#1094 Rainy (rained on) Day Rules

You know how they say the heavens wait for school drop-off and pick-up for them to open?

They ain’t wrong.

See, baby girl was alright. I got her into class as the light drizzle began, thinking that’s all it would eventuate to… a steady drizzle.

How about a steady onslaught.

Because that’s what it felt like. The rain got heavier and heavier, falling with greater intensity as I made my way back to the car, first speed walking, then running.

It felt like someone had turned the dial up on the rain-o-meter, such was the change in nanoseconds, from raining, to shitting cats and dogs.

I got into the car with a sigh, huff and puff… soaked.

How do you move on and regain composure from such an event?

Home-made coffee…and Freddie Mercury.

Now it was ME turning up the dial. I particularly liked Queen’s version of ‘I want to break free’ at Wembley Stadium.

1:53. “Oh how I want to be free baby, oh how I want to break free… oh how I want to break free.”

Guitar. Oh so good. The crazy Wintery wind that has thrown itself on our Sumner season masked the thumping walls and my warbled tone.

Soon, as the wind continued its rampaging around the house and the rain started its downpour AGAIN, I felt the urge for some necessary rainy day activities.


I haven’t filed away photos since 2013. No jokes. Today I was putting away, in order, photos of my pregnancy and the first 3 months of baby girl, such is the volume of photos I have.

Hundreds. Thousands. I am not kidding. I had them packed away in a box upstairs, and fuelled by the weather unleashing around me and telling me it was definitely one of those ‘home days,’ I tended to a long-standing task, and felt absolutely terrific afterwards.

Did I finish? I told you there were thousands. The answer, HELL NO. But I have started, and a start is as good a place as any to begin something that you have held off on for 6 years.

Despite doing these things that made me happy, it seems the rain that had poured onto me after school drop-off, along with all these recent never-ending early mornings, my ‘almost’ sickness of the weekend and baby girl’s primary school sniffles, well it ALL caught up to me… I officially have the cold.


What could I do then, in the evening to make things that much more bearable and easier to deal with?


I shouldn’t just have a bath when I’m sick. That, I know. But it was something that occurred to me, that I needed time out, a place to be warm, a site of refuge, and the bath was the first thing that came to mind, though it isn’t something I am able to do often… a fact I wish to change.

And you know what? By the end of my watery paradise, I had even forgotten I was sick.

(Until 15 minutes after I was dry, and my nose/head/body reminded me again).

I guess my point is, you don’t need to write off your day with one bad incident that may occur at the beginning of it. There is always room to turn it around, make it better, with conscious effort and a positive mind.

Being free with music. Organising myself inside and out. And calming my body and soul with water. They are all things that made me happy today, despite anything else that may have tried to hinder it.

Let’s face it… I was hindered… but I turned those setbacks into great memories by purposefully seeking out ways to make me happy.

Creating a bevy of uplifting memories for my day.

And that is the point. πŸ™‚






#1092 Feeding goats

Ohhhh, kids birthday parties. 10am Sunday morning starts will be the bane of my existence this year, I am sure.

It is only 2 weeks into the first term, and already baby girl received a birthday invite…

Sheesh, 10am? I mean, it was only a 17 minute drive, yet following the busiest and usually the latest event-night of the week, Saturday, I managed to pull myself out of bed, still tired from the night before, the week before, MY WHOLE LIFE in fact… and tried to hurry along baby girl, who really didn’t need encouraging, yet somehow, being 5, still required it.


Things changed quickly when we got there. The open spaces, fresh air, greenery abounding…


(I am a big kid at heart. I just love my bed too).

It was at a farm, and the kids just wandered around as they pleased, meeting and petting the animals, having rides on ponies and tractors…

And then there were the goats.


I didn’t realise it immediately, but sometime during the 20 or so minutes baby girl and I spent picking up lettuce and cabbage leaves from the buckets outside the enclosures, and feeding them to the goats…

Well they were about the most peaceful I have had in a while.


It was wonderful. I found their cues fascinating. They bumped their horned heads against the fence when they wanted more; climbed up on the wiring, or tapped their hooves against it as a sign for attention.

They were speaking to us.

