#877 Shopping with my girl no.8

It is so true that forcing yourself to get out and about when you’re not up for it, can really do wonders for you.

And having a convincing baby girl on board to coax you along, helps too.

As a parent, it’s really hard to say no when your kids are so damn cute and clever.

So, feeling under the weather, light-headed and all spaced out, we headed over to Southland today, amidst headache, crankiness, and cramps…


It was great though. After our argument within 10 minutes of being there. We got the shouting out of the way (what will happen to me when she is 14, and not 4?!?!) and then proceeded to actually have, the best day.

Spending money is a really great way to feel better. I know I’ve said this before, but it is so true. We made use of our time, eating and cafe-ing our way throughout the centre, and getting a few bits and pieces along the way too.


She got a couple of books that she loves, from discovering them at kinder/the library; I got a book on handling fear, something I desperately need as the necessity to share more of my writings and work grows, and with it the inevitable audience which quite frankly SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME; some Lego, and a dress for her; and for me/us, a Queen album.

But none of that quite compares to the highlight of our shopping day, which cost absolutely nothing, and gave both baby girl and I insurmountable laughs and joy. Because as we were lunching, I somehow decided to open up my messenger app and show her the filters you could place over our selfie portraits.

What a can of worms… and a fun one at that! We went through filter upon filter, checking them out, watching our faces and features change and distort upon the application, and we roared and shrieked with laughter. We had our lunches half-eaten in front of us, and here we were in a room full of people, cacking up like we were the only ones in it.

It was, absolutely the best. And well, that kind of ruins my earlier hypothesis…

Because it was FREE.



#871 Family togetherness

I l♥ve them. We are our own special unit. Whether we are spending the day coffee-ing together…


Looking at flooring together…


Or even, eating egg wraps together… or just doing whatever. We always do it together.

All of the above we did today, before my work shift. To find time where we do things on our own, individually, is hard to come by. Because if we need to run to the shops for a few groceries, we will all go together so to make a trip of it.

If we need to look at furniture, we will go together, and yet lose our minds when baby girl wants to touch everything… but we still wouldn’t change a thing.

Getting simple takeaway is the same – we will all jump in the car, rugged up and braving the freezing cold Winter winds, and head all over town picking up various meals for us ALL.

I love my unit. I love my family.

I love our togetherness. And as much as I need my own space at times… still, I wouldn’t have ‘it’, this, US, any other way.

Oh. And we even wear slippers together.



#861 Buy and purge day

It wasn’t the best start to the day.

We’ve all had those days. Those days where upon opening your eyes, it is immediately shit. You lift your head off the pillow with heaviness, dread weighing your feet down as you try to swing them over the sides of the bed. Eyes downcast in sorrow.

It doesn’t matter what the reasons are for these crap starts. I’ve had them. You’ve had them. We’ve ALL had them. And collectively, we could fill a book, or 2, or 20, with all the ways in which a day can start soooo wrong.

On the flipside, we could also create 600 books and more, on ways to turn it all around.

That’s what happened today. You see Hope, it’s a funny thing. It drives me crazy, because no matter what, there is always that little part of me, that is against all odds, HOPING. Hoping for the best. Hoping it all works out. Hoping that my luck will improve.

I rely on Hope heavily. And other times, like today, I HATE it. Sometimes I want to lose it. Sometimes I want to throw in the towel. Sometimes I want to curl up into a ball and shy away from the world.

But then, this freaking little annoying thing called ‘Hope,’ this tiniest of glimmers, pops its head up and asks “but, what if?”

It drives me MAD.

But it also saves me.

Step by step, I turned my day around. Isn’t that what we all do? We have no choice, and on we go…


And then through the haze and confusion, two separate events helped me to move on.


Retail therapy. I mean, for such a heavy post, this really is a materialistic no-brainer. If you can, buy your way out of misery. I didn’t go mental or anything, though when I saw a nearby lady about to dig into a huge milkshake/ice cream/sundae, I had the insane urge to borrow my head into her gross and overwhelming dessert.

But I did buy some clothes, and since I’ve been wanting to get some new pieces for my Winter wardrobe, ticking this off the list on such a low day, started to really help.


If by some chance you can’t buy your way out of unhappiness, there is one thing you can most definitely do that is FREE. And I think we are all screwed up and over-consumerised in our lives that we can ALL do this:

Get rid of STUFF.

After our shopping visit, I started to head at random, from room to room in our home, getting rid of stuff. There is a pile of ‘stuff’ we had in the corner of the top of our stairs, placed in such an odd spot because I think we thought putting that pile in the already crowded spare room of ‘stuff,’ would somehow overcrowd it.

(Huh. Get that logic. Put stuff in weird place near corner of stairs, but not in the room of actual ‘stuff.’ Anyway).

I worked at getting this pile out of there, using two categories.


Find a proper home (in the house).

I removed the entire pile, and honestly the donate to keep ratio was about 40/60. I was impressed.

I then moved to other areas of the house, with the added category of

Throw away

This was particularly handy when going through baby girl’s play area. I actually have a work in progress post about toys, the mental anguish parents go through, and how to tackle the problem of space and moving on from them. Watch my SmikG space. But I found it interesting that I didn’t tell baby girl what I was doing as I took various bits and pieces of hers to the bin, yet she somehow knew, because if she saw me pick something up that she liked, she called after me and made sure she retrieved it, yet for the other items, she didn’t say a word.


