#2027 Body shop-ping

I don’t know how I’m going to get through all of these lockdown days finding a novel thing to be grateful for, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Not when every day feels like groundhog day. 🤦‍♀️

I actually liked the start of the day, I enjoyed the constant rain. But then it got dark, and there was no point even leaving the house after work, because… rain.

And the skies grew so dark, and it being Friday suddenly didn’t matter a whole heap because it feels like every other day, and there is no where to go anyway, nothing to do…

But, something came to me.

Return of the online shopping parcels. 😁

I use my bathroom products quite religiously, like shower gels and body lotions. And I miss shopping soooo much. But I did the next best thing, and the other night I ordered some new bathroom products since I’m all out, which I got today:

A mango shower gel, a coconut body lotion (which I only use after beach visits!) and a little sample something I got on the side.

Well, it’s something to be grateful for, however small it is.

How are you finding little things to be grateful for every day?

#1927 Northies!

“I am so glad covid is not on our side of town… let it be contained up there in the north,” I said today as Hubbie and I drove across town, towards…

The North.


We had a couple of jobs to do which were pre-planned, so they were kinda hard to get out of amidst current covid craziness. We did our bits and pieces, kept our masks on, sanitised relentlessly, and for lunch went to a place we knew very well…

Northies! Or for those non-locals, Northland Shopping Centre.

Now you can call it ‘Northies,’ or you can be like everyone else and call it Northlands. Everyone I know EVER calls it Northlands, even though I believe in the history of the shopping centre it has never had the s attached to the end.

Just another Australian-ism I guess.

But, it was sweet, it was quiet… we walked the centre…

And I was reminded that almost 21 years ago we were walking the same centre, holding hands for the first time as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Awwww. 💖💖

Now that fact in itself either shows our age, or tells you that we got together young… a bit of both I guess.

It was a lovely couple of hours to while away the day, and who knows, might be the last outing for a while…?

I like to go back in time to reminisce, but standing by the side of someone whose been there for so long, while I do it…

It makes it all the more sweeter. 🥰🥰

#1895 Shopping with my girl no.9

Oh wow. I haven’t done one of these ^ posts for over 2 years.

We knew we were staying in tonight, and for someone who works from home (me) staying home all day on my day off is not ideal.

I have to get out sometime.

So baby girl and I hit up our shopping centre and had a decent spree!

It was all the more fun because we had zero expectations in buying anything, and in doing so I had a really good run of finding new tops 😂

There’s nothing quite like coming home with unexpected good finds, and then enjoying your family night together feeling content and satisfied about it all.

#1861 Top therapy

I’m fine when the weather is in extremes.

Too hot – have clothes.

Too cold – have clothes.

But that in-between weather that is so characteristic of Autumn and Spring…?

I’m quite, meh.

Then throw in COVID. It was over a year ago now when I got my new job, and I went out and bought like, two new tops…

Only to then go and work from home for 52 weeks of the year.

Oh, wait…

So, it’s Autumn again. And I’ve barely bought anything all year. Some socks, undies, a fancy dress for a special occasion.

That’s pretty much it!

I really needed some in-between tops.

Some t-shirts. Something new. I didn’t actually just want it…

I actually, needed it. From the depths of my soul, it was SOOOOOO necessary.

So today, retail therapy was had.

And you know what? There were specials, I had a voucher too, so much so that my three tops came to the price of…


Yep. I cannot believe it either. I’m so happy I have some new stuff in my wardrobe, but I’m even happier that it came at a measly price!


#1778 Sales and shopping

Today we tried to take advantage of the Boxing Day sales.

Key word, tried. Because let’s face it… you try to buy something on sale…

“Ooh look, a dress for that wedding we’re going to.”

But then they only have one size, and it’s one size too small, so then you end up with a nicer dress for full price… but nicer, right?

Then with baby girl… “Do you want these sale shoes?”

“No. They’re bugging me.”

(What she really meant was she wanted the full price ones because they were shiny 🙄🤦‍♀️)

So while we tried, really we did, and we did get some sale items, like a pillow! YEAH!…


…Most items weren’t on the red ticketed list.

But that’s ok. We still shopped ’til we dropped. 😉

#1764 The X-tra Axil food pit stop

The first half of my weekend was amazing… and honestly, the second half was meant to be good too.

We went shopping today to get some much needed Christmas gifts ticked off our list.

We got some stuff… there is still quite a bit to go…

But my recurring pains meant the day was not as happy-go-lucky as I’d expected.


Like I do all the time on this blog, I tried really hard to find the positive. And despite not really understanding what the hell is going on, there was some really simple, understated happiness to the day…

Axil Coffee Roasters.

The cafe at Chaddy was so good, we stopped there twice. Once for lunch…

And then after some more shopping, for coffee.

