#2048 The working day off

I was so happy that today was a public holiday.

Baby girl is on school holidays.

Even Hubbie had the day off work.


I was still working from home… and I was happy about it!

I don’t know why, but it made all the difference in the world that Hubbie was home.

It meant that it was less of a balancing act for me, what with working, and then tending to baby girl’s needs all day…

It was just nah, my stuff. All my stuff, and nothing else!

And I guess, knowing that my family was nearby, despite the work… it was a good feeling.


#2044 Spring heater

Can I just say, re today’s weather…


If you live in Melbourne, you will know my extreme confusion. But then again, living here my whole life, I shouldn’t really be surprised by Melbourne weather anymore, even in September…

Even in Spring…

Even when we’ve had warm days exceeding 20 degrees…

NONE of that matters, when you’re in Melbourne.

Today, FREEZING. I put the heater on so many times today, and got the rudest of cold blasts when I ventured outside to get my cat, Mister F.

He for some insane reason, wanted to stay outside! Despite wind, the rain, the freezing temperature…

Despite the stronger than Winter weather!

And I am so grateful for the heater. Brrr.

We had such a close call yesterday, we were nearly without the heater today. That would have been a nightmare and a half. At bedtime I switched on baby girl’s salt lamp, and the globe blew, resulting in a power surge flicking the safety switch off in our security box.

All of the lamps connected to electricity wouldn’t work in her room, and then we realised, shock horror, the heater also wasn’t working!

But a quick visit into the dark of night to flick it back again, and all was good in the world again…

PHEW. So, so close.

It made me that much more grateful for the electric warmth today, on this freezing cold Spring day.❄🔥💖

#2041 Time for Twilight

Well, if you haven’t judged me before, get ready to become Judgey Mc Judgeface.

Guess what I watched tonight, on Netflix?



I can’t explain it. Well I can, a little. I saw some short clips from the movies on facebook a while back, and something about it planted a seed in me.

The pale-faced, skin-shimmering, vampire teenage unrequited lust/love seed.

I read the books, A LONG time ago. And then of course there were the movies, which I can say not so sheepishly (because these end up becoming the best memories) that I hung out at the cinema with my friends at midnight, waiting for it to tick over to the next day just so we could watch the new movie as soon as it struck 12am, with like, no kidding, a thousand other girls.

The best, and funniest memories. 🤣

Now I’m saying ‘judgey,’ because I know a lot of people raise their eyebrows at stuff like Twilight. They argue, it’s not literature, it’s not well-written, and it’s just a whole lot of pained glances and pining away.

I actually don’t care. To me, it’s entertainment. I liked it back then, and I realised tonight, I actually still like it! I put it on, and even Hubbie found himself getting caught in it, saying “Shh, what did he just say?” He even remembered (yes I dragged him along back in the day) the part where Edward stops the car from slamming into Bella, before it happened… I had even forgotten that part!

🤣🤣 Oh God. I love the guy.

To me, it is YA/vampire, which I don’t mind a bit of considering the Angel fan that I am, and of course I love YA… having the he’s-so-dangerous-I-want-him-but-he’s-bad-for-me trope is a pretty strong one, let’s face it, especially in the teen department where everything is so passion-fuelled and angst-filled already, so the combo is like PWHOAR!

The Twilight series got people reading, thinking… and I think that’s a really good thing. People get sooo riled up about how appropriate or acceptable it is, when really… it’s just a book, or it’s just a movie.

You know, I like Jane Austen too? Shakespeare even? Oh the horror, how can I, how can I put them in the same blog post?!

You don’t have to read it, or watch it if you don’t want to! Fancy that newsflash.

Anyway, if you like me have just gotten some Twilight-feels, you can check it out on Netflix… Until tomorrow. Yep, all four movies finish their subscription with the service, TOMORROW.

Bloody timing. (Pardon the pun).

#2038 TV night

Tuesday night: super easy chilled night.

