#1216 The singing doll and the box

Even before baby girl’s good news yesterday, something was in the mail.

You see, kids love toys, right?

And sure, if we were to leave her to her own devices she would buy ALL the toys when we went out to the shops… which is why we try our best (keyword, ‘try’) to limit her intake to certain days and special outings, and say to her “no, you have enough!”

But everyone so often, she will latch onto the idea of something, and honestly, there is no getting around it.

About two weeks ago she saw on TV a Jasmine doll from the movie Aladdin, and it came complete singing “A Whole New World.”

She was immediately obsessed. Never mind she saw the ad only 3 times that one day ONLY… she then and there decided that she had to have it.

I looked around, I checked out shops, and I found that I actually couldn’t get it anywhere near us. The day I said to her “Mama will buy it online for you,” I think she repeated that phrase about 56 times, so relieved and excited was she that there was a magical cloud-like place where I could request things to be delivered from.

How appropriate, that her doll then came after her shooting star award yesterday.

You know what else is appropriate? In the song, Jasmine sings –

“A whole new world

a hundred thousand things to see,

I’m like a shooting star

I’ve come so far…”

Hey, hey? Shooting star? (Nudge nudge wink wink) ;);)

Anyway, when we pulled out the box tonight, baby girl was suddenly flying on a magic carpet of her own with happiness, so rapt she was with her new singing doll…

And the positive side effect? Mister F wandered on over to see what the hell we were doing, trying to get this little doll out of a plastic box that was fastened so hard I nearly needed an axe to get it out… and he instead found his own box, the one that the doll in the box came in.

THIS CAT WAS SO BLOODY RAPT WITH THE BOX… seriously, I can’t. He went absolutely ape-shit over apparently nothing in there, just sitting in there, grabbing at nothing by air, with his eyes frenzied and wide like saucers.


It was the most hilarious thing. Baby girl walking around the house pressing the song on Jasmine’s dress on repeat, with the crashing sounds of Mister F flying into the box time and time again in the other room…


We made her happy, but also we made Mister F, unintentionally and deliriously happy too. 🙂

#1215 She’s a shooting star

I am sure I have a sixth sense.

I have known and felt it for a while, though to be honest I don’t think I have been honing it, or giving it the time it needs to feel it’s strong presence in my life lately.

Today I was reminded of it again.

You may remember I drew some hearts on baby girl’s hand some time ago… well my intention was to do that every day before school, but I was so busy preparing for my sister’s big birthday that I just, plain and simple, forgot every day.

I’ve only done it twice in total. And today finally, I decided to pull another piece of symbolic and motivational arsenal out of my parenting bag.

A star.

I asker her if I could draw a star on her hand, and of course she wanted both hands… so I stood there trying my damn-dest to draw the most even stars I could, with the cat meowing and the clock ticking towards 9am in the background.

We got to school and were near the locker bay as she was unpacking her things. Her teacher smiled and said hi to me… I’ve always liked her, in fact before I knew she was baby girl’s teacher, I wanted her to be baby girl’s teacher… we greeted each other, but today she seemed chirpier with me.

“Baby girl is getting the shooting star award today!”

“Really?!” my eyes widened. I was so happy I was stunned. “What for?”

“Well she is an independent learner, she puts her hand up and always tries, and is a great listener…”


“Yeah I forgot to tell you earlier… can you make it to assembly?”

Well F*&k. On the one day I was across town ticking off jobs on my to-do list, this was happening. As rushed as I would be, I wasn’t missing this.

“I’ll make it!”

She told baby girl, who fell over backwards (she was on the floor already) when she heard this. She was excited. She finished unpacking and came towards me, all happy and giddy.

“Hey!” I started. “Your stars! How did I know you were getting the shooting star today?”


I promptly took a photo. They were all in red for their Salvo appeal day, and my heart was already glowing a deep red knowing the future events of the day.

I arrived on time. Sat at the back of the big hall with the other parents witnessing their kids get awards. Each fortnight there is a group of kids from within the whole school who get a shooting star award at assembly. I had never been to assembly. But baby girl has never been called up on stage either.

Today she was first off the rank.

They called the award and her name, and I watched on, so bloody proud as she walked over, got her certificate, and then went to sit on the front of the stage… but before she sat down, she gave a wave to her friends in the front row.

