#1638 Day 140 of getting there: Making room for roses and bread

Today I was an axe-wielding rose pruning machine!

Most people who passed me in my front yard, either walking their dog or running past for their daily hourly exercise, smiled at me or said hi.

Then there was that one woman that looked alightly alarmed…

Of course, I was holding an AXE.

It’s what I do come very Winter. It was rose pruning time, and I know from past years that no matter how much I prune, I always get amazing roses come through in Spring and the months that follow.

Oh I love this time of year. It’s starting to happen.

I totally diminished the size of the rose bush. I needed to get rid of as much thick or turning to brittle branches as possible.

Simple pruning scissors couldn’t do the job, all the time. So that’s when I took out the AXE.

I was amused at myself as much as anyone waking past today was amused by me.

But in the end, my deep prune has now allowed room for fresh, new growth.

I can’t wait.

But wait, there’s more! I can’t end on that, (as beautiful as that image is with a cameo from baby girl)… not when I made, bread.

Focaccia bread.

I found this recipe on Marion Grasby’s social media some time ago, and have been gearing myself up to make it for weeks.

It is soooo simple. You need to let the dough rise overnight, but even that in itself is easy. There is a fair bit of patience, but the steps to get there are really really really really simple.

It’s actually the perfect recipe to make while you’re at home over 2 days…

And let’s face it, I have been at home over 140 days (going by my ‘getting there’ posts during corona ⬆⬆⬆).


And after.

(Check out my insta profile for that insane ‘CRUNCH’ knife action! To die for!)

It was delish! I am so happy!

Making way for new roses, and making way for new recipes!

Food for the tummy… and food for the soul.

It was a great day, overall. Isolation and ALL.

#1609 Day 111 of getting there: The Bittersweet, Boof-head Brunette

I had my hair appointment booked for this past Thursday.

Cut and colour at my hairdressers.

But then, second round lockdown happened.

Wednesday night 11:59pm.

Talk about timing.

And because I still frequent my hairdresser on the other end of town, well, travelling an hour to do my hair, didn’t really feel like an “essential” thing, seeing as I pass about 12 hairdressers when I drive just down the main road two minutes from home.

Still… it is SOOO essential. I was desperate, really I was.

I haven’t cut my hair since sometime Feb. It is so long and flowing, with probably a gazillion split ends, that makes brushing it absolute hell (just as well I wear it wavy and DON’T brush it).

And even though the last time I coloured it was in April during the first lockdown, when I did it myself, I did really really really need to get rid of those annoying ‘light-coloured’ hairs popping up around my forehead…

But in the scheme of things… I sucked it up. Like all of us are doing this year.

I bought a hair colour again from the supermarket. Same one, bittersweet chocolate, because that is so me this year.

And then after colouring it tonight, I thought I would go a STEP FURTHER…

And blow wave it.

Oh geez.

Now doing this on regular basis is a feat in itself because my hair is always thick, usually long, but now it is just out of control. Iso has given me a chance to give the hairdryer a rest, and I honestly have not used it since early March.

Wavy hair all the way friends.

So after colouring tonight, that’s what I did… I blow dried my hair.

And even though I used that super creamy conditioner from the box that made it feel all silky, my hair had just been coloured… so then drying it with the hair dryer, made it go all frizzy, making me look like a –


I was refreshed, I looked new, I liked the colour, but my hair was all wiry and funny and just looking like it was crying out ‘SOS!’

I pinned my long fringe away from my face to try and create the appearance of smoothness… kinda 60s like, something like this:

But it wasn’t pretty like that you see, it felt more like THIS:

Yeah that’s better.

I’ve been a boof-head all night in my bittersweet brunette hair. But it’s actually okay.

You know how they say a change is as good as a holiday?

Well I’ve just been back in time to the hippie era, so I’m good thanks.

#1592 Day 94 of getting there: yoga just for me

Isn’t it exciting when you embark on something new?

Something that you feel in your bones, in your gut, deep down, is just the right thing for you?

When you are listening to something, and going “yes, yes yes” each word the person breathes being a confirmation of that which you already suspected, or what you already knew?

Nodding furiously like a kid bobbing for apples at a birthday party.

Nod, nod, nod.

Yes, yes, yes.

Today I connected online with a fantastic yoga teacher. We may not have done any yoga moves together as yet, but I already know she is amazing. I can tell from how she speaks, what she knows, and just everything about her is telling me “yes!”


And knowing this will be a personally catered experience, makes it all the more special, all the more important, and all the more worthy.

Already I find myself in appropriate yoga pose as I write… sitting almost crossed legs, soles of the feet together, letting the knees swing out.

Ahh. It has begun. 🙂

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

#1550 Day 52 of getting there: getting new, getting out, getting around

Yesterday I did nothing, and felt one sole emotion.

