#1904 Looking back in time

Life has been so busy lately. So busy, that we’ve forgotten a lot of who we are.

May has come around too fast. And another Monday, come and gone.

It was only last week when I went “damn. That came fast.”

Our ‘special’ day.

Not having the time to celebrate when you’re ‘meant to’ does not mean jack.

Take the commercial days, of Valentine’s Day, hell even throw in Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

They’re all the same.

We’re told as a society that we have to do something, we must do something to celebrate it, show off for social media, friends and family…

It is lovely to celebrate, appreciate loved ones in our life, and I’m not saying that I don’t do it, personally…

But you should celebrate your special people, ALL THE DAYS of your life. Not just when the catalogues and ads tell you too.

Same as for other days.

Days like, an anniversary. 💖💖

Our anniversary fell on a Monday this year. Work, school, swimming, groceries, phone calls, emails, basketball game, routine routine routine… it was all too much. It was a fairly uneventful day, and that’s ok, because we share our love for each other on other days, in other ways, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s not on this EXACT day.

I’m not trying to convince myself, honest. 😂 In fact, we are going out tomorrow night, and going away for a couple of nights soon too.

Let there be love on all the days. Let there be hugs, kisses, displays of affection, cards and presents, snuggles and all kinds of lovey-dovey things, on all the days.

Not just when it is deemed special, by society, by milestone, or by date.

I had a really lovely night… sans Hubbie. He was out playing basketball.

Baby girl and I had dinner together, then we sat on the couch and she read school books to me.

Then we watched Masterchef, and we never watch Masterchef. 😂

Hubbie came home, and then eventually we sat on the couch as a family, to do one special thing together, something small to highlight our ‘special’ day…

We looked through our official photos. 😍

Baby girl and I put on the special photo gloves, and she helped me leaf through the pages, as we all reminisced, and she learnt and discovered.

And I couldn’t have thought of a better way to end the night.



#1823 Better family time

Today I realised with amusement when we put Cobra Kai on, that baby girl is pretty much watching it too.

Hubbie and I pop it on, get excited by whatever 80s track they put on at the start, and then proceed to escape into the world of KA-RA-TAY for the next 30 minutes or so.

And lately, baby girl is joining us.

Why? On Sunday she got grounded… from playing on her ipad.

It was all Hubbie’s doing, and I’m not saying that like I disagree with his decision. Yes, she definitely had it coming after acting up majorly on the weekend. But when it comes to removing things from her, I am on the softer side.

If we’re at the shops and she asks for a toy – “No!”

She wants another chocolate? – “No!”

Wants to repeatedly bounce the basketball in the house? – “NO!”

But when it comes to removing things, I balk. I withdraw. Because if I remove something, most likely I’ll be the one paying for her upset state, since I AM home with her the majority of the time.

But this happened when I was out of the house, you see. Almost like a blessing in disguise.

Amazingly, it’s been a bit of a novelty for her. She talks about how she is grounded, and I think it makes her feel grown up, like a teenager. She hasn’t even asked for it back earlier… I would have caved in, without her even asking. Hubbie has been so tough, so strong… like the way I am usually! But this time, I’m like “aww, I feel sorry for her” (not in front of her of course, you can’t let your kids see your weakness, or else they’ll know they OWN YOU mwa ha ha).

She is meant to go without ’til Sunday… but I think she may get an early reprieve come the start of the weekend. 😁

But it’s seriously been good. She keeps herself busy with other activities, and I think it’s given her an appreciation and understanding of all the other creative things she can do with her spare time, and helped her to realise she actually CAN go without the bloody device.

And it means she spends more time with us, watching Cobra Kai.

Another device. 🤦‍♀️🤣

You get my drift. 😉

(Can someone confirm for me that Cobra Kai remains mildly kid-friendly for the rest of Seasons 2 and 3?)

#1815 Cobra Hi

My plan worked.

I was seriously missing sharing some Netflix time with Hubbie, after we finished watching The Last Dance some weeks ago.

But what could we watch? I didn’t really wanna watch anything sport-related again, but I also knew he wouldn’t be down with my Dawson’s repeats (you can’t push a guy toooo much 😂).


The show that I’ve heard sooo many people rave about…

Cobra Kai.

It was perfect! I mean, it had karate, and it was based on that little 80s movie about karate that most of us have some inkling of… 😉

I thought it was the perfect enticement.

Hubbie agreed to watch it with me, but also found it laughable. After the first ep he said –

“It’s a bit unrealistic.”

I stared at him.

“It’s fiction! It’s TV!”

Well, I we persevered. Ep by ep we watched, and tonight we got to ep 10, the last of the first season!

I think I can say, we are safely, pretty much invested.

I love the cliffhangers that keep the viewer hanging at the end of each ep, but mostly I like how they’re painting everyone in shades of grey.

