#2480 The return of the coffee walk

How can a coffee walk feel soooo good?

I think because this doesn’t happen that much any more.

Or, it hasn’t for a while, until now.

Me, alone.

Day off.

Weather, acceptable.

Feeling good.


It was a mild morning as I set off after school drop-off to get me some coffee in my writerly keep mug. As I started walking, I realised just how relaxed, and happy, and peaceful I felt.


It wasn’t just that coffee is back in my life. No, it’s something else that makes me happy, and it’s the journey.

The process.

The anticipation of coffee, and the walk to getting the coffee, there’s just something about it, I don’t know…

Is it self-indulgent? Is it because it’s me time? Taking time out? Enjoying life?

It is the smallest of things, and yet it feels like everything. This morning, it was everything.

It’s a good thing I think, when little things can be everything. Let’s inject more little things like this that make us happy, into our lives.


#2336 My coffee keep cup

I had to run around after school pick up with baby girl, which would eat into my usual afternoon coffee time…

My solution?

My coffee keep cup!

Only this one, I prepared at home. 😉

I love it, for kinda obvious reasons. ✍️💖😁

#2307 Query for a passion

Another day, another successful session at the KidLitVic conference.

In one way, although I wasn’t asked to submit my manuscript, with the only option being to send a query letter, I felt more rejuvenated about today than yesterday when I was asked (after much ‘constructive’ criticism!) to submit some chapters of my manuscript.

It’s what happens when you find someone who thinks like you.

Who likes things the way you do.

Who may have the same background as you, or reads the same things you also did as a child.

When they start to speak out loud the things you’ve always wondered, quashing all of those doubts, you go “WOAH! Where have you been all my life?”

I walked away inspired, buzzing, and so invigorated. I was absolutely popping at my desk as I wrote up a query letter immediately, pouring my entire heart and soul out onto the screen.

Stuff professionalism… to some extent. I gave it my all. You only have one chance to make a first impression. I said everything, was probably quite pathetic and daggy at times, but I don’t care. I expressed my truth, spoke from my soul, shared my passion, and then I hit send.

Then I exhaled.

And now, I wait.

Photo by furkanfdemir on Pexels.com

#2306 The Pitch

The Pitch. It sounds like the name of a movie.

Or a book.

Speaking of books, I spoke about mine today.

Today was the first time ever that I pitched my book to a publisher!

I was so unbelievably nervous… no matter how many times I sipped water and applied lip balm beforehand, by the time I was finishing reading an excerpt of my manuscript, my mouth was dry and my lips were sticking together. 😬😬

But I got through. I came away with valuable takeaways, as well as an incredibly clear picture of what I should have said, instead of that which I did say. Why does it take us doing something wrong, to work out what we should do right?

Well, one more takeaway, one more right…

I was asked to submit the first 3 chapters of my novel to one publisher.

This is huge! This is epic! And yet that well-known alter-ego of mine, the one suffering from massive self-doubt and imposter syndrome, is convinced it was a pity request..

But still, even if pity, I will take it!

If a starving man was given food out of pity, do you think they would decline the offer?


Just as I too took it, happily said thank you, and then shut down the Zoom session to fall onto a heap on baby girl’s bed and be thankful the nerves, for now, were all over.

Whatever happens, I am grateful for this opportunity, to take another step forward. I have already learnt so much. 🙏

Life is full of learnings… ❤❤

#2280 How to turn a grey day around

Yesterday was the perfect grey day.

Today, not so much.

I felt flat, and really quite down. What made me feel somewhat better was learning that so many people around me also felt the same… was it the colder weather? The clocks changing? The dark, overhanging skies?


Just knowing I wasn’t the only one feeling it today, helped. But then I did a number of things to try and lift my mood this evening/night.

I put on an album, Queen 2. And just as it too matched my mood in its solemness and slow heavy music, it turned upbeat in the last two songs so much so that I pumped up the music and was singing “Funny How Love Is…!”

