#1480 The train to training

So, where did I go today?


Clearly I was on a train, for those not quite sure about that offensive multi-coloured blue upholstered smudge that are train seats, and also the side window looking out at the platform…

And my brown boot.

I was on my way to training… for a new job!


Now I can’t say definitively that I HAVE the job… that’s what the training is for. And there are tests at the end of each week during the training period to make sure we’re on the right path…

So I am cautiously optimistic.

It’s been 6 months that I’ve been out of work. 6 months of doing what I like (to some extent with baby girl in tow), trying to get ahead in my writing, walking in and out of places at whim, and mostly, thinking thinking thinking. 

But today in comparison was a totally crazy day.

I was up at 550am, catching a 645 train after brekkie in the car, swapping to another train in the city to make it to work bang smack at 8am.


I had NO snacks up until lunchtime and was starving, smashing a salad roll and coffee in 15 minutes. I looked at apps and tabs, tried to get my head around the influx of tech stuff, emails, new people, meetings, reading guidelines, getting overwhelmed at the sheer number of info I need to remember, only to nearly lose myself and miss my train home.

I came home tired, spent and flustered.

I’m even feeling sick.

But I loved it.

I was feeling a bit lost before this came up. I thought the days of commuting and doing a 9-5 were over. The plan was to freelance, write, and make a name for myself from the comfort of my home.

But it didn’t work out as I’d planned. I felt uninspired, confused about my future direction, and feeling frustrated at my lack of financial contribution to the household.

I know it’s still very early days, but this set-up is perfect. Because although I’ll be spending more time away from home, the time I do get at home I’ll be more motivated than ever to win at my writing game.

That HASN’T changed, nor will it ever. But I had to find a way to make things work, and this new line of employment looks set to make things happen for me, all while I feel productive, useful, and like I’m contributing… to the world.

And that means EVERYTHING.

Super-early bedtime for me tonight… because now I’m a working girl. 😉




#1478 The laptop

Oh, it’s been a while.

My computer is at my lap yet again.

It’s not only that I love to pick and alternate all my various writer-ly positions throughout the day… sure that is rad.

Sometimes, the couch.

Sometimes, the balcony.

Sometimes, my bed.

Sometimes, the kitchen.

But all of that was taken from me last year when my laptop forcibly became a desktop due to technological malfunction (i.e. then 5 year old computer).

But today… today!

I was able to take it with me to the couch, with baby girl and Hubbie chilling nearby, and do all those things that normally would have had me bound at the desk in the other room, solo.

But not tonight. Not anymore.

You know, things like sending emails, looking for TFNs, searching for super fund numbers…



#1477 (belated post) The joy of computers

I’m the sort of person that takes ages to buy the latest gadget or update to the latest ‘in’ thing.

It’s not for the lack of accessibility… rather I just can’t be stuffed.

And most of the time, I am all-too-comfortable using my 4 year-old mobile phone, or 6 year-old laptop to even bother with anything new.

Setting it all up again is oh so hard.

Hence the latter of my above statements. Yes, my current laptop is 6 years old. I know the age, because baby girl wasn’t yet 1 when we got it.

Now she is 6 and a half.

And you know, I wouldn’t have been looking for a new laptop even now, really I wouldn’t… Even being a writer and everything.

Because it was only a year ago that my laptop screen died, and even then I didn’t update… I just got an external screen, connected it to the laptop, and voila!

Laptop now fixed. No longer portable, but still fixed.

But I have barely been using my old laptop at all this last week. That’s because, lo and behold, the spacebar, b n and z keys, as well as one shift key, all stopped working.

I couldn’t write ‘to be or not to be a Zebra.’ See?

Writing as much as I do, and having your keypad not working as it should, is kind of like a chef not having a working fridge in a commercial kitchen.

I write a lot, and the on-board keyboard is soooo tedious. I just can’t. It’s impossible.

My current, now old laptop, FORCED MY HAND. Yep. OLD.

