was like, “but we have all that ham in the fridge!”

So he said, “why don’t we make our own?”

BOOM! Idea born.

It’s not the first time we’ve done it, but we definitely don’t do it near enough.

I went out earlier today with baby girl to buy the bases and some toppings, and I got several bases because they weren’t really huge to be honest.

This ended up being a blessing in disguise, because when it came time to the ‘decorating’ part…

Well, we each had our own! I got the toppings ready, and then we all set about constructing our own idea of a delicious pizza!

And man, it can vary, heaps. I did long strips of ham and big mushrooms chunks, with heaps of mozzarella cheese piled on top.

Baby girl wanted her mushrooms in teeny tiny bits, even breaking up bits of spinach into pieces that looked more like parsley garnish.

And Hubbie did loads of sauce, with hot salami on top of all the usuals, AND pineapple! I know!

It was so good, and it felt heaps healthier after, there was none of that heavy feeling or anything.

I think this will be a regular addition to our dinner menu. 😋

#1930 Lockdown food

Lockdown ain’t much different than a Winter’s night.

I don’t know. It just felt like, same-same to me today.

And though it isn’t Winter yet, we’ve gotten PLENTY of previews lately. We were planning on staying in tonight anyway, so when lockdown was announced, we just upped our Saturday cook-at-home plans, and put on the heater.

I made some vanilla muffins during the day from the Rachael Finch program…

I pimp these up with bits of chocolate, because make these healthy treats a little more ‘family-friendly’ that’s why, and also we have enough chocolate from Easter to last us ’til Santa comes around again.

And at night, I made a recipe I had bookmarked, perhaps last lockdown? LOL.

Marion Grasby’s Hoisin Beef Noodles

Now this, OMG. Droooool.

That is all.

The longer we are in iso, the longer I’ll just make more recipes, read and write more, and clean the house more in a mad frenzy (OK that one not so much, but a little more 🤣🤣)

#1923 Like old times

Hubbie is on a 5 day leave trail.

I am on a 5 day leave trail.

And baby girl has 5 days off too.

Coming off the back of our Bright getaway, we were keen as to keep the holiday good vibes flowing.

We got the opportunity to catch up with some dear friends and their gorgeous baby boy, and let’s just say a baby that spits and farts on you, is a baby that feels super comfortable with you too.

Just sayin.’ 🤣

And then we were like, literally passing our old ‘hood… and we just couldn’t.

We couldn’t, NOT stop.

At Lygon. 🤩❤

We stopped for memories sake, to show baby girl where her dad and I practically lived at one point in our life, and hell, it’s Saturday, and the streets were alive!

I taught baby girl how to twirl pasta, and let’s just say she does a better job than some adults I know.

Like a boss. 🍝💪