#1147 TGIs and games night

For the second half of the day, I was looking forward to this burger at TGIs:


While baby girl was looking forward to the moment where she could do this:


Hmm, what to buy with my game tickets? Decisions, decisions…

All her hard-earned and played tickets spent shooting, throwing, aiming, squirting, bashing, and so on, on various tools, balls and instruments, led to this glittery prize…


A wand. To create magic. Of course. πŸ’—πŸ’« πŸ’« πŸ’«

#1073 If the bowling shoe fits

How good is bowling???

You would think I didn’t think much of it, due to the sheer fact that I haven’t bowled for at least 7 years, and baby girl has never been.

It’s only due to time and age constraints, not lack of wanting to go.

Today, we went, and it was AWESOME.

Do you know how many people were at the bowling alley, at 10am already? Like, do people usually function that early on a weekday when work isn’t involved?!

We had a great time playing with one of baby girl’s friends and her Mum, and have vowed to definitely come back again, sooner rather than later.

Another first for baby girl. We can ‘strike’ that off the list (Daggy pun alert!) :):):)

#1067 The night-time driving game

Hubbie doesn’t like it when I work late.

I can’t blame him. It takes me away from him, baby girl, and their bedtime routines… and when I have to pull away from them in the driveway, waving to their sweet faces and knowing I won’t see them again ’til the next day… it’s hard.

A couple of little things make it ok though.

Very few things I might add. Like the obvious one – starting work late, means I get up late, right?

Right. Plus one point.

The other point is dependent on the season, as it occurs only in Summer, and is a little game I play on hot nights…

And no, I ain’t acting like no Fast and The Furious character as I head on home.

But I am using the freeways.

But you should really make sure there are no cars around.

You are scratching your head, aren’t you?

You’ll never guess, which is why I am here to tell you.

I love throwing my hand out of the window.

It might sound super simple and not very unique at all, but trust me, it’s all in the way you do it.

Take tonight for example. It was warm, not just after a hot day, but what has been an uncharacteristic spate of hot days.Β 

I saw the signs. I was ready.

At 100 kms/h. Not 80, it just won’t do. There isn’t enough force and pull action.

I put my hand out the window, which was all the way down.

I held it at a steady angle as the wind pushed against it. I resisted the force of the wind ever so slightly – sometimes instead of keeping it there, I slowly push my hand forward against the wind tunnel blowing into it –

And then suddenly, I let my hand go slack.

As I relaxed it, it flew back with the force of the wind…

And then I did it all over again.

I know, you think I am crazy. It’s something I would suggest you don’t do when there are other cars around! And you can just as easily do it as a passenger. At my usual pre-midnight hour when I am driving home from a late shift, there are almost no other cars around.

Just me and my car, and a hand wildly flapping out the window.

I find something truly calming about surrendering yourself to Mother Nature, holding your hand up to fight it, but then abruptly, letting go.

Letting go of thoughts.

Letting go of stresses.

Letting go of control.

Letting go of the unseen forces in life.

Completely surrendering to the process around us.

And flowing with the wind, as it were… at 100 kilometres an hour.

Hot night and all, you’ll draw your hand back into the car chilled to a crisp.

But you will feel refreshed. You will feel alive.

You will have gained more than just a point πŸ˜‰


Photo by Ryan Graybill on Unsplash


#1061 Games and sweet relief

What can be funnier or more amusing than your child playing basketball at one of those game centres where the aim is to get as many tickets as possible, and lo and behold getting a good number of them in?


Why, seeing that her grip on the basketball is spot on. Thanks to plenty of practice with her Dad the basketballer πŸ˜‰


Can anything be better than the above activity..?

Yup. Enjoying some sweet treats afterwards as a family.

It’s the simple things. πŸ™‚

#1056 Saturday Night In no. 5 (with family!)

I’ve said it before, and I will say it one hundred times more – the random, spur-of-the-moment nights, ARE THE BEST.

That’s what happened late this afternoon, evening and then night, after the earlier message by sis during the day of “do you guys have plans?”

How many wonderful times have started with that question… the mind BOGGLES.

But it was so, so, soooo much more that made this night amazing, special and fun all in one.

It was kicking the bouncy ball out the front and playing ‘keeps off!’ from baby girl.

It was her brushing her Aunty’s hair into style. (Ooh la la!)

Dancing in the kitchen… not with us, but with her Uncle!

The kids posing for cheesy and picture-perfect photos, that you just know are gonna make it up on some 21st photo boards in future.

Singing along to this…

2.54… ALL TOGETHER NOW “Ooooh it’s written in the wind, ohhh everywhere I go!”

And then, playing a ‘Pin the red nose on Rudolph’ game about 11 days after the fact.

And let’s guess who won? No, not baby girl (well technically she ‘conveniently’ did, but) ….

EVERYONE WON TONIGHT. Because as the song goes “Love is all around me…”

BOOM! Awesome segue! :):):)

#971 Trampoline sky

From looking down yesterday, to looking UP today.

Have you ever just stopped to stare at the sky? Well, next chance you get, DO IT. Today I tended to baby girl’s trampoline request in the late afternoon, and after a bit of running about and “tag, you’re it!” doing circles in the bouncy sphere, I lay down to stare at the never-ending blue sky.


Although there were no cloud formations to make out, no birds flying by and certainly no other landmarks or trees in my immediate field of vision (that shot above was of the corner), I didn’t care… the constant blue ‘up there,’ was the most serene and peaceful 6 seconds….

Then baby girl jumped on my hair, and that was just too close. Serene moment GONE.

If you think you can get 6 seconds of this peace, or maybe even more…

Lie down.

Close your eyes.

Then when you open them, stare up at the sky and think how the expanse of sky represents your dreams coming into fruition, and the inherent abundance that lives around us all.


You’re welcome.

Do that in 6 seconds and you’ll be good. πŸ˜‰

#961 “Tag You’re It!”

This is baby girl’s catchphrase when she wants to play some good ol’ fashioned tag. She comes running to us and asks “can we play some ‘tag you’re it?’

Not just ‘tag.’ But, ‘tag you’re it!’

I think it’s her wording that makes me love it so much.

Well tonight we did play ‘it’… “Tag you’re it!”

Have you noticed how the nights are changing? This day was a particularly warm one, and it followed through to the late afternoon as I took a temporary break from making dinner to run outside with my loves.

All 3 of us in the front yard, doing circles and shrieking “I’m gonna get you!”

And then the tag line, say it with me now –


Love these momentsΒ β™₯