I lit candles. Like, a lot. I lit three as the rooms got darker much earlier than what we have become accustomed to with our summery days, and then I went a step further and lit some incense, taking the musky smelling stick from room to room.

We need to change the atmosphere when things feel dark and dim, so introducing light, scent, even sound to our environment can profoundly make an impact.

I set in motion plans. There is nothing like taking charge of that which you can control, and by making future plans for something that you will look forward to, immediately puts you in a better mood, even if the event is weeks away… you can see it. You know it’s coming.

Lastly, I took charge in another way, and did something wild. I booked something, WILD. And when I say wild, I don’t mean Las Vegas wild, I mean SmikG Writer wild.

And if you still don’t know, well that’s because I’m frankly terrified right now, but let’s just say it’s right up my alley… or right up my bookend… something like that. 😏🤔✍️📖

And those are my little itsy-bitsy things that turned my grey day into something much nicer after all. 💖💖

#2259 Life and death at the beach

I want to share with you a story. It’s a story about life and its opposite, and though its set at the beach, I assure you this story is vitally important.

Stay with me.

I was tired and a bit cranky when we went to our local beach yet again today. We went later since Hubbie had worked half the day, then we had to do a grocery shop, and so we got there to a muggy and overcast scene about 4pm.

There weren’t many people around. It seemed the long weekenders had missed this part of the coastline, or at the very least left to go home already. I was feeling rushed, like I had to do everything, chase everyone, get it all done, and so I proclaimed to Hubbie once I had hastily put sunscreen on baby girl, that I was just going to SIT THERE on the beach chair for about 10 minutes.

Not doing anything.

They headed off into the water, and I was so happy to be at peace. I took a few breaths, took out my phone, and took some snaps.

Then I clicked on facebook out of habit.

What I saw staring back at me was shocking. A tribute to a lady, a woman who I followed. It was posted from her social media page which was a self-publishing business for authors, and here her husband was telling me, us, the world, that she had suddenly passed in front of his eyes yesterday.

Shocked isn’t even a word to begin to describe my feelings. Shock, sadness, extreme disbelief. It was a shaking to the core. I felt numb. I read his tribute, staring at the growing hundreds of shocked and sad comments and condolences coming through, and looked up, blinking to the scenery in front of me.

When Hubbie came back moments later, my sunnies hid my emotions. But as I spoke my voice began to waver, and I couldn’t help it… I started to cry.

I had only met her once, so I can’t say I knew her personally. But she had come to town to host a writing workshop, it was about the various avenues of publishing available to authors… and I had followed her self-publishing business since way back then. She was a prominent force on facebook, her posts about writing and all it encompassed frequent, and I enjoyed reading the nuggets of gold she dispersed on the writing-editing-publishing process.

I had even recently been wondering if any of their services would be of use to me in my own editing process, and so to have had them, her, so often in my mind, to then hear of this…

Hazy, shocked, and so, so sad for this person I barely knew, I questioned, what was so upsetting about this passing? People sadly pass all the time, and there have been other prominent figures who have recently passed in the public eye… I was sad to hear of it, but I had nowhere near the reaction I had when I heard of her.

I walked about to the shallow water with my family. My eyes going over everything anew. The beach. The coastline.

Hubbie suggested we walk all the way down the beach, and it immediately agreed with my soul. We started to walk, and tears fell down my cheeks so easily, they could have easily passed for sea spray from baby girl’s splashing about.

Was it the shock? Yes, it was a SHOCK. A huge one. She had been there, posting on social media about writing one day, and then the next… her husband was posting about her.

It had happened so suddenly. She was living her dream. Writing, self-publishing, she had created this company that could help grow and develop writers and turn their author dreams to reality.

And there it was. Not just the shock, but that there. She was living the dream.

I hadn’t even started.

Still, her life was cut so short. She probably had so many stories left to tell. And yet so quickly, before anyone knew what was happening…

I nearly sobbed. I said to Hubbie that suddenly, I didn’t want for anything. I was deeply, deeply grateful for everything in my life – my health, my family, where I was, what I did… everything. And never would I ask for a thing ever again.

