#2630 Peninsula sunset no. 17

It can get boring and monotonous and tiring, doing what I do.

But I remind myself of all of the beautiful things from my corner of the world.

Like tonight’s sunset.

Even if I can’t be out there right now… I can admire it from in here. 🙏🥲🌅❤

#2336 My coffee keep cup

I had to run around after school pick up with baby girl, which would eat into my usual afternoon coffee time…

My solution?

My coffee keep cup!

Only this one, I prepared at home. 😉

I love it, for kinda obvious reasons. ✍️💖😁

#2267 Peninsula sunset no. 14

I loved the sunset this evening.

It shone bright orange, bursting orange rays into the west side of our house, being our bedroom and the lounge room.

It was as vibrant as an orange starburst, casting an orange glow over the rooms as if there were artificial light.

But it wasn’t fake. It was mother nature putting on a show. The real deal. 😍🌇

#2234 Peninsula sunset no. 13

I’m always showcasing bright, beautiful and colourful skies here on this side of the world.

But today, I don’t know…

I still found this beautiful. There was not a colour in sight, only a monochrome grey. The water is only just distinguishable from the sky, and yet there was something special about how it was all the same, it all blended into one…

It was so simple, really. Peaceful and calming. 💖

#2049 DIY chocolate

I recently ordered this amazing DIY chocolate set from Mornington Peninsula Chocolaterie.

There are a whole lot of ‘school holiday at home’ kits they are selling at the moment, and later this week the Australian Animal Chocolate Making Kit arrived on our doorstep.

Everything was labelled so perfectly, everything organised to an OCD-perfector’s delight. I helped baby girl in the chocolate melting, and she squeezed the chocolate onto the templates and then it went all over her hands…

So I was like, quick, lick it up!

Then we had leftover chocolate multiple times, and there I was in the kitchen, squeezing melted chocolate from the piping bag straight into baby girl’s mouth, saying “I am the worst Mum ever, look what I’m doing!”

And she was laughing her head off, chocolate all over her teeth and mum, clearly disagreeing with me. 🤭😉

It was a WHOLE heap of fun.

We taste-tested them tonight, and can I say, best chocolate ever! So smooth and creamy, OH MY GOD.

Also, BEST IDEA EVER! Such a fun thing to do on a school holiday in lockdown, we had the best laughs this afternoon… but not because we were high on chocolate and drinking it straight from the piping bags. 🤣🤣