Now, I really should’ve taken the table photo of the coffee, and not just my cap, because honestly, the brownie, doughnut and danish we ordered alongside our 3pm pick-up would have made you DROOOOOOL.

This place brought the goods today. When other things failed, and I was getting down, this cafe hit the mark every time…

Well something went right, anyway. 🤷‍♀️

#1734 Day 236 of getting there: The Christmas Toy

Has this happened to you as a parent?

You go to the shops with your brood. Somewhere like Target, hell, even Safeway (Woolies for you young folk 😉)

Your child asks you, “can I have a toy?”




“You already have a million toys.”

“Just one more, please?”

(It is ALWAYS one more).

This was baby girl and I today. I had to grab some bread after work, and so we headed down to the local shopping centre…

But we had time to kill afterwards, and so we strolled around.

We ended up in Target.


Soon she was asking me that question.

“Can I have something, please?”





“Find something for $2 okay! $2 only!”

Now, before you accuse me of being a cheapskate, be mindful that this girl has gotten a gazillion toys during shopping centre walks. She doesn’t need any more, and yet…

There we were, walking around for toys.


I called it early, and said let’s go home… there was nothing for $2, hell, even the chewing gum was probably $2.50. (It ain’t 1990 anymore).

But she was desperate. This young shop-a-holic was looking around, frantic to find something, anything to take home…

And then she found it.

A bloody singing reindeer.

And perhaps unbeknownst to her, but it GOT ME.

Because it’s Christmas-y you see. And I LOVE Christmas. In fact, the thought of Christmas is saving me this year.

This reindeer sings “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” while his antlers and nose flash up. It is pretty cool, and he is pretty cute.

$2 though? Hell no! This was $19, but I always knew she wasn’t going to find something for $2, just as I knew a ‘stroll’ through the shopping centre would lead to this. 😉

This singing reindeer actually reminded me of a sweet memory I had from a few years ago. We were living on the other side of town, and it was late October. We had just gone into Big W, the Christmas decorations were up already (of course) and baby girl had been standing in the trolley, falling in love with this singing and dancing Christmas tree on the shelf that sang “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. And so we got it. And I just remember the amused expression on my face as we went through the centre, baby girl in the trolley pressing the button so the toy tree would sing the Christmas song on repeat, with people around us turning as we passed, curious about the noise, also perhaps wondering why the hell they could hear a Christmas song and it was only October…

But, I loved it.

I wonder if today’s shopping trip will go down in the memory bank like that one… 😊

#1722 Day 224 of getting there: shopping and magic

Today we went SHOPPING!

It was probably to our advantage though that we got there so late. There were still plenty of people about, so you can imagine how crazy it would have been earlier in the day.

And look, probably good for our wallets too, that we weren’t there for so long.

It was busy, it was fun, and it was magical.

Magical? Magical how? What, I assign magic to going back to shopping…?

Well, kind of…

Check this out:

We set baby girl a challenge a week ago… and nevermind what it was, but she did well, and this was her prize. This longed for bloody crystal flyer that’s been all over the freaking kids channels on TV. 🙄

IT FLIES, you see. You charge it with a usb (just as well so I don’t bleed my money out on batteries) and then it just propels into the air from its stand, and you place your hand underneath it AS IT HOVERS.

So it sounds simple, right?

This fairy bashed into our walls, cupboards, got tangled in our hair (YES) dozens and dozens of times, before baby girl got the knack of it.

Above, she is getting the knack.

So, it was a pretty magical day, in a way.

A fairy bashed into all corners of our house, but after practice, magic happened.

That sounds like some kind of metaphor…

#1721 Day 223 of getting there: back to it all

Today was an exciting day.


Escaped from the confines of our home.

No, it wasn’t cleaning all day,

finding a board game to play,

then pruning with waters glistening in the horizon on the bay.



Baby girl and I hit the Main street. Shopping. Excited with, “look, SHOPS ARE OPEN!”

We stopped at my 10/10 coffee place from the other day, Flowergirls and co cafe –


and had a great coffee and babycino break.

And gingerbread man. 😉

People were milling around EVERYWHERE. EVERYONE was out.

We continued the fun this evening when we went out to dinner at one of our fave restaurants, The Royal Hotel.

HOORAY! Wine! I haven’t drank it in about 2 months. I was firstly going through some health hell, then I was terrified of drinking anything that wasn’t water, so I stayed away for so long…

Until tonight.

That one glass of red made me go all YIPPEE in my head, and immediately, I loved everyone. I missed everyone.

I mean, I do love and miss everyone, and by everyone I mean only those people I care about.

HA HA HA. (Still some alcoholic effects I see?) 😜

But seriously. Cheap drunk alert. I was happy happy, LA LA LA, my seafood linguine was NOM NOM NOM, and then we walked across the road, to the best view of them all.


All in all, today was a great way to get back to it all.

Shop. Coffee. Dinner. Beach.

Relax. Happy. Grateful. YAY.