#1387 My new mug

We all need nice mugs in our life.


And that’s what I got yesterday for my KK. A very nice mug.

Of course I had to use it today. It’s made me realise, that we have a load of mugs in our kitchen cupboard, most that we’ve had for about a decade… sooo long.

Drinking coffee, tea, from the same mugs… day in… and day out.

A bit different from the Kondo method – I don’t quite want to ‘just’ get rid of them. Yes I want to move them on, donate them to a worthy cause…

But I don’t ‘just’ want the spot where they used to reside, to lay bare.

I want it replaced… with new mugs. 😁

Sometimes you just need a change. And often that change starts with the smallest thing.

Like, one new mug. ❤🍵

#1362 Of course Mate

I’m just a little bit happy.

Nothing major. But I think you should know by now that I celebrate the little things as much as, if not more, than the big things.

Sunsets. Dancing. Food. To name a few. 

But I am really loving my writing course… my ‘novel writing’ one. I have to explain, because yes, this week I started another. These online things are bloody addictive.

And soooo much fun. I’ve been chatting to the same group of people now for months, sharing our stories and words and giving each other inspiration and ideas and insight, and it is just bloody brilliant.

I am reading things I never would have normally read, getting all excited about the worlds they have created, they are giving me pats on the backs about my stuff, and all in all I feel like I have made a bunch of friends… friends who I don’t know, friends who I may pass obliviously on the street… but nevertheless, friends.

Writing buddies. I am having fun.

That is all 🙂 And that also is everything.

#1310 Putting my best sneaker forward

I’m loving my Lacoste right now.

To be honest, if you had told me last year I’d be excited about sneakers now, I’d have looked you over with a raised eyebrow and look of sheer skepticism.

Alas, sneaker time has come.

It really hit me in the shoe shop yesterday. I put on a pair, and they felt funny… weird… not quite right…

That’s when I realised. I was so used to wearing boots.

It was my main shoe whilst at work. Whilst grocery shopping. Whilst out and about. Whilst… anywhere! And sure in the summer, I live in my most favourite of sandals… but even then, if the weather dips a bit too low in one direction (as can happen often in Melbourne) my trusty boots are always there to welcome me and my slightly cold feet.

It has been so long!

Well that is all about to change. After I found a pair that felt less weird on my feet, I went home with some shiny white sneakers yesterday which I have been happily sporting about town, today.

And they’re good… I mean the ankle socks the salesperson sold me are far too low, so the shoe tongue is chafing the front of my foot, where a normal sock should be… but I just have to get higher ankle socks, right?

Sneaker people, advice PLEASE.

But you know, I actually don’t care. I have new white shoes and I really do feel brand, spanking new. 🌟 (with a sore, chafed right foot 😂)


#1283 My new furry friend

I haven’t written too much about the feline addition to our family. To be honest, I am a bit hard on Mister F.

I know I am being totally unfair. At the beginning I would constantly reference him to my childhood cat… let’s call her ‘Incredible.’ Incredible was a beautiful tabby. She was smart and friendly, with a touch of cheekiness and strong foundations in dependability, and was so obedient. Oh my. She never misbehaved or did anything wrong, and easily became the favourite cat of my parents too.

She was, quite simply, Incredible. 

She wouldn’t even meow when she wanted to be let out. You would just notice her gone, and then find her by the back door waiting for someone to come along and see her.

Incredible had a strong sixth sense too. I remember a few times in my late teens when I came home, and she was sitting on the front porch step, waiting for me to walk up even though I had been in Hubbie’s (then boyfriend) car for 10 minutes, having some kind of argument.

She sat and waited patiently.

I remember another time in my early teens, when I came outside to the back step and started to cry. Something had made me very sad. And she just stayed there with me. She didn’t meow for food. She didn’t do anything to suggest she wasn’t aware of my state of being… rather the way she went silent, sitting by my side and just being there, showed to me that she knew.

She was there for me.