You feel bad for the underdog, and the unfair circumstances that he’s been thrown into. You get irritated at the high-flyer with his superiority complex…

And then swap. Vice versa. The bad guy could make better choices, you think, and the guy who ended up on the right side of town, well so he should get his just rewards.

It’s really interesting how fairly they are portraying both sides of grey. I have to wonder where it will head in future eps…

No spoiler alerts please! We only watched half of ep 10, because we realised it was a bit longer than normal (and we all need our beauty sleep).

So, in this household… Cobra – HEE YA!

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

#1759 My TV Friends

Something that got me through some tough months recently was my Friends.

But not just those relationships in my life friends… but the ones on TV.


I don’t even know how I got onto the show. It must have been a particularly hard day, and I probably would have stumbled across it on TV…

And miraculously, it helped me forget.

It was like a drug. Suddenly I found myself dipping into the Friends group, checking them out at Central Perk, visiting Monica and Rachel’s house, and lounging about in Joey and Chandler’s massive recliner chairs, all too often.

It wasn’t even like I watched the show religiously or anything when it first aired on TV. I was a teen at the time, and though I tuned in and out, week to week, I know for a fact that I didn’t watch it anywhere near as devotedly as I have been recently.

And though some difficult days have passed lately, and some things are easier… life can be shit at times, right?

Like today.

So, on Friends came.

But it’s unfair to link the show to times that I am struggling. I find myself wanting to laugh out loud, tune in to the characters, and find out what happened next… the fact that the show takes me far away, gives me the giggles, and helps me to find 20 minutes of reprieve from this otherwise lonely, confusing and ultimately frustrating world…

Why, that’s just a bonus. 💖

#1745 I got there!

Yes, I got there.

Or rather, I got through it.

Like the nursery rhyme says…

“You can’t go under it,

You can’t go over it,

You have to go THROUGH it.”

You know, I was born on a Tuesday.

And today, I was re-born on a Tuesday.

That’s how it genuinely felt. When you’ve put off something for so long, it starts to become a constant presence, a fear that sits at your dinner table, sleeps beside you at night, and follows you around the house, around town, wherever you go.

It never leaves your side.

I overcame a massive fear today, even a genuine phobia, and it made me realise something really huge. Something I didn’t know about myself.

I am stronger than I think.

I never thought it, I really, honestly, never did.

I wanted to be strong though.

There are two quotes that came up in my daily calendar in late August, and the way they appeared, it was as if they were meant for me.

One I’ve already shared with you. Here is the other:

The inspiring quotes that got me there

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”

I left these quotes on the kitchen bench, where my cookbooks sit, during this whole time. I felt they needed to remind me of what I had to do, what I had to achieve… what I had to go through.

And what I had to overcome. Not other people, things, circumstances… but rather, ME. I had to overcome and master my thoughts. My fears. It was all in my head, and as much as I had very real fears and worries, and they are perfectly normal… I had to overcome, myself.

Not, the mountain.


Everything in due time, and I will speak, when I am ready. But I will share the other thing that was great following my day of overcoming fear, that was almost as great as the relief that came after it…

Watching TV all day.

Yep. You see you can’t do much when you’re in recovery mode.

I watched repeated Cheers and Bold and the Beautiful. Threw in eps of Angel and Dawson’s Creek. Watched half of a Prince tribute show I had recorded 6 months ago, and watched another half of a Queen doco I would have recorded at the same time.

And played about 16 rounds of Wordscapes on my phone.

Yep. This is the best part. 💖

Also, I felt your love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙏

#1727 Day 229 of getting there: My old Creek friends

I’ve spent the last few months, both covid and life induced, getting re-acquainted with old loves.

Old TV shows. Old friends.

Just recently, something dropped on Netflix.

Sure, I have the ENTIRE DVD BOX SET at home.

But with our DVD player playing up, I kinda have to depend on Netflix for going back in time…

Today, feeling sorely and under the weather, I happily lapped up Dawson’s and friends!

That is, Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen. But I bet you knew that, because I bet you’ve watched it too, right?

I don’t know if this is just a ‘me’ thing, a ‘SmikG’ thing, but I watch and read things, and am usually casually without much effort, heavily critiquing and analysing the plot/characters/conflicts/dramas etc.

(You too? 🙄🤣)

So while I was happily enjoying the walk down memory lane tonight with Season 1 ep 1…

I was noticing the strong teenage themes already present in Scene 1.

Scene 2 grabs you when, well a seeming ‘monster’ grabs Joey from her sunning position on the deck, and pulls her into the water.

Cue, ‘ok, Dawson is a budding film-maker.’

Then, HELLO! Blonde girl arrives, grabbing Dawson’s (and our attention).