Oh, darling. ♥♥


It was the sweetest thing. She kept waving to her classmates… she wasn’t the only one, the other kids did it too… and I watched as she hugged her certificate close to her chest in happiness, in between waving to me, and then back to her friends.

Next certificate has to go to who was more excited about her shooting star award… me, Hubbie or baby girl herself. That’s a tough race. There’s some real competition there. 🙂


#1207 Coming home to my family

That’s all I wanted to do today.

It was midweek.

I was at work.

I had stuff to do.

I was a bit over it.

And I was COLD.

But most importantly, I wanted to go home, and see my family.

The traffic was OK. The podcasts kept me entertained.

I walked up the dark drive… spied Mister F watching me from the couch through the window as I approached…

I opened the door with a jangle of my keys.

Hubbie – “someone’s here!”

Running footsteps.

And then my baby girl, running into my arms.

Ahh. I was really, home. 💗🏡


#1202 Heart on her hand

“Do you wanna sit on my lap?”

“Yeah!” baby girl yelled excitedly.

We were at swimming after school today for a catch up lesson. She jumped on my lap happily as we waited for her session to start, and as her hands came close to mine, I observed the heart shape I had drawn on there just this morning.


A fellow school Mum had given me the idea the day before. Talking to her about some of the anxiety baby girl was recently displaying at school drop-off, this warm, friendly and self-confessed parenting book expert told me that she had started the practice of drawing a heart on her son’s hand last year, and telling him that when he pressed the heart, even though she wasn’t there, it was like getting an instant hug from his Mum.

I immediately LOVED the idea. It spoke to me.

So this morning as we were getting ready to pack her bag and leave, I said to baby girl “I have something for you.”

She followed me into the kitchen in wonder, looking around: “what?”

“No, it’s not a ‘thing,” I explained, getting a pen. Bending down to her I asked –

“Can I draw a heart on your hand?”

She watched in awe and surprise as I carefully drew the small symbol. So small, yet so full of hope, promise, and good vibes.

“Now every time you look at it, you can press it and think of me and all the love we have for you, all the love in your heart.”

I drew back and looked at her – her face full of happiness and excitement. It filled my heart with joy… that little drawn on heart, and how it could affect my beating heart.

How it could affect her beating heart.

A small heart. But, full of such love. ♥


#1199 Encouraging words

It’s ALL about words lately. Whether baby girl’s funny ones or my…

3000 ones.

And it is in reference to the latter, that I am extremely grateful to those that encourage you.

I received feedback from my online tutor recently… and as I read over her comments and listened to her audio feedback with bated breath…

I soon found myself exhaling audibly.

I was content. Everything she critiqued constructively, I got. And everything she positively commented on…

I was beyond excited.

I had hope. My dream, was realised. The foundation of my story, that started in my head over 7 years ago, was recognised as worthy, visual, important, not just by me, but by a professional.

That is HUGE in my book. Of mammoth value.

Her words are echoing in my mind, and in so doing, my pen name is suddenly shining bright in flashing lights.



#1194 Towards the end of lovely May

Today was the kind of day, where you had to ask yourself –

“What can I do outside today?”

And although there is still 8 days ’til the end of this month, I can say with almost certainty –

There will not be another May day like today.


For the second day in a row now, the sun was out, and SHINING. It was warm. I got a chair and sat outside to jot some things down… I let the cat out (watching him with a keen eye in case he moved too close to our bird)… and I allowed the breeze to blow past me briskly, confident in the knowledge that the sun was there through it all to warm me right up again.

Blue skies. No clouds.

Happy thoughts. No worries.

My state of mind was reflected in the day… BUT, the day told me, no matter what, YOU CHOOSE how you do YOU.


#1185 All these sunny days

Quite simply, it’s all about the sun.

Yesterday was ok in the sun-arena. Today was sunny. This morning I had to close the blinds, so bright were the rays coming through the window.

The day was full of sunshine. It was warm-ish even.

The rest of the week? Sunny and cloudy days…

But still, SUN.

The weekend? Over 20s expected. More sun! Like this:


Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash


Therefore my disposition, so easily affected by the weather, will be sunny too.