#1533 Day 35 of getting there: Netflix and LITERAL, chill

The plan was, we weren’t gonna get Netflix anytime soon.

We had one main TV that we used, and it had Foxtel. Foxtel had more than enough channels for us.

The plan was, Netflix would come when we replaced the prehistoric brick in the other room (i.e the good old box-shaped TV) with a new Smart TV, and then we could put Netflix in there.

One TV Foxtel, one TV Netflix.

That was the plan.

So I can’t say that this corona happened. No, that wasn’t the instigator.

But it was kinda the middle man.

Because really, the ESPN doco The Last Dance about the Chicago Bulls and primarily Michael Jordan, well, that happened. Earlier than it’s expected release date of June, it came out this month because of well, corona.

Hubbie is a MAD MJ fan. HUGE. And even though it was produced in part by ESPN, in Australia it wasn’t airing on their channel which Foxtel has… only on Netflix.


But this weekend I woke one morning, and he just couldn’t handle it anymore. He was reading player reviews, hearing feedback on the first ep, and he just had to see it.

“We should get Netflix.”

It wasn’t part of the plan, AT ALL. But 25 minutes later we were logging on and switching between profiles choosing program recommendations for us.

We had Netflix!

photo of cup near flat screen television
Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

You’d think this was a Netflix ad, but really it isn’t, and I am not being paid. But I couldn’t believe how easy it was to find their website, log in, pick a plan ($9.95 a month, so cheap!) and then log in via the TV two metres away from me.


Hubbie has been watching his Chicago Bulls doco this weekend, and baby girl has found countless kids shows to keep her busy.

I haven’t had quite the same amount of time, but I’ve seen TV shows, docos and movies that I can’t wait to get into.

There’s some insane doco about catching a serial killer online that has the word cats in it… I’ve heard it’s super freaky. Then there is Tiger King which everyone seems to be talking about… and The Irishman, well I admire Martin Scorsese as a director, and all those actors are pretty much legends, so that’s another one that looks awesome…

At this rate, we will be just fine going through iso!

Any recommendations from fellow Netflix watchers? What is good?

#1489 Friday movie night

When you work away from home, you really start to appreciate your days off… at home.

Friday night’s have become my little saviour.

They are mine, and mine alone. I sit on the couch after everyone has fallen asleep, and find something on TV to watch.

Tonight’s supercalifraglisticexpialidocious viewing?

Can you guess?

Well it’s not the original. Rather it’s Saving Mr. Banks, the story of how Walt Disney courted the writer of the original Mary Poppins book, P.L. Travers, into allowing him to make her original tale into a Disney classic.

The story behind the story… how could it beat the one we have grown up with and come to love?

Well it is a completely different story. One that is heart-wrenching, as it is uplifting. (Actually, that oddly has similar elements to the story it’s based on if you look hard enough).

And though Mary Poppins brings the word unique to a whole new level, the character of P.L. Travers played by Emma Thompson, is a whole other hilariously difficult character on her own.

Watching stories unfold in the comfort of my home, from my couch, at my will, has to be the greatest ‘me time’ and restorer of creativity wells there is. ♥

  • Did you know that P.L. Travers is not the real name of the Mary Poppins writer? She was indeed, Helen Goff,  and part Aussie, no less. 🙂

#1404 My mini Angel

I plopped down on the couch after school pick up this afternoon, tired, uninspired and still feeling ‘ugh.’

There is no worse feeling than feeling – ‘UGH.’

I channel surfed. I soon, amazingly, saw that an episode of Angel was to be starting shortly.

Angel? What, MY Angel? I’ve said it so many times before but I’ll say it again: when you see a show on TV that you have in your DVD collection, for some reason there is an intense urge to WATCH IT IMMEDIAELY ON TV…. even as like I said, you can watch it on demand whenever you like…

Because you have your own copy.

But as always, I started to watch. I had to do dinner…

But, stuff that. I kept on watching.

Baby girl happened across a fight scene, and I tried to quickly change the channel – not so much for the violence, it was more about these kinds of faces –


Vampire faces.

She was onto me though, and asked to watch it, but I said it was a grown up show that Mummy used to watch and tried to steer her away.