I did bits and bobs, even putting some things away in our new cupboard adjacent to the kitchen, and by the end of it all, boy did I feel rejuvenated.

Fresh. Lighter. Freer of junk, and freer of unhappiness.

I felt better.

BUY and PURGE. Take your pick, or do both, and get on with it…


#852 Sweet reminiscings, and bittersweet goodbyes

Sugar prevailed today.

Some was of a transient quality, the kind you get when you visit a place you used to frequent often, a long long time ago.

That is a rather poetic way of saying that I caught up with my parents in a shopping centre on the other side of town. I used to go there fairly regularly, and I swear I don’t know what it is, but I miss the shopping centres on my old side of town so much. The three I used to alternate between visiting had a variety of shops, gave me a different experience at each one, and also, all three were relatively close compared to my now 40 minute drive to either Southland or Chadstone.

Of course, once there, coffee was in order.



Like I said. Reminiscently sweet.


And then I had one of my last late, late work shifts tonight, because well, someone will be taking over the reigns soon, THANK GOD. No more driving home post 1am. But this night held something else over good riddance to crappy late shifts… a dear work colleague who I have worked with for the past 8 years, well tonight was her last shift… before starting the most important job of her life – becoming a Mum.

To see her off properly, again, sugar.


There was cake galore, some brought in by her, some brought in by me. I decided to eat it all at once, but then I didn’t know if the ill feeling was from overconsumption, or the realisation I wouldn’t be seeing her anymore at work past tonight.


Sweets that help us remember, and sweets that help us to pay tribute. Their unifying theme is the moment of gratitude we hold when we look back in appreciation and understanding… that things change, people move on, and people move away… but we can still remember these things fondly and hold them dear to our hearts…

Keeping the memories sweet in our hearts. ♥


#813 The ‘I-didn’t-have-to-buy-anything-at-Kmart’ moment…

But then I did. Because, Kmart.

I honestly hadn’t even thought of the store during my tranquil kid-free stroll around Bayside this morning (fist pump kindergarten days!)

But then I walked past it. And as all Kmart devotees and aficionados know, BIG MISTAKE.

I had been after some little knick-knacks, and having not found them elsewhere in the centre, thought to myself “maybe Kmart will have them. I’ll just check…”

Well Kmart didn’t have exactly what I had gone in there for, and yet I still walked out with 3 items.

3! You might think that is not bad, but let’s think through this one all together…

I went in there to find one thing…

I didn’t find that one thing…

And instead I bought 3 other things! That is the power of Kmart!


Anti-clockwise from bottom… Firstly my Kayla book. I wasn’t even looking for a book, I swear I wasn’t. But my eyes moved to a shelf of health and fitness books as I merely walked past the aisle, and I swear, this Kayla one practically jumped out at me, that’s how much it grabbed my attention whilst in stride.

I had to take a peek at the price, purely out of curiosity. What? Was that right?

$19? It had been $35 at a ‘proper’ bookstore that I had been in only weeks ago!

Well, I NEVER. I hadn’t had intentions to buy that one just as yet, as weeks ago I had bought another health and fitness book, but now I couldn’t let the prime opportunity of bargain-book real estate pass me by. I had to buy it at practically half-price, NOW.

Second, the dusting wand. Simply put, this thing looks so good I actually WANT to clean. The cleaning pad comes off the Velcro base, making it totally machine-washable and super-easy, and then of course there is the added bonus of the $3 price tag.

$3? Are you even kidding me? Not buying it would be stupid. I didn’t wanna be stupid. I wanted to buy the $3 thing that was so pretty to clean the house in, I probably would be reluctant to clean the house with it.

And lastly, the basket. Oh, how the search for this holed basket has given me grief. You’d think it was easy to find a basket with holes on the base, because the sole purpose is for all of baby girl’s bath toys – I want them to drip out through the bottom making for easier drying (and cleaning afterwards), but all the baskets I could find for this kind of thing had solid bases on them – not ideal for wet environments, ew.

Again – do you know how hard it is to find a holed basket? One that doesn’t look like you have placed a peg container/colander/fruit bowl in the corner of your bathroom? Nothing was appropriate or even looked right… and then by chance I happened to go through a homewares aisle of Kmart, and lo and behold…


3 things. 3 simple things that have wowed me and made my life immediately better/more convenient/inspirational.

All hail Kmart.




#803 New place, old feels

I was in a new place within my old ‘hood today…


And no matter how new and improved some places become, still, the ‘feels’ remain. The emotions and memories and time spent there with loved ones, the catch-ups and stories you can tell about what happened many moons ago, well those are priceless. No amount of renovating could take that away.

I have no qualms about new and improved, and renovations. Noooo, siree. I caught up with an old work friend in the new entertainment eatery section of Westfield in Plenty Valley, and while baby girl had a ball climbing in the above NEW suspended rope tunnels in the funky outdoor area, I enjoyed a bird and brie burger from an eatery which may or may not have been there before… but it was still all NEW to me.


I am happy for changing and for trying new things, embracing what is ahead while still holding onto what is dear to me from the past. That was what was representative of today.

And over time, those new places give you new feels, which over time turn into old feels… and that’s how memories are made 🙂