Pizza on the couch, and 3 widely varying tv shows!

First: Selling Houses Australia. We love watching these home improvements and renovations, and think it’s hilarious how Andrew Winter makes fun of everyone’s house. 😆

Masked Singer Australia. Well I explained this one last night, it’s great family entertainment that keeps us guessing. 🥳

Australian Gangster: We started watching this last night too, and it continues tonight. It’s really gritty gangster crime, and to hear the lingo makes me feel like I’m back in my ol’ hood of the northern burbs… good, or bad? 😬

What are you watching tonight?

#2032 A different coffee-beach walk

I got the most interesting idea while out grocery shopping alone today.

I usually get some insane insight or flashbulb moment while doing some repetitive routine task, ALONE, such as grocery shopping, dishes, cleaning, or my ideal one, having a shower (because I demand alone time in there so no one can so much as make a peep outside the bathroom door!)

I thought of a cafe in town that I hadn’t been to for a while… and though nowhere near as close as our neighbourhood cafe (an 8 minute walk at most), I wondered “how far was it to walk there, for real?”

So I went home, and searched for the answer on this supremely sunny day. 😉

Google told me, 23 minutes.

That wasn’t long! I shared my insight with the fam bam, not thinking much of it…

But guess where we started walking to after lunch?

It was a very decent walk. Three times the length of our normal cafe walk, and in the sun…

But so close to the water too.

We stopped at a bench overlooking the beach to sip our coffee and have some sweet nibbles, while breathing in the air and enjoying the twinkling, winking waters below.

And then we started the walk home… I LOVED IT.

But baby girl was literally slumping onto the grass minutes from home, going “I am so tired!”

I guess the whole walking long distances thing is a bit lost on her…

But it’s ok! I found another cafe, and this one is at an in-between range of only 14 minutes…

Stay tuned!

#2031 My home hair help

I kind of had to face a mammoth task today. One I’ve been avoiding for some time now…

But, it was unavoidable.

More than necessary.

Once again… I had to colour my own hair. 🤦‍♀️

My hair is LONG.

It is THICK.

And for the last month, it has definitely had regrowth that needed attending to.

But, there was a catch, an extra element of difficulty that meant it would be all the more harder.

The ends of my hair are a golden colour, much lighter than the roots.

They kind of gently fade as the eye travels down, and I love it, and I don’t wanna lose it… I didn’t wanna lose it, it’s the only thing that makes me look like I may have recently been to a hairdresser (I most definitely HAVEN’T).

Instead of just rubbing colour into all parts of my hair like in other lockdowns… I had to be careful, and really only focus on the roots.

Enter Hubbie.

You know you’ve progressed to a crucial part of a relationship, when you start to rely on the other for self-care. Sometimes this comes about because of ill health, a new child entering the family… or lockdown.

Like, the amount of times I’ve cut his hair… I just can’t handle it, it is SOOOO stressful!

But I claimed my credit back tonight.

I got him to help me out. We were both there in the bathroom – actually baby girl was too, supervising and providing entertainment and all – and he was helping me get to all those back of scalp places that makes it all too hard with long, wavy, thicker and wider and crazier than a Lion’s mane type hair.

Thank God we got each other for these things. 🙏

#2029 A bit of everything Sunday

It was about 5pm today when I realised I felt… different.

This was a novel way for me to feel on a Sunday afternoon.

I felt happy. Content and even a bit excited about the week ahead.


I am always dealing with massive Monday-itis feelings come Sunday afternoon, yes even in lockdown. It’s the start of more routine, more work, more home-schooling, and after having spent the day with Hubbie and baby girl, it just really makes me sad that we won’t all be together the next day.

So why was I happy?

Well, I think it was a bit of everything.

Father’s Day, of course. Showering Hubbie with cards and surprise gifts this morning.

Having video calls with family, which really put a smile on my dial. Seeing my Dad and Mum, and sis and bro-in-law made me feel happy and connected to them despite the distance between us in lockdown.