And there within the first few scenes, we know that Joey is secretly crushing on Dawson, he’s crushing on Jen, Jen has some weird thing going on at her grandma’s along with her mysterious past, and Pacey has set his sights on some new older woman in town who turns out to be his teacher…

And throw in some coming-of-age themes, lots of sex talk (cue Dawson walking in on his parents doing it on the coffee table) and suspicions of extra-martial affairs, and you have a hell of a lot of drama and conflicting intentions happening there!

Welcome to my film school. This all happens so naturally in my head.

Not taking notes. Really I’m not…

Anyway, I love these guys. And I’m excited about getting back to my creek roots.

#1710 Day 212 of getting there: escapism

How lovely is it, to escape from real life?

From reality.

To forget.

To go into another world.

And I haven’t been doing this in the way that some may think.

Not through writing.

Not through reading.

I am going passive here…


TV it is. It’s given me a form of escape, a reprieve from real life, providing a lightness that other things have been unable to give me.

I didn’t expect it. It came so simply. I watched a few episodes of Friends…

And BANG. I was hooked on getting away.

Friends. Angel. These are the reliable repeats that I have been going to time and time again. I know what will happen. I know what to expect.

I know the characters. And I am STILL entertained.

Bold and the Beautiful. The Last Dance, as I shared the other day. These are the new shows, the ones I don’t know where they end up, so starkly different from each other, and yet each an entirely fascinating world of its own.

Immersing yourself in an unfamiliar world, such as the basketball world explored in The Last Dance, is a great way to get away from it all. Because this world is unfamiliar to me, I am concentrating hard, piecing it together, and using all of my head to make sense of something I know nothing about.

But whether I have some idea, or none at all…

The point is, I am getting away from life, into some place else.

What TV show helps you get away from it all? Which characters, which place, take you far, far away?

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

#1708 Day 210 of getting there: The last dance

Many months ago after Hubbie finished watching the first run-through of the Chicago Bulls/Michael Jordan Netflix doco “The Last Dance,” he turned to me and said – “I’d like you to watch this with me.”


“I mean, I’ve watched stuff for you…”

Back when we were dating, I got him to watch the ENTIRE ANGEL SERIES with me. Of course I had already watched the series, and cried and laughed (mostly cried, with regular gasps) through it all, but alas, what do you do when you really LOVE something?

You want to share it with someone.

Even if that person is not into that genre AT ALL. Like Hubbie. 😉

He went through all 5 seasons with me. 110 episodes. At about 42 minutes an ep, that equals 4,620 hours of vampires, supernatural beings, long ranging story-archs, and a whole lot of funky shit and demonic deaths.

And what did it amount to? He didn’t mind it… but his one line, which I’ll never forget… “It was okay… it’s just not my thing.”


Fast forward to 2020, the world of iso and lockdown and having your butt planted on the couch. I knew he had a very strong case when he asked me to watch “The Last Dance” with him. And at only 10 episodes at roughly 50 minutes each, amounting to 500 minutes, well, I wasn’t going to lose much time.

Especially being in iso.

You know, if he had asked me to watch something basketball-related all those years ago when we were dating, I probably wouldn’t have been interested.

But now, I am a different person. I am ready. And also I realise, it’s not just about basketball. It’s about so much more.

I get inspired by passion. By the greats. By unbelievable stories. By incredible feats of triumph.

And tonight, after only 2 episodes in, I can see this doco has it all.

I was actually spewing at the end, because it was left at a bit of a cliff hanger. And I was like “ohh, damn it I want to know what happens!”

The difference between SmikG in 2020, and Hubbie in let’s say, 2006, is that SmikG is ready.

Do you get where I’m heading???

I am genuinely loving this series, and can’t wait to watch more. Jordan is a maniac of the game and true basketball legend, GOAT, all of it, and if you don’t know what that means, look it up, or better yet watch the Netflix doco!

I am seriously thinking of reintroducing Hubbie to Angel… do you think he’ll bite? (Pun totally intended). 😈

I think now, he might be ready. 😜

#1672 Day 174 of getting there: iso TV shows

As I look back at this time of iso, I notice little things that worked out to our advantage, or just happened to be a small light at the end of the tunnel.

Little things. But they make up the whole, right?

At the start of the year, I was NO JOKE, over 100 episodes behind on my Bold and Beautiful eps. I know, serious stuff.

I had way over 100 eps on my planner, and I actually thought there was no way I would catch up… ever.

But then… covid happened. Iso happened.

I was working from home. My morning commute went from a 2 hour 10 drive/train/walk journey, to a get-out-of-bed, trakkies, oh-here-I-am-downstairs-at-the-work-desk journey. In like, 5 minutes.

Suddenly, I didn’t have to be in bed so early…

And slowly but surely, sitting on the couch at the end of the night, I caught up.