Today I did MANY things, and subsequently felt so many more.

Good emotions, that is. ♥

Sometimes you can’t help it, and that’s how life hits you. You just have to roll with the punches, and accept blow by blow.

But it doesn’t meant the attitude you take, and how you respond to it, means nothing.

It means everything.

I had some odd jobs this morning, and so when I came back at lunchtime to have baby girl running up to the car, I just thought she felt like I did: we missed each other.

But as I got out of the car, she kept her lips tight, and then opened her mouth wide…

Before opening her palm and showing me, a tooth!

Like an oyster opening up to show a shell!


Her fifth tooth! Another one! When your child goes through yet another milestone, all I could think of was “this happened when I was gone? I was only gone a couple of hours!”

I was so happy for her, while she was just rapt that the tooth fairy would be visiting yet again tonight.

Bloody hell. All this ‘tooth losing’ is gonna put us the tooth fairy out of business.


And the happy mood just followed. After getting some new pants delivered, courtesy of Target (pronounce, Tar-zaaayyyyyy) baby girl and I put on our new wear, and we all ran and bicycled around the block.

After the sluggishness of yesterday, there was no chance I was going to be lying around as I had. I was going to make my heart PUMP.

But that wasn’t it. Huffing and puffing, our cheeks red from the wind and exhausted as we got home, I wasn’t even finished. No.

I joined Rachel Finch’s Body by Finch club after her insane promo this past weekend, where the special was join for 12 months for only $15.

$15 a year! Instead of like, $300!

I figured if I did one meal and one workout, a month, I was still winning.

I popped on a yoga type workout, but this one was more intense. 21 minutes of stretching and toning and flexing and pumping, it was great. Had me shaking a bit, as you do as you’re trying to slowly LOWER YOUR BODY down, instead of letting it fall in one big FLOP.

But I felt amazing afterwards. Sooo pumped. Even baby girl joined in, for like the first 10 minutes before the novelty totally wore off. But just as I was proud of me, I was proud of her, for standing next to me and going through the motions, for choosing to do something good.

Oh, who am I kidding. She just wanted to show off her pants, that’s all.



#1501 Day 3 of getting there: the new tooth

It’s hard to believe it, but yes…

LIFE DOES GO ON during this coronavirus crisis.

And it’s really good to be reminded of that, as much as possible.

For example, we were happy and excited when baby girl lost her third tooth today!



Even MORE shocking about the whole event… it happened during dinner time.

She swallowed it.

She didn’t even realise it was gone!

By the time I saw the gap in her gums, and started yelling “spit out your food, spit out your food!”

It was too late!

Baby girl couldn’t care less. She’s more concerned as to whether the tooth fairy will still visit in absence of a tooth near her pillow…

I love having things like this take me to another place, and keep me distracted from all the doom and gloom.

A missing tooth. Huh. Who knew it could hold such power?

(Please tell me my child isn’t the only one who has swallowed a tooth…!)


#1495 Stay home and work work work work work

Day one of a new kind of normal.

I have the simplest, also kind of the best thing to be grateful for, while also keeping me subsequently busy too. A job. A new job, that unbelievably, I am able to work from home for.

And today, only moments ago…

My first pay cheque!

Cha-ching! $$$

It has been over 6 months since I last had personal income flow into the account, via moi services. And since we’re going to be staying home, A LOT it seems over the next few months, well I might as well spend that time working… from home.

A match made in heaven I think. Win-win.

#1494 Finding the good in a new kind of normal

I remember a line I read in a pregnancy book, a few days after coming home with a very newborn baby girl.

I was in a state of panic and fear and frustration, and this book said something along the lines of:

“Lower your expectations.

And lower…

And lower…

Even lower…

There you go.”

Essentially what I was being told was to not expect much AT ALL. It was a new, confusing and confronting time of our life, becoming new parents and learning how to raise a small human, and the expectations of anything else that life would bring, including this little being herself, was lower than NIL.

It was the only functional place to operate from. Expecting anything higher, would result in severe disappointment, and as a new Mum that is a dangerous place.

I can’t help thinking of that time again today.

Because today, with the PM announcing approximately 6 months of living in self-isolation, avoiding gatherings, unnecessary social occasions, events and the like, well it all feels very sad.

Very lonely.

We need to lower our expectations to a new kind of normal.

And with that, I realise that by lowering my standards of what I expect life to be and look like, I will essentially be raising the bar for this blog.

Because I will be looking for even more simple and inventive ways to be grateful… all without my little every day luxuries.

My catch ups with friends.

Getting my hair done.

Going to the park.

Going to the movies.

Grabbing a coffee at the local café.