It was a very hard day when I realised she wasn’t eating. I immediately knew something was up. A vet visit discovered a tumour, and it had spread inside of her. She was subsequently put to sleep.

My childhood best friend of 11 and a half years was gone.

I can then be forgiven for taking so long to get another cat. 16 years in fact.

I didn’t realise how much of Incredible was still in me. How much of her I still mourned when we got Mister F.

Mister F would jump up on the island bench… repeatedly – “Mister F! How dare you! Incredible never did that!”

Mister F started scratching our couch – “Mister F! Stop it! You’re so stubborn! Incredible always listened to us!”

Mister F would not eat, shock horror, cooked chicken – “If Incredible was here, she would smash your meal! You don’t appreciate good food, pft.”

Chicken was Incredible’s favourite.

But I’ve realised I have to lay off Mister F. I have to give him space to be his own cat.

I have to give him space to be his own kind of Incredible.

Today he showed me something that twigged something deep inside of me. I had come home upset about something, and sat on the couch quite despondent… he reached his paws up to the couch, before jumping up next to me.

He didn’t just stay there though. He went further, placing his paws on my legs, as if to say “hey, I’m here.”

I pet him. Sure this cat wanted attention. But again and again he came back, resting his paws on my leg, and I couldn’t help but think, ‘there’s something here.’

Just like that day on the back step with Incredible, now I could see Mister F’s sixth sense… there was something incredible happening.

Mister F was there for me. And he got in quite close, leaning against me as I sat there, thinking.

We can’t all be Incredible. But in Mister F’s case, I think he is on his way to becoming Mister Fantastic.

#1186 A new garage face

So this evening Mother Nature gave us this stunning sunset…


And those spectacular colours cast a golden glow against a certain new feature…

A new feature in our front yard…

Our new electric garage door!


Yes, electric. Emphasis on. Because we have had an old, manual roller door type monstrosity for the past 2 and a half years.

Poor Hubbie has had to endure this the following tedious routine, 5 days a week:


Open roller door by hand.

Start car.

Reverse car out of garage.

Get out of car.

Close roller door by hand.

Get back into car and go to work.

I don’t know about you, but that’s a tad too much to and fro too early in the day.

Then in the evening.

Pull up to driveway.

Open roller door by hand.

Get into car.

Drive into garage.

Close roller door by hand.


And it was made a thousand times worse this past month, with the roller door creasing and opening at the folds, making the opening and closing of the roller door grindingly painful.

But now. Ahh. That nice, new, roller door, that goes UP

And DOWN, with just the press of a button.

Our garage ‘face’ is not complete. The front of house is still a work in progress.

But with today’s LONG overdue addition, we are finally getting there.


#1149 Free sticker school holiday fun

I get that it can be initially daunting at first to try to come up with novel and engaging ways to keep your child entertained during the school holidays.

But with the day and age we live in, there are plenty of places that try to help parents out, for FREE.

I wrote up a little list for myself a couple of days ago, outlining both paying and free places and activities baby girl and I could attend, to break the days up, plus make the school holidays a fun time to look back on, rather than just SLEEP EAT BABYCINO REPEAT.

Ideas you are after? Libraries often run programmes for kids of various ages in between school terms. Shopping centres too have become major hubs of activity with themed things on offer, to either showcase the latest kids movie or some crazed kid product that has all the juniors talking.

Our local shopping centre gets on board every time too.


It’s not a huge centre. Woolies at one end, Bakers on the side, and Dan Murphy’s far on the other end (perfect). Without fail every school break there is at least a week of scheduled activities, with a different crafty thing for the kids to do every day.

I love it, because you never know what you will get, I go there anyway for my groceries (3 times a week sometimes) and of course…

It is FREE!

Today was ‘pick-an-Easter-sheet-and-apply-stickers-to-it’ day. Very simple, yet it had 2 year-olds up to 9 year-olds vying for bench space and reaching out for coloured stickers and pens to make their artwork the best.

It is so simple, but anything that makes the child happy, right?…

Makes the parent happy too 🙂