Because after some research and conferring with my tech-wise bro-in-law, yesterday I bought a…


A new laptop. 🙂

Oh goodie! I have a portable one again! Like, I can actually take it around the house with me and write wherever I like… again!


But this happened yesterday, so why am I late in posting today?

Well technology. Computers in one sense. My internet connection went down, and I couldn’t even post via my phone as I have been doing this last week.

Everything shut down.

And this post is a kinda special one, because I started writing it as a document last night on my old laptop… before the keys failed me again (they temporarily decided to work when they saw the new laptop arrive beside it!) and then finishing it this morning on this, my NEW laptop, when the connection was back up.

Ahh, computers. Can’t live with them… but I definitely can’t live without them.


#1457 The diary

I have a PLAN.

There are so many of you that will roll your eyes here… and I DON’T CARE.

Because today was the first day of implementation, and already things are working.

I’ve worked out how to succeed.

How to get ahead in life.

How to make your dreams come true.

And all you need, is…



(Along with a hefty dose of passion, determination, and resilience, but eh).

I needed a place to organise my writing goals and thoughts. I realised it was all in my head, and my 58 to-do lists were not quite doing their job. Sure they reminded me of what I had to do, but they weren’t really making me accountable and tracking what I did each day.

Insert, the DIARY.

I bought the above ‘buffalo diary’ from Typo a couple weeks back. It displays a week per two-page spread, and my plan is to look at my week ahead from my fridge monthly planner (planners EVERYWHERE), see what days I’m not travelling or with appointments, and then slot in times through the week in my DIARY to do writing-related things and work on freelancing.

It is soooo simple. Things like this are the necessary first step to making things happen… it is so clear to me now. Today I opened the week to see what was on today’s page, and guess what?

I actually worked on what was listed for today.

A bloody miracle. No procrastination either.

And another little motivator for me (other than my eventual success and world-wide stardom?)


Each time I complete the task subscribed to me that day, I’m going to put a little star next to my diary entry…

Like in school. Tee hee hee. Maybe a gold one too. To match the front cover lettering. 🌟




#1453 Balcony reading no. 2

I’ve worked out the best time of day to sit on the balcony in Summer.

Before midday.

The sun has not yet passed the roofline, meaning I’m not getting fried like an egg on the timber planks below.

I made a cappuccino, took some home-made biscuits, along with my book, my notes, and my phone, and basked in the morning summertime bliss.


And got myself inspired. ♥

#1436 Being brave with feedback

You would have thought starting this online writing course 6 months or so ago, was brave enough.

Kinda, but NOOOO.

So NO, after tonight.

Because I’ve been avoiding doing something that at the beginning of this course I was craving so much for.


Not just any feedback – the teacher’s feedback.

The ‘industry professional, editor, writing genius’ feedback.

Oh man. It was hard.


I’ve listened and I’ve read. I can’t say I am in agreeance with much. I am going to stew on this for months now I tell you.

But I did it. I submitted, I read the all-important and soul-crushing feedback, and I am here.

I am here, very feeble, very humble, very tiny right now.

But still here.

#1400 Ninety-three thousand words before midnight

Right down to the wire.

I F^&*ING did it.

Okay well I didn’t actual ‘do it,’ yet… if I did I would be bathing in Moet.

Remember that for when I get published. 😉

But tonight, was the night. It was the night I let go of the reins of the horse that has been gallivanting around in my head, vibrating from my fingertips, and taking up creative space on my computer for the past roughly 7-8 years.

Tonight was the night we submitted our full manuscripts!!!!


Oh my.  I actually thought I’d be more nervous, but getting to this point has been gradual, what with submitting 5000 words of our novels at each submission point.

Relief is an understatement.

I am so glad for it to be off my hands for the time being… and having a break from, well what else…

NOT having to write anything.

Oh man. Right on time for Christmas and ALL. Goodnight 🙂