However she came in again towards the last 10 minutes… and this time I went ‘stuff it.’

(I won parenting today).

I warned her though! I said “I don’t want you having nightmares!”

“You can leave if you get scared.”

“You know this is all pretend, it’s pretend okay?”

She excitedly sat next to me and got comfy in the couch, and so I began the Angel world-building…

“That’s a bad guy. Don’t worry Angel is trying to kill him. He’s bad. He’s a vampire.”

“Angel is a vampire too, but he’s a good vampire.”

“Honestly don’t worry about that guy. He’s bad.”

“That’s how vampires die… don’t freak out! It’s just dust.”

… and so her introduction to Angel was born. ♥


#1402 We love Selling Houses

Ha ha. Did that word trickery grab your attention?

To be honest, we don’t have the patience to be doing selling houses as a hobby.

So, we send up watching other people do it…

on TV.

Selling Houses Australia. It’s a show we watch on the lifestyle channel, and it’s become a bit of a weeknight habit, especially on Tuesdays where it leads into hubbies Wednesday day off.

It’s absolutely captivating. You meet some people, who’ve had some run of bad luck in trying to sell their house… something like, a house filled with too much wood that puts off potential buyers… a house with 5 entrances… or a reno that’s lasted 20 years too long.

The team come in, renovate, and it usually sells!

Seeing the transformation gives us plenty of ideas for our own home, comparing the before and after is spectacular, and of course, who doesn’t like ‘tsk tsk tsking’ at mistakes others have made? 😂

But don’t watch it… not unless you wanna be SOLD.


#1360 Terminator 2

*In case you’ve been living under a rock, this post contains some Terminator 2 spoilers*

Hubbie and I have been looking forward to it ALL week.

I’m sure you’ve done it, just as every other person has. You have a movie or series on DVD, and you rarely put it on…

But suddenly it’s on TV and you must drop everything and watch it.

Last Tuesday night we discovered the very first Terminator movie on free-to-air TV. We watched most of it, including the last nail-biting, squirming-in-your-seat scenes, and all the while a part of me, knowing the latest film in the franchise was coming out, and also knowing a thing or two about schedules (I happen to know TV a bit 😉) I went trawling through the tv guide, looking for…

Terminator 2. Yes. It was going to air exactly a week after the first one aired.

I knew it. 👌

So, we watched it tonight.

I’m not a massive sci-fi gal. Well, not much at all. Yet this movie has many futuristic elements of it, and yet I still consider it one of the greatest movies of all time.

The premise is fascinating, yet also easy enough to follow: machines vs humans.

Human resistance leader sends a programmed machine back in time to protect his younger self from being killed, against a machine that has also been sent back in time to kill him.

Maybe I’m not confused, because time-travel also features in one of my other favourite movies – Back to the Future.

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Sorry I had to. Back to the… machines. 😂

I think what is absolutely brilliant, the biggest plot twist in this the second, and I argue the BEST Terminator movie, is that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the ‘bad’ terminator in the first film, comes back as the ‘good’ one, now programmed to save Sarah and John Connor from the latest version of killing Terminator machine.

This insanely good plot twist is cemented by Arnie’s re-emergence into the second one. As viewers, you think “oh crap the bad terminator is back.” Watching it too, you don’t actually get any indication at the start of the film as to who is the bad terminator, and who is the good one.

The only point at which some may argue tips it off, is right at the beginning after Arnie ‘good’ terminator takes the clothes and motorbike off a bikie in a bar, and when the bar owner runs out to protest his theft, Arnie walks up to him, deadly serious… takes his gun…

and takes his sunglasses.

Before riding off on the bike to comical country background music.

Even then, on the first watching of T2, you would be forgiven in thinking Arnie is bad… I mean, remember all the horrible things he did in T1?

But the scene, as both terminators catch up to John at the arcade, is THE BEST. John is running from the proper bad terminator, simply thinking he is trying to get away from a cop because of all his delinquent behaviour, and then…

Arnie good terminator arrives from the other side of the corridor. The box he is holding tears opens up, and a massive gun hidden amidst roses is pulled out.

The roses crunch under his feet.

