#1919 More fiction under my belt

I’ve now got my trifecta of footpath fiction, done, dusted, and PUBLISHED.


I headed on down to Rosebud today to find the other two pieces that have since been chalked on the footpath, as part of the Mornington Peninsula’s initiative for local writers to pen a 6-word micro-fiction containing the theme ‘community.’

(Note – I knew I had written two back when I submitted late last year, but in fact I had done three, and completely forgot about it!)

The first was:

“We hid. We waited. Now shine.”

The second which I discovered today:

“We walk these streets better together.”

And the third recent one? Check it out:

“Nature shines brighter after the storm.”

I actually love that one soooo much. Read the metaphor within.

There have been some major storms of late. I’m looking forward to skies clearing up, and everything looking better than new.

Everything looking sparkling, abundant, and BRIGHT.

(Check out @smikgwriter on insta for all the pics…)

#1892 Published at your feet


(Fuck, something has to go right in my life about now…)

Excusez-moi my F bomb, but after a certain amount of time, zero Fs are given.

I walked up to my wonderful words today, to see my story come true before my very eyes.

Yes, that is me, I am breaking smikg protocol and displaying myself for all (or am I, really, am I? 😉)

I participated in a wonderful initiative last year by submitting some works towards a community project… the writers club I am part of teamed up with the local shire to get writers to create a mini fiction, no more than 6 words, on the theme of community, to be drawn and displayed along the streets of Rosebud.

Why, having my words out there for all to see? How could I miss the opportunity!

After finding out yesterday that yes, it DID happen yesterday, I headed on down with Hubbie today to pinch myself.

You know what’s funny about that photo? The sun was shining DIRECTLY on the SHINE part, but the photo didn’t show the light and dark well so I got Hubbie to like, hug me from the side so that we could block out the sun… can you see his outline? 😂

I got a little teary, I won’t lie. I’ve been longing to be published in some form for so long. And even this, on the footpath, just 6 words… it makes me so happy. It’s given me the much-needed boost I’ve needed, in the midst of life difficulty, frustration with everything, and very regular bouts of writer’s insecurity, like “am I good enough?” “my writing isn’t as good as theirs,” and “who’s going to want to read this?”

But to be published, just once, anywhere… it’s broken the spell. It’s crashed through the dam of insecurity, of doubt, and now the water is crashing down, happy and unbridled and free, and it wants to do it all.

I can just stare at that, like ALL DAY.

I will enjoy this moment, and hold on, as much as I can.


Happy dance!

***Big thanks to @rondelle for her fabulous artwork, and @peninsulawriters along with @mornpenartsandculture for this great opportunity to try and inspire. ***


#1866 Peninsula sunset no. 10

As long as we have a view, I will keep taking these photos:

I mean, who knows where we might be 10 years from now… still in this home, or maybe another? I don’t know. I have no plans to move, but often in life things happen that we never would have expected.

I don’t try to assume to know, or plan for too much anymore. Because LIFE.

I captured this sky tonight, and I just loved the beams of sun rays bursting through the clouds, creating a beautiful glistening outline from each puff of white up there.

Just beautiful. I can’t get enough.

#1801 Point Nepean adventures

We didn’t get to Point Nepean National Park as early as we should have today. We had just walked about 30 minutes or so through bushland, stopping at a beautifully rugged and raw lookout point, when we realised we should really jump on the shuttle bus that took us to the point of the land that no vehicles were allowed to go…

But we only realised this, after the last bus of the day drove off at 4:02pm.

But it was 4:12pm.


Nevermind. It will be a greater adventure for another day.

In the meantime… here are some photos that capture our time there… including, an echidna! For real! best sighting EVER!

#1723 Day 225 of getting there: Peninsula sunset no. 9

Do you know what the difference is between this photo…

And then this photo?

In time, about 5 minutes.

In events? Chasing my cat down the footpath, then around some cars, then up a tree, finally grabbing him… and then bringing him back home to his rightful place.

The sky, the clouds, even the colours can change so quickly.

Look closely… can you see it?

Life… changing?

#1618 Day 120 of getting there: Welcome to country


That was the word spoken today by the Aboriginal Elder, as I ran a check on a file while working from home.

It’s amusing to me that I find myself in a similar work role, AGAIN. Checking files, watching and listening to videos…

Whereas I watched a lot of TV in my old role, in this one I’m listening a lot more. Listening to lectures, to corporate videos, and occasionally, short films and educational pieces.

Today I got one of those regional educational type videos.


Before I realised what I was seeing, hearing, and feeling, I heard a familiar name.

A familiar place.

And then realised, it was MY REGION.

Only it wasn’t my region. Nuh-uh. Nor is it yours, or anyone that lives in town.

It’s all theirs.

The Boon wurrung (Bunurong) people. Predominantly saltwater people, their territory expanded 3000 miles encompassing the Western Port, and the Peninsula on which I live, for tens of thousands of years, before European settlement happened.

