#998 Horse race in a busy day

Despite how much I felt like a chicken with no head, running about the day trying to do all manner of things, for the hour or so I was at baby girl’s kinder, enjoying their little ‘Oaks Day picnic,’ I felt something else entirely.

Peace. Happiness. Calm. Maybe the surroundings felt sooo picnic-like. The green grass stretching out for ages. The blinding sun beating down against the cold air. The rugs all colourful and mismatched on the ground.

The sounds of happy children.

But there couldn’t be an Oaks Day celebration without an actual horse race, right?

And before anyone gets antsy on me, you can’t possibly get too agro when the contenders look something like this:


So darn cute. 

Because of the 20 or so kids, it would have been a logistical nightmare to have them run off all at the same time to follow a narrow path around the playground, twice, all while keeping a horse between their legs.

So the teachers decided to break them up into groups of 3. And so group by group, we cheered them on.

Baby girl had told me she would win. I was ready to console her and all, getting myself ready for the possibility that she could very well be disappointed…

But then, she WON.

And the winning horse?


Meet ‘Sprinkles.’ If you haven’t met him before, he had very decent odds, and it paid me dividends… 😉

And if that wasn’t cute enough… when one of baby girl’s friends happened to also win her group race, she came up to her and exclaimed “Baby girl, I won!”

To which baby girl responded enthusiastically –

“Great job *Di-di!”

OH GAWD. *Di-di’s Mum was nearby and we both awww’d. It was practically perfect.

Because for me, what is most important? To raise a kind person, rather than a winning one.

That to me wins the race. 🙂

#994 Happy party prep🎉

It is a combination of general and specific things making me grateful today, and yet like all religions, they point to the same thing.

Specifically we got floor covering.

Specifically we got drinks.

Specifically we counted chairs.

Specifically I planned out table arrangements.

But in general and as a whole, we were preparing for my Mum’s big birthday bash next weekend.

And it makes me so happy, and I’m enjoying it, because we are moving at a good pace and getting shit done now… instead of all on Friday night at the nth hour.

And that’s the way all party planning should go, right?

With organisation, planning and time.

Scoff. Like that’s always possible.

Here’s hoping. 🤞


#986 Generational Bonding

I love these moments.


Moments where I catch baby girl looking up to her with the same adoration I did as a child.

Moments where baby girl is playing with her, and they are laughing, and I feel this great surge of pride and contentment.

Moments when I know that without a doubt, if I am not there, baby girl has one of the best female figure’s to lean on.

Moments when I know baby girl will have the best role model as she grows up… in my sister.

Her aunty. ♥

I hold great satisfaction in knowing that I don’t tell baby girl what to do, how to act and even who to like… she gains that all herself, from seeing the people who are around her, from watching the actions and words of those that cross our paths, and seeing others’ interactions with us as a family.

She sees how special and amazing my sister, bro-in-law and her cousins are, without me saying a peep. Because it is there.

Being separated by generations either, doesn’t make a difference.

When I see that wonder and awe in baby girl’s eyes, I recognise it, because I used to hold it as a young girl too, looking up at my big sister.

But, I LIE.

Because, I still look at her in awe 🙂 ♥

#968 My nightgown

I was thinking at about 8:30pm tonight, how I was at a virtual loss as to what to write about for today’s gratitude.

My usual back-up, the sunset? I hadn’t taken a pic. Damn. It hadn’t been anything extraordinarily vivid or eye-popping, but still, with it’s pink and orange-streaked hues that shone through the heavily cloudy sky, I knew it would have more than sufficed…. if there was photographic evidence.


I thought and I thought. I recalled the day. Looked around me for inspiration.

I deduced it to the most simplest of things.

“What is the most basic of things I can be grateful for…?”

And then, it just hit me. One of my most favourite things, which I am not overexaggerating, is most likely most other people’s favourite things.

The nightgown.

Not only is it purple, one of my fave colours, but it is super soft and comfy, and sticks lovingly to my body…

Do you know how long I have had this nightgown for? 14 years. I don’t think I have owned an item of clothing AND worn it for that long, so that has to be some kind of major record. But I know it’s history so well, because it was bought for me by my best friend for my 21st birthday… and OMG, it has lasted the test of time. Just realising how old it is, yet how incredibly decent it looks, makes me appreciate it all the more.