They liked when you placed the vegie leaves flat and delicate in between the gaps of the fence… it allowed them to gingerly pick it up with their teeth a bit easier.

I carefully tried to feed them at once. Hands outstretched in two directions, because if you fed one, sometimes a more dominant goat would push the other one out of the way because he was scared he wasn’t going to get any. Feeding them simultaneously seemed to help this problem, and I scanned the fence, offering up leaves to any goats that weren’t crunching.

If it wasn’t for the thought of fairy bread and possible birthday cake lurking in the foreground of our minds, I could have stayed there for so long… hours in fact. But the goats had munched and crunched enough, and now, it was our turn. β™₯


#1089 Rebirth of an orchid

I entered the laundry today.

Within moments – “Oh!”

Shocked. Startled. Amazed beyond belief.

I was moved even.

It was about the Phalaenopsis plant. Rather, to you and me and most Tom, Dick and Nancy’s, the orchid. MY orchid. The plant that had been gifted to us when baby girl was born, the plant I had kept alive… until recently.

Until the move.

I am honestly not sure if it has bloomed since we moved house. Last summer, despite it being next to a window, I don’t recall seeing it blossom once, NOT ONCE… it soon moved to a less prominent position, but still by a window, and still facing the same side of the house as it was before… only it was in a different room. The laundry.

I was hopeful for so long. This plant held ties with baby girl’s arrival. Sure, it’s miraculous to keep these things growing beyond a few years. Plants die, ndoor potted ones more so… I get it.

But this one I COULD NOT LET GO OF.

I watered it. Gave it food. Trimmed some dead leaves and branches from it. With no change and the soil becoming more like sand than dirt, I started to contemplate throwing it away.

Again… I just couldn’t. I left it there in the laundry, facing the window, with dust settling on the leaves… thinking one day, I would do something with it.

I just didn’t know what.

So to walk in today and find this…


What? My orchid was alive? Reborn from brittle soil when I least expected it, its seed lying dormant for the longest time, waiting, just waiting, for the right combination of circumstances to spring forth…

I honestly, clapped with glee. Got teary. I am so glad I didn’t give up.

You all know what this means. I may not throw out a plant now, NEVER EVER EVER.

Because you never know if a seed of hope is lying around somewhere, just waiting.


#1088 Happiness not withdrawn

Let me tell you a tale. A tale of how sometimes, going against the system will serve you well.

There may be many out there who constantly go against the system… whatever works for you.

This story is about testing, questioning, and not taking things at face value… and one day this type of example might just help you.


I received a speeding fine a while back. As it was, I opened the fine on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.

Great. Just great.

The fine was in Hubbie’s name, only because the insurance is… but as I retraced the steps of the offending date and time, I saw with sadness that it was definitely me driving my car.

Damn. Boo.

What was more annoying was it was in a 50 zone. I was apparently doing an estimated 54-57 kms an hour, in a residential street not far from where I lived… and I hadn’t even realised it was a 50 zone.

After going through the paperwork to get it transferred to my name, weeks passed and I was set to begrudgingly pay it.

But then one evening, I drove into that same street. With curiosity, I kept on the lookout, and realised that the 50km/h street sign for the street, appeared once, only at the beginning of my street entrance… and it was slightly turned inwards. Towards the houses.


On that particular day too, there was a truck parked out the front of a house, near that sign, which practically obstructed all vision of it.


I started to think.

Vandalism of some sort had occurred, making the visibility of the sign very difficult. I then remembered how I was surprised it was a 50 street…. a parallel street nearby which is also residential, is in fact a 60 zone.

I had naturally assumed this one would be the same.

I had a chat to Hubbie, and he encouraged me to go for it. Go online and appeal. I was tentative only because the fine was due soon, and I figured they would take my delay as a last-ditch attempt to avoid paying, and not because I had seriously come across some interesting information that might help my case.

But… I appealed.

Today as I got home from work I saw a letter in my name. Knowing I was due for an answer from them anytime now, I ripped open the envelope with hesitation and fury.



“You did it?” Hubbie came over and I started reading out the letter excitedly.

The infringement had been withdrawn. They still concluded that an offence had been made, but in light of the evidence provided, I was let off with a warning.

A warning! Oh what sweet words!