Then I made this new soup recipe, a chicken, vegetable and pasta soup, and it was really yum! So I was stewing over that (almost literally) ’til lunchtime.

And then I wrote up a new weekly timetable for myself, because I often find myself so busy but really scattered, because I don’t know what to do first when I have free time, and end up fluffing around. This way, knowing what day I will focus on what will give me tremendous drive and clarity as to what to do, when. It already worked, today was my clear clutter day, and I was totally killing it. 🤣

So yeah. I am happy, and I don’t have any massive reason why, they’re all little reasons…

(All together now…)

But the little things, ARE the big things. 💖😍🥰💖

#2025 Alive again

Once upon a time there was a little girl.

She wasn’t a baby, but she wasn’t yet grown either, far from it.

She was in that beautiful in-between stage, of growth, of wonder. An abundance of delicate naivety followed her wherever she went.

She was a friendly, happy girl. She talked it up without hesitation amongst adults, and yet played up a storm with her peers, creating magical worlds, chasing each other around the yard, and racing through the playgrounds, side by side.

She was all light, all magic. She had a deep drive for adventure, with an innate desire of curiosity shining from her eyes.

Then one day, a virus came.

It came seemingly out of nowhere and spread through the world.

Lockdown, after lockdown, after lockdown.

After the 6th one, it started to catch up.

It started to catch up to the girl.

The things she used to love, she did no more. She didn’t want to go out. Home, home, home and that’s where she wanted to stay.

She used to beg to accompany her parents on the grocery shop trip – she no longer cared.

When her neighbour called her to come out… she said she was busy.

She was tired, flat. She wasn’t herself.

Her Mum noticed. She mentioned it to a health professional, who concurred –

“She seems sad. She’s withdrawing.”

The course of action? Getting out of the house more. What she always used to do.

Her mum suggested a beach walk.

But the girl rejected it.

This former lover of sand and sea, said she didn’t want to put on sunscreen.

But… she came around.

And they went to the beach.

And the girl… became alive again.

The sea air, woke her up. The cold snap of the ocean shook something within her soul. She was scavenging for rocks and shells, dipping her body in the water, and laughing like she hadn’t in a long time.

She had found happiness again.

They went home, and her Mum told her Dad… and her Mum cried. She cried because she saw how close her girl had gotten to getting sadder, and sadder, and sadder.

That Mum is me. That girl, is my girl.

My baby girl.

This virus is taking lives, as well as our wellbeing.

But let’s not forget the other virus. The silent one.

The one that infiltrates our thoughts. The one that removes all sense of joy, of purpose, and of passion.

That is the dangerous one we must look out for. We must keep our children’s wellbeing in full view, and keep a close eye on them.

Sure, stay safe from the virus. But we need to keep them safe from dark thoughts. 🙏💖

#2022 The box cake

Hubbie had a great family idea for us to do today.

I got the supplies accordingly at the supermarket yesterday, but to be honest I didn’t need a lot.

And after lunch today, we all got together to make…


But… it was one of those super easy, boxed ones. 😉

He thought it would be a good thing to do, minus the 17 steps I usually take when I get motivated and creative to do something out of a Jamie or Nigella book, or as is the case recently, Marion’s socials.

And had we gone that path, I know my OCD would have kicked in majorly, and I would have been bossing them about and then ordering them out of the kitchen like nobody’s business.

But I let go, and let them decide. This was literally 3 steps.

We all took turns adding the bare basics ingredients to a bowl… mixing them with electric beaters… then pouring it all into the pan to bake.

That’s it!

Less than an hour later it came out of the oven, icing was provided, and baby girl went on a frenzy applying sprinkles.

The end result:


I thought it might be heavy and sickly sweet, but surprisingly it wasn’t, and tasted quite good.

The only problem now is we have all this cake, and no one to share it with!

Anyone wanna move in next door? We can trade food over the fence. 🤣🍰