(baby girl on the left, me on the right 🙂 )

Why replace something, when it fits so right, when it makes me so happy, and keeps me so warm?

You DON’T.

Ahhh, the nightgown. Comfort at its finest 🙂

(Snuggling into it as I write…. 😉 )

Hands up if you love yours!

#960 The BIG fun day

You know, I’ll be honest… I had a really great day today.

I know the whole point of this gratitude blog is to focus on the positive, even on really hard and difficult days… but I also feel like generally as a human race, we aren’t allowed to feel too good, celebrate our wins too much, or talk about how good we have it, for fear of green-eyed monsters jumping out and the unfortunate crying poor.

Then there is also, tall-poppy syndrome. It is shit. I don’t understand why we need to chop others down to make ourselves feel better. It shouldn’t have to be like that, and for that reason, the buck stops here.

I KNOW life goes up and down. I KNOW there are extremely happy moments, just as I KNOW there are extremely sad ones.

I had a really shit start to the school holidays, so I am not apologetic at all about having a great day today.

It was truly, AMAZING. I was with my baby girl out visiting ‘The Big Goose,’ and it was just a ball. It was sunny, there were tractor rides, reptile shows, big jumping pillows and feeding of baby animals… oh it was adorable. We were walking hand in hand, taking it all in, and I thought to myself…

“Man I love this stage.”

It is so rewarding. I talk to her and we negotiate. When do we do this, when do we do that. We understand, discuss. We have fun. We laugh at the man kissing the lizard. I tell her it’s ok if she doesn’t wanna hold the snake. We laugh at the camels and act out spitting like they do.

I tell her one more go running through the playground, AND SHE LISTENS.

But the best moment of the day? Probably watching her do this:

Yep. Riding a pony. About the cutest and most adorable thing EVER.

She was so happy, so confident, so rapt that she got to do it.

And there it is folks. I take the good wholeheartedly, because all of life is a balancing act.

No one should feel guilty or unworthy of having these spectacular days. When they come…


Oh, actually, I think I lied. The best part of the day was tucking baby girl into bed.

“Mama, me have best day with you.”

That was the best bit ♥♥♥

(Review of ‘The Big Goose’ coming soon over on my blog SmikG)


#959 Planting tulips

How do you move on from a massive team loss and Saturday night downer?

Why, you inject some colour.

You grow some inspiration.

You plant some seeds of Hope… in the form, of Tulips.


I was super excited to get this going today. Because they are the tulips I bought from the Tesselaar Tulip Festival from late last week, and I have been hanging to repot them and give them a stable and hopefully, very LONG-TERM home.

We found a pot on the side of the house that did not have any practical use, other than housing about 7 saucers. We bought some more potting mix, added in the fertiliser, baby girl gave it a good water…

… and Voila! Those three flowers have provided so much colour to our front porch, it is seriously blinding us with happiness and good vibes.


Honestly, next time you are bored? Head down to your local plant place and buy yourself a pop of colour in a pot. Even if you just leave it in there… watch your mood and the atmosphere around you change. I DARE YOU… to be happy 🙂

#934 Love from afar

You want to hear what one definition of love is?

Being happy for someone else’s happiness, when you aren’t in it.

That was today, as I headed off back to work after what seems like a lot of leave, maybe because we travelled, maybe because there were parties, maybe because we too changed in the process…

Maybe because we have a new-look kitchen? ;-D

But I went to work, leaving my beautiful family behind on a gorgeously sunny Spring day, wishing I was with them all the time, and trying my damn hardest to look for something to be grateful for, on what is typically a very un-grateful day…


But Hubbie sent me this pic, and my heart soared. The caption?

“You missed a spot Tato :-D”


I know I am not there, and I know I am not spending my night with them, but they are not far from my mind, they are always in my heart, and as long as they are happy – which that photo shows me – that is all that matters.

I miss them.

True love, is selfless.

I want them to be happy, even when I am not there.