John falters. Turns back.

But the bad terminator arrives from the other end of the corridor, and he pulls a gun out too.

John is caught. He looks back at Arnie.

And then Arnie speaks the two words which let us know what side he is on: “Get down.”

John’s side.

And Arnie proceeds to shoot the mofo bad terminator as much as he can.

It is the one of the best movie plot twists… EVER.

We’ve watched this film loads on times. But it still keeps us on the edge of our seats, and I still had my hand over my mouth in horror in the last 20 minutes.


For a movie so heavy on the sci-fi and ‘termination,’ there sure are some deep moments, courtesy of Edward Furlong as John Connor, who was cast perfectly in the role.

He balances the role of a delinquent gone-off-the-tracks due to a messed up and insanely confusing upbringing, versus a kid who just wants a father figure, so, so well, imbedding it with humour, gentleness and real warmth and sensitivity.

Oh man. Maybe all my writing course stuff is rubbing off on me, but John’s dialogue is spot on. His dramatically teen-like “this is deep” statement, after the termintor tells him that ‘future John’ re-programmed him and sent him back in time to protect younger John, is hilarious… or even when John realises the terminator must obey him, and tests the theory by making him stand on one leg…

If you just found out you had a terminator that had to obey you, would you tell it to stand on one leg? But he is 10 and so this totally makes sense from his youthful and untouched point of view.

If you missed it tonight… just get it from your DVD collection and watch it. Go on. I know you have it.

‘Hasta la vista, baby.”

#1321 Amazing cuz, Amazing Andy

It’s been a real quiet first week of school holidays .

Some cafe stops. Playground visits. Lots of groceries and stay-at-home days.

That all changed today.

We went out. BIG TIME.

We went to the city, to watch…

The ‘Andy’s Amazing Adventures’ Show!


Not only was it great to be able to watch the show, and see this man come to life on stage that baby girl (and I!) have watched on TV soooo many times before… but it was gifted to us by my cousin, who *ahem*, works in a field that seems to have a lot of perks!

But no, it didn’t stop there. As we arrived to the show, we were led through a side door and waited in this narrow grey corridor with pipes overhead and ladders on the side, until, guess who walked around the corner?

ANDY, HIMSELF!!!! Super star moment! 😲🤗🤩

I swear, baby girl is sooo lucky. She has met so many of her fave stars, she is gonna grow up thinking that this is normal. Oh man, darling, it is not. We posed for photos with him before going outside to our seats, which were also smashing thank you very much.

Baby girl was looking up and around and saying she wanted to sit on the upper levels, and she spied the antique balconies of the Athenaeum theatre… cuz and I were like “trust us, these seats are better!” *stalls*

Ahh, kids.


The show was brilliant. There were plenty of things to make the parents laugh, and being Andy it was super educational while still a ball of fun.


Baby girl walked away grinning from ear to ear, and funny as it may be, though we don’t get to see my cuz as often as we like… she ain’t ever forgetting him after this event! 😄😜🤣

Ahh cuz. Love you. ❤❤❤




#1136 Forever a teenager, ‘JP-shipper’…

I think my teenage self will live in me forever.

I can easily switch between the latest crime drama, Sex and the City shenanigans, some murder-mystery show from the 1800s… and then plonk myself on the couch for some good ‘ol  –



Or like today, Dawson’s.

Can I just ask, is there any other show out there where the show’s title character comes to be so hated and annoying as the series goes on?

Poor Dawson 😆

Do you know then where I stand on the Dawson-Joey-Pacey love triangle that develops in season 3?

I will tell you this answer… I am STILL holding out for a Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes real-life romantic reunion.

Hey, it happened for them once before… and you know, there is another high-profile couple who dated on-screen before they finally got together off-screen many years later…

(Ahem, Mila and Ashton).

So while I hold out, one of the sweetest scenes between two of my favourite Creek couples repeated on TV today.

And when it is so cold out, the wind is raging and you are trying your best to warm the depths of your soul with coffee, well this scene of the brunette couple fighting against their emotions takes the cake, EVERY TIME.

Please. Enjoy…

I too, will always remember everything.

Joey and Pacey 4 EVA. 💗💗💗