#546 After the party

Today Hubbie and I were in FINE FORM.

It was a sunshine-y day. There was NO PARTY. No family, and no friends about.

We pumped the music LOUD. Actually, from two stereos – one from his car in the garage as he stored away spare chairs and tables from inside and tidied up from that end of the house, and me with the inside stereo, throwing up the volume as I washed, and cleaned, and tidied, and sucked every pesky crumb from the carpet I could find as I vacuumed with such jolly, ALL OVER THE PLACE.

And we couldn’t have been happier.

Because as much as we love throwing parties – damn it’s good when it’s over, your house returns to some sense of normality, and suddenly, the pressure is OFF.

No rush, no stress, no freaking pulling my hair out.

Just memories, a lot of mess, and ahh moments.

Ahhh. ‘Til the next birthday…


#421 Kinder days no.2

….. and we are BACK. Back from school holidays, and back to kindergarten.

(Mwa ha ha).

Even though baby girl only goes one session a week because she is 3, those 5 hours mean a lot to me, let me tell you. If only for sanity, for catch-up, for myself, those few hours make such a difference, and the absence of them over the past few weeks has been sorely felt.

Today I did grocery shopping, alone.

Today I recommenced Zumba – my body needed and wanted it, BAD. (My left leg not being able to perform a particular movement towards the end of the session, showed me how badly my body was out of whack).

I ate well, having extra time to prepare a healthy lunch.


(No that’s not cucumber, that’s broccoli stalk – shop your vegies finely, pop it into a Microwave safe container, fill 1/4 to a 1/3 with water, and put in the microwave for about 2 minutes with the lid ajar, or if you have the above Tupperware contraption, even better. Mix with tuna, carbs, or all of the above – done).

I cleaned the house – let me tell you it was very necessary.

I completed and ordered online invitations for my parents 50th wedding anniversary – sis and I are extremely excited.

Ahh, there’s nothing like catch-up. Getting ahead. Feeling accomplished.

I love Kinder.

#363 Play-doh

You end up doing ALL kinds of things when you are a parent, and participating in ALL kinds of activities to amuse the little ones.

Often you do this, kind of chaperoning and looking out for them during these times, because they are still quite young and naïve, and just need a watchful eye over them as they –

draw on that a4 sized paper with red texta as they lay on your carpeted floor


throw the ball wildly around in the backyard as two of your birds watch above from their cages in slight horror


practice riding their new bike on and around your steep driveway.

You hang around, for their safety, for other’s safety, and also, for cleanliness.

That’s a BIG one for me.

Many of the times I hang around and make sure baby girl is in line is simply to make sure she doesn’t make more mess. Sure, she is rapt and thinks “Mum is playing with me!” And, I am. But I scold myself that I don’t live in the moment more and appreciate the time spent with her, instead watching warily to see if any mess will be made.

I just can’t handle the thought of having more stuff to clean up, when already I am the primary person who cleans up SO MUCH. It bothers me to an infuriating point, to think there is some kind of mess or disorganisation made, and to someone who already spends so much of their day doing it, to do extra when it could have been avoided…

well it just really gets my goat.

Play-doh is one such activity I have to be right there, next to her, ‘helping’ her make creations. I get all OCD and make sure she doesn’t mix up the colours so she can use them again. And then I think ‘these things are dirt cheap, I could buy more tubs at the supermarket if she blends them all into one dough-y heap!’

But then today, after promising her for half the day that we would take out her play-doh, when we did, I found myself not just getting into OCD mode, but Lego mode too.

‘Lego’ mode is when I get soooo into the Lego making, that when she deviates from the instructions and wants to make her own block creations, I get exasperated and exclaim “baby girl! why do you want me here if you don’t want to do it properly!”

So OCD, I know.

But, we had a lovely moment with our play-doh date. I lost a bit of my OCD, and though we were keeping the colours separate, we both got really into the art of making play-doh flowers, play-doh icing, play-doh fruit, and other kinds of cupcake toppers using some tools from a recent set she was given.