Eating out on a Saturday night.

Discovering a new place.

All of this will be, if predictions forecast accurately, put on hold. And sure, 6 months is hopefully the maximum time this will be imposed on us.

Even more hopefully, this will all end WAY BEFORE the 6 months are up.

But in the meantime… lower your expectations.

I’m already thinking of writing. So much writing. And reading SO SO much.

Home improvements.

Movie nights in.

Long D&Ms on the phone.

Running around the yard.

And one that Hubbie and I thought of tonight… talking to our people, via webcam, and skype!

Imagine the full blown catch-ups we can have if we link it up to a computer and cheers! the night away!

We might all end up creating a new and simple way to live our lives, away from the hype, the hoo-ha, the busy busy busy, and the chaos.

Maybe this is happening for a reason.

#1483 New and old memories with best friends

It’s always a great time when you catch up with loved ones, but it felt extra awesome tonight when bestie and her hubbex came over.

It really has been too long. It made everything all the more sweeter… the conversation, the music youtube shares, the d&ms, and all the pet talk about those furry friends of ours that we love.

Baby girl decided she had new ‘owners.’ LOL. I feel safe and secure when she selects people who are dear to me, to add to her special list too.

But perhaps the funniest and weirdest moment came when bestie remembered something from our childhood years… I’m still trying to come to terms with it and remember it, but the visual she gave me is stirring some deep memory from within, and maybe, just maybe, I CAN remember.

What I had forgotten, for apparently my whole life, is that when we were in primary school, WE HAD OUR OWN BOOK CLUB.


We would take our books and sit in the inside of this massive playground tyre, six of us, and share what we had read. We had diaries too that we would write in after.


I was freaking out over this fact. Firstly, I would love to now be in a book club, but sadly don’t think it’s the right time for it, for where I am in my life… but I used to be in one… when I was about 9?

I would bring with me, wait for it…my The Babysitters Club books. I was spinning out even more, because that is SO me. Was so me.

I loved the recollection, because it told me that even though there are things we can’t remember, there are others who have memories of things that we have forgotten.

Also, the knowledge that I was doing such book-related stuff before I even remember wanting to write seriously for a living… double wow. Some things are just meant to be.

And thirdly… well friends. Having this lifetime of knowledge between old friends, with experiences that are constantly gained, and memory upon memory added… well, it is something special. Truly special.

#1477 (belated post) The joy of computers

I’m the sort of person that takes ages to buy the latest gadget or update to the latest ‘in’ thing.

It’s not for the lack of accessibility… rather I just can’t be stuffed.

And most of the time, I am all-too-comfortable using my 4 year-old mobile phone, or 6 year-old laptop to even bother with anything new.

Setting it all up again is oh so hard.

Hence the latter of my above statements. Yes, my current laptop is 6 years old. I know the age, because baby girl wasn’t yet 1 when we got it.

Now she is 6 and a half.

And you know, I wouldn’t have been looking for a new laptop even now, really I wouldn’t… Even being a writer and everything.

Because it was only a year ago that my laptop screen died, and even then I didn’t update… I just got an external screen, connected it to the laptop, and voila!

Laptop now fixed. No longer portable, but still fixed.

But I have barely been using my old laptop at all this last week. That’s because, lo and behold, the spacebar, b n and z keys, as well as one shift key, all stopped working.

I couldn’t write ‘to be or not to be a Zebra.’ See?

Writing as much as I do, and having your keypad not working as it should, is kind of like a chef not having a working fridge in a commercial kitchen.

I write a lot, and the on-board keyboard is soooo tedious. I just can’t. It’s impossible.

My current, now old laptop, FORCED MY HAND. Yep. OLD.

Because after some research and conferring with my tech-wise bro-in-law, yesterday I bought a…


A new laptop. 🙂

Oh goodie! I have a portable one again! Like, I can actually take it around the house with me and write wherever I like… again!


But this happened yesterday, so why am I late in posting today?

Well technology. Computers in one sense. My internet connection went down, and I couldn’t even post via my phone as I have been doing this last week.

Everything shut down.

And this post is a kinda special one, because I started writing it as a document last night on my old laptop… before the keys failed me again (they temporarily decided to work when they saw the new laptop arrive beside it!) and then finishing it this morning on this, my NEW laptop, when the connection was back up.

Ahh, computers. Can’t live with them… but I definitely can’t live without them.


#1453 Balcony reading no. 2

I’ve worked out the best time of day to sit on the balcony in Summer.

Before midday.

The sun has not yet passed the roofline, meaning I’m not getting fried like an egg on the timber planks below.

I made a cappuccino, took some home-made biscuits, along with my book, my notes, and my phone, and basked in the morning summertime bliss.


And got myself inspired. ♥