I cried.

Then, with the sadness washing through me, I took some photos.

Of life, really. My family. My love. My happy place. I take these to remember the beautiful parts of our life, the moments that are cherished and that matter. I take these to remember, even when I am no longer around. I take these for others to remember, and to feel too.

As we walked back, I now had another thought.

No… I will ask for things. AND be grateful at the same time. I will be so deeply grateful, more so than anything, and I will count my lucky stars each and every day.

But life is not guaranteed to anybody, and so I want to squeeze the most out of it that I’ve been given. I will be thankful and appreciative, but I will always keep trying, will always keep doing, will always try to live my passions… because living your life to the fullest and living the life of your dreams, THAT is most important.

R.I.P. BVH. 🙏

#2233 The end is the beginning… again

Today I finished editing my novel.

This isn’t the first time I’ve finished editing it.

Since I started writing the book, oh, over 10 years ago, I have since edited it…

About 3,168 times?

Ok, so I am exaggerating, but only a bit.

I felt really good going through it this time, and now, what’s next?

Start from the beginning all over again, chapter one.

Edit it AGAIN.

It’s not that I want to torture myself repeatedly… It’s more that I need to check a couple of bits here and there, apply some learnings…

Hopefully this is the year I make some major progress. 🤞✍️📖💖

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

#2219 Finding a different path

Now that school is back one of our most tried and treasured routines are back.

Our brunch stop, and then a quick beach walk. 💞💖

Today was lovely in that we walked a little further down Mothers Beach, and found an extra patch of sandy alcove that we don’t usually go down… and then we found a path.

What was at the end of the path? Well you’ll need to find me on @smikgwriter on Instagram and see the vid on my stories then won’t you?

A hint… it’s one of the main reasons why we moved. 🌊🏖️

#2201 The movie in Paris

While still in my ongoing ‘down time’ today, I actually put a movie on Netflix…

And I finished it! Ok, not in one sitting, I broke it up into two, but still!

The movie in question was Midnight in Paris.

I loved it! I was initially intrigued by the tag line of ‘a writer’ so that was enough for me. 🤣 But yes, Owen Wilson’s character is a writer who while visiting Paris with his fiance, finds himself suddenly going back in time to the 1920s… and if you’re thinking this sounds a bit too much like Back to the Future, rest assured it is very different. Not that BTTF is a bad movie, it’s one of my faves of all time, but Midnight has a lot of different nostalgia.

Also… if you are a fan of art, or writing, or writers, or reading (!) you really should watch this movie. Owen’s character actually meets lots of well-known artists of the time, and really, your mind will be just a little blown when you find out who they’ve written into the story… that’s all I’m saying!

The last clincher for me was knowing it was a Woody Allen film. He just has a certain style to his work, a bit like Quentin Tarantino… you watch it and you’re like yeah, I can see what he’s doing. Same with Allen.

I really enjoyed it. If you’ve watched it, let me know what you thought.

#2055 Something to write about

This is a really nerdy one, I know…

But this is all me.

I’ve had these blog posts and writing ideas swimming around in my head all week. I know what I want to write, what I want to do and where I want to go with it, and yet I’ve had the most classic and boring excuse of all:


Newbie writers fall into this fearful trap, of being scared to write everything that’s in their heads because they fear, well when it’s all OUT THERE, there will be nothing left to write…

They will be all out of their well of creativity.

But that isn’t true. What I’ve learnt time and time again is that the more you write, the more ideas you get…

And get.

And get.

It’s a rushing water dam that you just can’t stop. Once you’re in the flow, you’re there.

So tonight is Friday night. It’s lockdown too, not that that really makes much of a difference let’s be honest, we go nowhere on Friday nights. 🤭

So I sit down. Dinner done, dishes done.

I sit and I write.

And then we talk, and then I write some more.

And when they go to bed, I will keep on writing, accompanied by my dependable pals CCs and pistachios, to the background tunes of my oldest friends, Bold and The Beautiful.

Yes, I love writing, and yes, I love Friday nights. 😁😁