She loved it, and I really loved the creativity we both got into, expressing ourselves with colourful, dough. I actually lost myself in the moment, several times.

Doh! Appreciating the Doh.




#312 A bit of everything for the first day of 2017

It was a good first day to the year.

It involved

*a sleep-in

*late-night takeaway

*white wine

*running amuck with baby girl in the supermarket

*a late coffee with cake

*making baby girl laugh uncontrollably during playing ball

and although it may not please others, the task of

*getting washing done, tidying the house, putting stuff away, and finding homes for bits and bobs that have been staying in random corners since our move over 2 months ago

really makes me satisfied. When I am organised, I feel better about getting other stuff done, and I just feel free.

And let’s not forget the simple and beautiful luxury of

*having Hubbie home with us so we are one, as family, united in our shared relaxation and productiveness of the day

So, for a Jan 1st, it was not too bad. Not massive, but still, it had enough of everything that I feel good about the days ahead.

And you know what? Even if I didn’t have a good day, Jan 1st is not in any way indicative of what the year ahead will hold. Each day is a clean slate, a new opportunity to start fresh and make a start to whatever plans and hopes and dreams you cherish.

You know what is indicative of your year ahead?

Your Attitude.

#262 Boxes be gone!

I was going to write about a completely different gratitude post this morning, inspired by the peaceful blissfulness of the rolling hills and sun rising in the distance as I drove into work… but another day.

Today, boxes.

Boxes, boxes, boxes. Or in my joyous case today, lack of.

We did it. Tonight we tackled the pile of boxes that had been left to gather dust in the corner of our kitchen/meals area. We have a little nook to put them into while we wait for our kitchen reno, so they are still visible, but they are out of the way and neat and tidy, which is where the points come in peeps. I took out what I used most from the boxes, we condensed those boxes into even fewer boxes, and then Hubbie positioned the boxes like a real-life Tetris game, into the kitchen nook.

Ahhh. We actually have free room to move in our meals area! We started running with baby girl just for emphasis, and even she was rapt.

I know it will take time, but I am grateful we’ve taken this first huge, massive, monumental step.

I am so grateful the boxes, are almost gone.

Next room to tackle: the rumpus. Stay tuned…

#236 End of cleaning day

“I can’t wait until this day is over,” I grumbled in the car mid-morning.

“You’ll never get this day again,” hubbie reminded me philosophically/annoyingly.

Yes, true. But we were heading back to our old place to clean. And my, did I clean.

I mean, I knew I would have to get into it. But I didn’t realise that I would be literally scrubbing areas of the kitchen to the point that my nails would tear.

I know I’ll never get this day again. But when I cleaned as much as I did today, I’m not sure I want to…

So grateful to be lying in bed, knowing that bit is behind me…

Now for the cleaning of the new house part. Sigh. 1st world problems, I know.


#205 I was made for this shit

Today I started the mammoth task that has been staring me in the face for the last 34 days.

I started packing.

Starting was always going to be the hardest part. As with anything. But I was starting with our spare room, our crap ‘let’s throw everything in here and deal with it later’ room. I knew I would have to pack, and sort, and file and tidy, simultaneously. So I organised to drop off baby girl at my parents for a few hours while I got started.

I took up two bedrooms and the hallway as I spread out boxes, piles of paper, and random stuff that would be making the long tog over with us to the bay.

And I amazed myself with the results. I ended up spent and drained from all the work, but I did an amazing job of labelling and organising and packing everything into ‘like’ piles and boxes.

And I realised, that this is my bread-and-butter. A self-confessed OCD gal (amongst other self-confessed admissions) packing to move house, although trying, is not hard for me – it is therapeutic. It is necessary.

This spare room that has been doing my head in since the beginning of its spare room existence, is starting to look sorted. And just knowing I will keep it sorted and well-organised, in my amply-spaced Sea change house, is making my heart sing with joy.

What am I grateful for today? Even I’m confused. Something about packing up, being made for it, and taking the first steps to organise my life…

But I’m grateful, and that’s all that matters.