Before the invasion.

I watched these softly-spoken men give their impressions of the beaches, the waters, and the bush amongst which their ancestors feet used to tread, their connection to country through land, and how they continued to pay tribute to their people and honour their roots to this day.

I read, in horror, how the Aboriginal women were stolen by European seal hunters in the special area where they went for birthing, women’s ceremony and young women’s initiation.

The area which was most sacred and unique to them, they were stolen and taken away from.

And as I got to the end, and the Elder said “enjoy her… enjoy her lands.”

I just started to cry.

I couldn’t control it.

I called Hubbie over to show him what I was working on, and what I was hearing, what I was watching…

But I was a blubbering mess.

Something, had struck a cord. I didn’t understand it, nor did I know what it was.

I was humbled by the men who spoke, who wanted to share this paradise we lived on, not take it back.

Despite all the cruelty, discrimination and slavery their people had had to endure… despite all that…

He said, ‘enjoy.’


I was so moved, I decided then and there, that I had to visit this place.

To pay my respects. To understand her beauty. To bow my head in appreciation.

I still don’t understand why I was moved as much as I was. Was it the story? The voices who spoke? The fact that it was so close to home?

Baby girl had come over and was looking at me curiously, this blubbering mess as I tried to talk through my tears.

I’m okay, I told her, I’m okay.

Mummy’s just passionate, that’s all.

As are you!

And that’s what it is. When passion hits, it makes no sense. You don’t know where it comes from. Something moves through you, and BANG.

You are changed.

So this is just my little tribute, from what I felt and learnt today. More will come…

“You’re welcome.”

#1606 Day 108 of getting there: The Last Cuppa

Ok, so for 6 weeks.

Not forever, clearly.

But today we headed out to grab our last, in-store, sit-down, cafe experience…

Along with the rest of the town.

I mean, really July. What trickery are you fooling us into? How gorgeous was today? And it’s meant to continue for 2 more days… only for the sunshine-y days to return again next week!

Ahh, Winter. You’ve made me kinda like you again.

You know, I have to say… it is A BIT annoying. And I think I am allowed to say this, because last I heard, our shire had NO current cases of coronavirus.


And yet we are suddenly part of ‘metropolitan Melbourne’ (only when they want us) and yet our neighbours across the Port Phillip Bay in Geelong have 2 CURRENT CASES, and are exempt from this lockdown.

Kilometres wise, they are further from the city than we are.

It does not make sense.

I’m not gonna focus on it too much though. We have to do what we have to do. And if too many shires are given reprieves (ahem, Geelong) well then no one is going to listen, and they won’t be happy, right?

I’ll suck it up.

Baby girl took my cue from the other night, and had stuck this note on our bedroom door last night:

I mean, we couldn’t say no to a 6 year-old, right?

Everyone was out and having their last lunches, last drinks, last cuppas…

They were all still social distancing. Counting numbers inside and outside the cafe. Sanitiser was within reach. It was very much across the board.

And the coffee was GREAT. But, it all felt a bit surreal. I mean, you could tell people were getting in their last whatever’s before midnight tonight. I could hear the cafe owner telling loyal customers they would be open for takeaway every day.

We enjoyed it. And then we left. Walked down the main street…

And to the PARK.

Poor baby girl. Poor all kids. They have to go through this shitty time again. Look I get it, we have to do this. Baby girl is actually amazing and totally understanding of what we have to sacrifice again.

But, I wanted to let her run. I wanted her to play.

And she did.

I’ll see you all on the other side… but stay for the gratitude journey, of course, as always. 🙂

#1446 Reasons why I love living near the beach no. 2

So this is similar to my number 1 reason from an earlier post, but… I love living by the beach because…

We can go after work.


Hubbie’s work, that is. Having a peak temperature day of 37 in our neck of the woods meant that it was likely to still be hot later in the day.

This was perfect, as it’s not generally favoured amongst bosses and teachers that employees cancel work and students wag school to hit the sand and water.

But living by the beach, you can just go after work and school!

Visits like this aren’t for long. We grab our towels, our belongings in one bag, our thongs are on our feet and swimwear is ready, as baby girl drags her body board behind her.

That’s it.

An hour maybe, tops.

Short and sweet.

And we end up having the best time ever.

We had the best time ever. ♥


#1443 A drive to the other side

We try make the most of every free moment we get together as a family.

And in glass half-full spirit, when Hubbie came home today from work on a public holiday at 1pm, it wasn’t –

“boo, you worked today” – 

it was –

“what are we gonna do now?”


A drive to the other side of the Peninsula it was. 🙂

Some surf beach explorations at Pt. Leo…

Before making our way to Flinders…


For a coffee break, walk, park visit and a spot of ice cream from their famous ice creamery!


I love how we drive to the other side, and immediately feel like we’re a world away.

But we’re not. And that’s what I love MOST. ♥