Of course, this means I cannot appeal any similar related infringements within a 2 year period IF I get them… which I won’t. I’m super duper careful now. πŸ˜‰

But if I hadn’t tried… that would have been a couple of hundred dollars out of my pocket… and a few demerit points also gone.

But I tried. I had nothing to lose.

Neither do you πŸ™‚

#1086 The first full Monday

We all know how hard Mondays can be. It signals the weekend no more, and paves the way for another week of work, routine, and… school.

Today was the first full day baby girl had at primary school, with her days last week being shorter with lunchtime finishes.

And not only was it a full, primary school day, her first one, AND a Monday… it set the tone for all Mondays, as she has swimming right after school ends.

Like, take-your-swim-stuff-from-school-to-the-lesson, that kind of right after.

I was braced for impact. Crankiness. A really good ‘off’ mood.

Whinging. Tiredness. Just a general sense of the afternoon not being too crash hot.

But then.

She was overjoyed when I picked her up.

She immediately reminded me about swimming.

She told me she hadn’t had a good day… she had had a great day!

And everything from there just flowed.

We were expecting the worse, really we were. But she kept going, had her snacks to keep her refuelled, and then kept on chatting ALL through the evening like she had had 10 cups of coffee or something.

I was especially charmed when she started talking about lying down and thinking happy thoughts.

What now? “Who told you that?” I was ALL FOR positivity, but they weren’t words out of my mouth she was repeating.

“At gym, in class today,” she sighed, as if it was the most obvious thing. “You need to close your eyes and think happy thoughts, so I thought of butterfly wings so I can fly around.”


I may be shooting myself in the foot by talking about our great first day… and yes I know, it is really early days. But while it’s going good… let’s be grateful, shall we?


#1076 The (ice cream) shop before school starts

I wasn’t only preoccupied with thoughts of navy navy navy.

Navy polo shirts.

Navy hair ties.

Navy socks.

Freaking navy skorts.

I had something else on my mind as we bought a whole lot of stuff for baby girl’s imminent primary school start next week.

I was thinking, ‘this is it.’

The shopping outings during the week, hand in hand.

Baby girl encouraging me to ‘buy that dress’ (I love this girl β™₯ )

Deciding whether it is rice, or a happy meal that day?

Coffee breaks.

Talking about just “one more really small toy” that she would like to get.

And, cold and soothing ice cream breaks.


I told her I had a surprise for her as I took her to Twisted Sista. She screamed out loud, no hesitation as she saw the extravagantly twisted ice creams with lavish and brightly coloured toppings through the glass display.

I love how she was sooo excited. Her happiness completely unrestrained.

Baby girl, take your time growing up. There is plenty of time for everything.

I am happy for her to act so childlike, because she is after all, a child. My child, growing up, and heading off into school in 5 days time.

I savoured the moment as we sat at the table, slurping our ice creams, and saying “it’s good.”

It was good in every way. β™₯


#1075 Life metaphors at the Beach

I love the beach. I love the water. The calming and serene effect that it automatically imprints upon you.

I love the expanse of water. I sit, or I stand, or I crouch in the water, and I look at the wealth of ocean before me.

I like to think something positive in times like these. It’s something I did again today, when I was with baby girl down by the water. And it’s not for the fact of tricking myself into believing it… rather it’s a reminder of what I already know.


Whether I am in the water, or sitting out of it and drying on the stinging sand, I think this:

Look at the abundance of water around us.

Up ahead.


It is never-ending.

And it is in this abundance that I remember, there is enough for everyone.

Enough happiness.

Enough health.

Enough success.

Enough fulfillment.

There is no limit on any of these things. If you hear someone has a great job, do not think to yourself –

“Damn, I wish I could have a great job” –

and envy their position.

Because as I said… just as the water goes from horizon to horizon, the oceans touch and merge and grow, and go on and on and on, so too can our dreams…

Be Big. BOLD. Adventurous.


There is enough of an amazing life for everybody. Remember that.

I thought this again as I sat in the shallow waters, with baby girl playing nearby.

You can’t chase life either. Sometimes, you need to let things go.

I surrendered to this thought in the still waters… until soft waves rolled in, washing over me, and splashed against my body.

I smiled in acknowledgement. I know.

Thank You. πŸ™‚