Also, covid happened to Bold and the Beautiful too. They suspended production initially, showing only old eps… which I still watched.

Still, I caught up on them ALL.

But lately, it has been more than soap operas occupying my TV viewing.

7 days a week I am occupied with one thing or another.

From Monday night to Friday night, I’ve got it on channel 119 on Foxtel, and The Golden Girls and Cheers are playing out to me in the lounge room.

And if you’re shaking your head and laughing, then obviously you’ve never watched them! The Golden Girls are not just old ladies… they are actually quite rude, which makes them all the more hilarious!

And Cheers, well this one surprisingly, I haven’t watched in years… oddly for my age at the time, I remember watching this casually when I was in my pre-teens, about 12, and getting hooked on the Sam and Rebecca storyline… and now like 25 years later I am re-watching HOW they got together.

So that’s my Mon-Fri. I switch on the TV after everyone’s asleep. I sit on the couch with my laptop. Check my phone, write, pay bills, look things up, etc, etc… all while 4 golden girls get into all kinds of crazy scenarios, and then this woman-mad bartender gets into random escapades with his bar colleagues and local regulars there to support and ‘cheer’ him on.

The nights are fun:)

But that’s not all. These eps don’t play on the weekend, and just as well as I’ve found something else to fill in my time there too…

On the sci-fi channel… cue music:


For this show, I was like 16, and still remember tuning into the first premiering eps on TV… I came for David Boreanaz, enjoying my perve at him, but stayed ultimately for the incredible stories and world-building. It was so emotionally engaging, that I had to stop watching for a season and a half after becoming absolutely furious at the show’s sudden direction!

It remains one of my all-time favourite shows to this day. And honestly, it if weren’t for iso, I wouldn’t be watching much at the end of the night, weeknight or weekend.

But now, I get to remember. I get to reminisce. I would tell you to watch Angel, but that show is like a commitment. Because I tell everyone to first watch the first 3 seasons of Buffy before they watch Angel… but still, it’s a beautiful and rewarding commitment, an incredible journey that will make you cry more than laugh, but mostly will make you feel (then cry like a baby again).

So watch Angel. Watch Cheers too, it’s a fun show. Watch Golden Girls if you want some fluff to laugh at. They’re good fun.

Or just watch your own shows. Hell, we have time now, don’t we? Revisit something you used to LOVE. Or, still do. 💖

#1618 Day 120 of getting there: Welcome to country


That was the word spoken today by the Aboriginal Elder, as I ran a check on a file while working from home.

It’s amusing to me that I find myself in a similar work role, AGAIN. Checking files, watching and listening to videos…

Whereas I watched a lot of TV in my old role, in this one I’m listening a lot more. Listening to lectures, to corporate videos, and occasionally, short films and educational pieces.

Today I got one of those regional educational type videos.


Before I realised what I was seeing, hearing, and feeling, I heard a familiar name.

A familiar place.

And then realised, it was MY REGION.

Only it wasn’t my region. Nuh-uh. Nor is it yours, or anyone that lives in town.

It’s all theirs.

The Boon wurrung (Bunurong) people. Predominantly saltwater people, their territory expanded 3000 miles encompassing the Western Port, and the Peninsula on which I live, for tens of thousands of years, before European settlement happened.

Before the invasion.

I watched these softly-spoken men give their impressions of the beaches, the waters, and the bush amongst which their ancestors feet used to tread, their connection to country through land, and how they continued to pay tribute to their people and honour their roots to this day.

I read, in horror, how the Aboriginal women were stolen by European seal hunters in the special area where they went for birthing, women’s ceremony and young women’s initiation.

The area which was most sacred and unique to them, they were stolen and taken away from.

And as I got to the end, and the Elder said “enjoy her… enjoy her lands.”

I just started to cry.

I couldn’t control it.

I called Hubbie over to show him what I was working on, and what I was hearing, what I was watching…

But I was a blubbering mess.

Something, had struck a cord. I didn’t understand it, nor did I know what it was.

I was humbled by the men who spoke, who wanted to share this paradise we lived on, not take it back.

Despite all the cruelty, discrimination and slavery their people had had to endure… despite all that…

He said, ‘enjoy.’


I was so moved, I decided then and there, that I had to visit this place.

To pay my respects. To understand her beauty. To bow my head in appreciation.

I still don’t understand why I was moved as much as I was. Was it the story? The voices who spoke? The fact that it was so close to home?

Baby girl had come over and was looking at me curiously, this blubbering mess as I tried to talk through my tears.

I’m okay, I told her, I’m okay.

Mummy’s just passionate, that’s all.

As are you!

And that’s what it is. When passion hits, it makes no sense. You don’t know where it comes from. Something moves through you, and BANG.

You are changed.

So this is just my little tribute, from what I felt and learnt today. More will come…

“You’re welcome.”